Friday, October 19, 2007

Why Phyllis is a NeoCon Flack

Instead of bickering over where we should never have gone, lets talk about directional change that actually takes us to freedom.

Both the Left and Right have recently had the uncomfortable experience of discovering that their various icons possessed feet of clay – worse, had been employed by the NeoConservatives. My liberal friends wince when I mention Hillary. I cringe when other names are raised.

It happened. All of us have been gulled not once but many times. Those operating the sock puppets have something in common. Left or Right, NeoCon or other ...ism, they are mostly working for corporations. Prominent among them are the self identified NeoCons. The NeoCons are a good example of the species.

Here is who the NeoCons are. It is not a large group. The NeoCons are the professional cadre, meaning they are compensated, who have provided the misdirection and chaff that kept Americans from seeing what was happening before their very eyes. They are in the media, policy, and write books that are intended to keep us in the frame most useful to their employers.

You know who a few of them are now. You do not understand how long they have been at this because you were not around. But your perception does not alter the reality. I have had the experience more times than I would have wanted of having to reconsider my trusts and assumptions.

Phyllis Schlafly is a good example of this. Look at Schlafly's site and her issues. Then consider the history of the freedom movement for the last 40 years. Do you really mean to tell women that they do not have the same rights as men? If so just fold up your tent and go away. You have decided that you are going to lose. The direction for humanity to towards freedom, not slavery. Servitude comes in many forms but all forms use the tool of government to eliminate choices, truncating our right to decide for ourselves.

If you are a proponent of freedom and understand Austrian School Economics then consider what those values mean. That is simple. You have the right to determine your own destiny. Rights don't give you control over anyone but yourself. That is axiomatic.

Therefore children do not have a 'right' to a family made up of a mother and father. You get what nature and events deliver to you. This assertion makes no more sense than saying you have a right to be pretty instead of ugly. It is like deciding your DNA should be rearranged and getting Congress to pass a law. In Phyllis's world children have a right to a Mom and Dad, evidently issued by the State, but no right to free speech.

Rights are simple. You have a right to life, liberty and to pursue your own happiness. Nothing more and nothing demanded, coerced or forced fro someone else.

Schlafly's site is full of inane arguments that lead to fascist outcomes. The only sovereignty we need to worry about is that invested in each of us. Schlafly invests that in the State. She is therefore a centrist, a fascist.

You may find her emotionally satisfying because you have a secret hankering to use force to get your way. Or you may be emotionally and culturally invested in the status quo so you can't see what freedom means. You can learn. If not, join another movement.

Schlafly's job was to maintain a presence in the movement while ensuring that women were persuaded to see the Freedom Movement as hostile to their attempts to assert their inherent rights. She has been a lot more effective than Karl Rove. No one has any illusions about Rove now.

This is what happened.

Irving Kristol originated the term, “Neoconservative,” using it in his book by the same name. He is not an ideologue but he uses ideas as his basic tools. He and others who can be identified by that term are opportunists who successfully profited by providing those services mentioned above, cultural and ideological positioning.

Today it is obvious to most people, ordinary Americans, that the War in Iraq was built on lies. Lying is one of the strategies those involved have used for several generations. Bald faced lies are so outrageous that we do not imagine anyone would say it if it was not true. Then we forget and then their strategy is to change the terms. For instance, we went into Iraq because of security and stayed to Make Them Safe for Democracy. Lies like this work very well. They deny the people access to the facts, provide justifications for all sorts of things and work to centralize power.

Those lies were constructed and inserted by a cadre of people with long term linkages to each other. They very knowingly reinforce each other's messages, helping to foster the feeling that the lies are true. Repetition is essential. These are the professionals mentioned above.

Those working for the corporations, the NeoCons and their friends, needed to ensure beginning in the 50s with the Goldwater Movement that the Republican Party was converted from an organization reawakened to the reality of freedom and individual rights to something they could control. They needed to quench and direct the spirit that had been fostered in that generation of activists through the merging of the Objectivist Movement and the Goldwater Revolution, so they would accept the rhetoric of freedom as a substitute to the living reality.

They had several target groups they knew would be a problem. Women were one of these groups. The Freedom Movement has an ugly tendency to vilify women. That is intentional.

That misdirect was accomplished through the work of a group of people who you can identify as NeoCon as well, although they can also be identified, quite truthfully, as the Public Relations arm of the corporations, a slightly different subset of individuals.

This is not really very hard to trace if you keep your mind clear and your eyes on the action instead of allowing yourself to be seduced by personalities and rhetoric.

The lynch pin was Ronald Reagan. Bill Buckley batted next.

Ronald Reagan was not a conservative. He was never a Conservative. If you read my article titled, “Ronald Reagan – An Ugly Truth,” you will see that this is well documented and attested to by Connie Ruffley, the present co-chairman of United Republicans of California, the same group that issued the resolution citing its causes and urging that no Republican support him in a bid for president for a possible Reagan candidacy in 1974.

Ronald Reagan was positioned to take over the Conservative Movement by a powerful group of men who proceeded to pay his bills forever after. Many of these were connected to USC. Before 1960 his politics were very different.

Since Ronnie was a friend of my Dad's I knew him. I also knew he was no Conservative. As Connie affirms and as I knew at the time Ronnie's record as governor of California clearly identified him as a corporate placement. He instituted withholding taxes. He prepared the ground for the new wave of Federalism to come in a variety of areas, including education. See the UROC resolution.

Ask yourself: Who today is publicly identified as the examplar of Conservativism?

Answer: Ronald Reagan.

That allowed them to steal the vision of freedom and recalibrate the definitions of the next two generations.

To steal a movement you need to do several things. For one thing you need a spokesman/leader who will be popular enough to quiet opposition. At the time we knew the people who went after the Conservative Movement and the John Birch Society as Rockefeller Republicans. William Buckley, whose attempt to take over the John Birch Society failed in 1965 – 1966, identified himself as a Conservative. Since he never held office it is impossible to see action as you would with someone who was elected. But if you examine what and who he supported over the years you will see that he was no such thing. He prides himself as having marginalized the JBS after his take over attempt. He attacked Welch for opposing the Vietnam War.

Then you need to get rid of anyone who will see that this is wrong and inappropriate and object. Women were targeted for that reason. Ronald Reagan delivered the final stroke.

During the 1980 Presidential campaign he met with a group of activist Republican women in a hotel in Los Angeles. His daughter Maureen was there as well. Reagan refused to listen to them and took the ERA out of the GOP platform. He did this to ensure large donations from corporations, including Coors but not limited to Coors.

The activist women left politics, leaving the GOP open to the faction then being organized for political activism by Part Robertson and Ralph Reed, just as they planned.

Today we recognize that the undeclared war in Vietnam was illegal. It benefited Halliburton, who was employed there, and other contractors including Koch Industries. These huge corporations with intimate connections to the Bush Administration are in Iraq today on cost plus contracts. On shore they enjoy protection from Bush as they did from his father.

Did you recognize at the time you had been deceived? Today many people who have spent a life time in the freedom movement are finding common ground with leftists and progressives on issues. That is not new ground, the potential existed back then.

You can always know what happened if you follow the money. Notice who got rich. We used to say, and it is still true, that to have a million dollars as a Libertarian activist – start with two million.

To create the opportunity to make money without working your need to hold power. To do that you redefine the terms by changing what the words mean. Clinton might have redefined 'is' but he learned from experts.

A Goldwater Conservative is a Libertarian today, very close to the same positions held by Ron Paul. Very far from the positions of Ronald Reagan who is clearly a centrist. At one time privatization meant returning control to the individual who was paying. Today this term is best understood as corporatization.

Conservationism did not change. It was hijacked.

So you think that Phyllis Schlafly just wandered in there, all innocence and good intentions? Same for Ann Coulter and the other blond bimbos? Lets look at a few things.

The story about Laura comes straight from a mutual friend who knows her and was horrified. The story about Kellyanne and Fred also comes from people who know them very well. I used to be active in those circles and attended numerous Republican events in DC. Read my book, GREED: The NeoConning of America if you want to know what they are really like.

Goldwater and his wife helped found Planned Parenthood in Arizona while he was defining Conservatism. The Right to Life Movement was taken over in the 70s by a group that moved from persuasion to using force. Bombings and murder of personnel became daily hazards. I had been answering the phone for Right to Life in Los Angeles. That was when I left.

As to Anne Coulter. You may not be aware that she is guilty of lying about her residence, a felony, when registering to vote in Florida. Her personal behavior includes muscling anyone who calls her on her hate talk, including real Conservatives. Coulter solicited and encouraged the harassment of another woman, Lydia Cornell, the mother of two children in Beverly Hills. Coulter published Cornell's home phone number and address and suggested her supporters harrass Cornell. Cornell had called her to ask some questions for an article she was writing. Coulter never returned the call, instead putting this personal information up on her site. Cornell was harassed, her home damaged, and her children terrified. Both are still in grade school. You can hear the interview on my show, the Spiritual Politician.

Coulter had Dan Borcher, who is undoubtedly a long time Republican activist and Conservative, physically assaulted and forced from the CPAC conference earlier this year by the use of false charges of stalking. In fact, Dan's offense was to have criticized Coulter for her hate talk and for plagerism. Dan read her books exhaustively and noticed the many passages lifted whole. He pointed this out. The use of power to stifle the expression of opinion is business as usual for Coulter.

If you go to the Eagle Forum site you find some interesting things. First, Phyllis does not mention Ron Paul's candidacy. Mentions of him appear earlier and then the site goes silent. Some things are advertised on every page. These are Newt Gingrich, Anne Coulter, the Fair Tax. You might remember that Fair Tax oppose Ron's candidacy and are affiliated with Iowans for Tax Relief, the same people made sure that Ron was not invited to participate in the Forum in Iowa.

The Forum site is full of shrill pleas on the present Marriage Amendment. That is opposed by Ron Paul. I disagree with Ron on this because I personally think government has no role in determining personal relationships. Government should not be licensing marriage at all. Marriage is a private and contractual matter more properly handled through churches. But Phyllis takes the position of this administration, extending the power of Federalism.

The bottom line with Phyllis is justifications to use issues that have marginalized women to move us ever further towards Federalism.

All legislation passed even noticing gender should be rescinded. Today's feminists agree with that. Equality means government ignoring differences between its employers, us. It has nothing to do with the choices made by individuals even when we disagree with those choices. Legislating our lives violates our inherent rights. It is not any business of the state to engage in social engineering, not with a 1700s agenda and not in any later agenda either.

Phyllis Schlafly and her campaign of lies is the reason the Equal Rights Amendment was not ratified in the 70s and so was vulnerable to Ronald Reagan. You might look around and see where her funding originated. You might be shocked. The ERA was never intended to impact private decisions, but simply to keep the government from treating people differently because of gender. Allowing government to make determinations about what individuals may and may not do destroys the basis for individual rights that precede government.

Unisex bathrooms? Keep women from serving in the face of enemy fire? These were the arguments Phyllis recycled over and over again.

The Draft? We should never have one for anyone. If wars are worthy we go voluntarily. Personally, I think the Dept. of Defense should focus on defending the borders.

Phyllis had it down to a science. She would come in with lies at the last minute, allowing no time for debate or real discussion.

Do you WANT government in your bedroom and in your personal life? Do you want them deciding for you in any part of your life? That was not and is not the basis on which America was founded. That makes government our master instead of our contractor. It makes us subservient.

This is the Mission Statement

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —“

Mercantilism, the desire for special favors from government by wealthy ship owners and merchants was a significant force in achieving a Constitution that was far too powerful. In the aftermath of the Revolution the Exeter Revolt and Shay's Rebellion and then the Whiskey Revolt sent the message that ordinary Americans who wanted nothing from government would be marginalized.

Mercantilism begot the Robber Barons who begot the present line of Grid Corporations.

If women had exercised their inherent rights there would have been a lot of dead politicians.

The hired hands of the people who were known in the 50s – 60s as Rockefeller Republicans (Big Oil) slowly morphed into the group we now know as the NeoCons, the people who provide the justifications and rhetoric that serves to deceive.

The People of the Grid (you can also spell this GREED) believe that they have a right to expect government will ensure their continuing profitability and discourage their competition. What is in a name? They are the mercantilists, Robber Barons and now the People of the Grids or Monied Elite of today. They employ the ambitious who want the money to rub off on them, those we know as NeoCons.

In the mid 70s a group of ambitious Young Republicans got together to look at how they could change the direction of the Republican Party, allowing them to keep control for those they wanted to work for, the Monied Elite.

The group of Young Republicans included Karl Rove, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff, among others. The group sat down and came up with a plan for determining the direction of the Republican Party, which was the Party that championed suffrage for women. The power of the Republican Party at one time came from its activist women. That has now changed. Today the GOP is actively hostile to women who do not repeat mindlessly the NeoCon line of propaganda. Most of the intelligent activist women left in the early 80s.

Then, there was no division between women, right and left, on social justice issues. There was no division on the issue of clean air and clean water. There were fewer divisions all around. Those chasms of distrust were created by those who wanted to control us. “Why don't you guys fight?”

By dent of hard work and persistence women were making strides towards freedom. It was not perfect, human action never is nor can it be.

Soon after those pimply YRs put together their plan for changing the Republican Party Rove went to work for Bush Senior. Robertson and Reed went on to their alloted life's work, too. They had managed to get hired on to jobs as corporate operatives. It was lucrative for all of them.

George H. W. Bush was a hired operative himself. That is the normal career path for the Bush – Walker Family.

Slowly slicing off pieces of our rights had become their normal harvest over the 150 years since they immigrated here from Germany.

Those original errors by the men who thought the Constitution was a swell idea had borne some nasty fruit.

Failing to affirm rights for everyone made the Civil War and the many generations who necessarily struggled for individual autonomy unavoidable. Government did not have the right to barter rights that are inherent in each of us.

Since you cannot have a free market without each individual exercising their right to decide for themselves how they will drive their small part of the whole the world has never had a free market. Since you cannot be free until you give freedom to everyone we were all slaves, and vulnerable to the government that mercantilist greed had spawned.

Women kept trying to change things through persuasion.

In 1848 the first Women's Convention would nearly replicate the Declaration of Independence with the Declaration of Sentiments, which simply demands their inherent rights be recognized. Those women understood the intention and truth of the idea that rights are inherent. Generations of women have lived and died without achieving simple equality. Instead, frustrated, they began to ask for simulations of equality, which used legislation that dictated to private choices instead of limiting itself to government. They were following the model they had seen not working for over a century. It took them 150 years to give up and settle for less, but they did.

Simulated freedom is not freedom. Freedom is getting the State, all states, out of your life so you are the one to decide how you will live your life. You may be foolish or wise but it is your choice, your life, the gift of God to you as an individual.

At the failure to affirm rights for women and blacks in the aftermath of the ratification of the Constitution State legislatures began passing 'laws' that prevented women from having any control of their own persons and property. Women became de facto property. This was not what they expected.

The women of the Revolution Generation who capitalized the War, providing the needed goods and services to keep their households and the economy going, expected that at the close of that war they would be free. For a while some states, for instance New Jersey, gave women the right to vote. This was withdrawn. Very soon women began organizing and began to open Dame schools and seek educational opportunities that included both their sons and daughters. They recognized they would need these tools to achieve their independence.

They hungered mightily to control their own lives. Some of you may understand how they felt.

Generations struggled for an education so they could get jobs at 1/3 - 1/2 the wage granted to men. They did not ask for anything but the opportunity although they were excluded from schools that were supported by taxes they were forced to pay.

They started their own privately funded colleges.

In comparison the Revolution was a cake walk.

In my family line seven generations of women have worked for freedom, not just for themselves but for all women and for blacks during the Abolitionist period. Their husbands shared those goals and signed marriage contracts that refuted the right of the state to determine the terms of their relationship.

My great-grandmother graduated from medical school in 1880 and went on to run women's clinics, educating women on matters that gave them control of their lives. It was not legal but it was right. We all have a right to the truth if we can find someone willing to tell us.

Those Pimply PR agents were prospering in their careers but they wanted more.

They needed a spokeswoman to sell the idea of continued slavery – to women. Shflafly was delighted to take the job. Schlafly has made her living telling women they should be satisfied to live through the state. She is a traitor to freedom, well paid for her services. Sometimes she comes out on the right side of an issue. But overall she pulls the discourse towards fascism. Schlafly supplies the emotional poison that divides us.

Those pimple faced YRs knew that they needed someone like her. They needed to excise women from positions of power in the Republican Party and replace that voting block with people who would vote as told without asking questions. That is why they loved the idea presented by Reed and Robertson to politicize the least educated evangelical church goers moving the Republican Party South with recently reregistered Yellow Dog Democrats. They knew perfectly well that the intention there was to displace the common law with the Bible, a book that lets you think big about control.

They got rich doing that. So did Phyllis. If you look over sites on the web that purport to be Republican you will notices that many carefully ignore Ron Paul. That is a good indicator. Sites that do that are NeoCon positioning to confuse you.

As long as they can divide us, selling state mandated privilege instead of freedom we will ALL remain slaves. Together we can evoke change.

The original model for America was cooperation, local control, individual rights and Christian tolerance. Those original Christian churches, the Puritan, Quaker, Baptist and Methodist are now viewed as 'liberal.' But it was from their considered understanding and hard lessons that came the idea that each of us is connected to God not through a church and not through government but immediately, personally, and completely.

The only consistent and free market viewpoint is freedom. You will not have it yourself until you find the honesty and courage to give it to everyone. - Melinda

How the Secrets of the Exodus will save America

Scientist discovers process that produced the Manna rained down on the Chosen People during the Exodus.

Homer's Odyssey was treated as ancient fiction, bearing little or no relationship to the facts of ancient history until German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann rediscovered Troy using the text in 1871 and 1873. While the self-taught archaeologist was not accurate as to which of the several layers of remains actually dated to the time of the Iliad and Odyssey the Homeric tradition turned out to be dead right on the location. The Bible's accuracy has also been questioned. Such seemingly obviously invented stories as the parting of the Red Sea to allow God's Chosen People to escape Egypt and Manna falling from the sky to sustain them on their 40 year journey into what we now know as the land of Israel are usually poo-pooed, or explained as allegorical.

Most Americans today accept the Bible as a text that is more mythology than fact. As Dr. Sagan once said: “Outrageous claims require outrageous proof.” Many of the stories in the Bible seem simply impossible.

But the claim of a long time researcher on the science behind of the existence of Manna is changing that. This researcher, an astrophysicist with an impressive and unusual resume, has made his case with proofs that no one ever expected to see. The proofs include actual Manna and the equipment he used to produce it.

Also explained is the seven day interval for the Sabbath, the Pillar of Cloud, and the Pillars of Solomon. During our interview Franklin provided answers to several questions long asked about the role Moses played as the Israelites wandered in the wilderness.

The scientist, named August Franklin, not only says he can explain what Manna was, he produced the pearly white substance that possesses the characteristics ascribed to Manna. Many inferences are given in the Old Testament that associate Manna as Gold in a sacred and perfect white form. In the Bible the word “bdellium” is used to describe the appearance of Manna. Manna is described as, pearlescent and having the appearance of tiny grains - something like coriander seed. His explanation fits together with a logic that is compelling.

Interviewed for this article, Franklin relayed the points of his theory and produced the proof – first to be viewed in his hand, where the grains did indeed look like pearl coriander seeds with a heavy emphasis on the pearl, and then baked into a loaf of bread that was different than this reporter had ever tasted. As the loaf was consumed August Franklin spoke further.

“The Israelites had no name for the grains of material that fell from the sky that they then, on the orders of Moses, gathered to eat. The word, “manna,” actually means, “It is What is it?” for they had no name for it at the time.

Franklin went on to reiterate a few well known facts on the principals in the story. For instance, every school child knows that Moses, born to a Jewish mother, was found abandoned in the reeds of the Nile and adopted by a daughter of Pharaoh. As a child of the royal house Moses would have had access to knowledge that would have been denied to other Israelites. Egyptian science guarded by the priesthood and was well advanced from that of the Israelites, who were essentially still in a farm culture embedded into Egyptian culture as a slave class and the bakers, millers, tailors and all the stations that served the Egyptian ruling families.

As an adopted grandson of Pharaoh, Moses was automatically a high priest of Ammon. the word Ammon means ' the hidden.” The family of the pharaohs were considered to be semi deities themselves. He therefore had access to the ongoing work at the various temples and would have been trained in the work going on there and such things as scheduling. Purification and smelting of precious metals went on at various temples routinely and onsite at the desert mines and Moses would likely have known about those operations.

Having the privileges of the royal house, even as a minor member, it is actually astonishing that Moses evidently became a champion of Israelites, but the Bible says this happened and that Moses fled Egypt, taking up residence in the desert and marrying. He was living as shepherd when, according to the Bible, he encountered the Burning Bush that called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land, returning to Egypt to free them.

Franklin, who said he has exhaustively studied the Bible and all existing texts relating to the High Priests of Ammon, who were in charge of all work relating to gold, studied the Egyptians and Persian kings and the smelting technologies then in use. Fires in such facilities were stoked day and night to ensure that the heat reached the required temperature and to save fuel. The mines were in the desert and fuel was made from making charcoal from the local shrubs and plants. The clouds of smoke by day evidently reflected the glowing charcoal fires by night making the "pillar of cloud."

During the time of Ramses a pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night was associated with gold and precious metals smelting operations at Mt. Sinai and the surrounding area. The Egyptians were in charge of the mining at Timna with a workforce of Negebites and Midianites at what would later be called the Pillars of Solomon.

Also according to the Bible, Exodus 3:1 - “Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb.”

Moses had fled Egypt alone, according to the Bible, marrying the daughter of the Midian priest.

According to Franklin, “Manna is an ionic form of gold like it is found in stars. It is life giving and sustaining when eaten in a form that provides a metabolic pathway into the cells.” Franklin accounts for the production of Manna as a byproduct of the smelting of gold, saying, “Gold was vaporized during active smelting operations that were ongoing in the Sinai during the Exodus. Atoms of gold, when sent aloft, cool. Water molecules form around airborne particles to form raindrops that fall from the sky - like manna did. In a moisture laden weather pattern, Ionic gold particles will be brought out of the sky as a rain containing atomic gold particles from the vapor cloud.

If the air is infused with precious metal vapor in a dense cloud of vapor sent aloft the precondition of a fall of manna exists in the atmosphere. Depending on the saturation dew point which determines the lifting condensation level these elements will cool then fall as a milky rain in the late evening. This is consistent with the Exodus texts. In the morning sun, this milky dew will condense into small flakes and particles as the water evaporates.”

Sitting there listening to an astrophysicist and Transition metal chemist discuss the probably truth behind the words of the Bible while eating bread baked according to a recipe that has not been made for thousands of years is a mind altering experience. In a small gold saucer on the table were the grains of Manna.

Exodus 16:4 - “Then the LORD said to Moses, "I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions.”

Franklin continued, “So efficient was the Ramses II Egyptian operation that smelting furnaces burned round the clock, raising output and saving fuel. Instead of stoking new fires each morning, as had been done by earlier smiths. The Egyptians ran the furnaces at top temperatures for several days at a time. This early “oxygen injection” process was well known to the Israelites since they were the slaves operating the furnaces. And this is seen clearly in the tomb drawings of Pharaohs describing gold purification using stoking.”

A we talked, Franklin showed me illustrations from tomb drawings that proved his point. The Egyptians understood all aspects of smelting. These techniques were taught by the High Priests of Ammon. In one of these a bald Egyptian priest class is stoking an oxygen rich furnace, but the common worker slave class is stoking a reduction furnace.

Every 6 days, the smelters turned the furnaces off for cleaning and recharging. The following day there was no smelting pillar of clouds and no subsequent fall of “Manna” and this is addressed in the Exodus verses. The predictive abilities of Moses doubtless awed the recalcitrant Israelites.

Exodus 16: 25 - "Eat it today," Moses said, "because today is a Sabbath to the LORD. You will not find any of it on the ground today. 6 Six days you are to gather it, but on the seventh day, the Sabbath, there will not be any."

Exodus 16:27 - “Nevertheless, some of the people went out on the seventh day to gather it, but they found none.”

Exodus 6:31 - “The house of Israel called the name of it Manna, and it was like coriander seed, white; and its taste was like wafers with honey.”

Exodus16:32 - Moses said, "This is the thing which Yahweh has commanded, 'Let an omer-full of it be kept throughout your generations, that they may see the bread with which I fed you in the wilderness, when I brought you forth from the land of Egypt."

An Omer is about a quart. Easy to collect at that time, but extremely expensive to recreate in the modern time since gold is running something like $760.00 per ounce.

Franklin went on to discuss the observational knowledge of the High Priests of Ammon, and most probably of Midian, who would have understood the currents of air that carried the byproducts of the foundry to predictable locations. In the Bible the role of the Midian priest who was Moses' father in law is ignored, though Moses shows him clear respect and withdraws with him, to a discrete distance after the Tribes have escaped Egypt and before their wanderings are well underway. Franklin smiled.

He suspects he knows what they discussed but declined to say what that was.

Pointing out the locations on a map, Franklin traced the probable pattern of air currents existing at the time. Where Gold was sent aloft in the smelting process, Manna Fell.

Timna' is in the southern Negev , Israel , north of Elat. Archaeologists since the first modern expedition in 1904 have identified remnants of ancient smelting operations at Timna', complete with crude furnaces and slag heaps, as being of the Egyptian pharaonic dynastic period of Ramses and later and periods of conquering Persian Kings.

In the Exodus, while at Mt. Sinai Israelites reportedly engaged in metallurgical activities, that infant nation casts gold, silver and bronze objects for the Tabernacle. So the site where Manna fell ought to have evidence of objects being cast "on-site," and some of these objects ought to be of a "religious" nature. The Hathor shrine at Timna possesses votive objects cast "on site" of armbands, rings, ear-rings and figurines, like a bronze snake, a ram and a phallic male idol cast in copper. The Timna area was sacred since Chalcolithic times as a occupation of that era underlies the Egyptian Hathor shrine.

During the 1904 expedition of Flinders Petrie there was a moment of discovery where they encountered an Egyptian Temple of Hathor with inscriptions of Ramses. The yellow sand around a number of little stone alters showed unmistakable evidence of burnt offerings as well. .

After Manna fell and dried, the Israelites made bread with it. That is what Franklin said, continuing, and that is backed up by the Bible.

Numbers 11: 8 - “The people went around gathering it, and then ground it in a handmill or crushed it in a mortar. They cooked it in a pot or made it into cakes. And it tasted like something made with olive oil.”

And after the Israelites left the cloud the Manna stopped falling.

Joshua 5:12 - “The manna stopped the day after they ate this food from the land; there was no longer any manna for the Israelites, but that year they ate of the produce of Canaan .”

The Manna, eaten alone, is very sweet, not a characteristic you would ascribe to gold. Franklin said he had taken his time in designing the equipment used to verify what many will see as an outrageous claim.

He continued, “After 5 years of research, processing and testing, I have created this special form of gold in my laboratory. What was wondrous was that it matched the ancient Ancient Hebrew Alchemical process of the Essene. So the knowledge was not lost entirely, just hidden, like the temple of the hidden (ammon).

By very high temperature processes that duplicated the dissolution of gold crystals into individual atoms like in smelting I was able to duplicate the effect of discharged atomic gold vapor and its precipitation and recollection as a white powder. In X-Ray Diffraction Analysis, the transformed gold was no longer showing crystalline x-ray reflection frequencies and clearly proved that the required non metallic state had been attained. But this is an important point, if it cannot be identified as a metal, then deposits in the soils around these ancient sites will have it, but it will not show up in spectroscopy and be completely missed.

And it is white, very white after this process.” I nodded, rolling one of the grains between my fingers.

“Above is a picture of an quartz ignition boat full of Gold taken through the alchemical gas fixing process. I further fixed the ionic state to be highly excited, but not electrochemically reactive.

But after this transformation it exhibited a high degree of both electrostatic attraction among the particles but dielectric repulsion against fields brought in proximity. Clumps would form up as it dried but then tended to move away from my fingers. However by transforming gold into a state of high electrostatic potential, but into a state that can not produce electronic valence bonding gold can ‘nest’ in carbon rings, like those of sugar. The starches in bread are a perfect place to ‘net’ gold into a neutral charge region in the carbon ring and “nest.” And thus provide a reasonable chemical molecule to follow normal metabolic pathways in order to delivery Manna into the human body and into the cells.”

Asked if these insights had challenged his belief in God Franklin responded,

“I believe that the gods were real and had attained a state that has been described as immortal, but may instead have been a state of continued existence due to special foods. The Sumerian texts that Akkad used to create the Hebrew bible were in the first person narrative so I believe the Elohim lived on Earth and wrote those texts. And that they were privy to specially treated foods found originally in a very special garden called Eden . Clearly, Moses was by definition both a son of a Pharaoh before the Exodus, and a high priest of the Temple of Ammon as a Pharaoh's son.

The rabbinical tradition relates that God determined to appoint Bezaleel architect of the desert Tabernacle. God then asked Moses whether the choice was agreeable to him, and received the reply, "Lord, if he is acceptable to Thee, surely he must be so to me!"

Moses brought Bezaleel from the House of Judah with him and gold was smelted, melted and made into the Ark of the Covenant by Bezaleel. Moses instructed Bezaleel in the esoteric ways of metallurgy.

Continuing, Franklin said, “I believe that Moses understood the power of that knowledge and it helped him guide the Israelites through the wilderness by knowing where to take them.

Is it any real coincidence that a Pharaoh's son would take them to the gold smelting operations at the Temple of Hathor where a cloud of gold vapor would recondense into a life giving Manna as it rained from heaven at night and dried in the sun in the morning? No, Moses had a job to do, given to him by God, and he accomplished it.”

The question of the Manna has therefore been answered. What “it” is, is gold…..The gold of gods… the gold as found in the sun. This is the heart of the knowledge of the Essene, Temple of Ammon and the Elohim. Seeing and tasting is believing. The tour of the lab at Cal Tech, where much of Franklin's research took place, will be covered in my next article.

Franklin, who was a research scientist and engineer with the NASA program until his program was phased out in 1993, proudly claims Hebrew heritage through his grandmother, his mother's mother he assured me, and also descent through his mother from America's own Benjamin Franklin, is, like Franklin, open and eager to talk about his discoveries. Like Benjamin, this Franklin is also a Renaissance Man who himself baked what is arguably the first real Shewbread to be produced in over 3,000 years because it comes with Manna.

That bread, made with the gold of the gods, real Manna, can be obtained through Judah's Bakery which Franklin started to make the proof of his discovery readily available.

“It is the End Times predicted in the Bible great tribulations were to be visited on mankind. It would seem that these predictions are fairly accurate. We are seeing terrible wars and plagues. So maybe other things in the Bible are accurate, like Manna. ” Franklin grinned. “It is good to know that the Chosen People still are. If you visit again, I will show you the work I have done with Bdellium.”

It was an interview I, for one, will never forget. The irony of having a Pillsbury be the one who conducted the interview of the individual who revealed the truth about the ingredients of the most significant bread in history did not escape me.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Operation Vigilant Shield - Another Faux Move from Bush Co.

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator" -GW Bush 12/18/2000

If you were school age in the 1950s to 1960s you probably remember the frightening experience of cowering under your desk. That threat, screaming from posters and from the media, was nuclear war. Then, children went home to relative security; the economy was booming. Schools were well funded and the future looked bright, despite the once a month drills.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union we now know that Communism was never a threat to America. Again. Communism was never a threat.

Those who used that threat did so to intimidate Americans into accepting a foreign policy that enabled the growth of what President Dwight Eisenhower called the Industrial-Military Complex in the wake of World War II. CIA involvement across the world continued, focused on the rapacious hunger of petroleum companies for a steady supply of oil and customers for munitions.

Those in power always knew this.

Eisenhower biographer, Michael Korda, said that Eisenhower, more a political general that a commander, was well aware of the danger because, “He knew the "military-industrial complex" inside out, he had helped to create it, so he knew what he was talking about, and warning against.”

Presidents change, the Industrial – Military Complex continued. Today we call them by other names, but they are essentially unchanged and they are still driving American foreign policy. They needed a new boogie man. This time they are using 'radical Islamics,' a threat no more real that Communism was in the 50s and 60s.

Today school children in Oregon and elsewhere across the country are facing a very different reality that tells them that the world is frightening, not just because they spend a few minutes under their desks but in so many ways that it is difficult to even comprehend what children are taking in about the world. Those who create that faux reality know exactly what they are doing and why. That reason is simple profit. Their tools are ugly and include torture, psychological manipulation and lies.

PsyOps was originally used as a tool for corporate policy two generations ago. What we experienced in the 50s and 60s was nothing less than that. With the acquisition of the media that tactic has only been extended further into our lives to secure profits. Nuclear annihilation. The Bird Flu. Terror from all sides scream at children today. The bottom line is more money for corporations and government. Less for us. Profit by any means, is the motto followed by those in power.

Programs at schools are being cut. Children have no health care but learn nothing because of the incessant screed of “No Child Left Behind,” that steals their time, replacing learning with rote and indoctrination. Their older siblings are inundated with recruiters paid bounties to get them to enlist. When siblings and other relatives come back from 'serving their country' with problems they are ignored to death. The DU those returning ingested kills them, causes birth defects in their children. Many of these veterans will not even live long enough to end up abandoned on the streets as the economy continues into its death spiral.

Rumors are circulating that Vigilant Shield will be releasing low grade radio active material as part of their 'operation.' Even with this administration that nearly defies belief. But given their record for honesty the threat must be taken seriously. It is a fact that returning Iraqi veterans are not told about treatments that remove the DU from their own systems. The failure to treat then raises a constellation of further issues.

The Americans who are supposedly made 'safer' through these drills could be tazered or shot if they question authority. Protest has become a life threatening activity.

This is reality. Vigilant Shield is part of their implementation.

Many residents of Portland are now either leaving the area for the period of the 'exercise' or have moved far enough away to feel more secure. They are not worried about foreign terrorists, but about the ones from Homeland Security and the police who are pledged to Serve and Protect. Militarized police, chosen to follow orders are now in place, following the orders of those in the Federal government despite the fact this is clearly unconstitutional.

A former Major in the Marine Corp., William Fox, a veteran of military intelligence who spent 2 – 3 years with an interrogation translation team moved 85 miles upwind of Portland last month. Major Fox had learned during his military training that asking questions could side line your career. He raised questions at his first morning's training in classes at the Intelligence School in the early 90s. The response from his instructors, he said, was paranoid.

Asked if he expected something to happen in Portland the Major said, perhaps. If so, that would most likely occur on Tues, Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Monday, he said, would be settling in day.

Major Fox commented that today Americans are controlled in ways that creates a stark contrast with Europeans. Traveling through Switzerland the Major sat next to a Swiss reservist on a train. The man casually placed his heavy machine gun on the rack above. The Swiss practice full preparedness by arming all adult men with machine guns and by supplying them with training and the needed materials to run a decentralized resistance if and when they are ever invaded. The country is well armed and the crime rate, low.

In America gun control is a given for nearly all presidential candidate today. Slowly, America and its people have been boiled alive like that lobster in the pot.

The steps that have brought Americans to this place in time have been used before, on other people. Naomi Wolf, in her article last spring, "Fascist America, in 10 easy steps." made those steps painfully clear. According to Wolf, countries move from open to closed and repressive societies through a manufactured process. It is not accidental. Wolf makes the case that the United States is following the pattern as it played out in Nazi Germany with little variation. The 10 steps are:

Invoking an external and internal threat
Establishing secret prisons
Developing a paramilitary force
Surveiling ordinary citizens
Infiltrating citizens' groups
Arbitrarily detaining and releasing citizens
Targeting key individuals
Restricting the press
Casting criticism as "espionage" and dissent as "treason"
Subverting the rule of law

It is easy to recognize the progression. Next week, October 15 – 20. Those in charge are very unwilling to say. “Vigilant Shield,” (Do they pay third rate science fictions writers to come up with these names?) a training that makes no American more secure, will being in Oregon, Phoenix, Guam and perhaps the Philippines

Oregon, along with every other state government, is desperate for money. The Feds moved to take control of the money through the Reagan Administration in California beginning in the 1960s. It remains true that California foretells the future of America. The Federal government, taking nearly every penny Americans produce, gives back penalties and control.

Yet Homeland Security can pay out big bucks to put children and all of residents through 'scenarios' with less likelihood of occurring that the sighting of a flying saucer. What happened to the security that worked? That takes place locally, handled by the people themselves in their communities and stays there.

Capt Huber from the Yamhill Co Sheriffs office said a drill that took place there yesterdays was funded by Homeland Security. He added that the school children had undergone, “weeks of training before.” In the Boston Herald a report from a parent sent chills through families. Physicians are now forced to ask about drug usage, drinking, possible gun ownership and whether or not Daddy is touching the child inappropriately. The child involved was in for a check up before engaging in sports.

The intention of the Federal government is clear. By imposing pointless and expensive 'drills' on such cities as Portland, Oregon the PsyOps continues; fear becomes endemic. The people are forced to look to 'authority' in fear of their lives. Citizens there and across the country now fear the government far more than they do the unlikely specter of terrorists from elsewhere. The many tazerings and assaults on individuals by those charged to protect have sent that message.

Many fear that the massive deployment in Portland, Phoenix, and Guam, coming on the heels of the still unexplained loss of an armed nuclear bomb just this last summer portends a false flag event, a justification for enacting a martial law that will never end.

Those with experience, observing events, believe that the process is intended to promote a state of perpetual fear that will render citizens compliant, frozen and unable to act in their own defense.

America is bleeding money, its people at risk in every way you can imagine. But Americans remain a people with deep reservoirs of courage. Those who have worked so diligently to cancel the Constitution will find out that it is they who will, in the end, be held accountable. Remember to get their names, those will be needed.

The means for change, and retribution, remain in the hands of the people. The question that those Power Punks should ask themselves is just how lucky they feel.

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Enemy Within: Cato and its Covert Agenda

No one at Cato does anything without an agenda. Over the last 30 years Cato has positioned itself as a major 'think-tank' in DC, becoming a proponent for policies that further the agenda for federalization when all is said and done. For months the institution behind the white marble walls in Washington DC has remained mostly silent on the Ron Paul Campaign, discussing the 'real' candidates and ignoring Dr. Paul.

Ask yourself why all of a sudden David Boaz at Cato and the gang at Reason would suddenly discover that there is a lot of support for Ron Paul's candidacy? Earlier this year Boaz went out of his way to say in a comment written on 04.17.07 @ 9:46 pm,And apparently, the most notable contributor to Ron Paul is . . . Rob Kampia, director of the Marijuana Policy Project. It’s going to be a long campaign.

It could be that a continued silence would prove to be embarrassing, hence, this new comment from October 4th, 2007 by Boaz on the Cato Dispatch? Or are there other reasons as well?

David Boaz, a long time Cato employee said of the 3rd Quarter fundraising numbers, “Ron Paul's amazing fundraising success -- with no support from the Republican establishment and little attention from the mainstream media -- is an indication of the wide appeal of his message of Constitutionalism, reduced spending, and an end to the Iraq war. In some ways Ron Paul is the antidote for every problem that plagued Republicans in 2006: Voters were tired of Republican corruption, and Ron Paul has never succumbed to the temptations of Washington. They were fed up with overspending, and he's the original anti-spender. They're disillusioned by the seemingly endless war in Iraq, and Ron Paul opposed that war from the beginning. He's appealing to fed-up traditional Republicans and to younger voters who haven't yet been Republicans.”

But what follows is actually more interesting. In another location, conveniently located at the bottom of the page comes this from "The Libertarian Vote. The Cato crowd have been watching developments for a long time, long enough to ensure their background positioning.

“"The main theme of political commentary in this decade is polarization. Since the battles over the impeachment of President Clinton and the Florida vote in 2000, pundits have been telling us that we're a country split down the middle, red vs. blue, liberal vs. conservative. Political analysts talk about base motivation and the shrinking of the swing vote. But the evidence says they are wrong.

Not all Americans can be classified as liberal or conservative. For those on the trail of the elusive swing voter, it may be most notable that the libertarian vote shifted sharply in 2004. ... If that trend continues into 2006 and 2008, Republicans will lose elections they would otherwise win. The libertarian vote is in play. At some 13 percent of the electorate, it is sizable enough to swing elections. Pollsters, political strategists, candidates, and the media should take note of it."”

Cato knows all about polarization because for the last thirty years marginalizing and polarizing the electorate has been at the core of their own prosperity. Cato was founded by three people. Edward H. Crane, III, an eager financial adviser from Los Angeles with big ideas not matched with personal or professional ethics, Murray Rothbard, the honored but often volatile proponent for the free market, and Charles Koch, the CEO of a privately owned petroleum company that was profiting in Vietnam with Halliburton and is now profiting in Iraq with the same partners and receiving cost plus contracts in unlikely places. The links between the Kochs and Bushes are well known to insiders. One of the first acts of the Bush Administration in 2001 was to quash the nearly 400 major EPA violations enforced against Koch Industries.

Murray was ousted for asking questions at their first board meeting in 1981. His comments were loud. Murray was like that. At the time most of us thought the conflict was personalities. Today, the real explanation is more prosaic. Murray would be glad to know that he was right about the 'cloven hoof' exhibited by Crane and Cato.

Murray was clearly going to be a problem for Cato when they started positioning themselves as 'free market.' What was really happening was a broad sweep of corporatization coming in with the onslaught of the Reagan Administration. In case you had not heard Reagan was a NeoCon. The warning had gone out from United Republicans of California in 1975 with this Resolution, accompanied by three pages of documentation in 8 point type.

Some of the Cato donations still come from committed freedom activists and not major GRID corporations. But don't imagine for a moment that those bare mentions are without further agenda. Events out of sight of most Ron Paul Activists have continued to develop.

The third quarter fundraising reports showed Paul's official campaign bringing in slightly over $5 million from 127,000 small contributors. That is major because those involved know that means a mainstream breakout that cannot be accounted for by old line libertarians or even the whole of the previous freedom movement.

The remarks made by the arrogant Catoites are still snarky and positioned to marginalize Paul but provide a repositioning for them that doubtless presaged a further move towards safe ground. Those who have profited through the Cato strategy so useful to the NeoCons knew perfectly well they are between a rock and a hard place.

Cato, Crane, and the Howie Cogs need to reposition themselves desperately. They might have been useful to the GRID corporations but there is no sign they will be protected in the conflict now coming. Better to have a foot in both camps. For months now there have been signs they want to move back into the now burgeoning movement and bring their wealth and centrist attitudes with them. They have a beachhead right there in DC.

The Paul campaign is not really the badly run, self aggrandizing office staff in Arlington Virginia, heavily weighted to either incompetent retread Libertarians or Cato graduates, the REAL campaign is out in the hinterland taking the ideas into the mainstream through sheer grit and determination, despite those at Head Quarters. Early 'build out' in the HQ tried diligently to control those elements, but failed. Now they settle for taking credit for work they had no positive role in creating.

This unpalatable truth is widely under discussion among local activists. Those who know Ron report that he is very trusting but the question of why there is no steering committee must be taken up. Such a committee should be made up of old time, trusted friends who have no links to Cato.

Most of the new, committed, activists were never previously political but report the same problems of arrogant, incompetent 'directors' sent from the DC office. Typical of those local activists is Linda Hunnicutt, a grandma from North Carolina who, although she is fighting lung cancer, still painted her RV Red, White and Blue, slathered it with Ron Paul signs and took to the road for Paul. Linda founded the Warrior Grannies to take America back.

“Linda Hunnicutt, the Granny Warrior, met Ron Paul for the first time in 2005 when she was on a personal crusade to stop the busibodiness of government. Linda had become aware that the U. S. Department of Agriculture was interfering with the right of individuals to own exotic animals and become active on the issue.”

But positioning itself to avoid the problem of being on the wrong side is only one motivation for the Cato Crew. Also worrying them is the indictment, with more to come, of one of their most trusted and central members. Paul Jacob was indicted in Oklahoma. Paul is a long time associate of the Crane Machine, working through the Howie Cogs in New York, now spread out across the country.

That story, which has long legs, and will eventually result in more indictments, began with a blogger, Hart Williams, of Oregon. Williams, a local activist who had been a working journalist for 30 years with various prestigious magazines and papers, noticed that the initiatives that would take control away from local people were coming from out of state sources who obviously did not want to be identified.

He started digging.

Eventually, he had the whole story which others, associated with more formal institutions, used to bring the Crane-Howie conspiracy to light. He was featured in a segment from PBS's NOW early in the process.

The story that came to light involved a long time courtship of John Walton, who at his death donated $300,000,000.00 to the excited and ambitious Howie Cogs to further their profitable work on behalf of GRID Corporations. The original corporate structure and its assets were donated by the Kochs for the use of Howie and Cogs. That became Americans for Limited Government. That transaction took place in the early 90s. The 'branch office' near Walton's home was immediately closed, its purpose fulfilled.

The issue that concerns those who are working for freedom is that of defederalizing government to bring it back into alignment with the Constitution and ensure transparency. Despite the following attempt to reposition himself Jacobs' work had nothing to do with freedom. The bald fact is that GRID corporations such as Koch Industries are not heroes in the Objectivist model; they are the problem. It is local residents of states who have the Constitutional right to determine their form of government. Reason promptly weighed in with support for Jacobs this morning, running this self-serving interview. Reason has also ignored the Paul Campaign until now.

“The difficulty of keeping a free country is involved in both cases. I’ve got a 7-year-old, I’ve got a 15-year-old, and a 23-year-old with an almost two-year-old son, and a wife who I like to think needs me. I don’t want to be going through this, but we have got to stop government from rolling over us. I didn’t choose this fight, but I’m going to fight these guys and we have to band together as a people. I have been moved in the last two days by the amount of good wishes and help pouring out from people left, right, and in between. I’m not going to let this politician in Oklahoma roll over our initiative rights, so I plan to fight with everything I got. I hope in the end we win and I think we will.”

The money that Jacobs and such other activists as Eric Dondaro, Leslie Keyes, and others have been 'making' was fed through the hands of Howie Cogs in lavish stipends and on to 'initiatives' that all work to the advantage of GRID corporations and to the detriment of ordinary people at the local level. That has always been the strategy they followed. The campaign to get ballot status for the Libertarian Party in California to benefit Crane candidate Ed Clark was known by activists to be using phony registrations but managed, barely, to avoid prosecution.

This was carefully concealed from Clark, who became alienated from the Crane Machine in the aftermath of the 1980 campaign as did most Libertarians.

Ron Paul is an honest, straight forward man, very unlike those associated with Cato. The Ron Paul Campaign is about getting local communities out of the grasp of federal control. Ironically, it was just yesterday that the Browns, IRS resisters in New Hampshire, were arrested by agents that the local sheriff could have told to get out. Sheriff Richard Mack, one of the proponents for the Mack – Printz Decision that in 1997 affirmed the sheriff of a county as having standing to order the Feds out has taken up the work of educating sheriffs across the country. That is an essential in the campaign for renewing local control.

Ron Paul Activists know that they in parallel with their Paul Campaign work need to provide local solutions in their own communities; a lack of transparency and control from GRID corporations only makes that more difficult.

Understanding how corporate money has worked to corrupt the Constitution, the rights of individuals and erase the borders between Federal control and local government that should be in the hands of the people needs to continue. The enemy you face is all too often someone you thought you could trust.