Saturday, August 06, 2005

Coulter: Using the sex card to sell the NeoCon Agenda

The puzzle for the intelligent reader is to pick out a thread of sanity in anything Ann Coulter writes. I have an advantage here because I raised five children and therefore recognize the ploys being dragged out from Ms. Coulter’s little box of tools. Yelling loudly when you have not a shred of justification is a strategy I have had to deal with many times. So is misdirection and fatuous assertions of authority. “Nicky’s Mom said we could” and “Dawn wanted us to roll the water balloons off the roof” make more sense when they are coming out of the mouths of individuals who have not yet begun preschool, however.
Ms. Coulter will use anything that will work. She has a lot at stake.
Ms. Coulter has managed to become a multimillionaire by accepting a job for which she is uniquely qualified. Those who employ her have a hard time finding candidates for this particular position because it demands an unusual intersection of personal skills and good looks combined with a sublime lack of rationality, ethical insight and good taste. At one time in the history of America public discourse followed rules of minimal civility. Maybe someday that will again be true.
The job Coulter fills is to provide a woman’s point of view; ‘commentary,’ attacking those who question any policy of the NeoCons. In case you are in doubt, the NeoCons are the esoteric, Straussian Illuminati-wanna-bes presently running our country right into the ground in hopes of solidifying a base of support and perpetuating their personal fortunes. Coulter’s astonishing and not even funny harangues are protected by the 1st Amendment and enabled by her cool good looks and ‘charming personality.’ They are intended to create the impression that women, at least some women, are on board while stifling objections from those who would normally have delighted in attacking her bizarre statements.
She is well aware that men, who comprise most of the world’s real commentators, are very reluctant to attack her as they doubtless would if she were less esthetically enhanced. Ever hopeful of getting lucky men dislike attacking attractive women. Biology, the unspoken driver of nearly all human action, trumps all. The NeoCons never miss a trick, a word that works rather well in this context.
In her most recent regurgitation of bizarre opinion Ms. Coulter asserts that Liberals love Saddam Hussein, likens them to insects, accuses them of being unable to think for themselves, compares Bill O’Reilly to Jesse Helms, and cites George S. Patton, Jr. as an authority. And in that case she is not wrong. I have a poster of him, one of my heroes on my office wall. But he would have despised Coulter; Patton was a true patriot.
From there she paints the happy picture of the citizens of Iraq recalling a governor within three years and accuses a fellow female columnist of having PMS because all Iraqis are not endlessly grateful for our kind attentions to their civil liberties. These things take time, Coulter says. Someday the Iraqis will be sending thank you notes.
According to Coulter all Liberals are evil and should be taken out and shot for treason. Not being a liberal I was originally amused.
No more.
It is a mistake to spend time trying to respond to what she says. It is time to pay attention to why she is employed, given a forum, and assured millions in compensatory perks.
Always follow the money. Most people involved in politics are there because of money, sex, or power. Money is infinitely fungible.
Ann Coulter is a tool. She is the most visible NeoCon female pundit and has provided an essential service to the interlinking collation of special interests that drive the present agenda to place a monarchial type of government in America; with them in perpetual charge, of course. The trappings of an imperial presidency are falling into place.
According to their faith, Straussians are ‘destined to rule.’ What they are doing now is simply acting out the logic of their personally constructed agenda. We can usefully refer to it as the NeoConning Manifesto.
It does not surprise me that they have tried to accomplish such an end. The power hungry will be always with us and Straussians are not very different than those who preceded them. What surprises me is that those who are really committed to individual freedom and the vision that is America have shown all of the intestinal fortitude of golf balls in opposing them.
The real Republicans cower in their golf clubs, looking for more balls or trying to find a way to profit from the coming tide. The Liberals just look clueless or try to find a way to profit from the coming tide. If they have balls they have yet to find them.
The present tense of this little melodrama became possible at the same time that Nixon, with an unadulterated stupidity only he could have summoned, instituted Wage and Price Controls. At the same time that Republican thinkers all over the country dropped out of that Party a subset of these disgruntled individuals formed a new political movement. The political vehicle was the Libertarian Party. The policy that originated in those now main-stream think tanks is now the current political rhetoric for both parties. With exceptions.
Into this Nixonian power vacuum was drawn those who are now at the core of the NeoCons; former liberals who brought with them the tactics that they had learned in hard scrabble socialism. Their commitment was to gaining and exercising power. These include the Kristols and their close friends.
Attractive nuisances always draw flies. The corrupting potentials of power are too well known to be restated here.
It was not a conspiracy except in the classical understanding of that term. Those who grasped for power over others, having common goals, have drawn together in a cooperative effort to subvert the checks and balances still remaining to us from the Founders.
So here we sit, on the edge of an American fascist state looking at more of the same old Dems, in desperate need of a hero to lead us back towards Liberty.
Mostly, when you wish for something it doesn’t happen, but this time it may well be different. The grasp of the Neocons on America is not yet complete, and if we find that certain someone Anne Coulter may be writing obituaries in Podunk, Idaho at this time next year.

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