Thursday, November 29, 2007

Declaration of War: Take Back America

Wednesday morning early the power company came out and turned off her electricity. She was not expecting it; the bill was a little late but she had called. She had decided that the money that had come in would have to be used to pay the mortgage this time.

She is Paula T., a mortgage broker and the owner of three businesses in South Florida. Two months ago the IRS hit her with an audit; her bookkeeper told her that there has been an unrelenting wave of such 'audits,' all seem to be aimed at sucking out even more money. Paula does not know how to deal with that. Yet. But Paula is no quitter.

Three years ago Paula was planning trips to Italy; today she has to tell her three high school aged kids that none of the things she hoped to provide for them are probably going to be possible. They are now out looking for jobs that will bring in money that will be used to put food on the table. Forward thinking, Paula is now putting in a home garden so at least there will be food in a couple of months – if she can keep the house. At least, she said, the plants will have the sun. That will not drive up her electric bill.

This is the reality today across the country. The middle class is vanishing into the abyss of immediate need that once marked those in poverty. The upper class is also tightening their belts – unless they are in that most exclusive of clubs, the Club Greed.

Your mortgage and the home it pays to keep the rain off your head is one of the grids that the CorporaState has designed to pump your wealth into its own pockets. If you understand the reality of fractional reserve banking and how the banks really operate you know that while Americans were forced by the Act of Congress to accept responsibility for the currency issued by a private corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank of Club Greed, our elected representatives have no control over what takes place.

While it was possible most of us assumed that the banks were honest and that they were doing their job. Now every day more people have stopped believing that comfortable fiction and the question of what we can do as individuals to hold on to our lives and hard earned money – and our homes – is becoming more compelling and frightening.

What are you going to do when they come to turn off your electricity?

What do you do when you lost your phone service?

What do you tell your kids when you can't afford to put food on the table?

What do you say when you get the notice they are foreclosing on your home?

These are the real problems that will be confronting middle class Americans because the giant sucking sound you hear, if you listen to the ads for refinancing, easy credit, and quick money. are really done to distract you from the crooks who snuck in the back door to steal you blind. Those are the Grid Corporations, your auto company, your electric company, the Oil Companies, Big Med and Big Pharma, and Big Food. They and Big Government, so closely associated they have merged into one identity, are the problem we face today. Last night there was a debate on CNN for the Republican candidates.

Here is what happened.

“Although this was a camera filled exchange for Paul, it clearly seemed that questions were steered away from Paul during the entire debate and that both video questions which were directed to Paul from YouTube users both contained spoon-fed derogatory questions about conspiracy theories and whether he would run as a independent, because he clearly wasn’t going to win the primary.

According to the New York Times, two planes were circling overhead, one flying a Ron Paul banner, another with lights spelling out his name. A ship to support Ron Paul circled in the bay just outside the hall and just beyond the security fences erected around The Mahaffey Theater, Mr. Paul’s loyal supporters waited and cheered with shirts and stickers and other assorted Paul gear.

CNN treating Ron Paul as a minor candidate, moving the camera from his as much as possible, and limiting his role at the debate easily comes into question.

Paul pointed out that he had 5,000 people of all races turned out for his rally outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Noticeably agitated Paul stated “Did you know that our campaign raised over 4 million dollars – in one day”?

Ron Paul also said “We are taxed to blow up the bridges overseas, taxed to rebuild those bridges and our bridges are falling down. This country is sick and tired of what they are getting. We are in the middle of a revolution and I’m happy to be part of it.”

The Paul Campaign is awakening Americans, not to him as a savior, but to their own power and to what is happening today. That is why the Corporate Media cannot afford to let him be heard.

Awakened, Americans will enact change and realize the truth.

China is a Communist country. 98% of Chinese live without mortgages. They own their homes.

In most of the world no one comes in and turns off your electricity when you cannot afford to pay. The electric company will not care if you freeze to death; if your aged grandfather, a hero who won honors during WWII will die because you cannot keep his insulin cold and his oxygen machine on. They will shrug.

Americans are coming to realize that war is being made on them. It is a quiet war waged on each of us economically in our own homes and through out jobs, through the educational system, and through every institution we thought we could trust.

In war it becomes you duty to strike back. This war demands we cut off the grid corporations, rebuilding America from the individual and community into a network sustained by cooperation, consent, and transparency for all.

Therefore what you do about your electricity matters. Getting off the grid strikes a blow for freedom. Today you are being contacted by companies that offer you lower rates – if you stay on the power grid. Instead, get off the grid.

The technique used here will sound similar to the way the phone companies have been enticing you to stay on their comm grid even as Kevin Martin, the head of the FCC holds secret meetings to sell off the airways that were to be held in trust for for us? You can mesh yourself off that grid, too.

Do you know they are at the same time, using parallel rationalizations, selling off the air you breath, the water you drink and the DNA that makes up your body?

Get off all the grids. This is not the vision our founders had for America. What we see today is a fascist state biggest than anyone could have imagined possible.

There are solutions, and those solutions take us back to the foundational values that forged the vision that is America. Because America is not our government and not land or even the people. It is a destination on the horizon that beckons us to find connection with each other through myriad acts of good will.

There are solutions to each of these problems because while they were busy picking our pockets the world was changing. The promise of connection is being fulfilled; transparency in all things is a precondition to the connections now becoming obvious. America will not only survive, it will become the model that will remake the world.

Get started.

Paula T. will be on Off the Grids, formerly the Spiritual Politician, this Friday at 5pm Pacific Time at, hosted my Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


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Edward Ulysses Cate said...

You're absolute right, Melinda. We all have different names for the same enemy: Grid, Tapeworm, Great Red Dragon, Illuminati, etc. Some call it the "sucking sound," others called it the Octopus's tenacles with suckers attaching themselves to your labor. It's the same thing, but at least people are waking up. Keep posting, as the lurkers really are starting to see the pattern.

Edward Ulysses Cate said...

You're absolute right, Melinda. We all have different names for the same enemy: Grid, Tapeworm, Great Red Dragon, Illuminati, etc. Some call it the "sucking sound," others called it the Octopus's tenacles with suckers attaching themselves to your labor. It's the same thing, but at least people are waking up. Keep posting, as the lurkers really are starting to see the pattern.

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