Friday, July 04, 2008

The Trial of George Bush for Treason in your County

Today is the 4th of July. Remember the Revolution, Read the Declaration of Independence. Consider the world that confronted those now dead. Then charge George Bush with Treason and Murder. We were once free and we can be so again. We have the tools, if we will use them.

Restoring the Constitution is a need that is long past the band aids of opeds and education. To keep it from dying Americans must use it to restore the government, taking control into their own hands. That will be a battle in itself, but it can be done. Americans have been hammered, subjected to a disinformation campaign, intended to remove from use the Common Law and the Constitution intended to limit government, not the rights of the people. Remember that. The Constitution was to limit not you but the government. This, government may do only these things and no more; that was the message then, it is the message today.

Restoring the freedoms that the Revolution was fought to protect and affirm means not just acquainting us with that document but putting the law our Founders intended us to use to enact justice for ourselves in our own communities into use. That is the Common Law. CopperCards shows you how to use the Constitution and Common Law together, as intended by our Founders.

Today you can do that. You can use the Common Law to form juries in your county. A jury of twelve people can hear charges and the accused can be summoned to hear those charges and defend himself against the truth presented.

There is a reason they attacked those who understand the Common Law. The truth is dangerous to those use government to steal. The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook,” Guns are not the first weapon they wanted to take out of your hands. The Constitution and Common Law are what they fear most.

You could charge George W. Bush with Treason. You can charge him with murder. The evidence overwhelmingly supports those charges. Will you come forward to establish a Common Law Court in your county? We can show you how.

If you were forced to pay taxes to support the War in Iraq you have a legitimate cause of action against those who took Americans to war, killing millions. If someone you loved died, you have the means in your hands to take action. The Founders put the power and means in your hands. You can be heard; justice can be done. The perpetrator can be tried, convicted, sentenced, and that sentence carried out.

Today you can begin. Nearly every statute passed by those elected violates the intentions of our Founders. The Constitution was intended, remember, to limit them, not us.

Declare your Independence with a new beginning where you live. Will yours be the first county in America to find George Bush guilty? If your sheriff refuses to obey the law will yours be the first county to remove him from office? Most of those elected to office today sit in those positions of trust illegally. Most have no Oath of Office on file. Many have removed the part of the Oath. Few pay for the bond required. All of these Oath, complete, signed and notarized, bond paid, are required. If they are not present the judge, sheriff, commissioner, magistrate, or other Oath-bound official, is sitting in violation of the Constitution. You can remove them; their pretense is itself a felony.

If enough officials are removed, you can constitute a committee to hold an election and elect people to office who will honor their Oaths and the Constitution. Make sure Black Box and those others who understand are involved. Make sure your precincts elect their precinct committee. Use only a paper ballot. Count at the precinct and tally transparently. Then, you will know it was honest.

The power is in your hands because the Declaration put it there. No people will govern themselves unless they know that theirs is the power. Know it.

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