Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Snowmen for Ron Paul - Operation Live Free or Die.

Today they built the biggest snow man you probably ever saw. When it was finished they stuck a Ron Paul sign in his hand. The Revolution is in South Hampton, New Hampshire. It's coming to your home town, too, if it is not already there.

Roxi Collinson was completely alienated from politics. She had never registered, never voted, and had decided that the entire system was corrupt. A good percentage of her generation agree with her. Registration among people in their 20s was low, as was political activism.

Roxi is in her late 20s. It was just nine months ago that she found a candidate who changed her mind. That candidate for president is Ron Paul, the 72 year old Obstetrician and Congressman from Texas has changed the minds of lots of Americans. Raised in a home by parents who she describes as life long, Republicans, Roxi had rejected their party and their ideas. Now, she is a Ron Paul Republican.

When Roxi discovered Ron Paul, in the shock waves of publicity that his appearance in the South Carolina Debate stirred, she began studying his ideas and his life on the Internet. She was impressed. Here was a man who had consistently held the same views for decades. His speeches on subjects of principle did not change. His personal life reflected the same values; he was still married to his wife of over 50 years and they have 18 grandchildren.

His values were about personal integrity and adherence to the principles laid out in the Constitution. Roxi had never studied the Constitution. Civics was not taught in her high school. Today her own copy is well used and discussions of the articles, routine in the House.

Over that period of weeks last summer Roxi had found someone for whom she could vote. Then, she realized that if she and others did not become his campaign she would never be able to vote for him. Others had realized the same thing.

The movement his candidacy has started has changed the way individuals, like Roxi, view politics, and how politics works.

Until what supporters of Ron Paul call The Revolution, started, politics in America ran rigidly, mostly within party likes of affiliation, divided by chasms of distrust over issues that marked the boundaries of Right and Left.

The Ron Paul Revolution is changing that, and everything else. Now, political action has begotten not just a movement but a movement that is changing far more than politics.

Roxi and her boy friend, Jay, had a garage sale, selling off a third of what they owned, to raise the money to go to New Hampshire. That, and some items sold on E-bay came to around $2,500.00. The others in their Meet Up group chipped in to help out. In New Hampshire they immediately began working, canvassing, phoning, and doing things that other campaigns have never imagined doing.

Conventional, hierarchal organizing cannot compete.

Traditional campaigns are run from the top down. This campaign is being run by people who do it themselves. The Official Campaign, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia in a small space over a Chinese Cleaning establishment has practically nothing to do with the campaign that the Paul Candidacy has wrought.

Most campaigns focus tremendous energy on fundraising. Traditionally, those campaigns have a hierarchy and the top level is occupied by the Finance Committee, the well-heeled individuals, many of them actually acting for corporations, who get their circles of business and personal acquaintances to donate large chunks of money.

In the Ron Paul Revolution the money comes in unsolicited or through the efforts of volunteers who, using innovative approaches persuade other activists to donate small amounts of money. The typical donation is around $100.

In that way the campaign raised nearly 20 million this last quarter, more than any other Republican candidate.

Some activists, like Vijay, give more. If you saw the Google Interview with Ron Paul, you know about Vijay. This is from the Operation Live Free of Die Website.

“My name is Vijay Boyapati and I'm an Engineer at Google. Some of you may remember me from the interview with Dr Paul at Google (skip to 42:31 in the interview - that's me). I'm the fellow that flew down from Seattle to hear Dr Paul talk and to write him a check. Seattle's local newspaper, The Stranger, wrote an article about my visit to Mountain View to see Dr Paul.

I'm organizing Operation Live Free or Die because I believe we have a chance, a real chance, of restoring our Republic to the principles on which it was founded. We have a chance to end the undeclared, unconstitutional, murderous War in Iraq and bring our troops home -- immediately. A chance of ending the government's theft of the fruits of our labor via the IRS. A chance to run our lives as we see fit without a bureaucrat in Washington telling us what we can and cannot do. For these reasons I want to do everything I can to restore freedom to our great country by electing Dr Ron Paul as President. I hope you will join me.”

Ron Paul volunteers may well have previously worked in Fortune 500 companies.

Most signs, literature, and other traditional adjuncts to campaigning are also directly provided by the activists, who design, share costs, and pay for printing.

The same activists, who have converted social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, and others to their use and also use the social spaces specifically provided by other volunteers, have found unexpected ways to use each of these tools.

What was mostly Internet is now flooding out into the mundane world.

Roxi is now living in a big old house in Hampton Beach with eleven other activists. According to Roxi there are no problems getting along with each other. They have a common focus, electing Ron President. The house was rented not by the Official Campaign but by Vijay as are 12 other houses around the state.

When a new activist arrives they are taken to the local gas station to discover that there is also a Ron Paul Network for buying. Activists and supporters are working on the problem of buying local by building their own network. Politics, and America are changing.

Roxi left her young daughter with her mother, quit her job, and put everything she still owns in storage to go to New Hampshire to work for Ron Paul full time. She has a mission, as do the others who are working with Operation Live Free or Die. Activists come from across the nation and around the world to work at their own expense.

Roxi says she is doing this for her daughter because, unless America returns to the Constitution, the future will be bleak for all children. Roxi and her fellow activists are this generation's Minute Men. Using the tools of edge technology they will take America back to the vision on which our nation was founded, community, responsibility, and individual rights.

Hear for yourself why ordinary people are joining the Revolution; ask yourself why you are not in New Hampshire with Roxi.

Roxi Collinson will be on Off the Grids, or the Spiritual Politician, this Friday at 4:55 pm Pacific Time. Read about Roxi's New Hampshire RonPauling on her blog, Tulsa to New Hampshire. Listen, call, and find out what is moving Americans, left and right to support the Doctor from Texas. Find us at BBSRadio.com.


Anonymous said...

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And don't forget that the secretive polls that you see on TV are all bought and paid for by special interest groups like the Military Industrial Complex, the Medical Industrial Complex, the Bank Holding Companies and numerous global interests that want the American tax payer to keep manipulating the economy and paying their bills for them.

It is these very secretive and corrupt polls that is the sole justification for not fairly reporting on the Ron Paul Revolution and the only reason they use for referring to him the fringe candidate. Every other statistic not provided by the syndicates of the organized News MAFIA (above) indicates that RON PAUL is both TOP TIER (tip top) and Mainstream.

My Advise: Turn off Fox News and instead refer to these dynamic links and charts on a regular basis to get a real sense of what is going on in American politics.

The Melinda said...

Thanks for the links. I don't actually know anyone who watches Fox. Never did. Remember to get active in the count the vote sites!