Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Guide to Understanding the NeoCons: How the NeoCons use sweet charity ­ and how to stop them.

The recent dust up regarding the MZM and the White House is being treated by the media as a singular event, an example of corruption where the White House dropped some stitches by allowing individuals to occupy positions where there was potential conflict. How charmingly naive of those who populate the Print and Ether Estates. You have to expect this of the media; they, along with most Americans, see what they are most comfortable seeing. But the failure to understand the functional behavioral strategies illustrated by this latest dropped stitch on the part of Bush, Rove and Co. leave those of us who depend on understanding these dynamics at even further risk.

You would think that the mounting price tag of this Administration would have caused some one to consider how it is happening. The 'business' done by manipulations through government produces monumental amounts of money, redirected from honest commerce to dishonest profits. But in fact, while I have been patiently waiting for someone to point this out I am now tired of waiting and so will do it myself. The Ominous Parallels, with no apologies to Leonard Peikoff, the author of the book by the same title, are to frightening to be ignored. The only was to avoid the consequences is to understand what is happening and what changes of infrastructure will work to disallow this mounting trend to continue.

All of us learn best through watching and copying behavior. That is the medium responsible for the success of the NeoCons. As a behavior seen on the playground is picked up and used quickly so happens in the boardrooms and bedrooms of life. Deceit, manipulation, and the use of force are now endemic to politics and the most profitable edge of business in America. The same strategies are destroying the basis for individual lives and our families.

Ideas are powerful weapons.

All organizations and policies are human tools which can be used in any way the wielder wants. You can take a hair dryer and poof up your do for the prom or you can assassinate your inconvenient lover by plugging it in and dropping it in the tub while she marinates in the suds. It is not the device that is dangerous it is the intentions of the one using it.

Any organization, for profit, nonprofit, or public can be used to accomplish ends that are not spelled out on the packaging. The NeoCons know exactly what they are doing. They have been doing it for going on three generations now.

We must accept that what we are seeing is not accidental or coincidental.

The strategies used by the NeoCons come in several variations, each a natural evolution from the first. While the NeoCons and their ilk are not terribly bright they can see some of the obvious extrapolations.

A little history:

The first use of this kind of infiltration that can be tracked for later application occurred in the aftermath of World War II. That wave of organization based manipulation occurred through the CIA when it used the then newly formed National Student Association to manipulate opinion in Europe.

Hundreds of students were enlisted by the CIA and were instructed on becoming covert agents. This cadre were used in Europe and in the United States. The cadre was used to carry out the ensuing cold war disinformation campaign of the late 1940's and 1950's. This came to light during congressional hearings in the 1960's.

It was relatively unsophisticated. But obviously many people, some sincere and well-meaning and some simply recognizing the powerful potentials, took those lessons on with them through life. Infiltration of organizations for the purpose of assessing potential threats to National Security are a spin out of this as well. The technology of using organizations was in full flower and sophisticated by the late 60s, having been honed internally to National Security during the Vietnam Conflict and the ongoing Cold War.

As people cycled through the CIA and encountered these strategies in operation the means for using them became commonly known in those circles of affinity. Then their use moved outside of government, probably through individuals moving into security and management positions in corporations. This is a common and lucrative move for individuals looking for more for their time.

The use of these strategies within the United Nations began in the late 50s.

Using ideology as a means of manipulation was already in the tool box along with other forms of manipulation and deceit, verbal and iconic.

The time and focused energy that went into perfecting these tools must have been enormous. That level of sophistication was about to be demonstrated.

We will begin with the heartrending example of the original Earth Day and the organization that has been withstanding the assaults of the PetroElite for going on 40 years now.

The targets never even saw them coming.

A very nice group of people including Margaret Mead, the woman who was so amusingly mislead as to the habits of Samoans by believing their manufactured stories, went on to see the real need for a group to bring public awareness to the question of efficiency in energy use and conservation. One man in this group, John McConnell, thought long and hard about what he wanted to convey to people around the world and in 1969 began working on the idea of Earth Day in the mid 60s.

Earth Day, as outlined, was to take place at the moment of the Equinox. McConnell saw that this moment must be universal, not about humanity but about the Earth itself. The happens twice a year. It is celebrated as Earth Day around March 20 - 22 each year. At that moment the Earth reaches balance and tips towards summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern.

The Moment was first recognized by the City of San Francisco the first Earth Day in 1969. The Moment continues to be commemorated by the ringing of the Peace Bell at the United Nations. The theme is always Peace, Justice and the Environment.

You most likely have never heard of it. You probably celebrate the day in April that was orchestrated by Dennis Hayes, a pimpled-faced tool of the PetroElite. If you visit their related sites you will see that you are carefully herded away from any source with technologies that would discourage your continued use of oil as a fuel source. If you are old enough to remember the cultural expectation of the 70s you probably remember that most people expected solar energy to become a substantial alternative to oil as a source of power. That did not happen because of the successful redirection and because along with that the PetroElite bought up the solar patents then marking the edge of that technology. The devices were never actually produced.

The funding for this came from oil companies through other nonprofits they established to steal the media and the public face of environmentalism. The original organization, still run by one of the original founders, Helen Garland, continues to ward off take over attempts by sleazy types associated with - Maurice Strong.
That is an illustration of how it is done.

OK. Now we get into the meat of the thing. There are two main lines of attack using organizations.

Use No. One *Redrawing the Playground*; funding from corporations.

In this approach you redirect the dialog on opinion, inserting useful policy intended for use in future disinformation campaigns. Policy is determined by what you know you will be doing. You choose issues because, like Rove, you know which of your 'core constituents,' you are marketing for.

Ideas are just tools. It is dead easy to use them like that blow dryer once you get over the idea you need to believe in the actions they represent.

Along with taking over or starting organizations to create a 'front' another essential component for Redrawing the Playground are public relations personalities. These are most often drawn from the ranks of the young and hungry; willing to do anything for the money and prestige that will flow into their lives. This can be a role for a life time. Likely candidates for this sort of position include the less than independently successful off spring and other relations of prominent people.

Sometimes the organization used is dictated by the PR Icon; sometimes it is constructed for the purpose. And example of this is the placement of Robert Kennedy, Jr. where he has no earthly reason to be. I am sure his relations were relieved to see him gainfully employed.

To shift public awareness on issues NeoCons use existing organizations, or build their own organizations for the purpose. If it is a think tank it then churns out 'policy' and 'opinion' papers that shuffle the facts, build and then cross reinforce specious arguments, use attacks on the basis of personality, and place 'experts' on the subject who are being paid through - the organizations. You buttress their reputations by having the 'experts' 'pundits' write books. You drive up sales of the books by buying huge amounts and giving or selling them through a circle of the same organizations.

Some of these pundits, for instance Ann Coulter, become icons, helping you change the opinion and cultural make up of your organizations, for instance, the Republican Party. Look for the faux websites that work to redirect traffic and bleed off available funds intended to enact change.

Use No. Two *The Playground as Profit Center*; funding your projects from the public pockets.

This phase is the 'died and gone to heaven' portion of the strategy. Before the Corporations had to shell out their own money to provide cover for the policies they wanted adopted into law. Now that source for funding is decoupled and the whole structure is directly attached to the funding sources that come through government. Wow. This is a heady moment for the NeoCon. For them it is like a perpetual ATM machine with an unlimited credit line.

The whole is buttressed and reinforced by the linking structure of nonprofits serving as holding tanks for pay-offs to pundits and other bogus experts and to provide the essential iconic front. These are a recycling of those well known arguments from authority that can be summed up as a loud and empty, “because I said so!!!” Please refer to any elementary level book on logic.

In the case of the NeoCons they have also cobbled on a structure of 'religious institutions' for the same purpose. These pay off the 'leaders' who guarantee their political base in the same way pundits are paid through nonprofits but instead of the cash coming from the PetroElite through nonprofits it comes through the pockets of tax payers.

That is an outline of the strategies used as tools by the NeoCons. Start looking around for examples, they are thick upon the ground and many are now soaked in blood and oil.

And now we return to the issue of those bad placements in MZM. If you turn down the volume on the covering rhetoric exuded by the NeoCons, both visibly in the administration and as covering fire in media and elsewhere, you will start to correlate their frequent insertion of wordage with policy they then push. You will also notice that they are telling you very plainly what they are really about; their actions, as opposed to their wordage, are reliable indicators.

Placing operatives of various kinds in positions intended to support what we think of as the proper functions of government is a clear extrapolation of the previous strategy that enhances their control. That is why these individuals were there. NeoCons make mistakes but this is not the kind of mistake they make. The real mistakes come in the form of miscalculating how far they can do at a given time and in misunderstanding things like the laws of physics; they are not wonks in those disciplines.

Further uses of pundits still in play:

After Bush II stole his way into office using the then in beta test mode Diebold End Run they realized that the question of election fraud would be raised. Early in 2000 John Fund began work on a book intended to provide the covering fire on that issue. Of course it blamed liberals. Since I am a Republican and former Libertarian I used to assume that there actually was a Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. Then, when I realized what was happening, I hoped there might at least be some folks there who had a clue. Life is full of disappointments. But having once been a Brownie Leader and also a Libertarian Political Organizer I knew that every problem is also an opportunity.

The infrastructure of government does not work; at the best of times it costs too much applied to the services it provides when compared to obtaining the same services through alternative nonprofit and for profit organizations. That is the bad news. The good news is that America has grown alternatives without even thinking about it and with some relatively modest modifications we can handle everything we actually need locally.

Any dependency on grids that lead through government are fatally flawed but can be replaced through local action. Get out your Yellow Pages. The original game plan for America said that government was only to handle those things we could not do ourselves. As a working adjunct to that wisdom I would point out that resources held by government belong absolutely to us. Also, they incorporated and I do not possess any piece of paper saying I own stock. The same is true for the FED. When you clear away the specious arguments of sovereign immunity and return to the correct interpretation of liability this is not rocket science.

We are all on grids constructed with deceitful intention by that nasty collusion between government and mega corporations. These include energy, credit, our monetary system, justice, and social services. Social Services we are mostly handling as needed locally anyway.

Freedom is still the destination. Recognizing the flaws in the tools we are using now, government chief among these, is a major step towards change. See what is wrong and why: Identify better tools that have been tested through time; Start using them.

Get off the Grids; Organize Locally; Build Coalition

Friday, March 17, 2006

Saving the World and our Wallets from the NeoCons

As the joke goes, when three wolves and a sheep vote we all know who is going to be dinner. How does that work when there are millions of sheep and only a few thousand wolves? That in a nut shell is government today. It is time the sheep reconsidered how the game is to be played.

While this administration might have stopped casting hungry eyes on the profit potential of Social Security that is no guarantee that the fingers connected to those eyes might not still be twitching. Since they have spent us into unprecedented debt soon it will be impossible to continue their predatory behavior without continuing to open new vistas for their avaricious gleanings.

Although the Dubai Ports Deal failed it is well to remember the enthusiasm Bush and his cohort of NeoCon Counselors viewed what looks like the mistimed garage sale of America's property.

This will probably not reoccur before the elections this autumn – but after that all bets are off and public goods of all kinds can be assumed to be up for grabs. Outright sale is only one means for milking assets supposedly owned by the public. Look for bank shots through the cohort of clutching corporations and financial institutions who comprise Bush's 'core' constituency.

But only sheep chew placidly while the shepherd is inside sharpening his knife. We need to think about saving the assets.

We already know through their long ogling of Social Security that it is on their menu. That plan has been percolating through their calculations for a long time. In fact, since 1977 when a 20ish young man declared he intended to go to Washington D. C. and get rich. The man's name was Edward H. Crane, III. Don't pause to wonder if he is any kind of old money. He is not; but his eyes have ever been on acquiring that status. Ed had a vision of himself as walking the halls of power and to accomplish that he needed something to sell. He had also been involved in Libertarianism, the then newly fledged movement that spoke its determination to return America to its individualist roots, reinstalling all of our freedoms. Ed looked over the assets there and decided to become an intermediary for selling those ideas to corporate interests and to Congress through what is known as Cato Institute. To make that attractive and acceptable to Libertarians he used the rhetoric of freedom as cover.

One of the first papers written by the original cadre at Cato for the presidential campaign of Ed Clark, a candidate for the Libertarian nomination in 1980, was the privatization of Social Security. The idea was greeted enthusiastically by Libertarians who naively assumed this would give Americans control of their money and allow for retirees to enjoy far larger retirement incomes. But that is not how the application of policy works when you want to sell it to the greedy who view government as an elegant way to separate the sheep from their hard earned money.

The amount of money under discussion was enormous.

If on the one hand you allow government to keep the money it has stolen through the misappropriation of Social Security while transferring the money still to come to financial institutions for 'investment' owned by your friends, then you might be working with chumps but it is not chump change.

Reselling the ideas of freedom to the greedy made Edward H. Crane, III a wealthy man.

Decoupling accountability, either from government or from corporations, from profits while selling the ideas using the rhetoric and cover of freedom reborn became the formula for success for all involved. Now, that is sleazy.

So what to do instead?

The fact is no one's retirement is safe if it controlled by government. They are not to be trusted. But in the last over 200 years America has birthed institutions by the dozen most of us trust with our lives, adding infrastructure to those already existing that have proven to be reliable. You probably belong to one yourself.

You may be an Elk, a member of that Benevolent and Protective Order that opened their hearts and wallets to fund the first hospital for American Veterans in 1918. Yep, that wasn't the government either. You may be a member of Rotary International, Soroptomists, The American Humanist Society, or any of an incredible number of organizations run mostly by volunteers who are the backbone of good works in America.

This also includes religious and spiritual organizations of all kinds. Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, all of these present opportunities. Each of us should be able to judge for ourselves how trustworthy our own might be for the purpose. I have friends who are Mormon, Catholic, Congregationalist, and Muslim who say they know they can trust their own church with their retirement. I am sure there are many others.

What to look for in any organization is the internal values regarding responsibility, accountability and how long individuals have been volunteers invested in making their own mission work.

Institutions organized along these lines possess the essential attributes to handle large amounts of money honestly and to do so while keeping the costs minimal; they had to do that to be successful in the first place. As volunteer organizations the motivation for moving up and donating even more time is dedication to the Mission of the organization. Most of those who work at the National or International level have been socially and emotionally invested in that organization for a life time. Their 'profits' and not calculated in dollars but in knowing the work is done and done right. They want to leave a legacy of love for future generations. Can they meet that challenge? If their members ask them to they probably could.

Allowing the transfer our retirement plans from an institution, government, that has proven entirely unreliable to institutions who have proven their worth over generations is only common sense. We can't make them do it but their record of civic responsibility would make it likely they would offer that service to their own members.

This would be a win in many different ways. Ensuring that the transfer of funds into these trusts opens up another opportunity to change how government 'works.'

Money handled by these organizations creates a market in investment managed and controlled by organizations who are conservative, canny, and trustworthy. Different organizations and churches could handle this each in their own way, reflecting the vision of their own members. This area would develop the latent potential still to be developed in volunteer organizations that are controlled by their memberships at the most local level. These organizations already do good; this would allow them to do more.

At the same time removing what proved to be an irresistible temptation to those in government would reduce that well documented impulse to steal. Removing attractive nuisances from the morally impaired is only responsible. And Edward H. Crane, III would have to figure out something else to do for a living, eventually. For a while he will doubtless continue his campaign to repackage despotism as freedom and sell it to the credulous and greedy.

Now, how to pay for this. Collusion to engage in theft is a crime. The attempts to hold up a banner of 'sovereign immunity' by those in government must finally be ended. Government is not sovereign; the only sovereignty mandated by America's Mission Statement is that accruing to each individual. A liability has been created by those who allowed Social Security to be converted from a trust fund to a source of funds. They are as individuals absolutely liable. The corporate interests who cooperated are liable; and penalties should be exacted in full measure.

Government is no more sovereign and immune than is your plumber when he screws up the repair of your toilet. Our justice system also needs reforming; a system for justice is intended to ensure that those doing wrong are held accountable. It is time to do that to government and its minions.

Americans face a challenge that holds both hazard and promise. We faced a similar threat at the beginning of the Revolution and at the beginning of WWII. It is always individuals working cooperatively for a common goal who change the world. America was built on those principles and it can be rebuilt the same way.

The naked politicos waltzing around DC in their sheepskins are the past. The future belongs to us – if we choose it.

Get off all the grids, organize locally, build Coalition.
Freedom is still a good thing.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Shots Heard Round the World were not a government operation

Americans need to understand their own history

As the harsh storms of winter subside we approach the 231st anniversary of an event in American history that can provide insight and direction badly needed today. On April 19, 1775 The Shot Heard 'Round the World marked a clash of arms over a small bridge standing astride the stream at Concord, Massachusetts. We have all seen the statues and some of us have heard the poetic paeans to the event that took place there.

To this day no one knows who fired the shot but the unfolding clashes shocked the British Crown and set the stage for the first nation on Earth who proclaimed the principle of universal freedom in July of the next year.

This was not a government operation.

Perhaps the best lesson to be drawn from those events, which we have allowed to be obscured through the misted lens of time, is that this marked a moment when the people did it themselves and in so doing confounded the greatest power then existing on Earth; a power comparable to our government today.

The colonists standing at Lexington and Concord were routed; they had been standing in battle formation, as soldiers did back then. After that initial few rounds of fire they rejected the conventional approach to war and took to the woods, spontaneously conducting a guerrilla action as the Red Coats marched back to Boston. This example of spontaneous order shows a strong bent for innovation and rejection of strategies that fail. Software wonks would understand completely. Now that is a learning curve to applaud but it is not the best part.

The alarm that had gone out through the night time activities of Paul Revere and Dawes had been delivered.

At that point in time the British Empire had 8,000 men under arms across the globe. A far smaller number were serving the Crown in New England. That, the Crown felt, was entirely sufficient.

At the end of the day 10,000 Americans were marching towards Lexington and Concord, muskets, knives, and hammers in hand, prepared to kick some Red Coat Butt. Women who saw off husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons, prepared to keep the home fires burning and everyone fed.

Total mobilization included everyone.

When the people decide to do something it gets done. No government could have organized these events, they came straight form the minds and hearts of the people.
The year before the colonists had nearly been caught with their pants down when another expedition of the Crown had narrowly been thwarted in its plan to confiscate the munitions being gathered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. War was coming. The Crown had cut off their supply of munitions. After the Capture of the Fort William And Mary at Portsmouth, the colonists were determined to be prepared.

The months leading up to April 19th and the Bridge had been filled with preparations that included not only ensuring that an early warning system was in place (Revere and Dawes among others) but that the crusty colonists understood the issues. Committees of Correspondence comprised of people from every town had been discussing the causes for the conflict and what we would think of today as the Mission Statement for what would be America. They had built agreement through persuasion and discourse. No one voted for war.

When the broadsides came out from Philadelphia bearing the words of the Declaration of Independence that next year this population knew what they meant.

This was an amateur operation from the beginning. They had few resources, limited munitions, and no central organizing structure. That is doubtless why it worked. They had to be inventive and be prepared to acquire expertise they lacked.

The year after the Declaration was signed, July 4, 1776, they had cobbled together an army of the same people but their lack of experienced generals made those first months of action a disaster. George Washington looked like a general but he had no training in the strategies and practicalities of war. Fortunately, he also knew how to innovate and was modest enough to see the need.

That long nasty winter at Valley Forge was not what you think it was. Men were not dying of disease and creeping away; they were having an intense round of training exercises that included training Washington to lead the troops. The trainer was Baron von Steuben, an officer with Prussian General Staff training. Soldiers who went through those winter months at Valley Forge tended to end up officers themselves.

I went in to the DAR on Benjamin Pillsbury, who went through training at Camp Valley Forge and was commissioned a lieutenant.

There were no bureaucrats and it all worked fine.

America is not a nation like other nations. The vision that gave the colonists the motivation to throw off the chains of the British Crown were both spiritual and civil, evoking that mission statement from Thomas Jefferson penned in the Declaration of Independence that coalesced support.

They were all investing their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors, not just the ones who signed.

Unlike the early Greek and Roman writers who had applied the concepts of democracy and rights to define what was actually an oligarchy where only a tiny minority of people exercised power, the American Vision proclaimed that each of us possessed the same inherent nature, which included the right of autonomy, before the existence of government of any kind.

Government was, in that view, a service center, providing only those services that the people could not provide for themselves. The colonists were practical people who would never have paid for the padded privileges assumed by later generations of government officials.

It was the Yellow Pages approach to government and if today government was limited to what we can't find either in the local Yellow pages or do locally through charity there would be legions of bureaucrats looking for jobs at MacDonalds. A satisfying image.

You might sit down and make out a list of essential services and leaf through your local yellow pages. If the service is there and you need it then government should not be involved according to the original game plan.

Even two generations ago government spent most of the money it takes from us on its own infrastructure while creating an attractive nuisance by dangling unearned wealth in the eyes of the least ethical. A seat in Congress can, in less than ten years, turn a down at the heels political science student into a multimillionaire and these ethically challenged individuals are not being paid off for their good looks.

Unfortunately, those immediately following the Revolution believed they needed a government something like those with which they were familiar in Europe. That was a mistake and today the bill for that mistake and others accounted for in the compound interest of 12 generations of power gone amok, is demanding to be paid.

I know what the veterans of the Capture of Fort William and Mary would have thought; I know what those 20,000 early Americans would have said as preparations continued on the home front while the men marched off to war carrying their own muskets. “Fire”, would become “fire them!”

It is local organizing and innovation that does the job every time.

Most of us who are involved in local charities understand that the needs of those living on the edge of poverty are steadily rising as mega corporations and government, those long time bedfellows, continue to eat us alive.

This is not due to sloth or laziness on the part of those in need. The real needy in America could each be millionaires on what we spend on government. Any of us can find ourselves in the position of facing circumstances we could never have anticipated. The reasons are many; the effect is to place a heavier burden on those within the community who are the last line of defense against hunger, cold, and death. After several generations when Americans have assumed that these safety nets were being handled by the morass of government agencies well funded for those purposes the real relief of need remains in the hands of local activists working as volunteers.

This is true in Santa Barbara where Unity House feeds and trains more needy for less than the multitude of agencies heavily funded by government; it is true in small towns across the country and in urban areas. It is most probably true where you live, too. Americans are used to getting the job done , whether that job is feeding the hungry, searching for missing campers, or ensuring their own freedom. Ultimately that is how this present encounter with a State gone amok will be resolved.

You can almost hear the voices of those early Americans, cussing about the waste and pomposity of the government that confronts us today.

It is time to reboot America's government. The people can do it themselves.

Get off the grids: Organize Locally; Build Coalition. It is time to finish the Revolution

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Forbidden Sign: Republican Woman, DAR Member - Terrorist Threat?


How can it be that a long time member of the National Federation of Republican Women and member of the Daughters of the American Revolution could be Threat To National Security? This came as one of those moments when you are sure they must be talking about someone else.

This was especially shocking to me since I seem to be the Threat. I was very surprised that my blog had elicited so much attention from the Powers That Be this morning. I learned about this when a friend called me and said her attempt to get on and read my latest scribble was been greeted with the warning, 'FORBIDDEN!!!!' Other calls came in rapidly.

And I have been having so much fun writing about my experiences and insights and sharing my graphics.

Of course, the thing one needs to ask is what the NeoCons mean by 'National Security.” Their definition has nothing to do with bombs or bellicose behavior of any kind really. Rather, it goes to the issue of keeping most people from understanding what is going on so they can do something about it. This is the Mushroom Principle, keep them in the dark and feed them fertilizer.

I like people to share and I like sharing my own insights.

The first hand insights came along with the experiences life sent my way while raising children, volunteering as a room mother, Brownie Leader, Cub Scout Den Mother, and (this following activity calls for a very similar set of skills) writing and doing political organizing for the Libertarian Party and then for the same National Federation of Republican Women. I include the nice picture of myself with Laura Bush having Tea at the White House and myself at the table at the Cato Institute Gala in Washington D. C. in 2003 sitting next to Heidi Smith, then the President of the National Federation of Republican Women. As you google you will also notice I donated to No Child Left Behind.

Not your usual profile for a terrorist.

Google, which acquired Blogger, the place where my sites are hosted, did not even write me an e-mail before dragging out the barriers and cutting me off. And I thought we had a relationship. Very sad. Like I said, some of my friends starting calling and complaining and voila! It was back up.

I had warned that there would be dirty tricks afoot in a recent blog. So if this happens again you can still go look at my articles by googling (ironically) my name. Also go to American Politics Journal and OpedNews and Freedom's Phoenix. I am told on good authority others will also be carrying them soon.

Just shutting down sites is one of the more efficient ways to keep the opposition quiet.

What could I have said to upset them? I suspect their reaction came more from concern for what I was going to say next. Thankfully, shutting down my site will not prevent anything like my free speech, guaranteed under the First Amendment, from happening. I will keep using the First Amendment even if they revoke it.

Thanks to a newly started on line Radio Station, BBS, TNT News, I will not only keep on Blogging but also be able to talk to people on line and on the air.

As I pointed out before this administration of grown larger, plumper and balder but not grown up social misfits are very upset that despite the fact they have managed to ice every branch of government from Congress (preventing those nasty impeachments) and the Supreme Court (must not let there be oversight as to the Constitutionality of such questions as the Patriot Act) and the Electoral System (Strauss SAID we could cheat!!) people keep talking and complaining and exchanging information.

Really, if you close your eyes and just think about what they are doing it is obvious no one should trust them with even a cork pop gun, much less a hunting rifle or, for gosh sakes, nuclear weapons. Ethically I would be concerned with trusting them in preschool. I know, I had a lot of kids.

If I was sending them out to sell Girl Scout cookies I would figure they would eat most of the cookies themselves.

The events that put me in the middle of this mostly related to my daughter, Morgan Pillsbury. Morgan showed the bad judgment to become involved with one of these plumped up reprobates named John Fund. It was bad judgment on her part, and I am not defending her on that. But John was far worse because his behavior was even less conscionable than hers. No matter what, beating someone you out weigh by 150 Lbs. is not nice. Nice is a very important attribute in anyone. I suspect that there are no nice NeoCons. Sad thought.

That matter, which John and his NeoConning buddies have managed to dodge, is now coming up to another court date and the timing is bad for them because John is one of their most trusted Political Operatives.

I have lost any trust in our justice system; Robert Morganthau, District Attorney for Manhattan, dropped the criminal case when by law he was not permitted to do so. Regrettably, I was forced to conclude that the NeoCons 'hold paper' on Morganthau, who usually does the right thing in cases of domestic violence.

Holding paper can mean they have a video of Morganthau having sex with a model or a cockatoo or some other nasty thing or that he has tax problems, or any of many different forms of coercive pressure. Holding paper covers all of them. Someday I suspect we will know what was going on there.

Sometimes I wonder what they could have been thinking when they decided to help Fund. Not at all bright.

What did they expect me to do? What kind of a mother and human being would I be if I did not defend her when, on this occasion, she deserves defending?

Defending ourselves and our families will most likely become an issue for all of us.

This is an interesting time in the NeoCon game plan. While they have iced the usual means for protest the Internet remains a weak point for them. Their attempts to control the exchange of information and insight and commerce remain largely unsuccessful, though we must anticipate continued attempts through corporate biggies like Google and AOL. That continued conduit for information has allowed significant numbers of Americans to find out directly from Europe and other places around the world what is happening. This is in large part responsible for the rapidly deteriorating popularity of this Administration, along with the increasingly blatant moves to seize control of American property on their part, for instance the Ports Sale.

The NeoCons are doubtless thrashing around right now, unsure which direction to take. They are in the latter part of a long range campaign and the components for their campaign to control America is now encountering realities they did not anticipate. Europe is growing alarmed at the high levels of radioactivity swept in from Iraq from the Depleted Uranium used by us there in munitions; Americans are coming back from that war with symptoms now understood to originate from that source. The credibility of this Administration is suffering to such an extent that they may well decide to speed up a more oppressive domestic agenda. Americans need to be distracted and their campaign to reawaken concern for National Security is faltering. Any Terrorist attack occurring at this point could well solidify opposition instead of increasing support.

They have already allowed inferences of their long term plans to slip; The publicity campaign last year regarding Avian Flu, in retrospect, indicates a likely possibility the release of that plague was intended to distract Americans while radically decreasing the population. Actions speak louder than words: why did they broadcast samples of the disease, which still has no known cure, all over the world except to create cover for themselves? It is not that the NeoCons are not aware of environmental issues, just that their plans in that regard take a very different direction, shall we say. As a long range plan this goes along with their science fiction mentalities; as Straussians there would be no reason not to follow such an agenda.

But the masters of political intrigue and now confronting a very different reality.

The NeoCons have moved from the application of political tactics, something they have studied in detail and understand well, to a dependence on their own far less reliable understanding of technology, not their strong suit; While they doubtless consult real experts one wonders if they are entirely frank regarding their desired outcomes. Experts are generally good at letting you know if you explain all of the variables, but lacking that, the miscommunication could be huge.

The present DU toxicity levels in Europe would lead us to conclude that the NeoCons are failing to foresee even the short term consequences of their own plans.

So controlling the Internet – and our access to inconvenient information - has to be high on their priorities.

Therefore blogging and surfing for reliable information is a matter of self defense.

So keep on Blogging. I always told the Brownie and Cub Scouts to be prepared;
Get Off The Grids: Organize Locally; Build Coalition.

Monday, March 06, 2006

An Insider's Guide to the NeoCon World: Get ready to meet the wolves of fate

As demonstrated by revelations on the much maligned competence and foresight of Michael Brown and the treatment alloted to Scooter Libby all of you supposed NeoCon Insiders should pause to reflect on the reality you presently face. You may think you are a NeoCon Insider but if you were only brought on board as recently as 2000 you are most probably not.

No matter how elegant your office space or how impressive your title and rich your paycheck the chances are that in this administration you are there either for the same reasons Scooter and Brownie got their jobs or you are there for something that is, perhaps, even more devious. If, like others, you were astonished to have received your appointment you should allow the shivers of fear to percolate through your nervous system. It is only reasonable to be nervous.

All administrations must needs fill thousands of appointments but only this administration has done so with such a devious agenda, laying out the battle ground in advance in curious ways.

G. Gordon Libby fell on his sword because he was self programmed to do just that; it accorded with his views. That will not be the case with yourself. The NeoCons doubtless noted what good cover he made.

The conferences the Bush Administration held before this administration was assembled were different than any administration in the past. Real NeoCon Insiders, such as John Fund, provided the names for appointments, such as your own. They had unusual criteria for their suggestions, criteria that included if you could arguably be spun as incompetent when the time came for you to go off the back of the Sleigh. They knew the G. Gordons were thin upon the ground. You can think of it as an appointment but the reality is very much like being the guest of honor at a cannibalistic barbecue. In ancient times they always ensured the guest of honor for the ceremony was well fed. Easy to see why.

The NeoCon Cabal was not focused on the ordinary goal of an incoming administration. Their agenda was more personal. They were looking to reformat for the purposes of efficient thievery while placing patsies to take the blame. This is like laying land mines in the bureaucratic morass to prevent them ever reaching someone important. You were nominated as a land mine; notice the land mine never survives.

That was in accordance with the traditional tactical plans of Rove, Cheney, et al. It was necessary to lay down in advance the cover that would cut off possible prosecution and blame for the train of disasters that, if examined, would be revealed to be clever transfers of wealth taking place right out in open under the coloration of administrative business and policy.

On some level you are probably beginning to realize this. It is obvious when you stop listening to what they say and watch what happens. Stupidity and incompetence can only explain so much, after all.

New Orleans and Katrina? A fabulous opportunity to gentrify and move out into other states the pesky voters who were a bastion of blue in a world the NeoCons see as better red.

That is one example. Notice the aftermath of 9/11, too. That allowed for the cancellation of that pesky Bill of Rights and allowed BushCo to offer to his core constituency the free use of America's military to mount a take over on oil fields of the world. Clever move. In this way money is taken from the pockets of Americans and transferred into the wallets of the PetroElite, allowing them to acquire oil while minimizing their costs. It is a wonder that the military serving over there were not required to don company uniforms for their tours of employment as PetroSecurity.

You, as the faux Insider are probably growing uneasy about all you see going on around you, and rightly so. You thought you caught the gold ring, serving in the Inner Circles of Power only to begin to suspect you are Wolf Bait, fated to dive off the back of the Sleight of State when it is your time to serve the Straussian Select.

Of course, there is another explanation for your presence.

Perhaps you are there to still the voices that would otherwise be raised in alarm. If you got that appointment and are not primarily intended as a Land Mine you are probably Hostage of Affinity. By that I mean that you were placed because you have lots of friends outside the administration in a group, such as the Evangelical Bemused or in such ideological groups as conservative and libertarian.

To create the appearance that this administration was actually going to carry out the promises made to those groups they needed 'presence' from those groups. You are 'presence.' Your friends are reluctant to attack you and that is why you are there. Slightly naive and credulous chumps like yourself provide essential cover and could, in times of need, become Land Mines.

By so doing the NeoCon Cabal silenced those in your own ideological affinity group who would have long since be up in arms denouncing the predatory behavior of the Bushanista.

All groups hate to believe they have been taken for a ride; all groups hate to attack their own.
Now it makes sense, right? There is a reason the administration ignores you unless it is time to trot you our for a round of ideological ratification. Don't feel too neglected. You will doubtless get your own turn as Wolf Bait when the time comes. The canny ones among you are now gathering information, copying papers, absconding with office supplies, placing money off shore, and reconnecting with those neglected friends who have been so less important since they became Insiders.

Humility is good for the soul.

This concludes our first Lesson to the Faux NeoCon Insider. Don't forget to send a thank you note to John Fund, or that other Real Insider, for getting you this great job!

Next: The 401K Syndrome and the profits of Tyranny.

NeoCons are not Conservatives, Republicans, or Americans.They are opportunists working on the build out of the perpetual ATM machine from our pockets to theirs.