Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How the NeoCons make War on all of us

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Melanie Morgan, recovered gambling addict and San Francisco talk show host, announced two days ago that her new project, Censure Carter, will be launching a series of TV ads urging that Congress take up the issue of censuring Jimmy Carter for sympathizing with the Palestinians.
Morgan is in this way fulfilling her obligations as one in the string of political tools activated by John Fund to carry out the strategic disinformation campaigns for his NeoCon employers.

Morgan's lackluster career took off when she was recruited by Fund several years ago and since then she has found a new faith, NeoConism. A frequently hosted speaker at events put on by such front groups as Political Vanguard, Morgan is just another in a series of individuals to hook her hopes not to the truth but to doing the nasty work of this White House.

Under fire from all sides this White House desperately needs to create the appearance that Republicans are united behind George Bush. On the front page of Political Vanguard you learn to your amazement that George Bush has an approval rating of 40.5%. Doubtless these figures came directly from Karl Rove and reflect his immediate family members.

Faux websites, phoney organizations, constructed and populated, are a long time political weapon used in many ways by the NeoCons. During the last part of the 2004 Presidential Campaign a website, purporting to represent swift boat vets was launched to create the appearance that Kerry lacked support from other veterans. And this was most likely so, but the vehemence of the attacks from can be traced to the NeoCons.

Sen. Zell Miller presented an award to the group at a banquet sponsored by the American Conservative Union. On their blog page two hard line NeoCon co-travelers are the first two authorities cited on “ the implications of John McCain’s preference for “clean government” over the First Amendment.” Those are George Will and Ed Crane of Cato.

Naturally, the event was covered favorably by Fox News. Miller is quoted there as saying, "The swift boat veterans performed an invaluable service to America," Miller said in a statement. "These veterans took a lot of undeserved criticism for daring to speak the truth." One wonders what they risked given the toothlessness of the liberal establishment.

Much of this is already known, though in the way of the flow of events, mostly forgotten. A quick read of the excellent article by Joe Conason, appearing on shortly after the events, helps us see the connections that activated this particular attack.

Not that Kerry did not deserve to have his military service questioned; his brief hiatus in the combat zone cast no credit on him. He used it as a political tool himself, while still in the service and when he grabbed the Democratic nomination. Myself, lacking a candidate I could vote for chose to vote for someone who, if she was ever a politician is now a good one, namely Susan B. Anthony. Do not forget that still after over two centuries such as John Kerry still have failed to simply affirm in Constitutional law the inherent rights of women.

As I write another such attack in going on, still unnoticed except by those stalwart veterans who are feeling the impact, on the Veteran's Party. Philip Meskin, a Vietnam Vet has worked assiduously to start a party that would stand up for American's Veterans for years. In 2003 he succeeded. The bogus Veteran's Party has even claimed to be the original; impossible given their own charges. But doubtless Rove told them the big lie works.

Now, doubtless because that party threatens to bring attention to the plight of Veterans who return from service to slow deaths of neglect, suffering from diseases caused by their service, that voice must be stifled. Neither major party is to be trusted. The means in this case is a website that copies the information obtained on the Meskin site and launches claims of wrongdoing that are clearly bogus; these are debunked with letters from the agencies receiving the complaints.

These bogus sites usually look far more professional than do those that are genuine. The Morgan site is an exception; it went up after this correlation was noticed.

When asked what effect this had on his work to help veterans Meskin said, “This is destroying our ability to save veterans in every imaginable way.” Meskin has himself spent countless hours in this work both before and after he started the Veteran's party.

But the point here is the use of bogus organizations as political weapons to skew opinion at critical junctures as events unfold and also to understand the cadre of individual employed in that ugly work.

John Fund, Melanie Morgan and those named in the Conason article are only a few of the cadre of operatives whose livelihoods depend on destroying organizations and individuals trying to achieve positive change unfriendly to the NeoCon goals or who represent threats to NeoCons power.

You can expect that now that they are under fire for the first tile the NeoCons will be launching more similar attacks. Be warned.

The American people need to understand. They need to 'get' how the Constitution was meant to work and how the conversion that predates the NeoCons was orchestrated and by whom.
One step on that path is to understand what George Bush has actually done. His activities are not just politically destructive they have been criminal. What is needed is not impeachment but prosecution for criminal offenses.

Therefore the people will put George W. Bush on Trial in the Court of Conscience.

There are many reasons that those in positions of trust failed to act. They are, as are all of us, all too willing to overlook what is inconvenient. It is a fact of human nature that we can usually see and accept corruption when we see it elsewhere. But when we confront evidence that our own lives and jobs and egos are on the line the blinders go up.

When the corruption reached the highest level and those paid and trusted to do the right thing saw the end of their own perks on the horizon they were frozen in the headlights, vainly looking for any other way out. That is where they are now. The only exit is truth and that they cannot face.

This time,we the people, have to do it ourselves. The vision of America that is true, the one that whispers to us still that we are all equal and none are above the law, for that vision we must be prepared to act.

Get off the Grids, Organize locally, Build Coalition, Try George W. Bush for Racketeering.
May God bless the journey that leads us to freedom.

The Justice Coalition, a long existing organization with a record for taking corrupt judges off the bench, has activated to provide for Americans a demonstration of how the justice system should work. Bush is the first example. To contact them e-mail:

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Coulter's War: Ann Coulter acknowledges the covert NeoCon war on Americans

What was that sound on the phone just now? A NSA goon slurping his coffee? We are all wondering if that is static we hear on the line today or Big Brother. And we have also learned that Big Brother has a sister, and her name is Ann Coulter.

In her most recent rant Ann Coulter, not satisfied with the blood bath going on in Iraq and the violations of individual rights perpetuated by the Bush Administration, calls for open war between Republicans and, evidently, everyone else on the face of the Earth and questions the masculinity of Republicans who fail to hit the barricades in behalf of the NeoCon agenda. This is ironic since more every day have gender questions about Coulter herself. So in the name of transparency in media I have a proposal to answer those questions for all time. More on that in a moment.

Reading too much Coulter is emotionally debilitating but I hung on long enough to get the real point. Coulter is finally admitting that the NeoCons have long been applying the techniques of war to the political process and, their days numbered, are now frantic to send the Real Republicans, to take up their weapons and throw themselves into the battle against NeoConism's enemies. Ann is trying to counter the hasty retreat of so many who once trusted them by questioning their manhood. This makes her own gender a legitimate question.

Coulter's trembling finger was pointed at the Democrats as she said, “For a political party that grasps the concept of victory against foreign enemies, Republicans can't seem to grasp that concept when it comes to domestic enemies. Instead of taking a page from Sun-tzu's "Art of War," when it comes to fighting liberals, American conservatives prefer the Jimmy Carter unconditional-surrender strategy.” In her new book she evidently suggests a 12 step program for those Republican Men reluctant to die maintaining her lucrative constituency.

For Coulter if it is not a NeoCon it is a liberal. This does keep things simple for her.

The liberals are never that organized or effective.

Coulter starts her screed with slams, only moderately amusing, against the Kennedys, Patrick and Old Teddy. As she careens on you can almost see the white froth dripping from her lips. She manages to position Rush Limbaugh as a martyr to drug laws, characterizing Rush's prosecution for the illicit use of prescription drugs as political persecution. Who was it who has continued the Drug War Atrocities? Perhaps Ann should check her facts. NeoCons never met a war they didn't love.

We all know that Coulter is very much in favor of the continuing debilitations of the War on Drugs, an activity that lines the pockets of the greedy and grasping all the way from the White House on down.

The leadership in both the Democratic and Republican Parties are all for the largess they realize from that war on us; this is not a partisan issue and far more us, the people, versus all of the leadership from both parties and their corporate cronies.

In a sick way Coulter's rant is actually rather funny. It is as if in 1941 Adolph Hitler, the SS standing firmly behind him, decided to pick a fight with a local Kindergarten class. Nothing the Democratic Party has done has even been an effective defense for longer than I can remember and Ann herself has apostatized them as too wimpy to be believed. This is not inappropriate.

I once bought the fiction that there was a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy when I was active as a Republican, I was chagrined to discover that the worst I could find were individuals with doubtful ethics, non-existent personal morals, and short range personal agendas that went no further than the next election or even their next lobbyist funded jaunt. If they are larcenous at least they are not efficient about it.

Joe Conason was right. The Democrats steal less.

It was a hard truth to acknowledge but the fact is that the Republican Party was the first fatality in the present War on Americans launched by the NeoCons and supported through the amazing vitriol, lies, and misdirection, of such as Ann Coulter and John Fund. Ann does the screaming, Fund does the scheming.

Real Republicans are still twitching, but those among them who have kept their ideological grounding intact are now beginning to understand who stole freedom.

Karl Rove perfected his use of the myriad of bureaus and institutions along with his application of policy as a profit center to augment the donations from corporations while still flexing his flabby muscles down in Texas.

The war against Americans has been covert up until now and really, it is nice of Coulter to bring the truth out in the open. That admission is a sign of NeoCon desperation.

Was Clinton a womanizer? Yep. That made him eminently attackable and attack the NeoCons did through such institutions as the Wall Street Journal and the practiced offices of John Fund who has spent the last thirty years grasping for the gold ring of wealth and power, using the weapons of deceit, manipulation, and war to create himself as someone he never was. (Catch the Interview) Coulter has described liberals as 'girly' since 9/11 and has consistently used 'boys' instead of men and 'girls' instead of women. Why is that? Could this focus originate in her own gender confusion?

The gender bent of Coulter's rant also brought to mind another story that is picking up steam through the diligent efforts of Dan Borchers, a Conservative Republican who has voiced many questions about Coulter.

Is Ann Coulter a female? While the answer would appear to be obvious; she is after all, blond, curvy, and attractive, real affirmation is not in evidence. Coulter is a fag hag, her best friends are gay. She has never married or evidently been in a long term relationship and she has had no children and is nearly menopausal.

So is she or isn't she female? Rumors includes the titillating piece of gossip that she might not really know herself. Coulter could have been born with both and had her parents pick wrong. It happens. That would explain the hysterically violent tone in her writing and other signs noted elsewhere. So how can Coulter prove her gender?

I suggest that we turn to the Daughters of the American Revolution. They can oversee a DNA test that will settle the question This is appropriate because Ann is a member of that rectitudinous body and if the lovely Ann is not really female the DAR would certainly want to know that so her membership could be shifted to the Sons of the American Revolution. That would made for interesting meetings.

Inquiring minds want to know and all it takes is a swab from the inside of the mouth, not nearly as intrusive as Ann's rhetoric I might add.

Now, about the balance of Ann's article aimed at selling her book and stoking the fires of Republican Manhood. Perhaps if the test proves what so many believe Ann can be the first to sign up for her own course on Manhood as she leads her own militia of macho renewed Republicans over the top, if any can be enlisted in 'her' campaign.

Historically, real men declared war before the hostilities began. In this, as in so many things, the NeoCons are 'different.' But what can you expect from NeoConning cowards who have never faced the real thing?

Catch the interview of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster by Gene Gaudette this Friday at 4PM, PDT on Melinda, the host of the Spiritual Politician, will turn the mike over to Gene for an interview on The Real John Fund.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Boobs, Panties, and Courage: How honest elections could change Alabama

A woman's voice for freedom in the birthplace of Rosa Parks and Helen Keller.

As Americans deal with the issue of honest elections, feeling for good reason, that an honest election may well be an impossibility today, the citizens of Alabama are confronting the most interesting and provocative choice that has faced them for a good long time.

It is happening in the race for governor of the Camellia State.

The Civil Rights Movement started in Alabama, where Rosa Parks made her stand. So conflict over the issues of individual rights hold place in the minds of its people. A generation ago the issue was the vote for Black Americans. Today the issue is still elections and the individual rights that either die from the steady encroachment of government or are sustained and renewed through the action of courageous individuals.

As with Rosa Parks, Loretta Nall got a wake up call on the nature of government and took action. Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, Loretta Nall defied the powers and then had the audacity to refuse to back down. After writing a letter on the issue of drug legalization Nall's house was raided. Nall, refusing to be intimidated, came outside to photograph the black helicopter hovering overhead. Standing trial before a judge she was convicted of simple possession of a tiny amount of pot and paraphernalia; she has appealed, the only way she could have a trial by jury. She and her supporters expect that she will be exonerated.

But that did not end her physical confrontations with despotism in Alabama. While visiting her brother at the State Correctional Facility both she and her mother were forced to have their underclothing checked by the Commissar the Panties Believe it or not, Alabama has determined that not wearing panties under your pants is cause to deny visiting privileges to the mothers and sisters of those they incarcerate. Loretta came away determined that bureaucrats would learn that they are hired hands, working for the people. After that, the twin issues of the panties she does not wear and the plenitude with which God endowed her, became campaign issues and fundraising opportunities to this plucky activist. As America's original revolutionaries learned, you use what you have to do the job.

Loretta Nall is not your typical gubernatorial candidate in any way. Along with being well endowed she is articulate, focused, dedicated, and honest. George W. Bush is not what the Founders had in mind when they created the office of President of the United States. Loretta Nall,is the mother of two; her husband stays home and she works to support them. Her formal education ended with a GED; she married when she was 16. She is a long time activist for individual rights. She is as different from the power elite now infesting government, especially Washington D. C., as is possible and nothing about her is as different from the D. C. Elite as her values.

She describes herself as 'dirt poor.' Certainly she is far from wealthy; she did not come from a family that could routinely buy of judges and viewed the public coffers as her own personal piggy bank. She has never owned a football team.

Loretta has always worked for a living, something George W. Bush doesn't really understand. His core constituency is Mega Corporations; Nall's is, well, Alabamans. The economy of Alabama lags behind that of most of states. Alabama's people are, according to Ms. Nall, characterized by their wish that government, particularly the Feds who inflicted Reconstruction on them and theirs, should jump in a hold and pull the top in after them. Running as a Libertarian, Ms. Nall sees her fellow Alabamans are people who really want to do the right thing – when government does not make that impossible. The values of most Alabamans, good Christians, are very different than the values asserted through their government.

In a recent interview Loretta Nall commented, 'If what Jesus wanted was for us to live our beliefs, and if you live by what He did and said, you have to stop using government to push people around. Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence that our rights are there before government. Therefore how can government tell us what to do in every part, or any part, of our lives, as long as we do the right thing towards others?” A novel idea. Ms. Nall, an atheist herself, firmly believes that the original message of Jesus, to use only persuasion to get your way; offer loving support to everyone, remains true today.

Nall's activism has been in the area of drug legalization and she has been all across the country speaking out on the right of the people to use marijuana as a medicinal aid – and to smoke it if they choose.

Americans have more questions about government every day.

Americans all over the country are beginning to question both the two party system that has delivered them choosing the lesser of evils and to a government that has converted them from individuals possessing there inherent rights enunciated by Jefferson to 'economic units' dependent on the will of an all powerful government.

If the electoral system in Alabama is as honest as it should be, and the people speak, then the people may well choose a very different exemplar of American values to lead them. Loretta could be Governor of Alabama. Loretta understands the problems that the people of Alabama face today as no other candidate could.

Such an election would be revolutionary. But for the people to make their will known the vote must be honest. All Americans are now asking themselves, in the face of the many assaults on the electoral system, if an honest election is even possible. But while the people of Alabama admire courage the political establishment there is grouped among those who want to win at any price.

Until the 1970s all you had to do to become a political party in Alabama was to call the Secretary of State's office and ask to have the name of your party placed on the ballot. That remains true today. In Alabama you can still have a party but you can't run candidates; they are happy to list your selection. But unless you fulfill the ballot access requirements that have become increasingly onerous since the first time someone but a Republican of Democrat actually won you must petition for every candidate for every election.

Alabama's political establishment is like that. This is the state that also shaved a few numbers off Pi to make it come out even.

Asked to comment on ballot access for the gubernatorial race in Alabama Richard Winger, the most prominent expert on the subject said, “Alabama is the worst state in the country for all state wide races for third party candidates.”

Alabama changes the rules every time a different political party looks like it is again going to crack into the Good 'Ol Boys Club. The changes are rammed through the legislature with no debate and with no consideration of 'fairness' or the access guaranteed by the Constitution. Since the 70s the percentage of signatures to place a new party on the ballot has risen from 1% to 3% of the voting population with the time requirement shortening until it is nearly impossible. This is a foot ball game played in Alabama with the goal post for the opposition to be located in California.

Ms. Nall and her supporters are determined, however. Her campaign headquarters receive more calls than can be returned from Alabamans registered in the major parties who hope they will have the opportunity to vote for her instead. Alabamans, like all Americans, are searching for honesty and for the hope of freedom in a world gone mad.

Now we are awaiting word that Alabama has dispensed with voting machines and, in an attempt to save money, will instead call the White House to find out what outcome they would like to see declared.

Ms. Nall will be a guest on the Spiritual Politician this Friday, May 5th, at 4pm PDT at to talk about her race and the state of freedom in America today.