Thursday, November 08, 2007

Natural solutions to pests, ants, lice and Bush

Stop polluting the planet with Pesticides NOW. The answers are easy and available.

What happens when an ordinary guy realized that the business that puts food on the table is killing people? Some people just stay the course; change is difficult for all of us. We have all seen that happen, especially today.

Sometimes the individual confronts the truth and walks away, ignoring the past, to restart their life. We have seen that, too.

Sometimes the individual becomes a whistle blower, making a living by exposing what they and others have done. That also happens and we have seen careers start in just that way.

And sometimes, even more rarely, an individual will confront that truth and decide that they need to take responsibility for changing things.

That is Steve Tvedten. Steve was a prosperous producer of pesticides when he realized that what he was selling was killing people. Those people included his uncle and unborn son.

Steve looked into his own heart and sold the company. He also changed the mission and focus of his entire life.

Tvedten worked tirelessly to ban Chlordane and wrote several books including The Bug Stops Here, The Best Control and the Best Control II and has developed (self-help) Professionally Guided Pest Control programs to safely and permanently control and/or eliminate pests: roaches, fleas, all wood destroying organisms (decay fungi and insects), rodent and miscellaneous pests.

For Steve it is not about blame but about solving the problem. Steve also helps people who contact him who need other solutions to the problems of pests.

Steve now is the President of PEST (Prevent Environmental Suicide Today), which is an environmental group. Steve also heads of the Institute of Pest Management, which has notable toxicologists, doctors, lawyers and professional people on its Board of Directors.

Pesticides are one component of the ongoing attempt by petroleum companies to find ever more ways to dispose of their stock in trade, so the idea of a free alternative opens Steve up to their unkind attentions and manipulations, something of which he is very aware. But he does not let that stop him.

Steve, like so many other Americans, believed that what he thought was Earth Day, the event in April each year, is actually Oil Day, still supported by petroleum companies who hijacked the original Earth Day, which still takes place on the Spring Equinox every year, the moment falling around March 21 – 22. The real Earth Day is still celebrated by ringing the Peace Bell at the United Nations every year. The faux Earth Day, also called Oil Day by those who understand, is still funded and used for continued misdirection by the oil companies.

The entire environmental movement has been redirected into irrelevancies in the past. Now Steve and others, who are moving towards a new, focused and accessible movement, are getting serious about solutions for ordinary people that work.

Mr. Tvedten provided to the world, an 86-page book on the use of safe alternatives to pesticides titled The Bug Stops Here that can be downloaded free at Doing what needs to be done takes all of his time.

Hear Steve Tvedten on the Spiritual Politician this Friday on at 4pm Pacific Time, hosted by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.

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