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Iowa's Ed Failor, Jr. Pimps for the NeoCons: June 20th, Try-Outs for Corporate Presidential Candidates

Edward D. Failor, Jr., Executive Vice President of Iowans for Tax Relief, and those working with him on the Presidential Forum to take place on June 30th are feverishly ignoring Congressman Ron Paul, the breakout Presidential candidate who is now in undisputed control of the Internet. They obviously fear Paul's participation in the otherwise lackluster line up of candidates to appear at their forum, put on by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance. Like so many defective Ken Dolls the other candidates mouth slight variations of the NeoCon Line. In effect, the forum is free advertising for approved candidates orchestrated to keep dissatisfied Republicans in line.

Edward D. Failor, Jr. is determined to make sure that the only real Republican candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, remains as little known to his natural constituency as possible.

Candidates will be given time at the podium to spout. Those spouting will be Senator Sam Brownback, Congressman Duncan Hunter , Mike Huckabee, Governor Mitt Romney ,
Congressman Tom Tancredo and the Honorable Tommy Thompson. A short perusal of Failor's Googles reveal that he is Senior Advisor for Iowans for John McCain and also has donated to McCain's campaign. Yesterday there were more candidates confirmed but the likes of Guiliani and McCain are melting like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. Things are changing rapidly on the IFTR website; Failor's thumb-fingered approach is not making him any friends outside the beltway.

Failor keeps trying. Recently he was briefly interviewed on Mickelson in the Morning, a Talk Radio Show airing on Station WHO out of Des Moines, never managing to explain why the sponsoring organizations would exclude Paul and include such non-starters as Tommy Thompson and Duncan Hunter. A piece of advice Rove should have issued: Have your story straight BEFORE the media calls.

Real tax relief for embattled Iowans has been slow in coming, something well known to those living there to whom taxes remain a real issue. This appears on a site in Iowa, "Iowans for Tax Relief" has a name that, “ belies its purpose. It supports special interest carve-outs and corporate welfare tax subsidies that shrink the tax base and raise the rates on the rest of us. It also refuses to even consider eliminating the deduction for state income taxes in exchange for lower rates” according to Roth CPAs, an accounting business in Des Moines. The article goes on to say that a better name for the group would be, “ "Iowans for Special Interest Loopholes and High Rates."

Given their attitude towards Ron Paul, long known as the Tax Payer's Best Friend, this should surprise no one.

The two organizations in charge, Iowans for Tax Relief, and Iowa Christian Alliance, actually illustrate in a microcosm what has happened to America during the last 40 years.

It is a story all of us should know.

It began with a small, pimple-faced group of Young Republicans filled with more unrequited testosterone and ambition than brains, fraught with that low cunning that is so evident in children of Kindergarten age. At the same time across the South, sitting and scratching, there were a cadre of white men who had never made it in life. Science was too exacting; business demanded they provide value. They were in the habit of doing what earlier generations of similar men liked doing, sitting around thumbing through their Bibles and inventing rationalizations and justifications why they were superior to those uppity blacks and why women should stay home and tend to their needs.

If the two groups above had grown out of it things would be different today. That did not happen. Instead, those acne enhanced Y Rs, Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson, went on to entice those Yellow Dog Democrats into the Republican Party while at the same time the subset of Reed and Robertson found funding that enabled their marginalized Armageddonist oriented churches to move into the main stream. One of them, or perhaps in happy cooperation, they wrote the plans for taking over the Republican Party, putting their plans into action in Texas in the early 90s. They cheerfully issued instructions on how to do this along with outrageous propaganda containing the same revisionist history that would have so astonished the Founders.

Their friends, using those now empowered Yellow Dog Armageddonist Republicans began a campaign that used revisionist history like a club to remake American understanding of the foundations on which America stands from A to Z. Beginning with the absolute barrier erected by the Founders between Church and State they began their campaign to reverse the progress of Americans towards equality and social justice through a Constitution founded on English Common Law for a bastardized Biblical interpretation as the law of the land. That, they could make mean anything.

Today dozens of members of Congress actually cite the specious babblings of such opportunists as David Barton who has become a multimillionaire selling books that are constructed from revisionist history devised from various sources over the last 200 plus years. Obviously products of the same American schools that stopped teaching the truth about American's Founding documents over a century ago, those elected to Congress credulously accept the painfully constructed arguments that attempt to document a unanimity that never existed in American thinking and install one form or other of Armageddonism, a set of cranky marginal mythologies based on the fantasies of a small group of English and Southern preachers, as history.

It is a mythology with no relationship to the truth

Coming from widely divergent spiritual viewpoints the original four main cultural and religious groups that made up the Colonials slowly changed their thinking over that 200 years prior to the Revolution moving towards diverse understandings of our spiritual nature. The common element was the move to see the individual as possessing a one on one relationship with God, this becoming the basis for rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

The foundation of American government is that only individuals possess sovereignty and so rights, this the gift of God.

The book written by Chris Rodda titled, “Liars for Jesus,” reveals in painstaking detail the original documents in their unaltered form, putting the events in a time frame that shows what actually took place. The separation of church and state was an absolute in the minds of the Founders, who coming from different and conflicting Christian beliefs could not have done otherwise.

Barry Goldwater and generations of Americans who knew the Republican Party as the defender of small, local government, low, local taxes, and individual rights would not recognize the Frankenstein monster that today is the GOP.

The world according to Bush and his Rovian Brain performed an about face that has lead to millions of deaths, our ongoing subsidies to Israel, an obscene surge of profits for Big Oil, Mass Munitions, and the ongoing evisceration of the Constitution. The ongoing gorge that makes Willie Wonka look like an aesthetic is now in overdrive, leading to the exclusion of Ron Paul from a forum in which, if Republican values still existed, only he should be entitled to participate.

Ed Failor doubtless expects to be well compensated for the service performed. He probably hopes to get to be Karl Rove's assistant at the Bush Library at SMU.

However, many Republicans and others who never imagined they would ever be Republicans aren't having it. Perhaps the most astonishing component of the Ron Paul Revolution is the strong cross over of individuals who are inspired by Ron Paul and are determined to return the Republican Party to its previous vision and by so doing give America the means to change course.

In Iowa a group calling itself Ron Paul Republicans are beginning a registration drive intended to restore the heart and mind of the GOP. That is one thing Ed Failor has accomplished however unwittingly.

The interim Ron Paul Republican chairman for Iowa is Ben Olson, a life long Iowan farmer who has long admired the Congressman.

Change is in the air in Iowa; from there hope could spread across the heartland renewing us as a nation. It can happen because Americans remember how to do it themselves and this revolution will take control back to the roots of freedom.

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