Friday, November 23, 2007

Hillary, Ron Paul, and the End of Fascism

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A Letter to Dear Abby

Dear Abby:

My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the beginning, and when I confront him, he denies everything. What's worse, everyone knows he cheats on me. It is so humiliating.

Also, since he lost his job five years ago he hasn't even looked for a new one. All he does is buy cigars and cruise around and jokes with his pals, while I have to work to pay the bills.

Since our daughter went away to college he doesn't even pretend to like me and hints that I am a lesbian. What should I do?


------------ --

Dear Clueless:

Grow up and dump him. For Pete's sake, you don't need him anymore. You're a United States Senator from New York. ACT LIKE IT!


All of these guys would be funny if so many of us did not actually take them seriously. We need to stop doing that right away.

The Democratic Party put on its first debate in Iowa the other day. A few of their candidates said they would get us out of Iraq. Can you believe them? No. When you look at their records that is clear. Lying With Aplomb 101 is a required course for attorneys and politicians. The war in Iraq is a permanent part of the business plan for Big Oil. This administration and any of the corporate candidates now in try outs will keep us there. You do not build embassies the size of Disneyland if you do not plan to keep using them.

None of the corporate candidates, Dem. Or Rep., have the kind of record on that issue Republican Ron Paul has except Kucinich, who is a very nice guy. But Dennis also says he believes in flying saucers. That worries many people though it would be more worrisome if he believed anything Hillary says.

Hillary has been attacked because she is a woman and that is unfair and I resent it. I am a woman myself. Hear me roar.

Instead she should be attacked because she is a life long employee of the corporations, along with Bill. Also because her life long ambition is to have twice as much money and power as John D. Rockefeller with half the ethical qualms he demonstrated during his career. Rockefeller would probably been struck with awe over the kind of stealing Hillary routinely carries out, smiling as she inserts the knife elegantly in the back of such individuals as Peter Paul, the Hollywood Mogul who she mangled in 2000. That case is now forcing its way to court.

That should scare you; Rockefeller and most of his descendants show all of the simple decency and honesty we associate with Bluebeard or Attila the Hun, with slightly improved personal hygiene.

For THAT she should be attacked. For staying married to Bill perhaps we should send certificates for therapy and sympathy cards to Chelsea, who is evidently a very nice young woman and not embarrassingly slutty like the Bush girls.

None of these people, with the exceptions of Paul on the Republican side and Kucinich and Gravel on the Democratic side, should be trusted with your piggy bank because the piggy bank would either be emptied or disappear entirely. These people steal so readily they don't even think of it as stealing. They are nothing if not consistent and the most cursory examination of the source of their donations tells you who will benefit from their election to office. This whole process has been formalized as 'bundling' which means, “the practice through which multiple individual contributions from a single industry or interest group are delivered to a candidate over a relatively short period of time.” It used to be bundling was about courting but I suppose this really is a form of courting, isn't it?

Ron Paul has committed himself to restoring Constitutional integrity. Him, you can believe he does not run around bundling. If he is elected, and survives to hold office, he will do just that, restore integrity. Surviving the reaction of the International Banks, GridBanks, and the GridCorps, those invested in those profitable enterprises, is a separate question. Let's hope that he has better security that those running his traditional campaign are likely to arrange.

The people running the Ron Paul campaign come with a curious lineage. The lines of connection run back to the infamous and now well exposed Cato Institute. In case you had not yet broken through the disinformation campaign paid for by Koch Industries, Cato was created to mainstream into the minds of Americans curious alterations of words and concepts. In this way came about the conversion of the word, privatization, coined by Robert Poole of Reason Magazine into its real functional meaning today, of corporatization. Poole, an engineer by training, has made no comment on this but retired to play with his model trains in Florida.

Milton Friedman, who displaced Murray Rothbard in the eyes of the world as a free market guru, helped enable this take over through the esoteria of 'Chicago School' economics after Murray's ejection from the founding board of Cato Institute in 1981. Murray had not realized he was supposed to be window dressing, well paid window dressing. For Murray facts and principles came first.

All of this would be ancient history and forgotten if not for the ongoing effort to convert the political process into stage dressing for the continuing conversion of Americans and their institutions into assets of the International Banks or GridBanks, and their partners, the GridCorps. (see definitions at the end of this article to make sure we are on the same page.) Ron Paul is the monkey wrench in their well oiled machine. Notice how firmly those listed below ignore Paul.

Somewhere along the way they got cocky and stupid and now that is catching up with them. They, like the Emperor, have no clothes; now we can see it and it is not an appetizing sight.

Sometimes even your sharpest critics can be embarrassed by your stupidity.

That was my most most visceral reaction as I reviewed the website for the “Defending the American Dream Summit” held in Washington D. C. at the upscale Mayflower Hotel over two days, October 4th and 5th; . It left nothing to the imagination, not even whose dream they were defending. That would be their own very personal wet dreams of prosperity realized by draining the blood from everyone else.

They don't understand how obvious they are. Speakers were drawn from the employees of the cookie cutter organizations and reliable NeoPundits. But even as I was still cringing I realized that opportunity was pounded on the door, providing the means to make a few small points.

An amazing number of the individuals and organizations represented at the Summit were born in the cookie cutter factory of what many of us have come to think of as the Howie Cogworks of the Crane Machine. Howie is Howie Rich, the clever Objectivist who dumped his first wife and managed to grab all the goodies in the divorce by asking her for an open marriage and then setting a snoop on her. Howie was already boinking his present wife, Andrea Millen Rich, who came from far back in the hills of Tennessee where all kinds of interesting boinking goes on.

The Crane Machine refers to Edward H. Crane, III, the ambitious financial advisor who my source in that industry said he did not consider trustworthy back in the 70s before Crane went political. Crane went on to found Cato Institute with David Koch, Second Brother for Koch Industries. Brother William has been quoted as saying they are no better than gangsters.

The Summit event was the spamchild of two separate factions of the NeoCon Movement and defines the place where Libertarianism meets Strauss. Evidently, some people have not yet gotten the word “Americans for Prosperity,” is yet another cookie cutter retread for that group that has congealed around the aging adherents to Cato Institute and the Howie Rich Cog organizations. Those organizations, including Club for Growth (of their personal bank accounts) reproduced endlessly from U. S. Term Limits and Americans for Limited Government.

It would boggle your mind to know how many of these cookie cutter organizations they have spawned. See the thorough outing given to them by Hart Williams. Hart did the work but did not get the credit. Life is like that. Hart's Crusade continues with articles coming out several times a day on occasion. He isn't obsessive, just determined to out them.

The Cato-Howie partner in this crime against common sense is American Solutions, yet another organization whelped by Newt Gingrich intended to suck in the ideas of innovative Americans to be homogenized into Newt Talk. Their common lynch pin is John Fund, who has an interesting history himself. Fund himself was outed by Justin Raimondo at in 2006. This article fleshes out that story.

The 'strategy' they and their associate, Newt Gingrich, follows has been distorting American politics since that strategy was adopted by the Progressives in 1892. That strategy bears a curious resemblance to that of Leo Strauss. That 'philosophy' holds that it is perfectly appropriate to lie, cheat, and steal your way to power if you are destined to rule. A curiously convenient train of thought for those of an avaricious nature.

Lies come in many kinds. Those include the use of rhetoric completely detached from its real meaning. That larding was thick on the air at this NeoCon love fest.

Those attending ooze words like, 'freedom,' 'free enterprise,' “the sanctity of family,' and 'American Values.' They evoke the name of Ronald Reagan with nearly every sentence.

Please note that Ronald Reagan was never a Conservative. He was truly warm, human and charismatic. But no Conservative. He was himself an early NeoCon hire by Big Oil who then ruled from the Rockefeller end of the Republican Party. This was pointed out by the REAL very Conservative people who got him the nomination for governor in California in 1966, United Republicans of California. At first they were stunned when, ignoring his promises to lower taxes and shrink government (does that sound familiar?) he instead federalized California.

The group, now headed by Connie Ruffley and Marion Hurley, who was active at the time, went on to track his performance and issue a resolution at their 1975 Convention in Santa Maria, CA, urging that no one support Ronnie for either President or Vice President. Obviously, no one paid the slightest attention. The three pages of documentation in 8 point type takes some time to read. The bottom line: Ronnie was not a Conservative; his ideas politically were liberal. His motivation for moving into politics was most probably based on the fact his gig on TV was coming to an end.

Finding this out was painful for a lot of us – but better the truth than continuing into Big Oil Fantasyland. Now you know. If you doubt, call UROC. They are still in existence and endorsed Ron Paul for President. If you still doubt consider Reagan's record as president. If you admired him it makes you want to cry.

Attendees at the Howie Cog Summit were expected to be enthusiastic about the prospect of a White House Briefing, scheduled right at the beginning of the event That crowd was to depart from Mayflower Lobby at 12:30 pm on Thursday, October 4th. Obviously, bolstering up George Bush must be done at every opportunity.

Hard to imagine an American excited by meeting the occupant of the White House today, but the people of the Howie-Crane-Newt World live in different reality all the time. Of course, given the difficulty of finding audiences who will not boo or demonstrate the Briefing could have been subsidized by Halliburton.

There is a long and dishonorable linkage between the Straussians and the NeoLibertarians; they both spin lies and science fiction into packages intended to attract the credulous and so generate donations, either to political campaigns or not-for-profits that are about nothing but profiting on disinformation, I call those Spamchildren. But Newt has to hustle a little more energetically because he does not have his very own personal billionaire, Charles or David Koch. He had long run with the Contract On America Con but all good things must end, even for third rate science fiction writers.

Why do I say, 'largess?' They had to pay to get their audience.

Early registration was only $49 and $29 for students, and included breakfast, lunch, and a special "Tribute to Ronald Reagan" dinner.

While registration was closed elsewhere on the web I learned that there was a special package offered including transportation, hotel and registration for only $199! Wow. And at the Mayflower Hotel, for your information, a quality room for one night costs 459.00(USD) per night. Sounds to me like David Koch was underwriting the event so they could get enough people in to look like a real conference. They did the same with Ed Crane when Koch ran as vice-president in 1980. Alternative 80, the event held in Los Angeles to much fan fare, lost a quarter of a million dollars. It had been billed as a fundraiser. Brother Charles was quite annoyed, complaining to Crane that, “David had spent capital, not just interest!” I listened with rapt attention to that rant in the elevator that day after the event. Perhaps I should have sent a sympathy note.

The price does make you wonder how many of those attending the Summit stayed to any event that did not include food.

This is why you will not see any of these people saying a word about Ron Paul. Ron is, in effect, the garlic that wards off the werewolves of greed and acts as the stake through the heart of Count Dracula of Deceit. An honest man with no pretenses is hard to hit with lies.

But if he is elected Ron Paul will oversee an administration that will make history. In that four year period America will produce an automobile that can get 400 miles a gallon. In that same four years 60% of Americans will get off the electrical grid, producing their own electricity, DC, for less than $100.00 a year in fuel. At the end of his first term the FED will be dead. Americans will again own their own souls.

To get there we need honest elections. Accomplishing that can be done with a coalition between the honest parts of the Right and Left if they come together to force paper ballots, election of those counting the votes as the precinct level, and transparent, open tallies on line, with all of us watching the totals.

If we do that we can, perhaps, also ensure that the GridBanks do not do to China what they are now doing to us. Now THAT would be bad for everyone's security.

So, Hillary may be scary but sometimes the most important need to closer to home.

Organize Locally, Get off the Grids. Build Coalition.

The Little Dictionary for Grid Freedom

Corporatization – the real agenda behind the process described as privatization.

GridBanks – The Big Banks that print their own money so they can pass on those counterfeit funds for our blood, sweat and tears.

GridCorps – The corporations who depend on government to keep us locked in place to be bled dry.

NeoLibertarians – People who ooze the rhetoric of freedom for the purpose to deceiving for their own profit. Example: Edward H. Crane, III.

NeoPundits – Political pundits placed and paid by the NeoCons to insert disinformation. Example: John Fund.

Spamchild – An online organization intended to divert attention from what is really happening by creating the perception that people actually agree with that viewpoint. Or to divert efforts at reform by preventing reform from happening. Examples: Fair Tax and The Liberty Committee.

Privatization – A formerly respectable idea that originated with Dr. Robert Poole of Reason Foundation that was stolen and genetically to become converting publicly held assets into the property of corporations. Example: The sale of the airways by Kevin Martin of the FCC


LinXiaoChuan said...

This article is great, Melinda; thank you so much for posting it!

Yes, disinformation is everywhere; the power grab is on.

Part of getting off the grid is taking your kids out of state schools, which are all about molding young minds to produce compliant workers and unquestioning voters.

Another part is throwing away your television. The intended effect of broadcast (FCC licensed) programs and ads is similar to schools, with the added aspect of fearmongering and the cultivation of dissatisfaction and lack of self respect.

Yet another part is to bail out of the "Us versus Them" mentality, which divides us commoners, thereby helping the Power Leet to conquer us. Remember that when you sneer at another person, you are playing into the hands of The Grid.

Organize Locally; Get Off the Grids; Build Community

Free Your Children; Free Your Mind; Achieve Empowerment

ryanshaunkelly said...

Colbert gravel kucinich paul nader perot carter [conyers?rangel?] united for truth elicit fear smear blacklist.

The people know too much,
democracy rising democracy now.
Rage against the machine.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts.

No more extortion blackmail bribery division.
Divided we fall.

Anonymous said...


I am impressed with Your insight! Thank You for being on the Web.

Political parties are worthless. Community is Priceless. We might have more options from now on if enough people begin to ignore the would be leaders and get on with their lives.

We do have options.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to volunteer to be your proofreader...Great content, but needs better proofreading...Mike