Monday, November 14, 2011

Reclaiming America - Enter the Man from Pray, Montana

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, November 15, 2011 .

As the Occupy Movement gathers momentum against Wall Street and the corporate banks, a man stepped up to the lectern in Billings, Montana He quietly took his place among eight other candidates for the Republican nomination for governor. They faced an audience of around 200 Republican activists and scant media. Montana is a state rich in beauty and resources, home to fewer than one million Americans.
The forum, sponsored by the Yellowstone Republican Women on Saturday, November 12th, had invited all the declared GOP candidates The candidate from Pray, Robert Fanning, stood out from the rest in every way. He came into politics with a fire in the belly and a plan for change which goes far beyond Montana.

During the forum Fanning announced his running partner, candidate for Lt. Governor, will be Chuck Baldwin, former presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. The slate will also include a candidate for Attorney General and a partnership with every county in the state. The issues are many, says Fanning, but have a common source.

A consummate expert on finance, Fanning learned about the markets during his years .at the Chicago Board of Trade, ending that part of his career at Gelderman Securities, Inc., Chicago, IL , Member NASD, SIPC and CBOE; Clearing House member CBOT, CME, Director, Institutional Sales, Associate Member. Other traders called him, “The Mayor.” He knows the Pit, its split second timing, and the realities of it's world.

Fanning also understands the fraud which has been carried out through securitization of mortgages and the other systemic financial cons which have transferred wealth into the pockets of the already bloated greedy from hard-working Americans.

Jobs, health-care, real security, education, the forum questions rolled on. Fanning took his 90 seconds to respond to each question read out. But his plan for change is founded on facts, not empty words, political rhetoric or glad-handing. Fanning knows Montana can turn from a growing poverty to real prosperity rapidly. He has the moves down cold.

Moving from trading into direct ownership as Sole Shareholder, Director and Officer as CEO of M. H. Detrick Co., Mokena, IL in 1994 Fanning confronted head on the problems visited on Americans by previous generations of irresponsible corporate action, steering the company through tort claims resulting from decades of asbestos issues while increasing profitability. Fanning negotiated multi-million dollar settlements and worked one-on-one with attorneys representing large blocks of claimants in 50 states. The plan was thereafter templated by other companies impacted by the asbestos mass tort contingent liability burden. The innovative solution was reported with respect in Fortune Magazine.

The troubled company exited bankruptcy in 2002, at which time Fanning retired and headed to Montana. to the life of a rancher, living his love of the land and hunting, tossing his cell phone out the window of his car. He believed he was leaving the corporate world behind him when he bought Next Best Thing Ranch. But the Federal government and the ugly realities of wolf reintroduction forced him to reconsider his options.

Fanning holds in his mind the image of a pack of wolves holding down a pregnant cow elk as they eat out her unborn calf before finishing her off, leaving her body to rot. The herd, once numbering 16,000 today waivers at around 4,000 and its members are aging rapidly as they are not being replaced. 

The Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, beset by the reintroduction of wolves in numbers which guaranteed the end of their existence, needed a friend. They found that friend in Bob Fanning. Founded in 1999 Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, Inc., in Pray Montana. The group, headquartered in Fanning's home, which overlooks Yellowstone, grew to 3,742 members.

It took twelve years, three experts in biology, a constant reiteration of the facts and six million dollars of Fanning's money to accomplish the goal achieving the delisting of introduced wolves who are destroying the existing ecosystem. .

Fanning, with his background in the corporate world, saw clearly where Maurice Strong's Agenda 21 was headed, forcing rural residents into towns and cities, and was determined to stop it.

Fanning's cowboy hat is in the ring for the governorship of Montana because he understands the noose tightening around the necks of Americans today. He will return Montana to the people.

Bob Fanning is better qualified to run for president than anyone presently campaigning for that office - but he understands the problem cannot be solved at the Federal level. Let the reclaiming of America begin in Montana, Fanning says. “We have the Tenth Amendment and we will use it.”

If you care about your freedom turn your eyes north to Pray, Montana.

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