Tuesday, September 05, 2017

John Fund and the Brown Badge of Courage

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Somehow this disappeared from this site and others, for instance American Politics Journal.  Tell us why, Gene!

         Cast your minds back to the primary season of 2000.  John McCain had begun a ground swell in the Granite State with a campaign that allowed American voters to contrast a real war hero who meets your eye and takes no crap from anyone with George W. Bush, the Son of Monied Oil. 

            McCain is not a man without faults but a lack of courage is not among them. 

            Senator McCain was cleaning the floor with the Bush Baby When a rumor started to float across the panorama of politics covertly maligning the former POW. 
            John McCain, the rumor says, has an illegitimate love child who is half black.  His campaign screeches to a halt; the rumor, coming at a critical time, causes irreparable damage to his campaign that hits him at the ballot box like a nuclear explosion.
            There was no truth to the rumor.  McCain and his wife have an adopted child who is of mixed heritage but neither of them are biologically related to the child they took into their home and hearts. 
            Now that we know and understand the tactics employed by the NeoCons we can make some very educated judgments about where the rumor originated.  It has the marks of a Rove generated creative writing project.  The  rumor was circulated by Political Operative Prime for the Bushavicks, John Fund.  Placing such rumors is one of his most important functions for Bush and Assoc. 
            Just as the rumor was washing away the Senator's chances for the nomination McCain discovered the the identify of the man responsible.  At that moment in time John McCain was in New York.
            Not a man to leave to others what a real man does for himself the Senator stormed into the officers of the Wall Street Journal to confront the pestilential little NeoCon prick who had demeaned his honor and his family.
            John Fund, a non-veteran of anything but the war on Americans being waged so openly now by the Bush Administration showed all of the courage you could expect of someone like him.  Hearing the roars from the reception area he scampered into his office and hid under his desk. 
            Remember that.  This is an insight that serves to inform us of the nature of those in charge of our Nation's destiny. 

            John Fund, recipient of the Brown Badge of Courage awarded in the Wall Street Journal Men's Room soon after the encounter.   

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