Monday, February 25, 2013

Stop the Drone Profiteers

We all know about the kind of threat represented by the purchase and use of drones in our communities. We also know the potential for profit with drone technology is measured in the billions of dollars.
Visit this site and see how many such contractors there are today.
The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International shows you just how serious a threat this is to our real security and freedom. When this many corporations are lined up, hands out, to grab the largess, you know the money available is only beginning.

What kind of people would, today, be ready to sell their fellow Americans down the river and into bondage so they can profit? The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International provides a list of their members, to which we linked. At Drone Free Zone we would like to google map these 'businesses,' making them visible in their communities so their fellow Americans, congregants, club members, neighbors, and family members with conscience, can let them know, face to face what they think of how drone enablers make their money. They must be stopped. We must do this in every way possible, including direct, personal, confrontation.
It takes integrity to be willing to stand up for what we believe. It is not always easy. There are over 2,000 contractors and we need a team to find and catalog locations and other contact information.
Additionally, we need to research the people in positions of authority within these corporations. Are they persons of rectitude? Or are they the kind of people who will do anything for the buck? We need the evidence.
Please help us roll out a protest to close the doors of those who are locking down our skies and lives. We need to expose those whose lives lack integrity.
The meaning of the word, Integrity.

1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.

The word has profound meaning. Many attempt to hide behind words, which is true of the man we use as an example, Dan O'Dowd, owner of Green Hills Software, Inc., a drone contractor.

If a man engages in a scheme to violate the law, suborning the justice system to gain power and wealth, while destroying the lives of an entire family and putting some of them at risk of their lives, does he have any claim to 'integrity?' 

And what if the list of crimes the man enabled and covered for includes placing uncounted women and girls at  risk?  What if he is known to have paid off victims, or intimidated them into silence?  

And if such a man hides behind the cloak of power to cover his crimes, what is he then?  And who if such a man had the audacity to name his technology, INTEGRITY?

Our country, today, is waking up to question those who have been entrusted with power.  One of the first questions to be asked is what can be proven of their integrity?  Have  they honored their obligation to follow the law, used power in ways which made all of us safer, more secure in our homes and lives?  The evidence will speak for itself.

Contact me through” if you can help. It will be very much appreciated.
Banning the drones locally is already happening, as you see below.

According to this article, Thomas Jefferson’s Home Town First to Ban Drone Surveillance," the movement to stop drones, used domestically, is now launched. 

Banning drones is a defensive move, important, but it does not deliver the slap down so desperately needs to be delivered to those now profiting or prevent the next scheme from being rolled out.

For those without INTEGRITY it is  all about the money, greed, and an unbridled lust for power and control.  If one scheme fails, they will more on to the next.

America needs individuals who use their discernment to question what they are asked to do and the integrity to say, 'no,' even when they stand to profit.  For this to happen we need to ensure only those with integrity are entrusted with power.

Our institutions, government, courts, commerce, should be always in the hands of those possessing only the highest integrity This must be true in government and in corporations.

As you read about what one man, Dan O'Dowd, did, using one corporation, you will understand the urgency of this project.
If any man guilty of such offenses then uses the word, INTEGRITY, for his main product, what does that say about him? Yet this man became enormously wealthy through his actions.

The use of the word could well be an attempt to cover, even possibly, to himself, the full import of his actions.

This is the question we will answer, starting with drone corporations.

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