Tuesday, January 08, 2008

99 Ways to Steal Elections: The Story of John Fund and Ron Paul

We need a Ballot Bomb: $1,000,000.00 will loosen a lot of lips in New Hampshire.

I was sitting across the table from John Fund in a funky little diner in New York when he told us that he was going to write a book on election fraud. There are moments in life you never forget; that was one of those for me. When he spoke those words a look of delight, glee and things unstated flickered briefly in his eyes.

I wondered. It was early 2000 then. There were many places I would have rather been, frankly. Over the preceding years I had learned slowly that John lied consistently; I also had learned that he lied with purpose.

You will remember John for his other political ploys, for instance inventing with Drudge the rumor that Sidney Blumenthal beat his wife. They lied in depositions, too, when Blumenthal hit them with a law suit. It was during Project Arkansas that John first floated the story about the Black Love Child. He told me the story one day when he called to chat. Because he called so frequently and always had a story that he told me not to repeat I had begun to wonder about his motives.

John Fund is a member of that group of NeoCon pundits and pontificators who act like arrested 11 year olds. But applying the rules of war to activities that are intended to promote peace is simply ugly and unworthy of any civilized individual.

I had known John for around twenty years at that point. When you know someone well you learn to listen to the expressions on their face; words can lie but people, very unintentionally, do tell us the truth despite themselves. Soon after that very informal dinner John was chased under his desk at the Wall Street Journal by John McCain. McCain had just suffered the defeat of the primary in South Carolina due to the rumor that he had a black love child. John, not particularly original, recycles rumors. John Fund was the political operative qua journalist who inserted the rumor where it would do the most good. The rumor hit the mill just before the primary; too late for McCain to respond, soon enough to work.

There are many ways to cheat; the gig to write the book on elections was a consolation prize because John had been rejected for a job as Bush Speechwriter.

The mention of the book and the look on John's face told me that there was an agenda; this was not just a book. Then, I did not understand. With time all things change.

The book, “Stealing Elections,” was written as cover for plans already in motion. When did those Diebold Machines have their software installed? Who wrote it? We really need a time line here.

When his book hit the market John was disappointed that it did not get more of the same kind of treatment that routinely is accorded to Ann Coulter's vitriolic offerings. But he was supposed to have finished it several years before, so what could he expect? Disinformation tools have deadlines.

Diebold Machines, purged lists, a book that positions election fraud as committed primarily by Democrats; When you put the means for stealing in place in advance it is no accident. This corporate strategy, intended to cement the control of their markets so that America becomes one big company town, is theft on a scale that boggles the mind.

The means for stealing elections have multiplied over the years. No new technology is left unplumbed for its possibilities for ensuring the corporations their continued stream of income.

John and his cadre of pundits and media personalities, for instance Sean Hannity, simulate popular opinion. Their think tanks, like Cato, are to persuade us to accept their ideas. They are paid a lot, so they must know, right?

When the Rockefellers were stealing elections in NY using the old machines it was just business as usual. To control the legislation and policy of government you must control who takes office. Therefore, if you have the money you find all the means for doing just that.

In the years since Rockefeller laid out the game plan by which corporations have colluded with government to nail Americans in place as 'consumers' without real choices, forced to subsidize the costs for developing technology that is then handed over to those same corporations, some things have changed. Now, there are ever more ways that elections and the ballot can be manipulated.

Last year an old friend of mine, Gene Rose, a journalist for 30 years, who had always voted Democrat found he had been purged when he tried to vote in the primary. He had never missed voting until that day. That same year Mrs. Marilyn Blankenship found that her Diebold Machine in Texas refused to leave the X next to the Libertarian candidate she wanted to receive her vote. It magically flew over to the sleazy Republican.

Through the 90s the same NeoCons found that it was wise to eliminate that awkward possibility that a candidate that was not on 'their team' would win by beginning before the primary to make sure that both candidates were acceptable to them. Primaries are cheaper to fund.

Selecting the candidate on each side makes perfect sense if your profits depend on the policy that will flow, like sewage, out of Washington to pollute the lives of Americans.

The number of methods for stealing elections existing today have entered their final generation because now we, the people, are going to take back the ballot. It will be honest or else Americans will take action.

The Ron Paul Revolution now refocuses and changes gear.

The Corporate types who have worked so diligently to ignore the only real Republican running in this primary made a mistake. They thought that they could use their Diebold Machines to steal the primary in New Hampshire for John McCain and it would be believed. No one is buying it.

According to Sally Castleman of Election Defense Alliance every county where a hand count was done came in exactly as predicted by Zogby. Where Diebold was in control we see what happens. Sally is getting me more information; stay tuned. Jim Condit reports that the Official Campaign spent less than $200,000.00 for advertising for Paul in New Hampshire. The corporate GOP Republican candidates each spent millions. Were they thinking that instead of getting Ron elected their jobs were to make sure there was money for bonuses for themselves? Those people also insisted that they had a plan and the people in place to watch the ballot. Again, just like in Iowa, so much bullshit.

In time people tell you the truth. Now we know.

I subscribed to the McCain online newsletter and was struck by the sudden heady certainty that they began to express a while back. Where did that come from? Why, when not even those in his own state can stand him? Just months ago the NeoCons lost control in Arizona to a group of real Conservatives.

It was a two for one package deal. Hillary got to steal the election from Obama and McCain's votes were rearranged so that he 'beat' Ron Paul. There are only two parties in America today. Corporate Republican-Democrat, and Ron Paul.

Really, they made a mistake when they let their confidence show so clearly. They have made one mistake too many.

Paul lost in counties that counted by Diebold Machines.

To do the recount we need to have Ron ask for one by Friday. We also need $300,000.00 for the GOP count. With $600,000.00 we could make Hillary cry. Would it be worth it? Can Trevor get it going in time? Let Ron know we want it. He will understand. Since the NeoCons running his campaign isolate him we must reach out to him directly. Ask him everywhere you see him. Instead hello, say, “Fire them!”

The vote must be hand counted; we need to let the local people who cooperated know we will be taking legal action against them if they try again. We know it works. Remember Fergus.

I don't know what Obama's campaign is going to but I know what the Ron Paul Revolution will be doing. The Revolution will continue and it will grow faster than they believed possible. We have to. Yesterday Congress passed HR 1955.

The agenda must include honest elections; with those and what we already know is possible Ron will be inaugurated as President one year from now.

It can be done - and we can do it.

Paul – Kucinich 2008

Update: You can't trust the Official Campaign.

While the Ron Paul Revolution has been developing the tools that make it possible to organize effectively and accomplish seemingly impossible goals the 'other side,' the left has spent the last years understanding the Diebold question, among other electoral fraud issues, and has accumulated the knowledge to effect change. They know what to investigate. We don't. However, they do not have the money or the people to make that work.

You know the Left.

They have a lot of useful information. Go look at Black Box Voting, Election Defense Alliance.org, Bradblog and Velvet Revolution.

Jim Condit, Jr. did try to warn us. The Official Campaign told people not to cooperate with him.

Naturally, they did not do the same kind of oversight for the GOP. But votes were transferred from Ron to the other candidates. Many of us think the recipient of this largess was McCain but it could have been any of them. A recount will not tell us what we need to know because they well may have spent last night generating substitute ballots. It was probably a swell party.

However, that said, we can still take action.

There are doubtless a lot of people in New Hampshire who know exactly what happened. Some of those people will have evidence. Among that number there will be individuals who would be happy to talk if they are paid.

Without cleaning up the election process what we are doing for Ron is hopeless. Therefore, we need to clean it up right now by pulling the lid off the nest of vipers and getting the goods on them.

Given human nature someone will talk if the reward is big enough.

How about $1,000,000.00 and a get out of jail free card?

Further Update:

To hear what is going on listen in to Off the Grids with the Spiritual Politician this Friday at 4:55pm, Pacific Time, on BBSRadio.com. Chris Lawton will be there on South Carolina. We need to get moving. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster will host, if the NeoCons don't disconnect my phone again.


Texas Libertarian said...

I knew as soon as I saw the smug look on McCain's face in the NH debates--the funny way he and Romney smirked at Ron Paul--that some sort of 'fix' was 'in' for that state.

What's the game plan for preventing this from happening again?

Jerry said...

I really appreciate this blog and have signed up for updates. Many people at Ron Paul Revolution Radio (rprradio.com) have been discussing this article as it really clearly articulates many of the problems regarding vote fraud that have and are infecting the election process.

It even spurred me on to finally write a piece at thejershow.com that I have been meaning to produce for some time called "Unite the Clans". I cited this blog here and would love to have you on my early morning radio program sometime soon to discuss these vital issues in depth. Vote fraud has been a topic callers have been fervently discussing since the NH primary.

Ciel said...

We are recounting the votes!

You can chip in and get info here:


Anonymous said...

Good blog, I heard you on WTPRN.

Garland said...


I'm the one that called in yesterday when you were on Michael Badnarik's show who was going to SC for Ron Paul (I'm leaving in just a couple of hours).

Just wanted to say I enjoyed listening to you on the show, thanks for the well wishes and I'll say "hello" to all of the Ron Paul rEVOLutionaries down in SC for you!


P.S. Check out BJ Lawson, Ron Paul Republican for Congress in NC's 4th District! :)