Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin, Ron Paul and Perception versus Reality

The corporates find the coat tails that McCain desperately needs.

Chuck and Sally Heath are proud of their daughter; they also have a bumper sticker on their truck that reads, “Vegetarian – Old Indian term for Bad Hunter.”

Sarah Palin, their daughter and, if the present nomination stays put, the next Vice President of the United States, was a pick that shocked and thrilled people who have long been indifferent to politics.

Have no doubt, the election results have been decided. The reforms needed to make it otherwise have not taken place. That said, the Palin phenomena is now changing the playing field, introducing new elements into an old game which just days ago, was so tired and obviously scripted that few cared.

Despite the undoubted charisma of Barack Obama, picked to ensure that the Democratic Party loses another bid for the White House, no doubt remains. A clear corporatist with no substantial experience or credentials and many doubts, his pick for VP brought with it no surge of support.

McCain was smarter. Only a vanishingly small number of those people know anything about Palin, but they are experiencing a rush of enthusiasm and, dare we say it? Hope.

Palin is the mother of five children. As the governor of Alaska and before that the mayor of her home town, Wasilla, where in 1984 she won the title of Miss Wasilla, she ran to enact reform each time. Charges she asked for federal assistance should alarm fiscal conservatives, perhaps, but why would Democrats, committed to the federalization of funding, be attacking her on that issue?

Her husband, Todd, reported to be an employee of BP is actually a blue collar worker and half native Alaskan. In one fell swoop, a real minority is a heart beat away from power. Amazing. The family yearly takes advantage of Todd's right to fish for part of the food they eat, something Palin herself loves doing.

In the wake of the announcement several things happened that increased her support. The first of these was the ugly reaction of Democrats generally. Palin was sneered at and vilified for being a hunter and having a bear skin in her gubernatorial office. In fact, Palin was raised in a family that depended on hunting as part of their livelihood, as traditional as apple pie and motherhood. Palin made the point that choosing to kill your own wild game is arguably less cruel that eating animals raised in the agonizing conditions common to feed lots.

Americans love a plucky underdog; this only burnished her appeal.

The attacks on Palin point up the chasm in values and culture that persists between right and left in America today. Palin's 18 year old son has enlisted in the army. Palin bemoans the energy policies that make America dependent on foreign oil. The birth of her most recent child, four months ago, was ogled by the left because the baby was born with Down's Syndrome. The family expressed nothing but joy at the birth. Within just a day Palin was denounced for running with a child so young while at the same time the values of those on the left affirm the right of women to do just that. When Palin announced that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant and will marry her baby's father and take responsibility for her choices many Democrats attacked her for not keeping her daughter from getting pregnant. Those of us who are parents might ask how you do that today. Americans are hungry for parents who do the right thing. Palin gave it to them.

This may well be a campaign that elicits a real dialogue on issues, something that would be good for all of us, an unexpected benefit coming out of a pick by McCain clearly made for reasons that were entirely political. He desperately needs the support of at least some part of the Conservative wing of the Republican Party. With Palin he gets more; he gets coat-tails that may well come with unexpected consequences. Voters who are excited by Palin personally, despite politics will have impact.

Why McCain picked Palin as a running mate illustrates the need to bolster the impression that the Republican Party has not stopped twitching. Their pick has been ratified by a rush of enthusiasm that holds an almost Princess Diana-like vibrancy. That enthusiasm flowed spontaneously at the recent Republican Convention, saving that gathering from a wake-like tenor.

The Rally for the Republican Conference, recently finished in St. Paul for Ron Paul, had more attendance; tens of thousands of Ron Paul supporters camped in and camped out around St. Paul to attend the event, listening to Dr. Paul speak about the need to renew freedom and the rights of individuals as the essential tenet in what he called, “The Freedom Philosophy” in his speech given on September 2nd. The speech included this quote, “Individual liberty must be our goal. Prosperity and peace will follow. Without liberty, peace and prosperity are unachievable.”

Palin has also expressed liking and support for Ron Paul. Another plus this year.

Insiders whisper that Palin was picked because, among other reasons, she can be expected to fracture the support Ron Paul supporters would otherwise give to Chuck Baldwin, the candidate of the Constitutional Party and Bob Barr, former Congressman, who is now the candidate of the Libertarian Party. This may be well founded. While writing this article three prominent Ron Paul supporters were interviewed on the Palin nomination with interesting results.

Sheriff Richard Mack, the man who first filed against the Brady Bill in the early 90s affirmed his delight and support for Palin, saying she is, 'one great lady.” Mack was an early endorser of Ron Paul.

Connie Ruffley, the co-chairman of United Republicans of California and a Ron Paul supporter as well, was more moderate, expressing concern over some of the positions held by Palin, especially on her support of the War in Iraq.

But the most interesting response came from California's Mr. Conservative, former State Senator Don Rogers who said that if Palin was at the top of the ticket he would vote for her over all other candidates, even if she insisted on keeping McCain in the second slot. Rogers went on to point out the dangers McCain, who he characterizes as a RHINO, Republican In Name Only, corporatist who is, according to him, “A gun grabber who wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens.” Rogers then outlined the McCain history of having just last year partnered with Ted Kennedy on a bill that would have given amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens in our country. Further, Rogers continued, McCain would try to close gun shows, stop the private sale of guns, expand the Patriot Act, take away more of our freedoms, continue the destruction of the Constitution, and put the Security and Prosperity Partnership on fast forward. That plan, still in stealth mode in most parts of the country, would chop America in half, with a two football field wide corridor for global trade running through Texas to the Canadian border. That system is already in motion; something that surprises Americans who do not live in the area. Using her to trick conservatives to accept him and his one world government candidacy was nasty, but what can you expect?

The present presidential campaign is now decided. What remains in question is what if, as suggested by Senator Rogers, Palin was at the top of the GOP ticket. This goes along with other fantasies, for instance what if we had an honest election, but it makes the point.

Now let's find out.

If you like Palin and would support her for president let us know. If you loath McCain and would vote for Palin for President only if she dumps him, let us know that, too. I am sure McCain will be delighted to know. You can vote in this poll (which is honest) or you can actually send her a flower, which indicates even more enthusiasm. Then tell us why. In any case, check here next week and we will let you know what happened.


Anonymous said...

Melinda, I generally like your stuff and agree with a lot of your thinking, but Palin is smoke screen and not nearly as palatable as you seem to think, even on her own. Her association with a church that wants to impose religious instruction in science classrooms, to restrict the civil rights of gay Americans, and to put a foreign nation (Israel) in first consider when it comes to our nation's foreign policy makes her more than a little scary. While she may have some admiration for Ron Paul, she is certainly not a libertarian, more likely just an seeker or an opportunist, or perhaps someone who merely has not yet sufficiently traveled the road to understand the true message of liberty. Hopefully libertarians will come to understand this before letting themselves be duped into voting for John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Making maximum use of your vote is important. We often have to deal with the lesser of two evils when forced between a set of limited choices.

I would like to see increased emphasis on the US House of Representatives and Senate. Last time I looked, Democrats/Socialists/Non-Constitutionalists are going to gain many more seats as a MAJORITY. Ron Paul-ite members are important and essential to gain seats themselves. Too much emphasis is given to the Executive Branch of government, when it's all the damaging laws produced by Congress that causes the most harm.

Palin helps what Ron Paul and Paul-ites aim for. It's an essential check/balance of messed up Republicanism. I don't know if Paul-ites have considered what happens to the US if Democrats gain the Presidency AND the US Congress even further. I think votes by Paul-ites should be wisely chosen. A greater number of Paul-ites should run for office at all levels of government and be elected wherever possible with a reasonable chance of success, acting as a virtuous lever against neocon-ism. If however, Paul-ites use their vote destructively, consider what happens when greater majority and full power are given to Democratically elected socialism. Your liberties, the Constitution, your life, the economy, and the whole future are at stake.

Use your vote wisely, and continue to run towards those ideals that the constitution aims for. We do need more Paul-ites for every position of government. :) Palin may be the most visible person at this moment in our favor. I consider Palin to be a Paul-ite for those who need weaned to Ron Paul's ideals.

Practice the virtue of prudence when you go to the polls in November. Letting the enemy defeat you because of a disagreement with your supposed friend can be seen as a ridiculous imbalance to judgment.

Anonymous said...

Everything former Sen. Don Rogers said about John McCain is true. In addition to which, John McCain is a bully, liar, traitor, adulterer, and war-mongering criminal (not necessarily in that order).

Last summer, John McCain's campaign treasury was flat. At the end of November, 2007 (second month of the 4th quarter for fund-raising), Ron Paul had more money in his campaign than John McCain, Fred Thompson, or Rudy Julie Annie had in the whole 3rd quarter.

It wasn't until the end of December, 2007, that the global elitists/corporatists who own/run the media decided that McCain was their boy (after Rudy Julie Annie was soundly rejected by Americans) and that he was going to be the next President. Their problem was: How to make Maverick McCain acceptable to the electorate?

Enter Sarah Palin. Having been put on McCain's short list by neo-con William Kristol in February, she suddenly appeared at the RNC in early September as bait and swept up everyone in enthusiasm for McCain. Republicans bought the deceptive Sarah hook, line and sinker.

As the poll indicates, there are those who want her as President and McCain could drop off the earth and not be missed.

Indeed, Americans are so enamored with Sarah that they will vote for McCain, even over their own best judgment and the best interests of America. Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family fame ("as an individual"), said previously that he would never vote for McCain but has now said that he would support McCain because Palin is on the ticket. So much for the evangelical vote for a true constitutional government.

As we have seen from the documentary, "Hacking Democracy," available on YouTube, the fix is in for a McCain "win." Those of us who watched the primary elections in horror as Ron Paul "lost," know how elections can be won or lost via electronic voting machines.

Already we have seen how the CFR-controlled media has spiked polls in McCain's favor over B. Hussein Obama. In addition, the cover pages of allegedly "legitimate" news magazines (again, CFR controlled) such as Time, US News & World Report, Newsweek, etc., as well as newspapers and the tabloids, all have Sarah Palin's photo on their covers. Usually the articles will be either for or against Sarah. It reminds me of Henry Ford who said, "I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right." In Sarah's case, they added her photo to spelling her name right.

Ron Paul supporters see through the dog-and-pony show of McCain/Palin as propounded by the globalists and will vote for Chuck Baldwin over petulent Bob Barr.

Remember, reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization, it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.