Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Digital War for Freedom – has it begun for you?

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Blackstone Group, the giant vacuum cleaner of a limited partnership which was constructed to suck the last bits of capital out of Americans, is now tanking. Goodness knows, it has done its job. On November 13th the New York Times blandly reported that, “ Blackstone’s financial disclosures are more complex than most. Under generally accepted accounting principles, it reported a net loss of $113.2 million for the three months that ended Sept. 30, or 44 cents a common unit. In the period a year earlier, it earned $372.5 million in net income;” at the same time Americans have watched the mortgage market turn upside down, with foreclosures doubling from last year and continuing sharply upwards.

Don't expect a turn around. It is not happening; it is not going to happen within the frame of our present government.

I wrote an article last summer urging Americans to get out of debt. Investing in your own solvency was and is the best place to put your money. After that invest in canned goods and things you can reliably trade or aim.

The credit issue minimized by FED Czar Ben Bernanke really signals the slow fall from great heights of the US dollar as the world trembles; markets are reacting to the shock waves that have not yet hit, but that crash on the rocks of reality will hit all of us.

You have to wonder why Bernanke took the job; certainly Greenspan is working hard to build some deniability. It is also rumored that two high level executives from Blackstone are edging towards the exit. After they are past the door they can cash out their stock.

The stock market, as experienced by the past four generations, was nothing more than the roulette table with us chumps tossing in the chips. The mortgage market, credit, securities, each of these and the FED that enabled the ongoing Ponzi scheme are now winding down to their last moments, leeching out the remnants of our faith. The Greedy are bug-eyed with how hard they are sucking. You can almost hear it if you listen. Many doubtless have ranches in Paraguay, as does Bush.

And now for the good news.

The CorporaState folks, those people of greed who lived through the lies, bullying, and violence visited on us through the institutions we financed and trusted, know perfectly well that the game is up. They had hoped their program for centralized control would be much further advanced by today; the militarization of the police would be solid; that we would all be chipped with real IDs and that the North American Union would be an established fact.

It didn't happen but it was a close thing. Future historians will be shifting through the reasons for that in a generation – after we finish the revolution. After the indictments. After the guilty are turned upside down, their ill-gotten gains shaken out so they can be left whimpering and naked on the street.

The realization of the real 'game' is now dawning on more Americans every day as the truth about the FED and the conversion of America's institutions of governance into shackles delivering us up to those pathetic 'masters of the mind' are exposed like the Wizard of Oz when Toto pulls back the curtain.

Many well intended people are, as I write, working on their grant applications in the misguided belief that those with the stolen money will continue the sedating dole that kept the cadre of professional do-gooders happily fed over the last several decades. But that is the past. Grants, like our credit, have dried up. Those in think tanks, dependent on your 401Ks, take note.

We are now on the reality page. There is a lot to be done, but when we are finished the world will be very different.

We have health issues that present what seems to be an insurmountable problem because of the entitlements created through the present system. That is mostly illusion. When communities come together good things happen.

Even the problem of military and veterans now suffering from the effects of DU does not have to end lives. Veterans have it in their power to enact change – and many of us are there to help them do just that. Veterans with DU poisoning can get health and live normal lives. Go to The Earth Project for a protocol that has worked; email to get in touch with other vets who can talk you though the process, if you want. If you start coming down with the flu or other nasty bug visit the same page for Dr. Jarvis' Folk Medicine . Dr. Jarvis's book is up online. This has worked with people and cattle in New England for generations. The solutions are out there. It is not rocket science.

Reestablishing our health is not expensive but it does require changing our practices and habits. You do not have to be locked into fear. You can handle it yourself, as many have already done.

The rise in medical interventions originates from the gleam of greed in the eye of the practitioner and the use of such insane interventions as pesticides. Pesticides are the products of war repackaged for the profit of no one but corporations. You can get off pesticides. Go here for the answers you need.

There are solutions to every problem that take us off every grid. Start a garden and grow local, find or start a co-op. That food is safer and healthier.

We have energy issues. Through the electric grid and through transportation we are locked into petroleum. They want us to stay there until they figure out how to charge us for something else. If they could put sunlight in the gas tank we would have solar power.

Changing the infrastructure seems impossible right now. It isn't. In just a few months you can be off the electric grid and off the oil grid. Let them find honest jobs and reserve oil usage for plastics.

The solution is not more different kinds of grids; batteries that die and are dumped do not solve the problem but the solution exists, just beyond our vision. The means for making energy free and entirely off the grid is in the offing because the principles of thermodynamics makes multiple approaches accessible; the reason they made sure kids no longer got Mr. Wizard Chemistry and Science sets was to stave off the horrible day when we understood those principles.

You can do it yourself – solar and other technologies are now affordable if you look around. But soon you will also be able to buy do-it-yourself kits that make it possible to call the electric company and tell them to take the meter off your house. Also look for the affordable car that (this is only the first step) gets 175 miles a gallon. Coming soon.

Getting off the government grid is also an issue.

To do that support Ron Paul for President, Kucinich for Vice President. All of the other candidates are in tryouts for the position of lead PR agent for the grid corporations. Paul will roll back the Federal government so we can fit it in the phone booth. They have used lies and fear to divide us. Now, we will come together.

Make sure that the sheriff in your county is prepared to order the Feds out; he or she is obligated to do so when those slimy takers violate the Constitution. The Feds do that with nearly every breath they take, so this should happen soon. Contact Sheriff Richard Mack, the first sheriff to file against the Brady Bill, about what you can do to change direction locally. You can contact him at sheriffmack@hotmail.com

Public schools exist to produce cogs for corporate machines. That is why kids graduate without knowing how to balance a check book or being able to think for themselves. Start homeschooling your kids. Do you love your children? Are you raising them to be cogs? You know the answer to that question.

The other major grid is your mortgage and your credit cards. That grid also has an exit. The case of First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly sent shock waves – through the grid corporations and into the FED. The case determined in 1968 resulted in the murder of the presiding judge a few months later but established the principle that the FED works its wiles illegally. The judgment rendered read:


1.That the Plaintiff is not entitled to recover the possession of Lot 19, Fairview Beach, Scott County, Minnesota according to the Plat thereof on file in the Register of Deeds office.

2.That because of failure of a lawful consideration the Note and Mortgage dated May 8, 1964 are null and void.

3.That the Sheriff’s sale of the above described premises held on June 26, 1967 is null and void, of no effect.

4.That the Plaintiff has no right title or interest in said premises or lien thereon as is above described.

5.That any provision in the Minnesota Constitution and any Minnesota Statute binding the jurisdiction of this Court is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and to the Bill of Rights of the Minnesota Constitution and is null and void and that this Court has jurisdiction to render complete Justice in this Cause.

The following memorandum and any supplementary memorandum made and filed by this Court in support of this Judgment is hereby made a part hereof by reference.


Dated December 9, 1968”

Honest judges are few; we need to take back the courts, too.

Credit cards pose the same problem. The 'money' of the institutions is all bogus and therefore should not be honored in any way. Start a local credit union; let it stand on the good faith and integrity of your own community.

The Federal Reserve is a very private corporation that was imposed on America by the same people, in later generations, that continue to fleece us today. Fraud, under color of law, is a felony; when the felons have seized the courts then the people need to innovate.

Ask yourself, do you feel like being free? America was founded on the principles of individual rights, freedom, government at the most local level carried out through persuasion and consent. That is still the vision and the visions for which we live and die become true.

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LinXiaoChuan said...

Great blog, Melinda; keep on writing!

Folks, if the exhortations in this blog appear daunting, take courage. By organizing locally, by forming community, you can work together with your neighbors and friends to get off the grid and provide for your security—and even prosperity—in the challenging times to come.