Friday, February 29, 2008

The People Are Governing Themselves.

Most of us think of a people governing themselves as just so much rhetoric. Not true. The last year of the Ron Paul Revolution has proven that using the social networking tools provided by the Internet we can indeed come together to take action that is unprecedented in scope and power. These have been early steps but, in fact, whether or not Ron Paul is inaugurated as President next January, a mass movement of people have created the tools that provide the means to displace the present morass of government. We will change the world.

It was impossible. It happened anyway. Now it will become the new standard for what it means to be a grass roots and the marker that changes the measure of political action. The panic you see in those in power, the threats of martial law, are evidence that they know perfectly well their ploys are not working.

Despite what many say the Ron Paul Revolution is not over and Ron Paul, as the singular icon and spokesman for the movement that bears his name, will continue. We will displace the status quo imposed by government, stop the profits of grid corporations and those who control them. The Revolution will accomplish that not because of any brilliance in the Official Campaign. It has proven itself to be incompetent at the most elementary political tasks. It will happen anyway.

The people are doing it themselves.

Americans are coming together from all imaginable points and so changing the landscape on which the political battles of the near future will be played out. We are set up for a realigning election despite the Vote Stealing Machines and despite the ugliness of those in power.

At the foundation of this change is the Revolution. Hierarchy in its various forms has proven itself to be no match for the hub, the network, where individuals either cooperate or decline to be involved, keeping their money and time for other purposes.

Future historians will, given the time, explain it all as inevitable and they will also explain how Americans regained access to the truth through a media they controlled in the same fashion. That is about to happen; again it will shock the establishment and those who use the tools of the past.

There is power in the Hub and power in the Mesh. The impact of the Hub has hit, the Mesh is about to be felt.

The Hub is the sharing of knowledge to facilitate cooperation. You see that in the Revolution. We share freely. The Mesh takes the Hub one step further into our communities, building the platform for local cooperation that connects to others like a sea of wildflowers in springtime. Getting off the grids has many parts, this is one of them.

The Revolution faces a series of challenges. It will use the same tools to solve those problems that it has used this last year.

Stolen Elections, the Media, the economy, the list seems endless.

Here, the failing economy and the need to survive meet our rising awareness that the present system is irreparably broken.

The first issue is elections and local organizing. Other needs will follow. We will displace the MSM with the truth, reported without being filtered; given to us unmanicured and without being withheld until convenient. The media is now an extension of the PR departments of major corporations. To enact change will enable the people to become their own media.

The people are now poised to take elections back in to their own hands. Over the last months a coalition has been building. Elections will be run at the precinct by committees elected by the people in that precinct; votes will be counted by the same process. The totals will then be placed on line and counted transparently, leaving no doubt as to the outcomes. No longer right and left, there is one agenda.

We will pass model legislation where this is proscribed by law; we will demand our money back from the companies who sold us vote stealing machines. Let them figure out what to do with the things.

The new media coming into existence will tell the truth because it will be run on the same principles that run the Revolution, transparency, cooperation, and individual freedom.

The basic tool is the Mesh Wireless Node. You can buy one for around $500.00 and connect hundreds of homes. CUWiN Community Wireless Solutions. The same system can be used to set up neighborhood barter exchanges, organize emergency preparedness, and food coops, something Americans will need increasingly in the months to come.

It might seem new but it is actually the original American tradition of individual initiative, continued today by such organizations are REACT. The people still govern themselves at the most local level, we have simply not noticed.

REACT links people together and has been doing so since January 23, 1962. They are all volunteers except for one lady, Dora Wilbanks, who runs their office in Maryland. They have focused on emergency situations; the form is local, voluntary, and cooperative. They are routinely asked to help find lost children and provide communications for such disasters as the wild fires that destroyed parts of California in 2003 and 2007. Ed Greany, Executive Vice President of REACT International, said for this article that the technologies for radio and the Internet are converging. Cooperation is not only possible it is natural. Their teams are local, organizing on what is near the precinct, or neighborhood, level.

The first requirement for an honest media is the means of transmission and the people to give you the truth. The list of needs in neighborhoods includes those now provided by REACT. We can help each other. We have the technologies and the people, now we need to bring them together.

Our new media will use the same principles and organization that gives the Revolution its power. We need the truth, not cheesy anchorpersons whose eyes are firmly on their next gig. We do not need another Times – Warner or another Faux News; corporations have been the problem. The Revolution is not about turning a profit. It is not glamorous. It is people coming together to enact freedom. If we wanted glamor and a more lavish life style we would go into acting, not activism.

The tool you use determines the outcome you get. We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We want to restore power at the local level so that we can govern ourselves. We will become the solution.

It will be different, friendlier, better for families and us as individuals.

Given the content of the news today that is a good thing The new media will give you control of what you hear about and you will not have to worry so much about unpleasant surprises because transparency and going local means that surprises are not as likely to be unpleasant. Locally, you know who is to be trusted with your lawnmower, experience tells you that.

You will not remember next year which new cell phone you had but you will remember the things that really matter. Your local news will be what matters most.

“Frank Truehearted got a record number of strawberries from his garden yesterday. See him if you want to trade. He says he would like some asparagus. Kelly Morganstern has started her own lemonade stand at the corner of Harp and Philo Streets. You can buy cups and cookies for Local Exchange or for script, your choice. The Chocolate Chip Cookies are to die for.

And now for the National News.

The new Congress has voted to make the president's salary dependent on how much he can bring in using the White House as a B & B. Call the President for reservations or make yours online.”

We are heading for a different world. Buy the cookies, they are open source so you can get the recipe.

Get off the Grids, Organize Locally, Build Coalition

Be the Revolution

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