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Occupy the .War Contractors

.Greedville - The short name for the long game - Take the Greedville tour in Santa Barbara!

As America begins to awaken and take to the streets let us remember the happily profitable defense contractors who are scattered across the country. Over decades past, and up until today, they have received billions for designing, building, and transporting the weapons of war which have destroyed other nations and are now being deployed here at home against us.

Do you feel safer because a river of weapons is being produced from the money you sweat to make?

Some of these weapons, for instance the Sound Cannon, also known as the Long Range Acoustic Device, are already being used against us as we protest. LRAD Corporation and is only one example.

From the wikipedia:
Against protesters:
The LRAD device was on hand at protests of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City[6] but not used; it was extensively used against opposition protesters in Tbilisi, Georgia, in November 2007.[7]
The magazine Foreign Policy has revealed that LRADs have been sold to the government of the People's Republic of China. American companies have been banned from selling arms to China since the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
Local residents of Dusit in Bangkok witnessed it in use during protests of Triumph factory employees against dismissals on August 28, 2009.[8] The LRAD was used for the first time in the United States in Pittsburgh during the time of the G20 summit on September 24–25th, 2009.[9][10] Pittsburgh police again utilized LRAD as a precautionary measure to prevent unruly crowds from getting out of control following the 2011 Super Bowl. LRAD systems were also purchased by Toronto Police for the 2010 G20 summit.
In 2009, the government of Honduras used it on at least two occasions, on September 22 and 25, to communicate to those seeking refuge in the Brazilian embassy. In addition to embassy staff, these included the deposed president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, his family, and some supporters and journalists.
LRAD was also used against college students in the city of Macomb, Illinois at the Wheeler Block Party at Western Illinois University ("WIU")[11] on May 1, 2011.[1]
LRAD was also reportedly[12] used by the Oakland Police Department during the clearance of the Occupy Oakland encampment on the morning of 25 October 2011.
Polish Police also acquired LRAD on december 2010 and used them to communicate with protesters during 11 November 2011 riots in Warsaw city. [13]
LRAD use was also reported as the New York City Police department cleared protestors during the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park on the morning of 15 November 2011.”
LRAD Corporation is located at 15378 Avenue of Science, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92128 USA
Phone:             858.676.1112.

The company which produces tasers, Taser International, their subtext is "Protect Life,” has its international headquarters at 17800 N. 85th St. Scottsdale, AZ. Another office is located in Arlington, Virgina, and yet another, TASER Virtual Systems at 5464 Carpinteria Ave, Suite I, Santa Barbara, CA 93013.

On August 28th Anonymous released the following information on the producer of drones, which many expect will soon be deployed against Americans within the United States, are all paid for by tax payers.

August 28, 2011, Alastair Stevenson reports in the International Business Times: The hacker collective Anonymous has released a fresh batch of data taken from Vanguard Defense Industries, a Pentagon and FBI contractor.
The data release was revealed via a post on and later publicised (sic) on the group’s AnonymousIRC Twitter account. In it the group claimed to have released “1GB of private emails and documents belonging to Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI).”
But these are the obvious problems, the end products also imply subcontracters who provide software and other essentials without which the products could not be produced.

There are also the old line, military-industrial complex corporations which are very conscious they are a corporate military presence on alien territory, for instance Northrop Grumman. A friend of mine, a mind-mannered software engineer, and his partner, inadvertently drove into the company parking lot during broad daylight in Maryland to be met by 'security' wearing flack jackets and carrying AK47s.

Some defense contractors are open to their relationship with us. Others are covert.

Santa Barbara, that lovely resort where so many 1%ers live on the Pacific coast above Los Angeles, is also the headquarters for Green Hills Software, yet another defense contractor located at 28 Sola St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Notice the significant partners on their “defense customers” page for this company who are more easily recognizable.

Complex weapons systems, high level encryption, and other expensive toys used in war, are produced behind the seemingly safe and friendly doors of businesses which donate to local charities as they cash their government checks and pump out their products of death. We need to rethink our attitude here.

War is the health of the corporate state. General Smedley Butler said this of corporate war profits in his book, “War is a Racket,” written in 1937. “The normal profits of a business concern in the United States are six, eight, ten, and sometimes twelve percent. But war-time profits -- ah! that is another matter -- twenty, sixty, one hundred, three hundred, and even eighteen hundred per cent -- the sky is the limit. All that traffic will bear. Uncle Sam has the money. Let's get it.
Of course, it isn't put that crudely in war time. It is dressed into speeches about patriotism, love of country, and "we must all put our shoulders to the wheel," but the profits jump and leap and skyrocket -- and are safely pocketed. Let's just take a few examples:
Take our friends the du Ponts, the powder people -- didn't one of them testify before a Senate committee recently that their powder won the war? Or saved the world for democracy? Or something? How did they do in the war? They were a patriotic corporation. Well, the average earnings of the du Ponts for the period 1910 to 1914 were $6,000,000 a year. It wasn't much, but the du Ponts managed to get along on it. Now let's look at their average yearly profit during the war years, 1914 to 1918. Fifty-eight million dollars a year profit we find! Nearly ten times that of normal times, and the profits of normal times were pretty good. An increase in profits of more than 950 per cent.
Take one of our little steel companies that patriotically shunted aside the making of rails and girders and bridges to manufacture war materials. Well, their 1910-1914 yearly earnings averaged $6,000,000. Then came the war. And, like loyal citizens, Bethlehem Steel promptly turned to munitions making. Did their profits jump -- or did they let Uncle Sam in for a bargain? Well, their 1914-1918 average was $49,000,000 a year!”

The Occupy Movement is about confrontation, about letting those profiting know we are on to them and will no longer tolerate their assumption of moral justification. Instead, we will non-violently disrupt their lives, never stopping until we, who produce the wealth, control what we justly earn so that our world can be safe for all of humanity.

.Research each contractor, each part and component of what they spend. Occupy all of them.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Reclaiming America - Enter the Man from Pray, Montana

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, November 15, 2011 .

As the Occupy Movement gathers momentum against Wall Street and the corporate banks, a man stepped up to the lectern in Billings, Montana He quietly took his place among eight other candidates for the Republican nomination for governor. They faced an audience of around 200 Republican activists and scant media. Montana is a state rich in beauty and resources, home to fewer than one million Americans.
The forum, sponsored by the Yellowstone Republican Women on Saturday, November 12th, had invited all the declared GOP candidates The candidate from Pray, Robert Fanning, stood out from the rest in every way. He came into politics with a fire in the belly and a plan for change which goes far beyond Montana.

During the forum Fanning announced his running partner, candidate for Lt. Governor, will be Chuck Baldwin, former presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. The slate will also include a candidate for Attorney General and a partnership with every county in the state. The issues are many, says Fanning, but have a common source.

A consummate expert on finance, Fanning learned about the markets during his years .at the Chicago Board of Trade, ending that part of his career at Gelderman Securities, Inc., Chicago, IL , Member NASD, SIPC and CBOE; Clearing House member CBOT, CME, Director, Institutional Sales, Associate Member. Other traders called him, “The Mayor.” He knows the Pit, its split second timing, and the realities of it's world.

Fanning also understands the fraud which has been carried out through securitization of mortgages and the other systemic financial cons which have transferred wealth into the pockets of the already bloated greedy from hard-working Americans.

Jobs, health-care, real security, education, the forum questions rolled on. Fanning took his 90 seconds to respond to each question read out. But his plan for change is founded on facts, not empty words, political rhetoric or glad-handing. Fanning knows Montana can turn from a growing poverty to real prosperity rapidly. He has the moves down cold.

Moving from trading into direct ownership as Sole Shareholder, Director and Officer as CEO of M. H. Detrick Co., Mokena, IL in 1994 Fanning confronted head on the problems visited on Americans by previous generations of irresponsible corporate action, steering the company through tort claims resulting from decades of asbestos issues while increasing profitability. Fanning negotiated multi-million dollar settlements and worked one-on-one with attorneys representing large blocks of claimants in 50 states. The plan was thereafter templated by other companies impacted by the asbestos mass tort contingent liability burden. The innovative solution was reported with respect in Fortune Magazine.

The troubled company exited bankruptcy in 2002, at which time Fanning retired and headed to Montana. to the life of a rancher, living his love of the land and hunting, tossing his cell phone out the window of his car. He believed he was leaving the corporate world behind him when he bought Next Best Thing Ranch. But the Federal government and the ugly realities of wolf reintroduction forced him to reconsider his options.

Fanning holds in his mind the image of a pack of wolves holding down a pregnant cow elk as they eat out her unborn calf before finishing her off, leaving her body to rot. The herd, once numbering 16,000 today waivers at around 4,000 and its members are aging rapidly as they are not being replaced. 

The Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, beset by the reintroduction of wolves in numbers which guaranteed the end of their existence, needed a friend. They found that friend in Bob Fanning. Founded in 1999 Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, Inc., in Pray Montana. The group, headquartered in Fanning's home, which overlooks Yellowstone, grew to 3,742 members.

It took twelve years, three experts in biology, a constant reiteration of the facts and six million dollars of Fanning's money to accomplish the goal achieving the delisting of introduced wolves who are destroying the existing ecosystem. .

Fanning, with his background in the corporate world, saw clearly where Maurice Strong's Agenda 21 was headed, forcing rural residents into towns and cities, and was determined to stop it.

Fanning's cowboy hat is in the ring for the governorship of Montana because he understands the noose tightening around the necks of Americans today. He will return Montana to the people.

Bob Fanning is better qualified to run for president than anyone presently campaigning for that office - but he understands the problem cannot be solved at the Federal level. Let the reclaiming of America begin in Montana, Fanning says. “We have the Tenth Amendment and we will use it.”

If you care about your freedom turn your eyes north to Pray, Montana.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Family law judge, Clay M. Smith, orders arrest of battered woman for crime of refusing to turn son over to abuser.

Cypress, CA – Family Law Judge Clay M. Smith today ordered the arrest of Kimberly Bunn-Smith, a single mother raising a small son for refusing to turn the boy over to the man who, she says, battered her and tried to force her to abort when she was four months pregnant.

Bunn-Smith has been resident in a shelter for battered women as she fought to retain custody against the orders of Smith, who, according to her and friends, routinely refused to examine the evidence of Wayne 's abusive behavior, which was also visited on her son due to visitation forced by the same judge.

It was at the shelter that police arrested Bunn-Miller, shortly after sshe erving Judge Smith with two motions which remove the case from his court due to her status as a Native American. (see Motions on website). Specific law remands questions of the raising of Native American children to Tribal Courts. As a registered member of the Montauk or Shinnecock Indian Tribal Nation with land holdings on Long Island, New York Bunn-Miller filed to have the matter moved to the proper venue.

Kimberly Bunn-Miller's concerns did not begin, or end, with the venue, however.

Bunn-Miller finished her education to become a school teacher and was left unable to use her degree because of Judge Smith's false charges of domestic violence against her, which automatically disqualified her from teaching in the State of California. She lost her job because of the many court hearings forced by Wayne, as many as eight in one month. Wayne is 'self-employed,' which work includes sales of pornography, she commented.

“Judge Clay Smith would just glance at the evidence I provided – and there was a lot of it – and then look me in the eye and tell me I was lying,” said Bunn-Miller. “I wasn't. I never lied about anything.”

A google search of the name, “Judge Clay M. Smith” reveals that on sites for public rating of judicial performance most often includes the word, “terrible.” Bunn-Miller, and dozens of others agree with the assessment.

Asked about her son and his relationship with his father Bunn-Miller said, “My son wets himself when forced to spend time with his father. How would you feel if your child came home to ask you, “Why does Daddy call you a C**t?” What does it mean, Mommy?””

To join the effort to clean up the Orange County Courts visit For Our Children and Justice. []

Hear Charles Lincoln, III, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, and Montana State Legislator Jerry O'Neil on Rumor Mill Radio Friday, September 23, 2011 at 1pm Pacific Time for an update on developing events.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stealing Truth: Murdoch, NeoCons, and Greed

If the media had followed the clear rules they had written for themselves, would we now be on the express down elevator to a meltdown of global proportions? Likely not. We would have problems, but we would have seen them more clearly. We needed the truth. We did not get it.

The first problem was that journalists so blithely ignored the standards of their profession.
The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has established a code of ethics. The tenets of this code are short, clear, concise, and well-founded. But there is no means of enforcement. If journalists would follow them, we could trust the media. Today most of us do not. If a journalist ignores their ethical obligations, either from sloth or a desire to profit, nothing can be done. If raiding the cookie jar can be carried out with impunity, then there will be no cookies. I know this, having raised several children.

The SPJ has existed since 1909, four years before the Federal Reserve Bank came into being. Their founders could have included Ida Tarbell, the journalist who caused the break up of Standard Oil, though the site does not mention her – an indomitable truth teller. Tarbell told the truth, but a handful of years later the dispersed Standard Oil was larger than ever and still carried out the same exploitive pattern of business.

The takeaway: having the truth does not automatically solve the problem. You need to use the truth to build the cultural tools that enact accountability. We need that accountability today as the world melts down around our ears. Those responsible for the economic collapse got bailouts. Those who will be forced to pay are losing everything, even their Social Security.

It was not just banks or oil companies or the "military-industrial complex" of which Ike warned us, though the sense of immunity to accountability these corporate-cultural structures enjoy is another part of the problem. Many individuals made decisions they knew to be wrong. Along with those heading corporations, journalists were a pivotal part of this failure. They had ample opportunity to act ethically and make a decision that would have influenced the values by which all of us live, building the world through those uncounted separate choices. Unfortunately, they chose unwisely and unethically – and their bad choices drove out the good.
Large media (and non-media) corporations have swallowed up newspapers and other media outlets during the last few decades with alarming speed, with the goal being the use of these outlets as an extension of their control. Individual journalists did not have to cooperate – but they did, in large part. The lack of dispassionate, objective reporting in journalism morphed the profession towards use as a perpetual public relations service for those in power. The question became not "What is the truth?" but "What do you want the truth to be?" Power and profit became the unassailable be-all and end-all of corporate journalism.
These journalistic 'values' are best exemplified by Rupert Murdoch.

Sex, Lies, and Journalism

The following story, provided previously, illustrates how the cooperative efforts of the Bush White House, working with 'media,' such as owned by Rupert Murdoch, can eliminate potential exposure.
What did the culture of Page Six, combined with the Fox cadre of media outlets do to American culture over the last generation?

I first met Doug Dechert at a Fabiani Society Meeting in early 2000. The first words out of his mouth after being introduced was to offer me coverage on Page Six for payment to him of $10,000. My direct comments on Dechert appeared in, Stealing Truth: The John Fund Back Story, first published in January 2009. This article augments the previous version.

Over the next years Dechert occasionally surfaced for us through his relationship with John Fund and others we knew through the Fabiani Society. The period bridged the time when America was being sold the propositions George W. Bush had been legitimately elected President of the United States and Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. Over those months I had opportunity to observe Fund and Dechert together and with others and reached the conclusion they were well acquainted, sharing many associates.

What else was going on, behind the scenes, besides hacking phone calls, about which we are now informed?

Most Americans, myself included, believed at the beginning of the first Bush W. Administration that the media was functioning as intended by our Founders, as the public source for truth. Today, most Americans understand this is not the case and the change over probably began with the placement of 'journalists' who did not respect or follow the tenets of traditional journalism, over a period of years.

The Manhattan Institute, Cato Institute & the Fabiani Society

During 2000 I had an apartment in New York at the Rivergate on 34th Street. At the same time we met Doug Dechert at the Fabiani Society we met Barbara Herbich, who soon after began a relationship with Doug Dechert for a while wearing the infamous diamond ring, said to come with a rubber band leading back to Doug, as a sign of their engagement. Doug moved in with Barbara at her apartment located at 845 W End Ave, Apt 15B. It was there Barbara found her self at loose ends one evening in Doug's absence. She picked out one of the many videos he had brought with him and popped it in her player. It was not what she expected.

Barbara said she recognized the man, who was unclothed. The woman with whom he was having sex was, in her expressed opinion, a high-class call girl. Barb later expressed to us the opinion Doug was being paid to set up prominent NY men with prostitutes so their later actions could be 'managed' politically. Would this service have been provided for Murdoch or for Rove or both?

What prominent men in New York could have been blackmailed during those years? How might this have changed the outcome of events?

Barbara died suddenly in October of 2010. As a side note, the documentary she was then working on, “Nazi Persecution of Polish Christians,” remains unfinished. A talented documentary director, Barbara was working in New York when she met Dechert. MEMORIAL VIDEO

Domestic Violence
Morgan Pillsbury filed charges of domestic violence against Fund in early 2002. The Police claimed no photos were taken (see report, scroll to notes at the bottom of the page). The DA sat on the case. The NeoCon hate machine hit us like a tsunami. Fund's connections, political and journalistic, came to his aid. One article, especially, told me how personal the attacks would be.
Fund solicited other attacks. Wendy McElroy, a woman who calls herself an individualist feminist and individualist anarchist I had known since the 70s, who wrote "False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims" for (published July 22, 2003). In so doing she also violated the tenets of journalism, profiting thereby.
Journalists are required to ensure the principals are heard. McElroy failed to call either Morgan or myself. Since I had known her personally since the 1970s, this was a shock. Despite my best efforts I could not even get McElroy on the phone after she published. There was no notice given in advance what so ever.
Instead of carrying out her ethical obligation to seek the facts she wrote the article exonerating Fund and was within weeks hired at FOX News, the major Murdoch outlet long associated with Fund and his fellow NeoCons.
McElroy has made her living for decades writing effective spin for niche groups that want to hear justifications for their positions. These include why women need pornography and why women are as likely to be batterers as men, among other unsupportable assertions. Would she have been hired without providing the hit job under cover of journalism? Soon, we were calling it the John Fund Jobs Program for Needy Journalists.
For me, these events made the political and profit elements, present with Fox News and human ambition, very clear. The subsequent purchase of the WSJ by Murdoch made perfect sense as a political tool which allowed him to reward, punish, and carry out covert operations under the guise of journalism and business as usual.

Also clear, were the strong incentives not to see the 'elephant in the room' evidenced by those whose livelihoods depended on pay checks from a media which had been completely centralized, much of it under the control of Rupert Murdoch, then answering to the Bush White House. Political Operatives, disguised as journalists, were in positions of power and control.

Power & John Fund
As a member of the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal for 18 years, Fund was on a trajectory toward greater power in 1998. The power he already possessed provided him with a feeling of invincibility. Already accustomed to sexual access to many women who were attracted to power and money, he became accustomed to ignoring the consequences of behavior that was deceitful and ugly.
His personal and professional life matched in this regard. He knew no matter what he did he would be protected.
In October of 1998, he began a sexual relationship with my biological daughter, Morgan Pillsbury, who was raised by my parents. Morgan first met Fund at a convention I helped organize in Los Angeles in 1985. I had known Fund myself since 1980 when we met at a Libertarian Party Convention, where he came across as nerdy and bumbling but likable. The impression stuck. Over the years we kept in touch. He told the kids to call him Uncle John.
When I heard a rumor that Fund was involved with Morgan, I called him directly. He lied to me, telling me she lived nearby. He claimed that he had been feeding her cat for her while she had been away. I believed him.
Having had experience with Morgan over many years, I knew she could be less than honest . She needed strong evidence to disprove Fund's claims to me. That is why the audio tape often referred to as the "Weaselsearch tape" was made.
She and I were arguing about her claims of having had a relationship with John when she realized he was calling. Putting me on hold she recorded a conversation with him. The Beep noise is me calling back. I did not realize she was on the phone with him until she played the tape you will hear.
If you listen to the tape, it becomes immediately apparent that Fund did not want me to know the truth. He lied and pressured Morgan to lie about their relationship. There was no reason for this; if he had told me he was in a relationship with Morgan, I would have been surprised and appalled, but it had been many years since we had been more than friends. My time was occupied caring for my severely handicapped son, Arthur, and by my own health needs, not with his love life.
Morgan was no child. She was born July 5, 1967. John was born April 8, 1956. Adults make their own decisions.
If this had remained merely a case of a man lying about his love life, journalism would never have been an issue. But Fund wanted to continue the relationship with Morgan covertly so he could also have relations with other women.
Unfortunately for Fund, Morgan refused to be his dirty little secret – and it was she who brought computer savvy into the relationship. For much of the three years they were a couple, Fund used Morgan's computer for professional purposes and to receive personal e-mail. Why Fund would have overlooked the chain of evidence thus produced says nothing good about his intelligence of foresight.
And not only did Fund consistently lie about his relationship with Morgan while pursuing other women, he left the evidence on her computer. It was a strange relationship, and I do not pretend to entirely understand it.
At each point I demanded proof from Morgan for just these reasons. I talked to Fund over dinner, on the phone from the apartment the couple shared. I listened as he assured me he loved Morgan and wanted to marry her. I received e-mails and other proof that could not have been falsified, for instance this IM conversation on AOL between Matt Drudge and Morgan. Drudge had been IMing with Fund on Morgan's computer earlier. Fund went to bed, leaving the window up. Morgan continued the conversation.
Fund's lies would have exposed him, if not for his connections.
Fund lied to the daughter of Claire George, Leslie. He had told Leslie Morgan was not living with him. Ms. George called Morgan, demanding she stop stalking John. Morgan told her to call John's land line in two minutes. Standing by the bed she answered, spoke to Leslie, and handed the phone to John. Leslie then emailed Morgan, sharing her father's opinion that Fund is a sociopath.
Newt Gingrich was also briefed by Fund and responded to our request for intervention with this email. Newt refused to provide information on what had been said, making response impossible.
Morgan's 'relationship' with Sidney Blumenthal was limited to asking for help, being refused, and, according to Morgan, having a Blumenthal associate steal information for the book he was writing on the Clinton Presidency, The Clinton Wars.
Around January, 2002, Fund – despite claims to the contrary by himself and others – was fired from the Wall Street Journal, probably because of the scandal that exploded over his own behavior. A letter from Fidelity Investments advised him to, "make a decision about what to do with the savings you have accumulated in your former employer's retirement plan." That employer was the Wall Street Journal. The letter is in Morgan's possession. Fund opened it in her living room and, as Morgan told me, left it laying on the floor.
Morgan told me he had battered her on multiple occasions, first in New Jersey and then after he stalked her back to Manhattan and insisted on moving in with her in her new apartment. I heard several of those incidents via cell phone – as did Eric Buchanan of Roswell, Georgia.
She finally decided to file charges in both New Jersey and New York. Her hesitation, she later said, was the threat made by Fund to launch an attack on her with the cooperation of Rove and Dick Cheney, both friends and close associates of his. She did not share this threat with me until 2009.
Events escalated.
Fund coerced a false confession from Morgan to hide his acts, using threats of violence. Morgan sent this email to me and others immediately to refute what she had been forced to sign.
Fund solicited and received the cooperation of other journalists to spin what had taken place.

Fund's "Nuts and Sluts" Strategy

Eric Alterman, a New York based writer known for his partisan political writing, generally perceived as on the left but, in fact, a centrist, authored an article for the May 15, 2003 edition of The Nation, Who Framed John Fund? Morgan and I attempted to contact Alterman. On Mother's Day morning, June 11th, Morgan received an email from Alterman urgently requesting a response to a list of questions. Alterman received her response within three hours. He used none of the material supplied, did not call to follow up on her reply, and did not ask for the further documents that Morgan had offered. On June 25, 2003 a response from another liberal, Mark Crispin Miller, was published with another from Alterman in The Nation. The exchange is titled, 'Ugly Tactics Make for Ugly People.'
Alterman sent Morgan a dismissive E-mail on July 4th.
According to Fred Brown, vice chair of the ethics committee for the Society for Professional Journalists, many journalists would pause before writing an article requested by someone in Fund's circumstances. A journalist who followed the tenets of ethics would also be careful to ensure that all principals had fully aired their cases. Alterman violated every tenet of the code as outlined by SPJ. If you peruse his own website you will see this does not stem from a lack of “credentials.”
Fund was at that time working to have the charges against him in New York dropped. To accomplish that, he had been told he needed to destroy our credibility – Morgan's as the victim, and my own as a witness.
A perfunctory search of the journalists involved also leads to linkages between these individuals. Alterman states in articles he has written that he is a friend of Katie Rosman, about whom you will read more below. A Google search of their names showed they often appear at the same events and cite each other. Alterman "adores gossip," by his own report, and admits to being an avid reader of Page Six, a gossip column run by Richard Johnson with associates such as Doug Dechert.
Dechert was a regular attendee at the Fabiani Society, which met the second Tuesday at the Princeton Club, a place where Fund was also a regular. The organization was disbanded in 2007, according to the Manhattan Institute.
The first time I was introduced to Dechert at one of these events, he asked me for $10,000 to be in Page Six. I did not know what Page Six was and would have declined even more rapidly if I had known.
Selling print in this fashion is not news, it is not journalism, and it is not respectable public relations. Discussing the matter with Fred Brown, we agreed that the term "Slime Journalism" worked to describe it (with apologies to slime, which is an important part of the ecosystem). Reading Alterman's enthusiastic reports on the operation leads one to believe he expects dishonesty and scandal as standard, modeling his professional work on that of Murdoch.
The Fabiani Society was jointly sponsored by two NeoCon think-tanks, the Cato Institute and the Manhattan Institute. The speakers usually represent the opinions marketed by those institutions. Many came only for the opportunity to network or the excellent canap├ęs and ample bar.
Fund sent this email to Morgan at the same time these articles would have been in the works, once again demonstrating his lack not only of professionalism, but maturity.
An article solicited by Katie Rosman, then at Elle, in the autumn of 2003, presents a strategy also intended to silence us using another tack. We met with Katie Rosman at a coffee shop in Manhattan where she asked for an exclusive on the story. We agreed. Soon her contact with us became sporadic. The story was stalled for months, during a critical time period, and then quashed (see correspondence).
Rosman's career received a real boost by not writing an article for John Fund.
Rosman received a job offer at the Wall Street Journal simultaneous to the article being dropped. Katie Rosman is still working at the WSJ and is a friend of Eric Alterman's, according to Alterman.
Fund solicited a woman law professor, Gail Heriot to assist him.
The site, John H. Fund, was originally registered at her address in San Diego, 4830 Hart Drive, San Diego, CA 92116. That has now been changed. Heriot put herself in the category of journalist when she wrote to Gene Gaudette, the editor of APJ, with a letter she sent across the Internet, effectively publishing it. Its content is libelous. (You can read that e-mail from Heriot to American Politics Journal and their demolishing response here).
Heriot had written an email to Fund on January 13, 2002 that reveals the reason she supported him. Morgan and Fund were still living together when she wrote, "So allow me to introduce myself.  I am Gail Heriot, the woman whose hotel room you've found yourself in a few times over the last six weeks." See the full letter here.
Gail's articles also appear in the Wall Street Journal today.
Fund was offered support from a female journalist with whom he was evidently conducting an affair at Christian Broadcast Network. Her name was Christine Hall-Reis. Here is a semi-nude photo that she sent to Fund, which he downloaded to Morgan's computer and became her property,given to me to use as needed. Fund and Morgan were living together at the time the photo was sent along with the accompanying email.
One can reach no other conclusion that each and every one of these articles was clearly solicited by Fund.
One also has to relish the irony of Fund using women with whom he was intimately involved to deploy a "nuts and sluts" smear campaign.
Fund also received help from individuals hoping to benefit from the opportunity presented who were not compensated. Two such individuals were Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo, now of
Both men had known Fund and myself for many years. Both were members of a small but self-consciously radical group associated with the Libertarian Party and Murray Rothbard, a highly respected free market economist who died in 1995.
I made a call to Eric Garris in 2002 asking for help. Morgan was in hiding, in fear of her life. Fund was using every avenue to destroy my reputation and credibility. Eric refused to help. In 2006 Justin Raimondo wrote an article that appeared on The original has been altered. I responded in 24 hours with this article.
Soon afterward I talked to Lew Rockwell of, founder of the Mises Institute, who employs Eric Garris as a webmaster. Eric had read my assertion that the hit piece on Fund was motivated by the realization neither he or Raimondo would never profit by covering for Fund. Lew told me he talked to Garris right after he read my article. Eric, he said, affirmed I was exactly right.

Black Box Road to the Rove White House

Fund's relationship with the Bush White House and the purpose of the book he was then writing, Stealing Elections, were less obvious in 2002. Fund has since admitted he has been routinely briefed by the White House, before and after he was fired from the WSJ. His road to being a willing tool of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was long and, in many ways, meteoric.
Fund first worked as a political operative in 1979, according to Justin Raimondo. His services were secured to ensure the nomination of Ed Clark for the Libertarian Presidential Nomination for 1980 by Ed Crane. Far from having an interest in stopping voter or election fraud, Fund himself committed a curious specie of fraud by claiming to be a candidate by taking out papers that year but never turning them in while claiming to be running for office and getting 46% of the vote. Justin Raimondo characterized Fund as "an expert lying propagandist of the sleazier sort."
Never in all the years I knew him did I hear Fund express any interest in the issues of election or voter fraud. His political interests were more sensational; his personal interests run to Star Wars and Star Trek. If you really knew him, this sudden change in principal interests should have raised questions about his role with those associated with the administration. It did for me.
The book he wrote is now considered by those in the clean elections movement to be a misdirective tool intended to muddy the water on the issue of voter fraud. It focuses in on purported fraud by individuals, ignoring the enormous issues of fraud now ascribed to such companies as Diebold and ES&S. Fund proposed centralizing control over elections as a solution – an idea completely in line with the big and well-connected "black box" mongers – and is nearly successful in undermining the issue by injecting his spin.
Bev Harris of Black Box Voting said of Fund's position, "It is amazing that this bogus solution is still being put forth. His solutions take us directly to ever more centralized control by a small group of insiders. What is needed is for the people to have local control and access to the results. Complete transparency."
Mark Crispin Miller was even more explicit, saying, "Despite his pose as an impartial expert on American elections, John Fund is in fact a dedicated party operative, who for many years has turned out rightist propaganda for the GOP. Specifically, he has abetted the Republicans' election theft by helping to promote the myth of widespread Democratic 'voter fraud'--a fiction that has been disproved by every reputable study, but one which Fund has pushed at every opportunity. And so whatever he may recommend to help 'reform' US elections should be rejected out of hand, as on this crucial subject he enjoys no credibility at all."  
Vickie Karp and others involved in the clean elections movement also agree about Fund and his role as a propagandist and deceiver. All of the agree that Fund's "solutions," which provide cover for ever more centralization and displace real reform, are the opposite of transparency.
Inserting himself into that dialog would have been severely hampered had he been in jail for domestic violence. Yet Fund remains a high level political operative. Understanding how he accomplished his goals provides a clear understanding of the covert operation we know as the Bush Administration.
In all cases each of the individuals above achieved, or hoped to profit by using the appearance of journalism to sell lies.
Rupert Murdoch successfully converted journalism to propaganda, used to protect the interests of the elite of which he is a part and made a profit doing it. He acquired the WSJ in 2005, presumably after he realized how useful it would be to own the most prominent American publication on finance and covert politics. Journalists lined up with their hands out to help him.

For all these reasons it is time to lose your illusions, plant in your garden, and some reserve seed for next year.

Monday, June 06, 2011

The Corporate Greedy – When Psychopaths Cooperate

The Case of Craig Franklin and Dan O'Dowd

By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Photo obtained from Anne Fisher 

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While we are coming to recognize the acts of individual, lone psychopaths in crime, business, politics and our personal lives as the source of tremendous trauma, and the monetary costs, arguably in the trillions today, we have failed to grasp the full magnitude of the problem.
As with all other segments of the population psychopaths run the spectrum of abilities and intelligent. According to Dr. Liane Leedom, a psychiatrist specializing in the study of the condition, at any time there are 20,000 psychopaths with IQs over 180 at large in the United States. This is cause for an entirely different degree of concern for several related reasons.
First, the condition is not presently curable or even treatable. It is a neurological, not psychological condition.
Professor Declan Murphy and colleagues Dr Michael Craig and Dr Marco Catani from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London have now published findings which move further in the direction of placing the source psychopathy as an organic malfunction of the brain itself. Differences in the brains of normal individuals and psychopaths point to this conclusion.
Dr Michael Craig said in an article published August 5, 2009 in Science News, ”If replicated by larger studies the significance of these findings cannot be underestimated. The suggestion of a clear structural deficit in the brains of psychopaths has profound implications for clinicians, research scientists and the criminal justice system.”
While Dr Craig did not dismiss the possibility for treatment all attempts to change behavior from the use of psychotherapy have failed utterly, professionals admit. Therapeutic approaches have only succeeded in producing more predatory psychopaths.
(Jan. 25, 2011) — People diagnosed as psychopathic have difficulty showing empathy, just like patients who have suffered frontal head injury. This has been shown in a new study from the University of Haifa. "Our findings show that people who have psychopathic symptoms behave as though they are suffering frontal brain damage," said Dr. Simone Shamay-Tsoory, who conducted the study.
Psychopathy is a personality disorder that finds expression in extreme anti-social behavior and intentional harm to others, including a lack of compassion and empathy. An existing explanation for such behavior suggests the inability to comprehend the existence of emotions in others. However, the fact that many psychopaths act with sophistication and deceit to intentionally harm others, indicates that they actually have a good grasp of the mental capacity of others -- and are capable of using that knowledge in order to cause them harm.
Earlier research by Dr. Shamay-Tsoory has examined individuals with frontal head injury, i.e., damage to parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional functioning. She has shown that people suffering this type of brain damage have difficulty showing empathy. Having observed similar emotional deficiency in psychopathic behavior, she set out to see if there is in fact a similarity between the two cases.
The current study assessed 17 people who had been diagnosed by psychiatrists as psychopathic -- and not suffering from any known brain damage; and another 25 individuals suffering frontal lobe injury. Each of the participants underwent a computerized test examining cognitive ability to recognize feelings in another and the ability to demonstrate empathy for another's emotions. They were also tested to gauge their capacity to understand another's thoughts. The results of these tests showed that both groups demonstrated a similar difficulty in showing empathy, while two control groups of individuals with no known mental disorders or brain damage and individuals with non-frontal brain damage both showed different results with positive empathy capabilities.
"Seeing as psychopathic behavior is similar to that of a person with brain damage, it could be that it could benefit from similar forms of treatment," Dr. Shamay-Tsoory noted, a hopeful note not supported by the body of evidence as of yet.
One psychopath acting alone can alter the behavior of those around him or her though carefully orchestrated manipulation.
What happens when psychopaths cooperate? Is the economic and cultural meltdown now ongoing related to the presence of these individuals, able act at will, in our world? Is this the outcome of psychopaths acting in the “lone wolf” model, or is it an illustration of what happens when psychopaths cooperate? By their nature, intelligent psychopaths are con-men, using our emotions to manipulate us for their own ends to carry out their personal agendas.
There is as yet little awareness of this potentially far more dangerous impact on our lives. The thoughtful might consider stepping back to consider what is taking place today, much of it so seemingly incomprehensible.
The story below is true in all particulars and demonstrates something of the hazards we face in a world which fails to see those without conscience for what they are and enact laws and practices to alleviate the problem.
Craig Franklin and Dan O'Dowd, cooperating psychopaths within a corporation.
Dan O'Dowd, President of Green Hills Software, Inc., hired Franklin as Vice President of Advanced Products Development because of his own inability to make a success of his business. At the time Franklin was hired he, Franklin, had facilitated the only sales the company had manged to make since their founding in 1982. Ignoring their marketing materials, Franklin had read the code and recommended the products to three other companies, who, trusting Franklin's judgment from experience, bought. In this way Dan was rescued from having to return to their venture capitalist, O'Dowd's former employer, Glenn Hightower, for more funding. As we will see, Dan's behavior later identifies him as highly psychopathic himself. Dan's goal was to become wealthier than Bill Gates.
Their Story
Craig Franklin is a psychopath whose goals include enjoying incestuous relationships with very young girls or children who looked like his sister, P. Craig's first sexual arousal took place when he was 16 and the two siblings were wrestling. Craig's sister was then 12. In appearance, the sister, P, was highly neotonous, blond and blue-eyed.
P. was the only girl in a family comprised of four siblings, herself the youngest. The parents were emotionally unavailable and the four siblings were born within just a few years of each other, the first two, Craig and S, only 10 months apart. Not surprisingly, Craig received little maternal attention.
Craig's odd behavior was noted by those around him from the time was in grade school.
After a stellar performance in college, where Craig far out performed his peers while obtaining a degree in math at Stanford University in just over three years, Craig went on to do extraordinary work in a series of early software companies. Craig's IQ is 180.
However, his inability to cope with normal life, in his case evidenced by his inability to file his income tax returns each year, forced him to move on as soon as the penalties resulted in complete garnishment of his earnings. In fact, Craig never owed money, he made it a practice to have the maximum possible withheld. But he did not file the return. If he had, he would have received a large refund each year. More on Craig's non-filing here.
This took place approximately every two years, making it impossible for him to exercise the very generous stock-options he was always granted, by his own report. Craig's non-filing cost him hundreds of millions of dollars.
As is typical of psychopaths, Craig was profligate with money, spending every penny he had with no thought of the future. As a means of buffering himself in social situations he took up playing the guitar while still in college and began writing his own songs, most of which left the listener cold, as they, not unsurprisingly, were emotionally flat. This changed when he began studying the problem and emulating the emotional content of songs written by others, whose authentic emotions he could express. For years he tried to purchase the right to a song by a fellow Libertarian, Dean Ahmad, about Thomas Jefferson. Dean had written his version on the morning of April 3th, 1976 in honor of Jefferson's birthday.
Eventually, Franklin rewrote the song. Franklin told his wife, Melinda, on one occasion, he had to use a huge portion of his left brain to emulate having a right brain (empathy), which he admitted he lacked.
Craig continues to use music to gain access to possibly useful relationships today. These include songs about 'freedom' (Note this link has been removed by the hosting site)  as well as children's songs. Those he works with who are probably unaware of Craig's history. The lyrics appearing in this album, “Celeste Sings,” include two examples of Craig's writing. Justin's Lullaby was written for his youngest son, the other song for his grand-daughter by Scott. 
Craig's first marriage lasted 18 months, ending because his wife, also a mathematician, insisted their tax returns be filed. The wife, Elaine, was pregnant when Craig abruptly insisted on returning to college for a master's degree. She left him. Craig used the divorce and the son born to them in continued attempts to destroy her, apparently unconscious of the effects of his manipulations on the child.
No financial settlement took place until forced by both sets of parents and the court. His son, Scott, became a weapon to continue the war on his former wife, a war in which he maligned her endlessly.
Children are very vulnerable to a psychopathic parent.
While Scott was in his custody he was subjected to endless 'programming' designed to cause him to distrust and resent his mother. Craig also began to discuss sex with Scott, reflecting the idea he, as a member of his 'very elite family,' had a right to whatever they wanted. “Franklin men take what they want,” was a phrase he reported growing up hearing from his father, though there is no evidence this was the case in his father's sexual behavior. The father, Dr. Carl M. Franklin, a former double vice-president of the University of Southern California, now deceased.
But Scott learned this to be true. Saw this demonstrated in other parts of his grandfather's life. Craig's father, had often gloated about his cleverness in persuading wealthy alumni to donate to the USC instead of leaving the money to their children. These same sentiments where shared in his letters to his children, later. A set of these papers is available for study.
Scott's first sexual experience was a gang rape. Learning of this from a conversation overheard by his step-mother, Melinda, she demanded Craig take action. Craig immediately sent Scott back to his mother, but not before letting him know his behavior was not a problem, she later learned.
After Scott's violent behavior, directed toward his mother, forced his removal to the home of his father and step-mother, his attempted to strangle his older step-sister when asked to clean up after his cat. The Franklin family blamed the victim, minimizing the violence done to the step-sister, who was six or seven inches shorter than Scott and weighed only 100 Lbs.
Craig, to the shock of his wife, expressed no condemnation of Scott's behavior, using the event as an opportunity to go into counseling with Nathaniel Branden, who had previously had a sexual relationship with a woman Craig had stalked, Ayn Rand.
An inability to identify inappropriate and non-empathic behavior reoccurs throughout Craig's life.
Craig's impact on Scott played out over the next years.
Craig's second marriage to Melinda in 1987, a woman with three daughters who fit within the confines of his sexual target zone, was undertaken for several purposes. Two of these were to gain access to her daughters and provide cover for Craig's inability to function in the normal world.
As is common with psychopaths he manipulated events to gain control of assets. Craig insisted the house, property of his new wife, be sold and another home purchased in which he had an interest to convert the value to his own control. He demanded the settlement from Melinda's former marriage be used as a down payment and that he be allowed to adopt all of the children of her previous marriage, marginalizing the role of the children's biological father and allowing him to better position himself as 'Daddy.'
The marriage took place when Scott was still a young teenager. Craig immediately began a campaign of manipulation on the daughters, demeaning their mother, in preparation to obtaining sexual access. In this, he failed because his wife, Melinda, told him she would castrate any man who molested her children. Also, Craig's ability to manipulate the children was hampered by their day to day familiarity with him.
Craig had noted to Melinda it took only six weeks for most people to understand he would not react emotionally within normal expectations. Until Craig and Melinda were living together, Melinda did not realize how strange Craig's behavior could be. Craig, though highly intelligent, was not able to overcome what may have been a component of autism, thought by many to stem from the same root causes as psychopathy, in his functioning.
Melinda also had a son, who was of no interest to Craig except for purposes of manipulation, and a son the couple had together, again, used as a weapon when the couple divorced.
The marriage had placed Craig in a position where he had someone to blame for his inability to cope with normal life and who undertook to handle all parts except the taxes, which he concealed from Melinda until this became impossible due to their near bankruptcy in 1997.
In 1997 Melinda, discovering Craig's non-filing of returns but not his psychopathic nature, threatened to file using the Americans with Disabilities Act, against the IRS. Despite the expectations of attorneys and Craig, they received refunds in the neighborhood of $250,000. These, she used to pay off their debts. At the end of the year they were solvent for the first time.
In 1996 Craig had obtained a grant of stock options, larger than any other employee. Both he and Dan, the president of the company, Green Hills Software, Inc., knew the success of the company had been produced from their 'partnership.' The relationship allowed each man to advance toward his goals.
The company was now poised to go public. Craig was about to become very wealthy and, as another benefit of his employment, the company had covered for him on his non-filing and provided a corporate credit card which he could use without providing an accounting.
The cooperative arrangement between Craig and Dan now bore fruit for both men. Dan's partnership with his former employer, Glenn Hightower, who had funded Green Hills Software, Inc., was subject to a 'sudden death,' partnership agreement wherein either partner could demand to be bought out for a stated amount. If the challenged partner failed to come up with the funds in 3 months the other could exercise the buyout.
A recent graduate of Cal Tech, Dan had persuaded his employer to fund the Green Hills start up, which originally included another partner, Carl Rosenberg, who was eliminated in the early 90s using similar techniques as later used on Hightower.
Craig, with the assistance of the other vice presidents of the company, ensured their employees would reject the finance team brought in by the VC partner, Glen Hightower, this taking place during the summer of 1998. In return for Craig's help Dan had an attorney write a new stock option agreement, specific to Craig, in an attempt to characterize the options as his separate property. All grants to other employees, was identical, except for the number of shares, to the one originally signed by Franklin. By this time the 401K, marital property entirely earned during the marriage, disappeared.  It is likely this was used to prepay for the options issued.  
It was a 'throw Mama from the Train,' strategy, intended to distance each man from their collaborative acts and both criminal and unethical.
O'Dowd was well aware of Craig's sexual predilections. At least one sexual harassment law suit was quietly settled, filed by an employee. 
Dan, acting on behalf of the company, expended time and money fighting off Melinda's demands for discovery on the issue of the stock options and the 401K. A compliant judge, Thomas Anderle, refused to enforce the lawful demand for information.
During this time, September 1997, Melinda's oldest son had suffered a major brain injury, and was not expected to live. Melinda herself had suffered a heart attack while clearing up the problems with the IRS and Craig's finances and now needed corneal transplants due to an eye infection she ignored while ensuring the returns were filed. Although this happened in September of 1997 no one from Green Hills contacted her to offer their help or sympathy, though the family home was just blocks from the corporate headquarters.
Following the plan laid out for him by his attorney, Craig's attorney went to the family home, rifled through Melinda's papers, and stole the record which documented their adoption agreement. The divorce was conducted like a war, utilizing all the unethical practices usual to Jacqueline Misho's practice, a methodology which would, several years later, earn her a starring role in the Post Divorce Tour of John Cleese, whose wife had been represented by Misho. Melinda was slandered and libeled to the court and her acquaintance, as had happened to Craig's previous wife.
Craig went into court and denied he was the father to any of Melinda's children, but set up trust accounts for each child. He then absconded with the money, not a penny ever being given to any of the children. Without the documents the court accepted his bald statement, leaving five children without a legal father. The court did, however, grant a small portion of the exercised stock to the ownership of Melinda, declining to have her “reimburse” Franklin.
Dan undertook to carryout another strategy to deny these to Melinda, which has succeeded for over ten years.
Neither man evidenced any concern for the badly handicapped son, Arthur. Craig expressed exasperation Melinda had not died, a fact later reported to her. This was what he and the others cooperating with him, expected as her heart condition was inherited and her other sisters had died of the condition.
For both Craig and Dan, Melinda dead would have cleared the path to her daughters for him and eliminated potential exposure.
During this time Scott graduated from college and married. When Scott's wife, K, gave birth to a daughter. Craig began visiting them. Craig allowed Scott's wife's parents to pay for stock, probably that stolen from Melinda. This was yielding a tidy income to the couple. Soon, Scott was, by the evidence, sharing his father's fascination with pornography, as reflected in court papers several years later.
Melinda, the sole caretaker for her disabled son, was left penniless, living in a half-finished cabin in the mountains at 6,000 feet.  She and her son were often without food and firewood. She was close to being legally blind and suffered a stroke in the dead of winter, receiving no medical care. Against expectations, she survived, a fact pointed out by Green Hills attorneys to prove nothing untoward occurred. 
Then, in 2009, Scott, then the father of two children, hired a hitman to kill his estranged wife. Scott had lost his job and instead of looking for work decided to return to college, paid for by Craig. However, he was spending most of his time playing online games and watching child pornography, according to the court records. Due to a sting operation the hit did not happen. While in jail awaiting arraignment Scott, again, attempted to solicit a hit. His uncle, Craig's brother, S Franklin, an attorney, expressed the opinion the police were making much out of a minor matter during a conversation with Melinda.
Asked by his father to return the stock Scott did so. Scott's wife's parents were not compensated and the only marital asset became unavailable to K, who was left destitute.
Craig ignored his son's confrontation with the law, hiring an attorney in an attempt to obtain unsupervised visitation with his grand daughter. It was reported by Craig's girl friend, Ann Fisher, that letters Scott wrote to his father remained unopened on a pile on his desk at work. Once Scott was no longer useful to Craig, he was forgotten.
The court refused Craig visitation, based on the observations of social workers.  K and her children were admitted to a victims protection program and changed their identities.
Melinda's youngest daughter gave birth to a little girl. Craig immediately began plying the couple with money and planned to retire to their area to, 'help raise my grand daughter.' When Ayn, learned what had happened to K's daughter and Craig's monetary gifts were reported to the IRS, she cut all communication with her father.  Craig had brought one of his paid companions down to hold, "his grandchild," in hopes she would have a little girl with him.
Throughout the time Dan, who had persuaded Melinda to sign a settlement agreement in 2001 with the assurance he, acting in her best interest, would ensure Craig paid the court-ordered support regularly, used the law to evade giving Melinda the stock the court had granted to her. O'Dowd was well aware she was disabled herself and sole caretaker for a severely disabled adult son. By so doing he eventually put his entire business at risk. A sense of invincibility is an indicator for psychopathy as is, of course, intentional, calculated, deceit.
While far less is known about Dan's personal life he is married to a woman of Chinese origin, Amy Chang. Amy, raised in a refugee camp before becoming a computer programmer, brought in relatives to raise the two children she had with Dan.
Around 2002 Green Hills Software had begun receiving government contracts for software. While other companies in their industry are now struggling last year Green Hills had its best year ever, contracts for war have continued to be funded. Dan and Amy, who personally own 97% of the company received dividends of over $300,000,000.00. Today, this announcement appeared via the Internet. Green Hills Software is in line for a renewal of one of their government contracts for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. “The Government intends to issue a sole source contract in the estimated amount of $226,665.00 to Green Hills Software, Inc., 30 West Sola Street,Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2599.”
Amy continued to exercise control for a non-profit started by Green Hills Software Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation, founded in 2003. A call made to the company for a possible donation resulted in a referral to Amy at her home in Santa Barbara on behalf of Avon. In 2007, speaking for the Foundation, Amy declined to send toiletries to military serving in Iraq at Christmas time.
The organization's founding coincides with Green Hills' first winning of government contracts. Evidently, few grants were made and funds remaining in the Foundation's account were eventually returned to its founders.
Psychopaths have very different goals and the seemingly irrationality of risks taken and strangeness makes it difficult for many normal people to comprehend or believe, even when the evidence is irrefutable.  The 'other than human' motives and nature of the behavior is believed by some to reflect in the representations of Devil in many human cultures. 
Craig's driving goal was sexual gratification and experiencing a sense of power through betraying the trust of his victim. This scenario is evidently optimized for him when the victim is a female child to whom he has caused to bond to him as a father. Dan allowed him to live out his fantasies under the cover of Green Hills Software, Inc. Several years ago Craig had a couch placed in his office. At least one of his female acquaintances reported being raped there during business hours. Other employees have commented on wondering why Dan tolerates Craig's behavior, which includes bringing prostitutes to company functions, according to Anne Fisher.
Again, according to Fisher, Dan tried, unsuccessfully to place Craig in another location but Craig refused. His letters to women, which brought unwitting, hopeful contacts obtained through online dating services, went out using his corporate email address and from the company server. Craig deliberately chose unattractive women who would be unlikely to complain when they were raped and returned to the airport.
Craig, according to Fisher, started membership on high-end dating sites, using these to meet women. He stated as one of his relationship goals to have more children. Over the following years Craig built up a stable of 'paid companions,' who received checks or cash either for sex or for having dinner with him. These ranged from well known soft-core porn stars to first time prostitutes. Payment was made by the hour, for dinner of being part of a bevy of women who listened to him talk and play his guitar, or 'assistants,' and 'girl friends,' the latter expected to provide both personal services, such as tucking him in to bed with a glass of orange juice, making him meals, frozen and placed in his refrigerator, or sex.
Dan's goal was very different. His entire life was fixed on becoming wealthier and more famous than the founder of Microsoft. While he has not succeeded, he has achieved far more success toward his goal than would have been possible without Craig.
Today Craig is still the senior vice-president of the billion-dollar software company, which holds large contracts from the government for sensitive technology. He is, however, scraping by, month to month as he has continued his pattern of extravagance, spending every penny he receives, according to Fisher.  The actual management of the company is limited to a small set of individuals who know the facts.
Neither man has reached his goal, but their psychopathic partnership continues. Dan, and Green Hills Software, Inc., just received an award for Entrepreneur of the Year on the West Coast.
Together, both men were able to obtain an astonishing degree of gratification. Separately, each would have failed. This parallels the dynamics between Richard "Dick" Hickock and Perry Smith, portrayed by Truman Cupote in his book, “In Cold Blood.”
The message in Capote's book and with the example above, each drawn from life, is that when psychopaths cooperate the innocent will pay the price. See, for more on this case and other cases, soon to be published.

Having seen the problem from the inside in a way which is, perhaps, unique, the author has come to believe it is essential a means be found to stop psychopaths from living out their fantasies to the detriment of all humanity.