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The Corporate Shell Game of Presidential Politics – Nix on Newt

One by one a long list of GOP 'hopefuls' have appeared, albeit briefly, in the role of 'contender.' One by one they have been shot down by their own fatal flaws, demolishing the carefully constructed 'image' needed to make a base of popular support credible. The focus of enthusiasm, by the media and GOP hacks, for Newt Gingrich for president, is the latest corporate entry in a line up of manufactured candidates.
As we watch the pea pass between the shells of this media game we should consider the unexpressed reality never understood by the public and carefully ignored by the media.
It is a Tail Wagging the Dog Moment, constructed to ensure there is no disruption of the filming, which no longer bears any relationship to the Constitutional, electoral, process by which Americans were intended to govern themselves. The present 'presidential' campaign is a carefully staged disinformation operation intended only to distract us.
Think of the GOP nominating process as a horse race. The 'candidates' are owned by corporate interests with two exceptions, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. They can be disregarded for purposes of this article.
What you see is an essential component of the business plan of a relatively small number of enormously wealthy multinational corporations operating solely for their own profit and in blatant disregard of the Constitution. The presidency became a corporate sinecure many election cycles ago. The president holds power but the power is exercised from posher offices in locations far less public. Owning the occupant of the office of president is, therefore, very useful to the conglomerate of corporations who 'win the race.' Money spent on 'elections' is money well invested.
Owning the president is worth more than owning a bushel of Senators and Congressmen, though these are also essential to success. Also needed to delude Americans are public relations firms, 'think tanks,' which provide justifications for government control, publishing houses, 'political consultants' (Example, Karl Rove) and political operatives who pretend they are journalists (example, John Fund.) They in come both flavors, GOP and DEM, of course, depending on your needs.
Also indicated are 'strong relationships' with academia, who, paid relatively small amounts of money, provide a wealth of benefits, including producing studies which prove anything you need proved, despite the truth of the matter.
I use the friendly term, Greedville to refer to the constellation of banks, oil companies, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, and others who actually own and control our courts and government today. The history of the term originates from my interactions with one such company and the fact the absolute number of such companies involved is barely the size of a small American town, for instance Santa Barbara.
For corporations, determining which candidate to 'buy' and 'run' is a business expense, nothing, more, nothing less. Greedville may grumble at the cost but the corporate coffers open generously and they pay. They are, after all, professionals, ruthlessly sharp operators, who understand you need to pay for what you get.

The GREEDVILLE Business Model
The Greedville model depends on controlling and limiting the choices available to Americans. first and foremost. Gteedville knows where their profits originate and they use what works to ensure their profits continue to roll in unabated.
Let's look at a simplified, but real-life, scenario.
You are an oil company who really wants to pump the reservoirs in a foreign country which prefers to sell to someone else, say Russia and France. Let's say the country is Iraq. So you manufacture a justification for invading just before Russia and France begin their operations using a Tragic Event which is blamed on people who are not Iraqi but who may have distant cousins who look Arab. In this case the Tragic Event is 9/11. It works.
Ancillary benefits to other Greedville interests are enormous and they have supported you in this endeavor. In fact, nearly everyone from Greedville benefits as the money rolls in. Many of the Greedville folks have been doing exactly the same thing for generations, and have long viewed government as their natural ally and partner in business. The relationship stretched back to mercantilism – and to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, which were really about the use of state power to use asset forfeiture, never about witchcraft.
Making something illegal is nearly as profitable as war.
War is a great source for profits, if you doubt this read, “War is a Racket,” by Major General Smedley Butler. You can read the book online. Butler was the most highly respected military figure in America in the first part of the 20th Century. Yet he came to know he was, in his words, “ a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”
War provides government contracts, often cost plus contracts, which enrich the corporate bottom line with heady speed. Therefore, rhetoric which keeps the nation at war is to be heavily subsidized. This is a business expense, first and last. Both large and smaller, ambitious companies are always very pro-war and 'patriotic.' Their children are unlikely to serve in the armed forces.
For our simplified purposes here let's look at the main 'industries' which fall in the Military-Industrial Multi-National category, other words, the happy neighborhoods. of Greedville.
Banking and finance, all related to the simple service of assisting people in making transactions, proved to be too fraught with the potential for theft to be resisted. So today, instead of modest profits for doing something simple you can hear the sound of sucking all the way to the Hawaiian Islands from the center of Wall Street, where the Discount Window at the FED is always busy, handing out money guaranteed by Americans to institutions who 'loan' it to back to us, charging interest while risking nothing.
Big Pharma, which traces its roots to the Opium Wars for its funding, ensures you pay hundreds of times what a 'remedy' is worth while keeping its Congresspersons and government busy at the task of denying you the full range of choices which the market would otherwise offer.
Big Food, Big Med, Big Energy, Big Finance, which includes insurance, which when it was membership based and mutual, used to lower costs, not burnish the Greedville bottom line.
GREEDVILLE = Limit choices to you to optimize profits.
Sounds like conspiracy stuff, doesn't it? Nope, just the logical outcome of the original business plan for Greedville.
But even in Greedville, all is not sweetness and light. The size of the pie is shrinking even as those who want to feed are increasing in number. Realignments are in motion.
Today there are two main factions vying for power and a third.
Faction I is a group we generally know as the New World Order. This is a coalition built on the original business plan, endlessly repeated, originating with the Rothschild Banking. Over time, it came to include all of the corporations of Greedville identified by Eisenhower as the Military-Industrial Complex, many of them newcomers to Greedville, which is still, naturally, growing.
You might not know this – but the original target of the Rothschilds was not ordinary people but the royal houses of Europe, moving out first to drain these concentrations of wealth and power and then to grasp the entire world in a gauntlet of greed. Many of these lines were completely destroyed.
From the remnant of these royal houses, those who resisted, arose Faction II, a player fewer know exists.
It took them time to organize and begin to fight back. The world, as they knew it was gone, and they had much to learn.
By the late 1800s they began to secret their ancient wealth in vaults around the world. After the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 their concerns grew. By 1921 they had come together. The remaining royal houses from across the world came together. Riven by war and continuing attacks over the ensuing decades they dedicated their hidden wealth to rebuilding what had been lost.
The gleaming bars of gold, silver and jewels, a small amount of the wealth accumulated over generations, was dedicated to rebuilding the world. Over and over again they were betrayed by the same people who insinuated their way into trust positions. But a steady progress continued.
A while ago the last traitor had been excised from their ranks. But they were left drained and struggling.
Today a great battle is about to begin. You need to recognize the faces of the individuals who are, today, in command of Greedville. You need to see the face of the sole eminence whose word will launch the full force of Faction II. This will probably surprise you. It did me.
Today Faction I, Greedville, is commanded by three men, George H. W. Bush, whose long association with the CIA, along with his family background, gave him the power to kill with impunity. Tony Blair, whose antecedents are not as they seem, and Bill Clinton, who was brought up to fill the position he occupies today.
But this is an unstable coalition, and in this is their downfall written.
The forces within Greedville, insatiable for more, are turning on each other. Until recently those in control were working together. Last week George H. W. Bush had a meeting in the White House with President Obama. With him was his son, Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida. A deal was cut for a brokered GOP. Newt was always filler, his role to distract for a few weeks or months, with no potential to grab the golden ring of power.
Obama will walk away, wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Bill and Hillary Clinton, representing the weaker component of Faction I, scripted to take a fall from a great height.
Greedville is a small in numbers, powerful in resources and ruthlessness.
And what of Faction II? What of Faction X, which has been silently in the game but invisible to most eyes?

Soon, Grasshopper, you will know.

All you need to know about the Newt
Newt Gingrich has lived a life of lies. He is personally irresponsible to the point one can reasonably wonder if he is a psychopath.

Time Line:
  • Married his geometry teacher, Jacqueline Battley, to escape his bipolar mother.
  • Demanded a divorce from Battley while she was recovering from cancer surgery. Battley had put Newt through college, paying all of their expenses. Jacqueline, according to Gail Sheehy. "The Inner Quest of Newt Gingrich." Vanity Fair. 9/1995 supported and, “finished raising him,” Newt, she goes on to say, could not balance a check book.
  • According to Newt, published in the New York Times in an article by Katharine Q. Seelye,November, 24 1994. "Gingrich's Life: The Complications and Ideals. " She's not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a President. And besides, she has cancer."
  • Newt also found it inconvenient to support his wife and children. Private people at the family church stepped in to ensure they survived.
  • Newt's Contract with (on) America catapults him to fame and wealth beyond any expectation along with the entire Congressional Class of '94.(The Contract was NOT Newt's idea, he stole it.)
  • Newt had already met and asked his next wife, Marianne Ginther, to marry him before asking his wife for a divorce. The Ginther marriage would break down when, as the world now knows, Newt demanded he be allowed to carry on a relationship with his present wife, Callista Bisek, who is 23 years younger than he. The two carried on a six year affair before he demanded an open marriage from Marianne and then pursued a divorce and an annulment after 18 years of marriage.
  • The time line on Newt's marriages is available on

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