Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Lessons on the World of the NeoCons

Sen. Larry Craig's behavior was certainly revolting. Grouping strangers for sexual favors in the men's room, is, well, at best tacky. Thinking you can get away with it because you are a U. S. Senator makes you want to send all of them back to preschool. But thanks to Larry there are some things we can more clearly see, so let's take a moment to thank him.

That was long enough.

Larry's actions spoke more truly than any of his campaign speeches or Congressional opinings ever did. That hand under the privacy barrier told us a lot about the world of which Larry has so long been a part. We know that world variously as Bush Co. of NeoConland.

When I first started trying to understand this clutch of greed infested freeloaders in the 90s I asked myself one question. What does the world look like to these people? If you know that about anyone then their actions made perfect sense.

They sure didn't feel guilty about lying; they were caught often enough in flagrante delicto. That is especially true in this case. They do not feel guilty about lying to start the War In Iraq; they do not feel guilty about having intentionally ignored the threat to new Orleans to evade Federal costs and then enrich their friends. Probably they have never felt guilty about anything.

Craig, Bush Co. and their cronies remind me of children who think when they got away with it cold.

Anyone who has raised children has seen this pattern. I had five and was also a brownie leader and cub scout den mother. But children generally act guilty. No guilt here, why was that? And why the arrogance?

Straussianism and the other circular self justifications explained that to me. Oh! I said to myself, they are operating under the happy illusion that they have a RIGHT to lie, cheat and steal because they are so special. Perhaps they found a decoder ring in their Cheerios.

This is the Connect the Dots Moment.

First, it must have struck you that many of these people have odd personal habits. You know what I mean. This shocking and appalling revelations about Bob Allen, David Vitter, Mark Foley, Glenn Murphy, Jr., Tommy Tester, Ted Haggard illustrate that appalling point. These, and others, including George W. himself are known to have habits that make a Scarlett A kindergarten stuff. Yet they were elected as Republicans to oversee the growing role government has taken unto its bosom; That stated role is to mind our morals along with our money.

That in itself makes you pause. Goldwater would never have recognized these people as Conservatives. They would have made his trigger finger itch, I suspect. They stole the term, “Conservative,” too. Minor larceny when all their other crimes are considered.

With those habits rectitude is not in the operating rules – so why are there so many of these people with strange personal habits in positions of responsibility, in and out of Congress, associated with Bush Co.?

Two separate points here.

  1. A statistically significant percentage of those associated with Bush Co. have personal habits that, if discovered, would kept them from being elected.

  2. These people have been reliable supporters of Bush Co. policies that put a fast forward on canceling the Bill of Rights.

Do these two observed phenomena, connected by those in power, connect logically? Yup.

People you can blackmail are amazingly reliable.

The NeoCon Cabal knew it needed to 'hold paper' on anyone who went into Congress or other positions of critical importance. What better way to do that than to have irrefutable proof that readily sinks their boat quickly and finally? You would need to prove it, if necessary. Rove probably has some amazing videos on each of these individuals.

Canceling the Bill of Rights, effectively converting what was once a form of government, call it Republic or Democracy as you like, into an oligarchy-serial monarchy has been Bush Co's goal since Prescott, at least.

Getting there necessitated some rhetorical footwork. Lying is all well and good but to convert the form of government you need to extinguish the knowledge that government is just a tool used by the people. If the people know that each of them is sovereign in their own persons before the existence of government they will get uppity. Therefore for a long time now you have continuously heard Bush Co. asserting loudly and vociferously that government enjoys sovereign immunity along with those who are paid by government. They effectively turned the world up side down, filing off the serial numbers. Another larceny.

This is like a clump of 10 year olds trying to rewrite the rules to monopoly.

These people do not care about our morals. The laws they pass, the wars they start, the programs they debate and all else they do is aimed at installing control at every level of our lives. Those controls are intended to hold us in place so we can be milked. The bottom line was, and is, counted out in cash.

And that is what the grouping hands of Old Larry told you.

For Larry Craig being a U. S. Senator was an always renewable get-out-of-jail card. Bush Co. issued the card but it came with strings.

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LinXiaoChuan said...

Excellent, Melinda!

The old saw, asks "How can you tell a politician is lying?". To the universality of equivocation, you add moral turpitude. And do not forget venality.

It is too bad that the qualities needed for service in government include these aspects.