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Disinformation sites, the Psychopaths who Run Them, and the Big Picture. Get the Truth.

"About a third of the whole CIA budget went to media propaganda operations. ...We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a year just for that.....close to a billion dollars are being spent every year by the United States on secret propaganda." Testimony of William Schapp in 1999, referencing revelations from the Church Committee in 1975.
And disinformation sites are only one element of many being used to keep us from seeing what is really going on. Enslaving a free people is expensive. Americans, the formerly free, are paying for their own shackles even while people of undoubted courage are speaking out in attempts to get the truth to us.
The good news is that the flow of truth is building market share in alternative media and impacting the MSM. Unconsciously recognizing what they are reading is not accurate, people are looking for more reliable sources.
But those who run the disinformation sites and campaigns are still there. Understanding how they work has value. Understanding our mistakes makes it are less likely we will repeat them.
Rumor Mill News was one of the earliest online alternative news sites. It was founded to insert disinformation and deflect positive change.
The idea RMN is a disinformation site is not new. One of the oldest news sites on the Internet, it has always followed publication policies and practices which were highly unusual, set by its sole owner, and founder, Rayelan Allan, who was born Darlene Rae Smith on May 12, 1948 to a respectable but less than socially prominent family in the Central Valley of California.
Comments about RMN, speculating it was a disinformation site, appear to have begun sometime after 9/11. The reasons cited include articles which tend to stifle activism and confuse issues by injecting conflicting information.
The site originally became popular because its publisher claimed whistle-blowing CIA insiders were anonymously posting there without permission from their superiors. Knowing what we do today, was that possible? No. The CIA would have known the identity of those whose work was appearing. But this did make RMN a go-to site rapidly. We want to believe against the evidence all too often.
In 2004 Rayelan covertly eliminated then agent Fintain Dunne who then wrote of why operatives of the NWO operate disinformation sites. “Operating the websites themselves offers the advantage of being able to highlight the tailings of rubbish and ignore the nuggets of dangerous truth. Finally, throw in a generous dash of esoteric New Age mumbo-jumbo, which muddies the waters still more; and before you know it, you can't tell the wood from the trees.

Rumor Mill News used to have some outstanding wood. Now it's mostly trees.

In the period immediately after 9/11, some talented researchers and journalists were posting there. Many stories broke first on RMN. I even broke some of them there myself. For independent journalists like yours truly, RMN offered the chance to bring an alternative take on world events to a large audience.”

Fintan Dunne was a respected alternative journalist and reporter. He ran a series of sites and posted on Before Its News. Rayelan gave no reasons for eliminating Dunne. She did the same to me after I published an article on PsiVampires, titled, The Matrix is Real and Already in Place. Read this and learn how to defend yourself Rayelan is a psivampire and she knows I caught on.

When I arrived in Ohio one of the first things Rayelan said to me was, “Of course, you won't live long.” She said it with authority. If you examine Rayelan's life, the real one, you see people around her sicken and die with disturbing frequency.

How did Darlene Rae Smith become Rayelan?

By the time Darlene married Gunther K. Russbacher in Washoe, Nevada on Aug 30, 1989 she was using the name Raye Allan. A printer's error produced the variation she prefers today.

Much of the glamor associated with Rumor Mill News derives from Rayelan's relationship with Russbacher, his supposed rank in the CIA, and aristocratic background. Rayelan still uses the last name as her own, on occasion, despite her subsequent marriage to David Kooker who is never mentioned. Kooker died after a lingering illness.

Ask yourself what you really know about her. Probably not much beyond her own self-reports. What she says about herself in person is also instructive.

Rayelan describes Russbacher as third in the line of power at the C.I.A., along with ferrying then-Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980. On the Internet this view of Russbacher clashes with accusations he was actually a conman using someone else's identity, as indicated by this article, A Pro Con, appearing in the Chicago Tribune on March 17, 1992 by Michael Tackett.

Russbacher served time in prison in Missouri for fraud, according to the record and Rayelan who visited him there. Except for claims he piloted the plane for George H.W. Bush there is no evidence he worked for the CIA. The ProCon article provides documentation he was actually pulling a con.

Even those under deep cover have one connection with their employer. They receive government benefits. Russbacher never did. Despite any use of other identities the CIA makes sure their employees get their benefits.

Therefore, if Russbacher was working for the CIA it was as an external asset, not as an employee. Therefore, he was never in the chain of command, as claimed by Rayelan.

Since the CIA routinely used criminals as operatives the long criminal record attached to Russbacher and pseudonyms he used prove nothing. He could have been a CIA asset and a criminal, and, in fact, being in the CIA we today know leads to the assumption he was engaged in illegal acts as an external contractor.

Rayelan has tried to explain this by positioning him as a rogue member of 'faction 2,' which, she says, were in opposition to the 'faction 1,' element mainly in control of the CIA. Functionally, there is no discernible difference between these supposed factions. Both are reported as positioning themselves for control. Long and complicated discussions of caches of gold and connections to royal houses occurring online have never been proven but eaten up resources and time better spent preparing for what we now face.

Instead of accepting these let's consider the far simpler Occams Razor explanation.

This kind of briar patch works well to refocus the attention of individuals associated with RMN into areas where nothing would be accomplished. The site is also a safe harbor for other ploys, for instance investing in a revaluing dinar, which continues to suck money out of people who believe they can become wildly wealthy for a few bucks.

Political activism, or any kind of action, is not associated with RMN.

These strategies have in common that they immobilize those who believe them, distracting attention to matters which lead no where.

If you are waiting to be saved you are far less likely to get busy taking action to save yourself. You have effectively given away your own power making the job of controlling us far easier.

The insight by Fintain Dunne, that Rumor Mill News routinely has published articles which actually discredit factual reporting, lends credence to the proposition it is actually a disinformation site.

Sucking time and energy from others comes naturally to a psychopath, trained by the CIA, which Rayelan told me she was.

The presence of topics, such as Aliens, the Inner Earth, and esoterica, on Before Its News, do not interfere with RMN's effectiveness as a source for reliable information. Before Its News, a far more recent publication than Rumor Mill News, has several times the readership as does Rumor Mill while the range of content are similar.
Rayelan no longer mentions David Sale and the OITC. Why is that?

In spring of 2012 Rayelan was confronted with the fact RMN is hosted on a server which is owned by the CIA. This information was transmitted to Rayelan by a security specialist for OITC who checked out the server while a conference call was going on. Rayelan expressed surprise, coming off as a clueless ditz who had been victimized by people she trusted, in this case, Zapper. But she continued to use and trust Zapper thereafter.

I was listening, out of sight of the video which was available to Rayelan and the two individuals with whom she was conferencing. Rayelan had asked me to listen in silently and placed me where I could not be seen. Eventually, she realized this was a mistake. By abusing the protocols usual to confidentiality she began to raise questions in my mind about who she was working for, and in parallel, who she really is.

Eventually, this caused a rupture in her relationship with OITC. They had clearly been disturbed on discovering this and plans to move RMN never materialized because of lack of action on Rayelan's part. I had also mentioned to the security specialist later being asked to listen in without their knowledge.
The Real Rayelan Allan
The owner and operator of Rumor Mill News, known by the pseudonym, Rayelan Allan, is really Raye Smith, born Darlene Rae Smith on May 12, 1948 to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vernon Smith.
Rayelan makes no pretense of being a journalist, as you will see. She, demonstrably ignores the facts when deciding what stories should appear on Rumor Mill News and who to publish.
In a personal saga moving from mundane to incredible, as published in her tome, “Obergon Chronicles,” she positions herself as a heroine of epic proportions. Without evidence she asks others to believe stories which defy common sense and are internally contradictory.
While many conspiracies include aspects which seem incredible to the onlooker when initially discussed, the motives and facts will eventually emerge into view - if these are true.
These observations are available on line and at Rumor Mill News, specifically. However, I have first hand information which significantly augments these.
In her own life, despite her age and presumed experience,Rayelan always positions herself as a victim of conspiracy and bad luck which make it necessary for Zapper to put in pleas for money on a monthly basis when other sites make it selling advertising.
The pleas of personal health problems, her dogs health problems, and other kinds of personal problems are either exaggerations or outright lies. The money goes for luxuries and to feed her hoarding habits.

Rayelan's Unvarnished Personal Life
Rayelan asked me to take over doing the advertising for RMN in September of 2011, a few weeks after asking me to do a radio show for RMN Radio in July of 2011. On the same day I had received a call from the BBS, where I had my first show in 2006, asking me to return. I have wondered what would have happened if I had gone with BBS.
At the end of August Rayelan called to ask me to help her dear friends, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, who she said, “were victims of a vicious campaign of slander.” Please, she begged, telling me about their goodness and sterling characters.
I had known Rayelan for several years because I was invited to post on the RMN site. My articles were already appearing elsewhere, including in The Lone Star Iconoclast in Texas. My associates and friends viewed the site askance so I did not post regularly.
Rayelan gave me theducal phone number and asked me to call them. I was busy finishing an article for the Lone Star and so put it on the back burner. Then, the phone range and I heard a woman telling me she was Laura, the Duchess of Manchester. She went on to tell me they needed a book written and a website. I do those, so I listened.
Payment was promised, a nice percentage of sales. I had long observed people are very willing to buy books about people with titles who are otherwise unexceptional.
The next morning I had a website up with included this page, Lineage, now hosted on another site. Also included, was information on what the couple told me were their hopes for the world and their version of what had happened to cause the dreadful slanders now destroying them on the Internet.
It would be sometime before I realized how deep and outrageous their lies were. Both the Manchesters and Rayelan were fulsome in their expressions of gratitude. Email from Laura.
I found myself working on the rapidly changing Manchester projects for nearly two months. I spent hours on the phone interviewing Alex, making notes and trying to make contact with his friends and associates. This last proved problematical. If I managed to get these individuals on the phone they were generally abrupt, cutting off the interview rapidly. The one exception was an old friend of Alex's from Australia who had known him as a boy when they were growing up.
By early September the focus had gone from a book, and then a series of articles, to selling what we referred to as the Michael Jackson Tapes. The Tapes showed several scenes, the first taking place after the memorial service held in Los Angeles for Diana, Princess of Wales on September 13, 1997.
Jackson, unable to obtain an invitation to Diana's funeral asked the Manchesters to allow him to come as his guest. Because of his distant relationship with Diana, and his title, Alex received such invitations automatically at that time. Alex was then married to Wendy, the mother of his son and presumed heir, Alexander, Jr. I had been told Wendy had gotten pregnant intentionally to hook the duke. The facts are the opposite, I would later discover.
Jackson returned to the hotel where Alex and Wendy were staying and briefly played with Alex, Jr. This was the first part of the video in question.
The second part was filmed when the Manchester family, and a friend and her child, were asked to spend the day at Neverland on Martin Luther King Day the next year. Again, Alex photographed Jackson, and others, on the carnival rides there and in the house.
I produced the presentation materials for the intended sale.

Alex told me these were his personal property and he wanted to sell them so the would could share these special moments. He told me he had known Jackson for many years. He also told me Diana was a close friend and that he and his wife attended the memorial service in England.
These were lies. The evidence available indicates tapes belonged to Wendy, who received them as a gift, along with all of the tapes Alex had made of their son, as her separate property on their tenth anniversary. Otherwise, they would have been marital property, or, since Alex defrauded Wendy by lying about his marital status, they would be an asset on which she held a superior claim, Alex having no assets himself.
Alex married Wendy so he would not be deported because of complaits from a victim. The story of their marriage in in the Manchester Time Line.
The Duke's relationship with Jackson was not what he represented to me. Alex attempted get a commission by selling Jackson an airplane and then gave a deposition claiming Jackson had abused his young son. The contact between them, limited to the two dates previously mentioned.
The full story, with documentation, of the marriage of Alex and Wendy is on the site I was forced to put up in December of 2011 after Alex started slandering, libeling, and threatening me in November. On December 1 Rayelan forwarded me an email from Wendy Montagu, Alex's former wife and the mother of his two, and only, children.
I soon learned a whole team was involved as reports came in from people I knew or worked with about calls claiming I was a criminal escaping from justice and other falsehoods.
Manchester left ugly messages on answering machines. Audios
The Duke of Manchester – Time Line.
Holes began to appear in the stories I had been told, both by Manchester and by Rayelan.
The court in England had found that Manchester was, in fact, a bigamist who had lied to the mother of his children on this issue and never, himself, taken steps to mend his breach in faith. The court did, however, find the children to be entitled to support.
Over the next months I wrote, and documented, the life of Alexander, Duke of Manchester, and began looking at all of the parties involved in assaulting my reputation and ability to make a living. What I found was full of surprises and shocks.
Among the revelations I discovered Rayelan had known Alex lied to her on substantial issues in June, 2009. Wendy had contacted her and Rayelan refused to respond. Why then, did she ignore these proven facts, telling me lies which caused me financial losses, emotional trauma. Why was it important to persuade me to come to Ohio to work for her?
After I arrived she told me I would not live very long but she would take care of Arthur.
The answers actually lie not so much in who Rayelan really is, but who she really works for and how the covert world of control operates. Psychopaths, whose lies come across as the truth, are perfect in these roles.
This is the Kochtopus times tens of thousands operators ready to take assignments.
If you cause them problems in any way you become a target. I had been targeted because of several issues.

What Melinda Knows and Who She Unwittingly Threatens

In 1997 I discovered my husband had lied to me about keeping our taxes filed. I fixed the problem by threatening the IRS with a lawsuit using the Americans with Disabilities Act. This might have been the first issue.

The Ethics of 'Defense' Contractors – They Don't Have Any
Dan O'Dowd, President of Green Hills Software, Inc., where my then husband was Senior Vice President, planned a hostile take over from Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower, who had funded the start-up. Their plan succeeded and Hightower was bought out for a small percentage of what the company was worth. I was the other party to be thrown from the train but I caused problems. Eventually, Dan turned this into a positive by not only avoiding paying me anything on the tiny percentage of stock I was allotted as my marital share, but by cutting a deal with someone else I had annoyed.
Websites: Drone Free Zone

Stealing Elections and John Fund – Rove Needed Him to Steal the Next Election
Fund's book. Stealing Elections, was a consolation Prize in 1999. By 2004 they really needed him.
I had dated John in the early 1980s, while we were both active in the Libertarian Party. I dumped him but our phone conversations continued. These had always been about politics. Looking back I realize he might have resented being dumped, which is hard on the ego. But so it goes.
Into every life some tiny disappointments will fall.
A more likely reason John stayed in touch was because I often came up with ideas he could hawk to people he knew, for instance Newt Gingrich to whom he gave an idea which became the Contract on America in 1994. My version enacted accountability. I did not know about this until Morgan asked me about it in 1999.
He also thought I was repeating his Stories-to-seed-disinformation, for instance, the one about Clinton attempting to murder the mother of his black love-child. I listened and made notes.
In 1998 John started a sexual relationship with Morgan Gell, who I once considered to be my daughter. Big mistake, now corrected. Hearing a rumor of this I called John and bluntly asked him if it was true. He lied to me. What followed resulted in John losing his promised job in the Bush White House as a speech writer in 2000. But his relationship with Morgan continued.
ARTICLE – Sex, Lies, and the Tape – by John Connolly
Morgan moved in with John in June or July of 2001 and he began battering her. I was afraid he would kill her, a possibility other family members welcomed, (she had given them more than ample reason) and took action, and more action.
John called the first two numbers on his speed dialer, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney to request help.
They told him if he could produce evidence Morgan was mentally unstable they would take care of it. John forced Morgan to sign an affidavit, having told her who was helping her, a fact she did not then share with me.
But they needed more evidence. So, in the spring of 2003 Green Hills Software, Inc, cut a deal with Rove-Cheney & Co., and received via mail, postage paid by Green Hills and conveyed by Craig Franklin, a copy of the uncertified deposition Morgan had given during litigation against Green Hills in early 2001. This was completely illegal, but thereafter Green Hills Software took off like a missile, fueled with government contracts.
Craig's then girl friend was handed the envelope by Craig, who explained what was in it, while they were out to dinner.
John had his occasional girl friend and webmaster, Gail Herriot, slap the deposition right up on his website,
Perhaps needing Fund to ensure they had a spokesman on Election Fraud was the lesser of their motivations, though. They also knew I was aware they had orchestrated the Invasion of Iraq by persuading Saddam Hussein to stay when he offered to leave, if paid, in November of 2002.
This story went into my book, published the next year, Greed: The NeoConning of America

The War in Iraq – Why Saddam Hussein was conned in to Staying
Since Bush could not do it they enlisted the Clintons
Once Morgan discovered what she could do with a computer she went from tyro to terror in weeks. Angered that Sid Blumenthal had refused to help her in the spring of 2003 she was totally enraged when she discovered he had, she told me, put a Key-logger on her computer to steal information he had tried vigorously to give him while he was writing his book on the Clinton Presidency, Clinton's War.
Morgan returned the favor, key-logging Sid's computer. Every so often she would send me an email she had intercepted or parts of his book, with comments, from his editor. I had told her this was not nice behavior but she was in her thirties and there was nothing I could do about it. I had my own problems.
Then, one day in November 2002 she called and asked, “Is U-Day something like E-Bay?” What unfolded was her finding emails linking the Clintons, Blumenthal, and Saddam Hussein through his computer literate son. The ongoing dialog was Saddam's wish to leave, with payment, rather than have Iraq invaded. They assured him Bush was only blowing smoke and would not invade. However, they knew perfectly well he was planning on it.
I called a childhood friend working for the CIA to ask what I should do. Morgan was asked to continue monitoring, she told me. She and Eric, a friend of hers who watched the entire thing happen, had gotten a Key-logger on U-Day's computer. Eric suggested a subject line reading, “Women without Veils,” to entice him to open it.
Morgan was watching on Bunker Buster Day when the ping disappeared in Baghdad and moved to CIA headquarters. No indictments, no news, on what we had revealed were forthcoming. But this is when the IRS went after me, refusing to explain why. It is also when we knew the case against Fund would be dismissed. 'Getting' me, and Morgan, had been bumped up on the priority list.

The Covert Tools of the Corporate Greedy – Greedville
Of which Rayelan is the tiniest and most insignificant cog.
Rayelan a tool who had been useful for certain purposes when she was younger and attractive. From her own stories her assignments were different then. As the 'publisher' of a failing disinformation site she is losing value. But the CIA had not forgotten her.
You can't trust these people, and you can't trust psychopaths. I realized a couple of years back Morgan is also a psychopath. It explained a lot to all of us in the family.
Morgan's record inclues these incidents:
Paid $10,000 to persuade me to turn off life-support to her younger brother, Arthur by claiming she needed a heart transplant. She didn't. Arthur made a suicide attempt on March 22, 1998, because his adopted father, Craig Franklin, did not want to pay support for a disabled child, despite making around a million dollars a year.
I learned it is not safe to forgive a psychopath. I will never make the mistake again.
After I wrote Greed: The NeoConning of America, a novel using thinly disguised history of what had been going on, in 2004, I began diligently writing articles which did not appear to me to have any effect, what so ever. Life is full of frustrations. But perhaps someone was annoyed.
At least one of my friends was told to stop talking to me or risk financial consequences. 
Someone damaged my brake lines, that nearly worked. Another time I found a silencer located near the only location where you could draw a bead on the window to my office. 
Manchester actually left a list of individuals involved with him on an answering machine. The recording is up on line. AUDIO 
So, what is an enormous and powerful organization to do?
You can imagine the conversation. “Who do we know who could...?” “Right. She posts there. See to it.”
10,000 organizations is a lot of people. Ask yourself, who on this list is actually an operative? And everyone of the people who were involved had a good reason for wanting to shut me up.

Now, I am also working on two other sites:
Green Fields Renewal – Localize the defense of our natural resources.
Koch Truths - Check it out, you need to know now members of the Corporate Greed Party think.