Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Revolution Goes Home to America

What no one in the conventional media seems to understand about the Ron Paul Campaign is that, while Ron is the spokesman—the vessel, according to Danny Romero of Ron Paul Revolution Radio—the action takes place, is organized and funded, not through the Official Campaign, but through the Revolution. That is why we call it The Revolution. With the Revolution, winning is not one campaign, but taking back America. With the Revolution, the people began taking back their power, a process that will continue no matter what.

On the 6th of March Ron Paul spoke on a video that produced dismay among his supporters and delight in the conventional media. In both camps, the reaction was wrong. The real message came here: “Elections are short-term efforts, revolutions are long-term projects.” Dr. Paul went on to point to his campaign as a first step in a long process. The next phase, he said, would be an entirely grass roots effort, not another top down organization. He made it clear that he will attend, he will be part of that process. At the same time he said a quiet NO to centralized control of all kinds—including his own campaign. In one short statement, he therefore endorsed his supporters’ efforts to extend the Revolution into new arenas, taking it home to America. When you really love something you show that love by setting it free. Ron Paul loves liberty; he has set us free to continue the Revolution.

Ron Paul Activists look at politics from a very different direction. Drawn from every part of society, from every walk of life, they came together to work for freedom, much like the original revolutionaries who paid for their own guns and bullets. Freedom is personal, and they know that.

Ron Paul Revolutionaries are united by their common vision for a return to the original Constitution and local control of government. In that, they are finding coalition across boundaries that once divided us. As the Revolution has continued, they have found themselves working with others from every point on the political spectrum. Out of many, they are becoming one, in a curious resonance with that traditional phrase, also echoed in early Christianity and in the fervor that drew Puritans to these shores nearly 400 years ago

The conventional media do not know just how wrong they are. They will learn. Over and over again they have attempted to reframe the Ron Paul Revolution as quirky, marginal, irrelevant. But it is actually the future, not just of America, but of the world.

Gene Gaudette of American Politics Journal, a life-long Liberal and Progressive, had a very different interpretation on, “the new form of politics in America.” Gaudette, a guest on The Revolution Will Not Be Televised on, an online station, said today, “The Ron Paul Revolution is a combination of game theory. It is chaotic self organization and planning. What we bear witness to is the power of chaotic, self-determining consensus.” Gaudette went on to say later, “Marshall McCluhan, the guru of communication, used to refer to hot and cold mediums. He would have seen the Internet as a white hot medium, delivering transparency, heat, and power. It is shattering the conventional media.” No wonder the conventional media are afraid. They are in the same position occupied by blacksmiths in the early 20th Century. The people are now taking back their power.

With Ron, that has been the case for his entire career. Penny Langford, who served as District Political Director for his Congressional races starting in 1998 and leaving in April 2007, said today, “Round one is over. Round two is people taking the Revolution local to return governance to the people. We can change the minds and hearts of Americans by showing them that the power is theirs. Big government will not be the future; it is the past. Keep your mind, your hearts, your work, and your money—local.” She went on to point out that all of Ron's Congressional campaigns were run by the volunteers.

Carol Jones, an old associate of Ron’s dating from the Reagan Administration said, “Ron is the heart of the Revolution, but we all know that no one person is, themselves, the answer. It is one of his strengths that he, too, knows that.”

Some find the Revolution from a secular viewpoint, others see in it the flowering of a spiritual truth. Activist Fred Smart of Chicago said of the Revolution, “The energy of freedom and liberty is our divine birthright. The true campaign is summed up in that one word—Energy. Full accountability, full transparency. It is a pulsating, living, breathing body. You can’t put those things on the shelf. They are always active in our lives.”

Freedom is about all parts of our lives, each one precious. Ron shares those views, and he is a man of his word in all things.

Ron Paul made a promise to his supporters that he would continue as long as they wanted. He is still there for us: when we ask, he will come. He has watched the Revolution change the political landscape of America in the last months; he wants that work to continue. The Revolution has made a powerful statement, and he understands what our work means to the future. By stepping back, he is doing more than just keeping his promise to stay and fight. He is removing the confusion over who is in charge. We are.

We will now take the Revolution into our own hands: we will build the visible, living proof that a people can govern themselves.

A time comes when a father steps back so that his child can take those first steps into a future that goes beyond his own life. That time has come for us. Now, we begin the work in our own communities, work that will return America to the vision that promised, not only prosperity, but a security that embraced each of us with the affirmation of our individual rights, granted by God before the existence of any government ever imagined in the mind of Man.

That future will be ours—thanks to Ron Paul.

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