Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Freedom Warriors continue the Battle for the Constitution and the Soul of America

Ernie Kicks Butt in Arizona: Mark Kicks Butt in Oklahoma

We need to defeat the Real ID and we have only until May 11th of this year to keep the states out of participation. Despite what you have heard little has been done until recently to ensure that states pass the legislation that stops the Real ID for their citizens. Now, that effort is in fast forward.

The impact of the Real ID is worse than anything you ever heard and billions in profits to the most corrupt corporations in America are riding on its implementation using biometrics. Your DNA, your eye scan, your finger prints and your medical records will become, effectively, the property of not just one government agency but all agencies, American and global. More, they will be sold to corporations. Go to the site for Stop the Real ID Coalition . This is a threat Americans need to understand.

You did not hear about this for the same reason Congress didn't. The details were buried in the footnotes.

The fast forward for stopping the Real ID comes in the form of a very small group of determined individuals.

Mark Lerner, the founder of Real ID Coalition, is doing a great job getting states to pass the needed legislation barring their participation. We need 20 states to ensure it cannot be carried out. Mark is now working his way through the state legislatures and they are finally finding out the truth and passing the needed legislation. Mark and the coalition people are straight ahead kind of folks and their information is right on and factual. Homeland Insecurity hates that.

You can help. The first way is to donate, and we really need the money first just to keep Mark on the road and second to pay for security. You will see why in a moment. You can also replicate the actions of Freedom Man himself, Ernie Hancock who, as always, took his own kind of action.

Ernie had tickets for not properly recycling printed up. These looked like the real thing; lots of check off boxes with the infractions of the recipient clearly noted. But the phone number went to a newspaper in Phoenix. 40 of the tickets were placed on trashcans. That paper changed its phone number. The url on the ticket took you to a very special and entirely accurate site, Arizona Tip Hotline. Ernie wonders what would have happened if they had used more than 40 of the tickets. He has thousands and Ernie has not yet begun to make the powers that be in Arizona unhappy.

The phones at city hall lit up and have stayed lit. The people are starting to understand the Real ID. Now we need to get the model legislation written by Mark to those in the Arizona legislature. We also need to get Mark there to hammer home the message in the language legislators best understand.

Ernie gets the attention of the public and the establishment; Mark bats clean up, pulling the state back from the edge of fascism towards freedom.

Today in Oklahoma Mark finished his presentation to various state senators and left. Fifteen minutes later an outraged representative of Homeland Insecurity, reportedly very highly placed, whatever that means, raged into the office of the senator who is sponsoring the bill and demanded that it be defeated and that the Real ID be accepted. Or Else. It seems that the powers that be really, really, want to Real ID. The guy probably bought stock in biometrics.

So tomorrow morning Mark will be meeting this same puffed up bureaucrat for the best two falls out of three before he addresses the whole Senate at 9am. It is amazing how important these adherents to the Uniform Fascism Theory think they are. Stay tuned for more developments.

Ernie said he would be delighted to have you use the full content of his innovative and informative site for your state. This is especially effective in the capitol in the weeks before Mark arrives. This is cheap and will get the panties of the Federal Homeland Insecurity establishment in a knot. Nothing flusters Mark, he is determined.

Ernie is sending me the jpeg for the ticket and I will send it on after this email so you have all that is necessary. I will also post it on my blogsite, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom.

The authorities know exactly who Ernie is and they just groan. Even Homeland Insecurity is scared of Ernie. You could get that kind of reputation, too. Sometimes the Revolution is more fun than is legal today and this is one of those times.

Get Revolutionary. Stop the Real ID in your state!

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