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January 16, 2019 - Commenting on John Fund's brain-light opinings

John Fund: An 'informed patriotism?'
Ronald Reagan had only one warning in his 1989 farewell address
Beware of John Fund, Disinformation Minion for the likes of Dick Cheney.  See NeoCons

Is is his usual sappy habit John Fund uses  someone else's words without injecting any thoughts of his own (Likely because he has never had any).  

Ronnie was, without doubt, one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  But as governor of California he took up further toward the unholy alliance of government and corporations, central control of everything, than anyone on the Left could have hoped for.  

I quote myself, 

From Ronald Reagan, an Ugly Truth -  "United Republicans of California ("UROC") was founded on April 22, 1963, by then State Senator Joe Shell (see footnote) and Assemblyman Bruce Reagan to promote the candidacy of Senator Barry Goldwater for President of the United States. Many Republicans were disgusted with the corporate agenda adopted by the Rockefeller, big-money brokers who had controlled the Republican Party for so long. UROC's agenda was a real grass-roots campaign that took the ideas of Barry Goldwater directly into the homes and minds of Americans.

The method they adopted was shoe-leather activism. In San Marino alone, 15 groups of UROC members committed to going door to door for a registration drive that changed the make-up of the Republican Party. They went armed with Goldwater literature, two books: "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by John Stormer and "A Choice Not An Echo" by Phyllis Schafly, and were prepared to talk about ideas. By this means, something like 2 million copies of “None Dare Call It Treason" were sold or given away by Goldwater activists.

UROC did not spend piles of money to enact change. Their activism, however, successfully changed the demographics of the Republican Party, awakening Americans to the ideas Americans had hungered for and encountered through several difference sources.

One of these sources,“Conscience of a Conservative,” by Barry Goldwater, was published in 1960. At that time, the then-rapidly-growing freedom – conservative movement was also fired with enthusiasm for the works of Ayn Rand and science-fiction master Robert Heinlein as well as the works of Rose Wilder Lane and Isabel Patterson.

Other organizations, such as the LA-based Foundation for Economic Education, established in 1946 by Leonard E. Read, and the John Birch Society, founded by "Taft Republican" Robert Welch in1958, promoted the benefits of free-markets and less government. These organizations continue to promote the same ideas today based on the foundations of freedom outlined in America's Founding documents.

Those ideas found fertile ground in the 60s, evoking a shift that continues today."  MORE

Now, about patriotism and our founding documents, posted on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

It is absolutely true students and the public need to understand civil discourse and the founding documents which laid our our rights as individuals, members of proactive communities. Today our understanding of 'Patriotism' cedes our power to the State, just as the Bellamys intended. 

Unfortunately, it has been a long time since public schools taught directly from those documents, the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation (1781), The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights. When we understand we are, ourselves, the government, then we also accept our responsibility to act when we see the principles of individual rights violated. 

Protest is just one of these obligations. Americans' conception of these began to change when Francis Bellamy wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892 and with his cousin, Edward Bellamy, began their campaign to move to National Socialism in the U.S. This launched the government takeover of education intended to produce an "industrial army" for the authoritarian vision portrayed in his cousin Edward Bellamy's book "Looking Backward." 

The Bellamy cousins promoted National Socialism worldwide for decades. Their plans resulted in racist and segregated government schools that lasted into the 1960's. Studying the founding documents grounds us in individual rights and an economic system which was still largely based on the a Percentage as you earn approach to long term purchases. This made foreclosure on homes extremely rare and brought communities together in hard times.

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One Day in the Love Life of a Disinformation Minion January 13, 2002 – John Fund

On January 13, 2002, John Fund is living with Morgan Pillsbury.
Morgan Pillsbury

     Fund's relationship with Morgan began October 26, 1998 in a hotel room in NY.   
    Fund impregnated Morgan during a trip with Fund to New Orleans in January 1999. Abortion Record Procedure March 29, 1999. 
     On the Tape, made by Morgan to convince Melinda she was not lying Fund admits to impregnating Morgan, not helping her, and to other lies he told.  Tape and Transcript
     Fund lived with Morgan  in the apartment in NY in the Rivergate on 34th Street Melinda had rented.  Fund had assured Melinda in January of 2000 he intended marriage.  Melinda closed the apartment in January of 2001.  Fund was routinely making calls to other women from Melinda's phone, which was in the bedroom Melinda used when, as rarely happened, she was in NY.  Phone Bill, January 2001  
      Morgan returned, briefly, to California, flying back to NY in May of 2001.  Fund had asked her to live with him so they could, "work on their relationship."

John Fund
       January 13, 2002 was a busy day at the keyboard for John Fund.  It was Sunday, and the day before Fund made his last-ever appearance on McLaughlin Group. We know this because Eric Garris of said he loved it.  By Eric’s report, McLaughlin told Fund he was lying.  Apparently, McLaughlin did not like liars, which explains it being Fund’s last appearance.

        At 1:03 PM Fund responded to an email sent to him at by Michele Davis of the Department of Treasury.  In her email to Fund, sent at 9:12am, Michele’s subject line had read, “great seeing you last night” Does that sound like a social engagement took place? 
Michele Davis

     Fund’s response included, “I see you are all over the papers now and your boss was on Fox News again.”   Fund is referring to the bankruptcy of Enron, it’s President Lawrence Whalley was pleading with the Treasury Department to intervene with banks extending credit to the collapsing agency.  Michele, as a Treasury spokeswoman, is quoted on Fox News, "Undersecretary Fisher inferred he was being asked to encourage the banks to extend credit" during the six to eight phone conversations he had with Whalley, Davis said. "He made no such calls."  (Those would have been interesting to listen in on.)

       For John Fund, Lothario qua Disinformation Minion for Dick Cheney, the opportunities to find credulous women willing to see him as a friend and possible love interest are numerous; useful tools to Fund.
Gail Heriot

      On Sunday, January 13, 2002, at 10:05PM, another message, subject,”Silly? Yes. But what's a girl to do?”, arrived in Fund’s email box.  This one immediately was seen by Morgan. She called me, outraged. The silly girl was Gail Heriot, an attorney teaching law at  the University of San Diego, School of Law.  Gail’s email included, “So allow me to introduce myself. I am Gail Heriot, the woman whose hotel room you've found yourself in a few times over the last six weeks.”

         Stay Tuned for Other Days as the story of NeoCons unfolds.

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Satan and the Tale of Two Disinformation Imps, John Fund and Karl Rove, Minions-in-Waiting to Dick Cheney

Imp Number One:  John Fund

                                            by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Liz Cheney took offense when Christian Bale expressed an entirely understandable sentiment with his, “…thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role.”  It was a tough role and Bale correctly portrayed who Cheney appears to be: two men, one on the outside to be experienced by the world around him; the second understood by the imps and minions who assist him to achieve his real goals.

Satan is well known for disguises which make his evils achievable. 

According to the Wiki, “Satan, also known as the Devil, is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or falsehood.”  Evil inclination is universally ascribed to the iconic persona of Satan; Cheney’s “evil inclinations,” are too obvious to be overlooked when his motives are understood; but the screen of fear he used to install the surveillance state, delayed this awareness. Today, over 50% of Americans do not believe the story pushed by the Cheney – Bush White House to explain September 11, 2001.  
The attributes of Satan are with us every day in people who seek power only for their own ends.  But the science of neurobiology has increased our understanding enormously.  

His invading foreign countries with the intention of stealing their oil for his buddies, under cover of the power entrusted to the President of the United States, strikes me as a remarkably good comparison of the two entities, Dick and Satan.  Water-boarding is sort of an also ran, horrid as it is.  The reality of what happened to millions in Iraq was remarkably like Fire and Brimstone, as Dick’s Shock and Awe assault included depleted uranium, likely as a favor to companies unable to find a profitable sale outlet for their DU.  Liz’s dad ensured his buddies could make a profit on poisoning children as yet unconceived.  

I’m sure Satan would be envious at this efficiency for evil,  so I was struck by the accuracy of Bale’s analogy;  however, it was personal events which brought the reality of Cheney to my attention.

In October 1999, my natural daughter, Morgan Pillsbury, called me.  I had not spoken to her since March 1998, when I, along with everyone else in the family, had severed all relations.  Why?  Because I had discovered Morgan had tried to persuade me to turn off my son Arthur’s life support on the lie, she needed his heart.  She had told me she needed a heart transplant.  Morgan had been paid $10,000 by my then husband, Craig Franklin for this and was also receiving $5,000 a month to assist him in the divorce he had filed against me on January 1st.  Morgan had no heart problems of the kind which had taken both of my sisters by 1994.  Through discovery in court, I became aware of these payments.

The divorce was personal, but as it turned out would eventually lead to relevant insights on 9/11, the Invasion of Iraq, keeping Saddam in country in 2002, the rise of the Attack Drone Industry and Surveillance State.  Craig and his boss, Dan O’Dowd, were put in touch with Dick Cheney, it appears, soon after Morgan jumped into bed with John Fund on October 26, 1998.  READ

Both my husband and Morgan are psychopathic.  Looking for answers, I would follow the development of Neuroscience, beginning some years later; but in 1999, this did not exist.  In 2011, I wrote, When Psychopaths Cooperate.  Also look over Characteristics of Psychopathy.
I knew nothing about what Morgan was up to, when Fund and Morgan hopped into bed.  It was not until 2012, I accepted Morgan was also a psychopath.  

In 2002, I still believed Morgan could change, though I remained cautious.  Morgan was required to provide proof for what she told me.  This was the reason Morgan made the Tape in early October, 1999.  The voice of John Fund is very recognizable as Fund tells Morgan why her promise not to talk to me, was important to him.  I already knew too much about his activities for planting disinformation, and concealing information. 

So, in early December 2002, I had to hear Morgan being battered to believe her.  But I did hear this taking place, as did Eric Buchanan, who Morgan had gotten to know on Free Republic, an online chatroom for NeoCon Patriot types.  Battery     Kicked off Free Republic
Cheney had ordered Fund regarding Morgan and myself, “take any steps necessary to solve the problem.”  Fund was following orders.  Either the Cheney family is more ignorant than is believable to me; or they are part of the Cheney-NeoCon cover-up; judge for yourself.    
Satan must have his Imps. 

The first hurdle Satan faced was recruiting his special Imps, which today we also call Minions.  Minions or Imps come in all kinds, and with a range of abilities.  But most important are those who must remain visible to the public, often in respected and seemingly independent positions, such as journalists.  Was Fund Cheney’s most important Minion?  Certainly, he came close. But Cheney needed Imps and Minions who worked well together.  It is likely his two most important Imps were John Fund for Media, and Karl Rove for ‘electoral issues,’ though this did not mean the two could not help each other in their areas of specialization, especially where these met in common ground.   

You might remember Fund from his insane and off point attacks on Bill Clinton in the 1990s; this fell silent in the 2000s.  This is not to say I was a Clinton supporter, then or now, I wasn’t.  But I did, and still demand honesty from those who serve us as employees in government. We, the people, are the government. 

Barry Goldwater held those values, as did others both on the “Left” and the “Right.”  A NeoCon is not a ‘new kind of conservative.’  A NeoCon is a fascist who installs business – government ‘partnerships.’ 

Goldwater was pro-choice; he didn’t think you had to be straight to shoot straight, welcoming gays into our military.  He thought polluters were to be held accountable for the damage they do to people and property.  And Barry supported the Equal Rights Amendment, which remains to be ratified today. 

Dick Cheney does not deserve respect, but condemnation.  His campaign to lie us into Iraq was treason to our country, and a crime against humanity.  To accomplish this, ‘Dick’ depended on the cooperative efforts of minions while he set up the surveillance state we see today.

Fund was, and remains, one of those minions, though now much deflated in importance.    Fund used to call me in attempts to plant outrageous stories about Clinton.  The glee in his voice was striking.  Just that made it impossible to believe “Bill Clinton had an American flag tattooed on his penis”  -- this being the least outlandish fable Fund tried on me. 

Fund was a multipurpose minion, one who would ensure which stories ran and which did not.  That is why he was at the Wall Street Journal.  Just as Satan needs his Imps, NeoCons need their minions.  

Fund was diligent in finding outlets for stories the WSJ would not run.  When Manny Klausner introduced Fund and Matt Drudge in 1993; this was the partnership which they had in mind.  Manny testified to these facts in deposition. 

So, when Fund ran into trouble, he knew he could depend on Cheney to exert his power.     
What does, “do whatever is necessary,” mean to someone who would not blink at killing millions, and leaving unborn babies to die hideous deaths a decade and more later? 
Understanding what happened in this case of domestic violence provides insight. 

I believe Dick Cheney suborned the legal system in NY to keep his imp, John Fund, in place.  This was not without consequences for Fund.  He was fired from the WSJ and removed from their Editorial Board.  Fund received a letter from Fidelity Financial helpfully informing him he needed to move his 401K.  Letter  

Thereafter Fund worked for Dow Jones.  The Fidelity Letter was mailed to Fund at his apartment in Jersey City.  Fund took the letter with him to Morgan’s apartment at 60 East 9th Street in Manhattan where he screamed, waving it about and then deposited it on her floor.  After Fund left for work the next morning, Morgan scanned it, emailing it to me. 
Morgan had learned I would not trust her, unless I saw the proof, because our family had long since realized Morgan lied continuously.

Morgan did not tell me what was happening in NY.  I thought she was getting on with her life after leaving Fund on January 19th, a month earlier.  This hopeful delusion died when I was less than five minutes from the apartment and called to let Morgan know I when I would be arriving.  In the background, I could hear Fund yelling.  I walked in to find Morgan’s face bloodied; she was doubled over in pain.  But she would not call the police and was terrified at the suggestion I take her to the hospital.  She also refused to file a police report for two days, finally agreeing to do so on February 21.  I watched through the broken wainscoting as photos were taken of her injuries which were visible.  The police report reflects this evidence was obtained.  

Curiously, the photos evaporated soon afterward.  The police claimed none were taken, despite the note on the report and my having seen this take place.  Then the report appeared on American Politics Journal, edited by Gene Gaudette.  Gene had contacted Morgan, and they had begun to chat. Gene, who I met while in NY, helped me persuade Morgan to file the police report. 

To that point, the system worked.  Fund was arrested as he hid in the men’s room at the Manhattan Institute on February 24.  The arrest was published on Page Six which was a column in the New York Post.  ARTICLE

Then, it all changed.  I had returned to California where Morgan called to tell me she was asked to come in for an interview by the District Attorney of Manhattan.  This lasted six hours, she told me.  She was not allowed to go to the bathroom or have a drink of water.  The original Assistant DA assigned, Eric Arnone, had been replaced by a woman who grilled her like she was being charged with multiple murders. 

I was never contacted to provide my witness statement, then or later, despite multiple calls. 
It was terrifying.  What had happened to our justice system?  The short answer is Dick Cheney, who needed his Fund Imp working.  Morgan told me she talked briefly to Arnone, who told her District Attorney Robert Morganthau kept the file on his own desk.  No one else was permitted to touch it. 

At the same time, a bipartisan, cooperative effort of ‘neoliberals’ and ‘neocons’ hit the media with a disinformation campaign aimed at me. 

Eric Alterman, a supposed ‘liberal’ ran a short blurb, entirely unsourced, saying I sent Morgan to NY to seduce Fund, poor sad little minion.  Did The Nation Magazine, where this libel ran, check his sources?  Or call me?  No, never, nor did they respond to my calls and letters objecting to this blatant lie.

115 words by Eric Alterman and John Fund as they actually were published:
“John Fund
has landed on Page Six in a bizarre tale that is almost too weird to write down. It seems that a woman with whom Fund had an affair twenty years ago named
Melinda Pillsbury Foster
sent her daughter,
, to look up Fund when she came to town. One thing led to another and the results appear to have been a live-in relationship and an abortion. This is strange enough for a Wall Street Journal editorial writer who, although very much a gentleman in person, penned some of the most vicious and irresponsible material about Clinton and the Democrats outside the columns of this magazine. (Fund is also a ghostwriter for
Rush Limbaugh”
End of quote, actual format.

The facts bear no relationship to what had previously been published by John Connolly at weaselsearch on September 4, 2001; in the Washington Post on January 17, 2002, Sex, Lies and the Audiotape;  in Page Six on February 24, 2002, "COLUMNIST ASSAULTED HIS EX: COPS”;  what Alterman wrote and The Nation published. 

All the previous articles cited published sources or researched their statements, as is normal for journalists.  And the truth is far more bizarre than this snide lie.  For the full story visit Morgan Pillsbury Gell

In 1999, I very I briefly hoped Morgan had started telling the truth.  1999 was the year Morgan produced The Tape.  This recording of Morgan talking to Fund, misled me because what you hear is Morgan leading Fund through a conversation with Fund who had presented himself at that moment, his phone number appearing with the beep for call waiting on Morgan’s phone. Morgan had just told me she had aborted Fund’s baby the previous March.  I refused to believe her.  You do not need to take my word for it.  Listen to Fund’s own words and voice. Tape or read the Transcript.

Suddenly, I had hope Morgan’s travails had changed her.  Boy was I wrong.  But demanding proof did point to some startling revelations.  Included in this was the Clinton’s Capo, Sidney Blumenthal’s role to keep Saddam in Iraq. 

The lying ways of America’s supposedly reliable media is the question here, however.  Between July 2002 and the start of the Invasion in 2003, the reasons for silencing me had increased enormously.

The willingness of a supposed leftist, Alterman, and a supposed ‘liberal’ publication, The Nation, to cooperatively publicize a lie demanded by the first name on John Fund’s speed dial, Dick Cheney, would be news to most people, even today.  But The Nation, Fox News and NewsMax all participated in the cover-up not just so Fund could continue Imping for Cheney, but to cover-up the cooperative efforts of the NeoCons, both Cheney and the Clintons for the invasion of Iraq.   Did these publications and their management know this, or were they told some other story?   Today, they still refuse to respond to my letters. 

In 2003, after the invasion was safely launched, Cheney and company, who now knew an unanticipated complication had arisen, went after me again.  This does not make you feel popular, rest assured.  Now, the use of the previous blurb in The Nation became the basis of a far larger attack intended to completely destroy my credibility and leave me destitute. 
Curious?  Want to know? You will find out while participating on your smart phone with NeoCons – The Show, the 2-Way Interactive TV Series, a coming attraction. 

Satan is out of office now, but the system of pseudo-journalists, including Alterman, Fund, and even the far less prominent Wendy McElroy, remain.  Perhaps the character of Little Liz will be included, I am sure that would be fun for her. 

Read the Media Story

The full saga, in which you can weight in, will air as the first Docu-Dramedy on 2-Way Interactive TV, NeoCons, launching soon! 

Next:  Imp Number Two:  Karl Rove

About: Melinda was the first County Chair of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, Southern California Vice-Chair for the Libertarian Party of California for six terms and ran an office for Southern California on Westwood Blvd. in Westwood for four years.  No dues money was used to fund the office, which was paid for by voluntary support of activists.  When it was clear the LP was having issues with the challenge of success I left and re-registered Republican to learn how a political party which won elections worked from the inside.  

Surprise.  It had been the women, most through the National Federation of  Republican Women, who did the work.  I joined, having been impressed by their sense of community and success rate.  Then Melinda again moved on to  other ventures, one of which is Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association.  

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John Fund - Disinformation Agent for the NeoCon Cabal

This article has been 20 years in discovery, which included one rude shock after another.  Included as links in this article are pages from several websites which include our TV show, NeoCons, which will be the 1st Docu-Dramedy Series on Interactive TV.  These sites include: How The NeoCons Stole Freedom; PayeHome; PhoneVoter; and Morgan Pillsbury Gell. Also, Just the Evidence, John Fund and Ruthless People

John Fund is a Disinformation Agent who has been working for BushCo, since 1979.  I don’t know when he began taking his orders from Dick Cheney, but that had to have happened by 1998.  In this article Fox News and their methods for controlling what we think also comes up. At every step what you read here comes from my life, and the lives of others who experienced the manipulations set in play by men like Dick Cheney and John Fund.  It was not politics, it was personal.  When this was unfolding, I was a Regent for the National Federation of Republican Women.  I had tea in the White House with Laura Bush.  Being in the GOP is no protection against the NeoCons, fascists one and all.

                                                                         Keep that in mind.  

                                                                                                  – Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

About John Fund. Didn’t it ever strike you as odd that someone who calls himself a Libertarian, had managed to hold a job, moving steadily up, at a Main Stream Media publication? Consider that as we explore Fund’s life and that of Dick Cheney, the No 1 guy on Fund’s speed dial.  

To understand Dick Cheney you need to understand John Fund; to understand John Fund you need to understand Morgan Pillsbury.  It is an ugly story, incredible at times, but all true – and documented. 

Cheney needed minions to carry out the tsunami of destruction which hit America for the benefit of his oily elite associations.  Fund is an important minion, duties including killing stories, planting stories, finding needed technical talent, programmers, contractors, and keeping the lid on scandals, including his own.  Think 9/11.  Think ensuring the Invasion of Iraq took place.  Think Patriot Act and today's surveillance state.   Think the rise of the attack drone industry, now 55% of the US Air Force.  

Fund’s early years were not marked by success or any pretense of honesty.  This was noted by those who knew him, including the founding editor of, Eric Garris. published an article on Fund’s history on April 26, 2006, titled, John Fund vs The Truth by Justin Raimondo. 

John Slevin, a ballot access professional, owner of WinLiberty, who knew Fund well, noted Fund was never even a registered Libertarian Party member though still, today, he attends libertarian-oriented conferences.  And Fund arranged and accepted pay-offs to remove Libertarian candidates from the ballot.  Slevin wrote me extensively on these events.  LETTERS

From Eric Garris, editor and founder of, you find out John Fund told lies, attributing the successes of others to himself. Eric caught him at it in the early 80's.  He was doing the same in 2000.  His oldest friend caught him that time, and came to me for an explanation.  Then, I was surprised.  Now, Andrew Frankel is receiving a copy of this article.  Sometimes Fund got caught; but less and less often as time went by. 

In those early days Fund was part of the group around Ed Crane. His first employers were Charles and David Koch, for operations to take control of the Libertarian Party.

When the Kochs lost control, in 1983, an order was given to destroy of the Libertarian Party.  The means was first to persuade critical activists to re-register Republican.  This reflects the later Koch strategy to start their own political action group, beginning with Republicans from inside that party.  I know this directly, because this is when Fund called me multiple times in on-going attempts to persuade me to leave. 

Hart Williams, a former journalist and blogger, made it his mission to uncover these operations beginning in 2006.  He called me, having found articles I had written on the web, and I began providing more information.  This extensive series of well-researched articles is available at:
Website: HartWilliams

The Koch strategy became the life’s work of Howie Rich, who remained Capo for Crane, together with a group of individuals identified by Murray Rothbard, who published their names in his newsletter in early 1981 after he was eliminated from the Cato Board of Directors.

The Kochs epitomize Big Oil and so, presumably, they knew Cheney and Bushes early in his career.  Oil people are like that, very insular.  Dave Lincoln told me that.  Dave walked away from the Oil Industry when Ken Lay ordered him to drive a pipeline across a pristine forest in Malaysia. 

Controlling what we think, means controlling what we see.  This requires willing and eager minions.  

Fund’s duties at the Wall Street Journal included ensuring stories which his real employers, the Bushco-NeoCons, ordered.  Events and news which the NeoCons did not want to receive serious attention, were marginalized or disappeared entirely; then stories were run which were deemed useful to NeoCon interests. That is not news, and the MSM on both the Right and Left carry out orders.  You will see what I mean. 

An article marginalized and effectively killed by Fund in January 1980, was on a subject referred to him by Andrea Rich and Roy Childs of Laissez-Faire Books, long time Libertarians.   This was on a form of financing which eliminated the problems of foreclosure, providing a profitable investment without risk.  This financial tool, Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) Finance and Finansurance, had been endorsed by Dr. Milton Friedman, Mr. William E Simon, Sr., then the chief actuary for Booz, Allen, & Hamilton Management Consultants, with Mr. James Reynolds, in Medical Empire Consulting; and Leonard Read of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). The long list of endorsers also includes Karl Hess and Russell Means.  Fund wrote an article about earlier historic uses of a similar financing tool; but chose to never mention those who had endorsed it at the time, nor the problems it could have solved in 1980, which are destroying our economy now.  

See: PAYE Home

Sometimes articles which were too outrageous to run in the WSJ were placed at the Drudge Report.  This came out during the Blumenthal lawsuit against Matt Drudge when the Drudge Report ran an article claiming Blumenthal beat his wife.  The Deposition of Manny Klausner, who had been the attorney for Drudge, was taken in early 2001.

Blumenthal believed, correctly, he had been targeted by the NeoCons. As the deposition indicates, John Fund was introduced to Drudge in 1993, two years before the Drudge Report was founded in 1995.  Fund claimed they did not then know each other, committing perjury in his deposition.

Blumenthal, the Clinton Capo, with Gene Gaudette, an associate of Blumenthal’s and the editor of the American Political Journal, were out to get Fund after Blumenthal was forced to settle the lawsuit against Matt Drudge, which should have included Fund, on May 1, 2001.  The first person Fund called to gloat about his escape was Morgan Pillsbury, who he had been sexually involved with since October 26, 1998.  When you read the link you find out this was significant in multiple ways. 

To evade articles exposing the facts about him, John Fund hired lawyers to intimidate publishers.  He successfully killed an  article by John Connolly titled, Sex, Lies and the Tape – The John Fund Story, then slated to appear in Talk Magazine in 2001.  Letter and Billing from attorney John J. Walsh to John Fund, November 16, 2001.  For Walsh, freedom of the press is not an issue. 

The article was published instead at on September 4, 2001. The article and Tape are now online only through my websites.  You can read it and the transcript of the Tape and hear the Tape at Ruthless People. I am the person being discussed by two psychopaths attempting to manipulate each other:  Morgan Pillsbury and John Fund. 

So why does John think I am threatening him?  He was, by mistake, getting the posts from my poetry list.  I confess.  I write poetry.  Here is full disclosure.  Shares of Verse

As indicated in the title, the article by Connolly was sourced to a tape made by Morgan Pillsbury to persuade me, her mother, this time she was telling the truth.  Morgan had a long history of lies, evasions and thievery.  No one except her hopeful mother was still speaking to her. 

Website - Morgan Pillsbury Gell

Around 1990, Fund began routinely calling me to plant false stories.  He expected me to relay these.  From his delivery and the occasional emergence of one of these whoppers (why would Bill Clinton have a tattoo of an American flag on his penis?) into a media outlet.  I could tell this was a strategy for spreading his fabrications indirectly to influencers.  Fund had discovered I had joined the National Federation of Republican Women in Santa Barbara; this included Arianna Huffington and other politically influential women.  Fund would always suggest people I knew would like to know.  Fund only stopped calling me in his attempts to plant stories in 1996. 

By 1998, he was planting false stories about me as well; encouraging others do the same. This bewildered me at the time but recently I realized destroying my credibility became an issue.  At the time I was enmeshed in an insane divorce and Craig Franklin, who Fund got to know in Morgan's hotel room on October 26, 1998.  

From this meeting time forwards, it is likely Franklin organized and provided the technology and programming required by Cheney for bringing off the Pearl Harbor Event of September 11, 2001.  Craig was Senior Vice President of Advanced Products Development for Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS), who was singularly able to do needed projects, such as converting the programming in airliners to bypass anti-collision safety systems and determine glide path and altitude waypoints into buildings.  The human pilots were a redundant back-up system. (NOTE:  The Black Boxes, which were recovered, have never been seen again.)  

Some evidence for this is the sudden emergence of the attack drone programming by Green Hills Software, Inc. for military contractors with no previous experience in even target drones' production.  Years of flight data were usually put into new drones by prior manufacturers, who expressed their wonderment as the programming appeared to spring full grown from the brow of Zeus.  Who's Zeus?  I invite other journalists and avionics experts to explore the question and supply an answer.  In 1998, GHS President, Dan O'Dowd, was involved in a conspiracy to take over the company with GHS Founding Partner, Glenn Hightower.  Glenn owned three successful companies and Dan knew he could easily barrow half of the present valuation of GHS, when worth $350M.  Therefore, he had entered into a scheme with Franklin to obtain ownership through a conspiracy.  

They called this the 
"Throw Momma From The Train" Strategy.  O'Dowd was pledged to leave me penniless in exchange for Craig's assistance in organizing a walk-out of critical personnel during Hightower's Due Diligence.  Revenues were down in 1998.  O'Dowd and Franklin needed money.  An off ledger black ops funding for programming would have been the answer to their prayers.  The means, motives and methods all became available to Cheney for his false flag operation through this alliance of Fund and Franklin.

Fund's shift to hostility towards me had to have a motive besides not liking poetry.  I think he did, but it was not Morgan.  Morgan, who was a strong believer in protecting her turf, had very thoroughly researched the other women Fund was engaging for sex or services.  This research on her part continued and became part of the stream of emails I received from her as she vented and schemed.   I found out about these in early 2001 while Morgan was briefly living in Ojai, CA.  Fund probably felt he could handle yet another woman he claimed was obsessed with him, his standard excuse when one of these scandals surfaced. He had done so previously, and been entirely supported against the complaining woman by the WSJ.  One of these incidents became widely known.  Carol Divine Molin.

Morgan was invited by Fund to move in with him to 'work on their relationship' in late July of 2001. After handing her a key to the apartment, Fund left for 2 weeks on a round of speaking engagements.  Morgan called me immediately for advice.  Nothing in the apartment worked.  The rent had not been paid for months; the utilities were about to be turned off. The floor was covered with several feet of papers, dirty clothing, and a couple of suitcases, which had never been unpacked, and more.  The refrigerator freezer was crawling with insects; the counter-top had dishes stuck to it, covered with dust.  In the bathroom, nothing but the toilet worked, and that was iffy.   For that two weeks, Morgan was entirely engaged in cleaning, having clothes dry cleaned, utilities paid, peace made with the building manager, and purchasing new furniture Fund wanted.  Morgan advanced the money for these.  I advised her to keep receipts. Fund never reimbursed her or paid her for her time.  

When Fund arrived home, Morgan reported he was shocked and delighted with the changes.  He promptly asked Morgan to clean up his office at the WSJ, which she did on Sundays when the WSJ was closed.  

Changes took place in what she sent me via email and by mail.  I only considered the high-level briefings Morgan scanned and sent to me by mail as evidence of Fund's slovenly behavior, until it occurred to me to reconsider the conversation, I had with Morgan on September 11, 2001 about why she did not go to WTC-1 that morning. Replacing Fund's bank cards would be an ongoing chore allotted to Morgan. 

However, this time, Fund vehemently insisted on the 10th this must be done early the next day to replace his bank card. Morgan balked at his insistence and did not go.  

This implies Fund was acting on orders to get rid of her by someone who had prior knowledge of what was about to take place.  At the time, this did not occur to me; but later, it made complete sense. 

When she refused, he stormed off to work.  Morgan was surprised he was not more upset about what had happened at the World Trade Center, next to the WSJ.  Why would Fund be more upset Morgan refused to replace his bank card that day, than he was about walking, dust-covered across the bridge to New Jersey? 

Morgan was listening when a call came in from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson asking about her friend, CNN Reporter Barbara Olson.  Fund calmly answered she was gone.  Olson died on Flight 77, impacting the Pentagon.  Morgan made a practice of making copies of the tapes on Fund's answering machine, commenting to me these could be useful sometime.  This is of interest because of the failure to confirm phone communications which were reported having taken place from the four aircraft. One of these conversations was, supposedly, from Barbara Olson to her husband’s office, Solicitor General of the United States.  

Global Research published an article by Elizabeth Woodworth titled.  9/11: What the Telephone Records Reveal about Calls from AA Flight 77: Did Barbara Olson Attempt Any Calls at All?  The article opens up questions on whether these calls could have been made in advance as part of a cover-up, to suppress communications from the planes, or provide a direction for creating spin on the events, positioning NeoCon associates as victims. 

Morgan would have made a very convenient victim, too.  This is the sort of detail which would not have escaped the attention of Dick Cheney or Karl Rove.   Imagine, Fund could have given a heart-rending eulogy for the woman who had captured his heart while knowing he had gotten his apartment cleaned and repaired for free.   

Morgan was sending me photos, before and after, the clean-up job of Fund’s apartment.  I had refused to believe her when she described the place.  Again, she had told the truth.  She claimed to have made Fund's apartment in Jersey City habitable and filed 110 boxes of papers and other detritus from the apartment and the WSJ.  The photos certainly appeared to confirm this, but I did not see this myself.  But if it was so, those file boxes would have included copies of those High-Security Briefings just before 9/11.  

During this period, Fund’s attitude towards Morgan changed. She claimed to have no explanation for this.  But in retrospect, several things occurred to me. 

First, Morgan persuaded John Connolly to write an article about Fund.  I believe this began in June since before then Morgan was calling me to express outrage and hostility toward Fund over multiple causes; other women; not seeing her; not calling her.  Then, she called and demanded I confirm some statements she had made to Connolly. I did so very reluctantly and later regretted doing so, because Connolly had not asked me about Morgan’s credibility, nor did I know what incredible inaccuracies were being conveyed by Morgan about me. 

Fund knew I had evidence on his abuse of Morgan in 2002.  By the end of 2002, I had evidence Cheney was determined to invade Iraq for their oil.  And then I had evidence the Clintons had helped them ensure Saddam Hussein stayed in Iraq to give them an excuse to invade.  I suppose I was lucky they didn’t just kill me.  Fund’s campaign to slander me was carried out by his sub-minions who were conveniently located.  Conversations took place with journalists, one of which confided this to me. Few people who heard these statements let me know.  But they should; I would be grateful to know. 

One of these individuals spreading lies about me at Fund’s behest was Steve Frank. This included a call to Ellie Michaels, a friend through California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW).  Ellie was clearly terrified when she called me in 2003, to tell me she had been told by Steve Frank, who does California Political Review, not to talk to me anymore.   Ellie re-confirmed this call to me on September 25, 2018.  I knew from my conversations with Fund earlier, and from those in the GOP, the two men, Fund and Frank, knew each other well. 

Fund began setting up speaking engagements with Republican groups, especially those with which I had an affiliation.   On February 8 – 9, 2003,   John Fund spoke to CFRW in Ontario, California, and again in Northern California.  This was a perfect place for those whimpering confessions of Fund’s having shown his own “bad judgement.”  I wrote letters to Joy Stewart, the President of CFRW, sent FEDEXed copies of the documents, but it was clear that what mattered was power.  Fund had power.  Evidence did not matter.  Since having influence required accepting his slanders without question, so be it.   Thus, I left the Federation.  An organization which tolerates this kind of corruption, is dangerous to our individual rights and freedom.  Fund appears to have continued looking for opportunities to appear, be paid, and slander me.  Morgan was no longer the real issue.

The Republican Party had once been a bastion of freedom because it understood the meaning of the word, “Conservative.’  It took decades for Rockefeller Republicans (early fascists), to displace the small government with monstrous big government; individual liberty with privileges granted by government; strict accountability and liability for granting the right to damage our environment and our health by corporations; and so displace Conservatism with the fascism which is NeoConservatism, but they succeeded.  Confused Patriots still cannot tell the difference.

                          Why Saddam Hussein did not leave Iraq in the Autumn of 2002

The page above, from NeoCons, our website about our TV show, includes evidence of the cooperative relationship between the Clintons and Bush Co.  This was forged after Geo. HW Bush lost to Clinton in 1992.  This required ensuring Clinton continued in the presidency until 2000.
 See for the story. 

In January 2002, Morgan and Fund were at loggerheads.  He wanted her to stay, where he could control her, have his apartment cleaned, and relax with someone who was also addicted to Star Wars, and could keep his computer operating.  When his computer crashed, he used Morgan’s until she fixed his. Morgan wanted to get married, thus fulfilling her life-time career strategy of marriage to a powerful guy with money. 

Outraged at the emails from other women coming to John on her computer, and having persuaded me to get her an apartment, Morgan left Fund's apartment on January 19th 2002. Fund had given her the checks Morgan had found in the trash and managed to have reauthorized, $30,000 of them.  EMAIL  Again, Fund used some of the other women he was keeping on hold to grab back the money Morgan had more than earned.  I have more emails which we are saving for NeoCons soap opera.  “Those raccoons are just so darn cute!”

Morgan forwarded multiple emails to me.  If she had to scan, it generally came by disk in the mail.   I could no longer take hearing her battered, so I rented her an apartment.  I hoped she would get a job.  Never happened.

Morgan moved into the smallish apartment (does NY have another kind?) at 60 E. 9th Street in Manhattan.  Two days later, Fund found her and moved in telling her Cheney (No.1 on his speed dial) had ordered him to, “do whatever is necessary to solve the problem.”   Fund made it clear this did not include paying Morgan what he owed her, instead it went to options which terrified Morgan into silence.  I did not learn about this until July of 2002.  It was hard to scare or intimidate Morgan, but they had succeeded. 

Cheney insisted the statement by Morgan denying she had never been beaten had to be NOTARIZED  Morgan is many things, but she had been battered.  I heard her being beaten and so had Eric Buchanan.

So instead of the peace I hoped for, Morgan was calling constantly to describe Fund’s bizarre behavior and ask me to explain it.  I told her not to let him in.  Only later did she tell me he already had a key; and she did not know how he got it. But she assured me, he was not beating her.   Lies, lies and more lies. 

I flew into NY on February 19th to go to some plays with an old friend and check out what was happening.  I called from the cab, about five minutes away.  Morgan was expecting me.  Fund was not.  I could hear him yelling in the background.  When I walked in, Morgan had blood on her face, and was obviously in pain.  Not to be tolerated.    

It took me two days and the assistance of an acquaintance of Morgan’s, Gene Gaudette, to persuade her to file a police report and get a restraining order. 

Fund was arrested. The same day an article appeared in Page Six of the NY Post.  Philip Messing wrote the article, titled COLUMNIST ASSAULTED HIS EX: COPS.  It briefly reported Fund’s arrest in the men’s room of the Manhattan Institute, otherwise repeating previous reports which were sourced from the September 4, 2001 Connolly article, and a story appearing in the Washington Post on January 17, 2002 titled, Sex, Lies And Audiotape by Lloyd Grove reporting my cancelling the wedding which had been previously planned for Morgan and John Fund. 

This was entirely accurate, although I did not include my reasons in the brief announcement.  I cancelled the event because Fund had, again, beaten Morgan; and because Morgan had against my orders, scanned an invitation to the wedding and spammed it across the Internet.  It was to be a private wedding; 20 invitees, max.

John Fund, working with his opposite minions on the left, for what Quid pro Quo I do not know, had Eric Alterman plant an entirely fictional statement about me in The Nation Magazine.  This was entirely unsourced and outrageously untrue.  If such a statement had appeared on Page Six of the NY Post no one would have blinked, perhaps.  Titled, "Back Into the Muck", the short statement accused me of having sent Morgan to NY to seduce Fund.  Since at the time, the two jumped into bed together, October 26, 1998, I had not talked to Morgan for six months because I had discovered she had lied to me about having a heart condition for which she needed a heart transplant.   Morgan claimed this in an attempt to persuade me to turn off her brother Arthur’s life-support. 

I learned of this attempted murder transaction from the court discovery during my divorce. She had received $10,000 from Craig Franklin, my estranged husband, for ensuring Arthur did not survive the suicide attempt Craig had talked him into.    Between Arthur’s need for continuous care and my own medical problems, which necessitated three surgeries and balancing the medications for my heart with my migraines; not hearing from Morgan was wonderful. 

Morgan Deposition                         

Morgan's Bankruptcy

FLASHBACK – I learn Morgan has had a sexual relationship with John Fund.

As I said then this strange journey began, to understand Cheney-Fund you need to understand Morgan.  All three of them are psychopaths.  Their behavior is bizarre to those who are normal; but to them killing millions, lying through their teeth to millions, and creating false realities to hide their crimes, is NORMAL.   Should we tolerate this.  No.  Note that it is now possible to confirm psychopathy through an analysis of DNA and by other methods.  If I had only known…

After her attempt on her brother’s life in 1998, I would not talk to Morgan again until late September of 1999, when she contacted me to persuade me to provide her with more money.  Given what she had already done, that was a non-starter.  She told me she had aborted Fund’s baby; Abortion Record I did not believe she had had a relationship with Fund, as he had told me the previous March he was engaged to an attorney in DC. I congratulated him and said it was about time.

As I kept telling Morgan I did not believe her, her call-waiting dinged.  She put me on hold.  I hung up after trying to call her back so I could continue venting. 

Less than one minute after Morgan finished the recording, she had evidence!  John had lied to me when I had called earlier that year.  I had cautioned him about her.  For once, Morgan had told the truth.  That was nearly a miracle.  Stunning.   TAPE   These links to pages have useful background.  I suggest you read them or come back to them later.

And now, how Keyloggers and Unveiled Women in the Ongoing Battle for Truth:

In early 2003, it became clear there was a cooperative effort to destroy my credibility, using the same disinformation agents and political operatives in media I had exposed.  As you read the next Alterman article, “Who Framed John Fund?”, which also appeared in The Nation Magazine on May 15, 2003, and again was unsourced, you see embellishments of the previous Fund victimhood fantasy from March 7, 2002.

And when I say, ‘Cooperative’ I mean it.  Main Stream Media outlets from both the NeoCon Bushco and Clinton factions had agreed I was a problem, apparently.  These included The Nation Magazine, Fox News and Newsmax, a curious alliance.  The reasons had moved beyond John Fund to covering up what I knew about the Clinton involvement in conning Saddam Hussein to remain in Iraq. But when the Invasion took place, I realized I had been all too credulous.  Diverse interests had found common cause in shutting me up, mentioned earlier in Cheney’s War. 

Alterman’s girlfriend, Katherine Rosman, supposedly representing Elle Magazine, asked to do an interview and then extracted an ‘exclusive’ which was stalled and then cancelled a year later.  Rosman was then hired by the WSJ.  I started calling this the Alterman-Fund Jobs Program for Indigent NeoJournalists. A year of silence by myself and Morgan, with Fund’s whispering campaign going on, was deadly to the truth.  

The only light at the end of the tunnel was the article by Mark Crispin Miller which questioned the lack of sources.  An article titled, “‘Ugly Tactics Make for Ugly People’ appeared on July 14, 2003, again in  The Nation Magazine, allowing Alterman a chance to explain himself.  Then, Wendy McElroy, a ‘libertarian feminist’ was asked by Fund to write an article mentioning Fund’s sad plight.  Titled "False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims," this appeared July 22, 2003, on Fox News.  Wendy was then hired by Fox, which is a NeoCon outlet. When asked, Wendy cited the Alterman article as her only source, for which the only source had been John Fund.  And even though she had known me personally since 1975, she saw no reason to call and ask about the facts.  Wendy is shy on the usual rules expected for journalists, she is a presstitute.  The Nation Magazine operates using the same standards as Fox News and Newsmax.   No sources were required, naturally; the MSM no longer uses them, you know.     

On April 1, 2003, the site I had established to defend Morgan and myself,, was under fire.  A letter was sent by Fund’s west coast attorney, Paul Hastings, threatening the owners of the tiny enterprise which handled my websites, Group Professionals.   Ruthless People was one of those sites, run by two honest guys who ran Group Professionals, Mike Pickett, and Robert Burrows.  Mike and Bob were entirely intimidated and immediately shut down my websites. 

My next site, the only one for a while, was I started this blog in May 2005 and began writing articles about – surprise, the NeoCons and Fund.  At about this time, I also started writing for the Lone Star Iconoclast, the little paper, which had risked the wrath of the NeoCons for endorsing John Kerry against George W. Bush in Crawford, Texas.

Attack by Attorney - Paul Hastings or, Winning by Attorney Intimidation

John Fund had two of his ‘women friends,’ Gail Heriot and Christina Reis sign on as injured parties.  This was essential to their scheme.  The two were apparently offended by having their sexually explicit emails to Fund made public.  In a rational world this would have taught them to be more cautious about whose computer they were sending their love notes to. 

 This took place in 2003, over a year after their emails had been found by Morgan on her own computer, and while she was still living with Fund.  This truth was apparently unpleasant for them; so, like their NeoCon Paramour, they rewrote that part, whining that I had violated their ‘personal privacy’.   As if cooperating in a conspiracy to slander and libel me was just their First Amendment right.  They deserved to be exposed because they had committed a crime, committing slander and libel and then adding to the conspiracy by doing it again.  

I had a number of other women’s names, emails and phone numbers; but absolutely would not have used them, then or now, without their permission.  They were victims.  These two were perpetrators and co-conspirators with Fund.   This was, and remains, the only correct course.  The only way to seek justice open to us today, is to represent yourself in the court of public opinion.  
By 2004, Iraq had been invaded; Saddam was in hiding, and his sons, who knew what had happened, were dead.  I was now worried about being dead myself – so I took steps to create some insurance, copying the incredible number of document images Morgan had sent me via mail, many of them clearly high-level briefings, onto CDs which I sent out to individuals secreted around the world.  

And that is what happened, oh yes, there is more, but this article is already too long.
There is more on the websites mentioned, if you can wade through it.  I tried to be thorough. Anything which is conjecture or likely, is stated as such.

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