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Fox News – Boycott them and deliver the truth

Getting Fox is a good first step, then on to the truth!

To most Americans the power and profitability of media outlets like Fox makes them big players, powerful in their own right. Anchors become celebrities, representing the power of the media. That is glamor. But that is not how the media, print newspapers, television, radio and so forth looks to what I refer to as the Grid Corporations.

A Grid Corporation is one that is tied to profits that come from energy, oil, medical needs, munitions, big retail, for instance Walmart, big food, for instance Monsanto, or those whose profits come mostly from providing services to these.

Grid Corporations inherited the habits of the Robber Barons and before them the Mercantilists. They view government as their natural ally. They believe that government should protect them and their enterprises. They then pay off those in government. This began very early on with our intervention on behalf of merchant ship owners in trade. These early corporations viewed our military as an asset and arm of their enterprises by the first decade of the 1800s.

That continued, the relationship growing closer, snugger, and more incestuous until today.

In the period of the Robber Barons, after the close of the Civil War, Big Oil, beginning as the virtual monopoly, Standard Oil, joined that cadre of Grid Corporations at the close of the 1800s to be followed by Big Communications, (AT&T), and Big Energy, originally,Edison. The coupe de grace was installing the FED, their long time wet dream for automatic thievery, in 1913 along with the IRS.

At that point media was just publishing, newspapers and books and a scattering of lecturers who were heard by people in communities across the country. Through those mediums and private libraries, which were soon challenged by Carnegie Libraries, another Robber Baron, which were careful to ensure that certain books did not get shelf space, the flow of information was in the hands of the people. An independent media.

Grid Corporations saw that this was impacting their profits and took action. I am radically simplifying this and there are good books and articles you can read. Go look for contemporary sources; there is a lot on the Internet now.

Grid Corporations must have felt like they found an unlocked candy store. Each new form of media presented new opportunities to create markets of people who were trusting and had no other sources for information readily available. The Grid People then saw that government could be used to regulate competition out of business. They loved it.

They bought up the media. They mostly left them alone unless there was something they needed spun their way. That process of acquisition and suppression went on through the entire 20th Century.

Then their attention was captured with ways to impact the outcome of elections.

Now here we are today. Think of Fox as an extension of Grid Corporations that, while it generates profits, is not primarily viewed by them as either media, in the sense we understand that, or a profit generator. Instead, it secures their real stream of profits, much larger. It does so by ensuring that the public accept that there are no alternatives for energy generation, petroleum for transportation, communications, including today Internet, television, radio, phone, etc, or such needs as medical technology, pharmacology, food production and distribution. Additionally, they work hard to enforce the belief that the restrictions and regulations imposed by government to limit choices are actually necessary and allowed under the Constitution. Entirely untrue.

Most of the people involved accept this belief system, however. Installing those erroneous ideas took generations. Those who work to reenforce it know just how tenuous their hold is, especially now. The Ron Paul Revolution has laid down the structure that proves that we can handle complex, multilayered, campaigns and projects ourselves with no oversight.

That is, itself, the most profound threat they have ever experienced.

That is why the Revolution, as opposed to the Official HQ, is so important. The Official HQ is a hierarchy and while they produce nothing, really, they work hard to control the Revolution. If you have not read it you might want to read my article, The Ron Paul Legacy – How the People will Govern Themselves.

Ron Paul's candidacy has given us the tools for change just when change is most possible. People are most willing to change when they see no conventional alternatives. We can give them those tools through the Revolution, helping them take back their local communities.

That will include providing the affordable means for families and individuals to generate energy at point of usage, homes and business; to move towards a non-petroleum engine for transportation, even if that goes through a couple of generations that still use oil products, reducing usage. Growing local and then reactivating local harvest – usage, including further processing locally, is also an immediate concern. There are alternatives. You just have to look for them.

I do a show, Off The Grids, that talks about each of these and those articles are either on my political blog, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, or The Spiritual Politician. Letting people know what others are doing spurs more innovation. The solutions are there.

About the Milford question.

Ron should not show up to the Brunch unless he is included in the Forum as a full participant. If his Official Campaign schedules him there with out that concession that is proof that either they are too dim to know which end to wipe or they are on someone else's payroll.

Never look weak; never.

When your enemy wavers you do not let up the pressure, you bore in. That is exactly what the Revolution is doing; it makes you want to cheer. The posts on the boycott are fantastic. Dropping the stock price and or impacting Fox financially is a great message to send.

This could also be used as an opportunity to get the truth out to voters on what they are seeing.

There are two political parties in the US. The one that has controlled things for our lifetimes is the RepDems. Each was taken over by operatives from the Grid Corporations. The other is us.

They call Corporate Candidates “Serious Candidates” because they have believed for at least a generation that no candidate not owned by corporations could mount an effective campaign. They are in shell shock right now; the 'forum' in Milford is evidence of that. Why would we therefore compromise?

This is the perfect opportunity to take the offensive. To do that we need to provide the real framing, as outlined above. This is a campaign between candidates who are controlled by corporations, Serious Candidates, and one man who is the Champion of the Constitution, and therefore the Champion of ordinary Americans.

The site will show you who owns each candidate, what they say as opposed to what they do, and how politics has profited each of them personally. We will include Ron for contrast, naturally.

We am looking for people to work on getting a website up to make the Forum for Truth happen. We have a graphic artist, Greg Slaughter of ticketslayer.com, and LB Bork of The Red Amendment will be doing the site. (Greg did the great graphic of Chris Wallace now circulating.)

The information is already out there; just needs to be assembled and presented so it is easy to 'get' in a glance. Let me know if you are interested.

You can Chip in to help, too, from this temporary site. That is very much appreciated! Get Truth!

Thanks, Melinda themelinda (at) pillsbury-foster(dot)us

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