Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tin Hats, Truth, and Being Prepared for what will come.

Is it just fear? Speculation gone amok? A science fiction scenario that is taking flight in the imaginations of the tin hat brigade with too much time on their hands, still living in their mother's basements? No one knows for sure. But on the Internet and in quiet haunts across our nation many are saying that America is poised for THE false flag event.

Those talking have plenty to say. They claim that several previous events have been planned to happen and then called off because the administration was outed; this time, they say while firmly affixing their tin hats, that it may not happen. The stories are fascinating, reproduced here for your consideration. We live in strange times, times that have seen our nation move from surety and confidence to an abiding, and living in constant fear of those in control. Courts, known to be corrupt, steal and kill for profit, funneling money into their pockets through corporations listed on Dunn and Bradstreet; slowly Americans are beginning to realize, to their horror, that what they thought was a government is just another corporation out of Delaware. Today all counties and municipalities are incorporated; all look to the people as their source of income.

With shock, ordinary people read that they are listed as assets, dying to freedom at the same time they were born through the birth certificate their parents made out with love and pride. Many sites on line discuss the facts and provide the means for extracting yourself from that system. Generally these cost more than most people can afford. Americans are growing ever more uneasy and looking for solutions.

Americans watched the mortgage meltdown take place to be replaced, in the forefront of their minds, with the price of fuel; then, the specter of hunger arising from runaway inflation took their attention to be followed by the demise of the dollar. The unthinkable is coming from all directions. Speculations and theories that once seemed paranoid and irrational are suddenly less unthinkable.

Concern over the intentions of this administration has given rise to numerous scenarios, linking in the various known placements of troops, prison cars, and the interference with phone services, among many other questions. Tracking and falsification of banking transactions, the availability of food and fuel across the entire country; each of these gut issues are digging a chasm of fear miles deep.

Americans do not know what the future will bring. To understand that future they need to consider the past.

Even today most people do not know about the Gleiwitz incident. False Flag Events have been going on for a long time.

The Gleiwitz incident took place on 31 August 1939. It was carried out against the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia, Germany. A man, Franciszek Honiok, a German Silesian who sympathized with the Poles, was dressed to look like a saboteur. He was killed by lethal injection; his body shot, and then left dead at the scene. It appeared that he had been killed while attacking the station. His body became the proof the Hitler needed to invade Poland. This event was one of several, all orchestrated to provide that proof. Twenty one events took place during what was later called "Operation Himmler" . Hitler was later quoted as saying, "I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn't matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth."

The Grandfather of George W. Bush was Prescott Bush, a US Senator who supported and through his financial interests, funded Nazi Germany. He attempted, in 1934, the take over of the US government through a military junta. U.S. Marine Corps Major General, Smedley Butler, the man who stopped the take over of America, said of those interests, "I spent 33 years and four months in active military service. During that period of time, I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.” Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket,” where the quote above was printed, so you would know the truth. It is a book you should read today. Butler, a two time recipient of the Medal of Honor, died June 21, 1940 at the age of 58.

Those responsible for what is referred to as The Business Plot, were never held accountable for the treason they planned. The Bush family could well be trying to finish the work of previous generations. June 30 – July 2, 1934 was the date of the "Nazi Night of the Long Knives;" now Americans fear the patterns that grow ever more similar. Watch what happens through this long summer.

Martial law is war made on people by their own government. What was true in Nazi Germany could happen here.

“Military maneuvers” are planned for Texas City, Texas, Indianapolis, Indiana, and for the area between Seattle and Portland on the West Coast. An incident that would cause damage in these areas would work to lower the cost of finishing the installation of the 'inland ports' for what is variously called, the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (Note that is seems to be an official government site), or the North American Union.

The missing nuclear weapons from last September are still unaccounted for. Those involved are mostly dead, something those who carry out orders should take to heart. Loads of DU have been imported from Saudi Arabia, to be dumped on previously clean land in Idaho. Lines of rail road cars that are reported to be built with shackles for human limbs, are said to be parked and waiting in Montana, Indiana and elsewhere across the country. Facilities for incarceration, reportedly six hundred separate facilities able to hold several million people, are in readiness, some recycled from a similar period during the Nixon Administration.

Americans have been told to expect to see 'a training exercise' in which motorists, truckers, and others will be stopped and searched randomly from June 3rd to 5th. Movement will be severely restricted, providing more control of the population at the beginning of summer. Those tin hats can be warm during the summer months.

And then we have all of those executive orders, Bush's wish list for power. If Hitler had seen these he would have been struck dumb with admiration. (see the email below I got as I was working on this article.)

Those who note such things have commented that certain dates reoccur when such plans are in motion. The number 11, for instance, is often coupled with an odd numbered month.9/11. Along with the number '11' you often see the number 13, a number that evidently has some sort of significance to those involved in the esoteric and satanism. Strange, to those of us with more mainstream ideas. But as we all know, what people do is far more often true than is what they say. And most of us are not members of Skull and Bones or the CFR; we will not be attending the Bilderberg meeting this June 7, 2008 in Chantilly Virginia at the Westfields Marriott Hotel.

Across the country activists from the right, left, libertarian, conservative, and other movements, have reported problems with their bank accounts. Their phone service and their access to the Internet have also had unexpected problems. These are incidents that could be expected if those marked as 'home-grown terrorists' were to be taken into custody or killed, another scenario now widely discussed by those in tin hats. Some of this could be accounted for through the the double cashing of checks by banks. This happened to ensure their internal 'float' of cash on hand. As always, the public paid. That strategy kept banks from crashing last autumn when hundreds of thousands of Americans received notices that their bank balances were overdrawn.

Right now certain facts must occur to the socially aware and cautious citizen. Keeping your eyes open and staying aware and ready is like making sure your fire extinguisher is recharged. Fire happens.

Keep in mind that the present government went into power using voting machines that have been proven to be easily manipulated. The evidence, now overwhelming, points to the conclusion that all elections for the last decade having been stolen. If that is true then this follows.

Officials who went into office through fraud, could act legitimately. All actions taken while occupying the office, are illegal and they are personally liable for the full cost of those actions. Those who are noticed of these conditions, who are working under the authority of such officials, have an obligation to refuse to follow orders, which will necessarily be illegal. If they proceed to follow orders, having been noticed of the facts, they become themselves liable. Those precedents are grounded in our Constitution and from international law as well. If A, then B follows; The wary take note.

If those in power today are acting illegally, America is at war, a war that is real but undeclared. It is a war not against terrorists, but a war against Americans. That war is being prosecuted by those illegally holding power.

In that case, the government is the outlaw, and the people can rightfully and lawfully take action for themselves. As it said in the Declaration of Independence, “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Those guys in the tin hats have been busy online. I scrounged around today, looking for items to edify. Then, just like magic, I received an email, copied and send many times. It began, amazingly, with more information about Hitler, pointing out that Hitler also used Executive Orders. Hitler murdered his political enemies and effectively declared martial law in Germany through a series of Executive Orders. That is the Night of the Long Knives, and should be placed next to those bills on, 'home-grown terrorism' and considered very carefully.

The rest of the email went on to say, ““On July 3, 1934 Hitler declared, "The measures taken on June 30, July 1 and 2 to suppress treasonous assaults are legal as acts of self-defense by the State.” and retrospectively legalized the murders committed during the purge by passing the "Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defense"

In his July 13, 1934 speech to the Reichstag, Hitler declared himself as "the supreme judge of the German people", he formally adopted this title in April 1942, placing himself as sovereign and above the reach of the law. Here in the U.S. our government is granting itself similar sovereign powers and above the law, immune to prosecution for crimes committed against we the people.

Current U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy claims "The states' immunity from suit is a fundamental aspect of the sovereignty that the states enjoyed before the ratification of the Constitution (of the republic), and which they retain today." Unable to point to any part of the Constitution which grants the State sovereign powers, Kennedy instead claimed that the "founders' silence is most instructive", claiming that because there is no granting of sovereign powers to the State in the Constitution, therefore it’s there. Kennedy stated "We reject any contention that substantive federal law by its own force necessarily overrides the sovereign immunity of the states." His opinion was joined by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist and Justices Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. These are the same judges who placed George W. Bush on the throne after Bush lost the popular vote.

A retired German captain, Erwin Planck, commented to his friend, General Werner von Fritsch regarding Hitler’s actions "if you look on without lifting a finger, you will meet the same fate sooner or later." In 1804, Samuel Chase, Supreme Court Justice and signer of the Declaration of Independence said "either we all hang together, or we most assuredly will all hang separately".

Clearly this administration is desperate to declare Martial Law:

Hitler turned Germany into a Nazi dictatorship through executive orders = Evidently some U.S. Presidents Paid Attention:
* Executive Order 10995: All communications media are to be seized by the Federal Government. Radio, TV, newspapers, CB, Ham, telephones, and the Internet will be under federal control. Hence, the First Amendment will be suspended indefinitely.

* Executive Order 10997: All electrical power, fuels, and all minerals well be seized by the federal government.

* Executive Order 10998: All food resources, farms and farm equipment will be seized by the government. You will not be allowed to hoard food since this is regulated.

* Executive Order 10999: All modes of transportation will go into government control. Any vehicle can be seized.

* Executive Order 11000: All civilians can be used for work under federal supervision.

* Executive Order 11490: Establishes presidential control over all US citizens, businesses, and churches in time of "emergency."

Executive Order 11921: Provides that the President can declare a state of emergency that is not defined, and Congress cannot review the action for six months.

* Executive Order 12919: Directs various Cabinet officials to be constantly ready to take over virtually all aspects of the US economy during a State of National Emergency at the direction of the president.

* Executive Order 13010: Directs FEMA to take control over all government agencies in time of emergency. FEMA is under control of executive branch of the government.

* Executive Order 12656: "ASSIGNMENT OF EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS RESPONSIBILITIES", "A national emergency is any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological emergency, or other emergency that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security of the United States. Policy for national security emergency preparedness shall be established by the President." This order includes federal takeover of all local law enforcement agencies, wage and price controls, prohibits you from moving assets in or out of the United States, creates a draft, controls all travel in and out of the United States, and much more.

The list goes on: Bush's Mein Kampf: The Patriot Act - Guilty without the right to prove innocence; Torture; SEC's global dominance through SOX and the following:

Army Regulation 210–35 Civilian Inmate Labor Program: Confirming the government and the Army's plans for U.S. based Concentration Camps:

Military Commissions Act The enactment of concentration camps in the U.S. and the ability of the President to throw whoever he wants in the camps without question. This act is one of the most extraordinarily outrageous attempts to pass unconstitutional law and is the greatest assault on the U.S. Constitution imaginable. All involved in the commission of this unlawful act have committed high treason against the U.S.A. and should immediately be prosecuted.

Elimination of Posse Commitatus Act: In early 2006 Congress passed bill H.R.5122 granting the President the right to commandeer Federal and State National Guard Troops for use against citizens. The bill is entitled the John Warner Defense Appropriation Act for Fiscal Year 2007. Section 1076 of H.R. 5122.ENR allows the President to:
“...employ the armed forces, including the National Guard in Federal service, to... restore public order and enforce the laws of the United States when, as a result of a natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition in any State or possession of the United States..., where the President determines that,...domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the State or possession are incapable of maintaining public order; suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy...” This act nullifies the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act (10 U.S.C. 331-335) and gives the President the legal ability to declare Martial Law under any condition he so chooses.””

From there the writer went into what to do about such appalling and illegal behavior. You find amazing things via the Internet.

What to do when the State Turns Into An Enemy Combatant:

  1. Early Warning – Learn to identify potential False Flag Ops

  2. Publish and announce any potential False Flag
    This makes it impossible for the criminals to carry out the False Flag as pre-announcement destroys the surprise and will result in what is called "b
    low back".

  3. Secure Yourself & Your Family

  4. Know your neighbors & friends – discuss multiple emergency plans with them.

  5. Setup Neighborhood Watch & Appoint a Peace Officer

  6. Identify and plan escape routs and plans.
    However, be cautions, history has shown neighbors often hand victims over to the state.

  7. Video Tape & Record all actions by ‘authorities’

  8. Publish & Post reports on civil rights violations

  9. Monitor Police Channels, News and Internet.

  10. Avoid the ‘authorities’ if you can.

  11. Carefully Identify and photograph any person claiming ‘martial law authority’
    Key to accountability is identity government officials committing crimes need to know that the public will personally come after them en-mass. As for their card, badge number, oath of office and bond, get them to sign affirmation that they are under oath and bond. Turn the tide of questions and accountability onto them. Ask questions.

  12. Secure your Arms
    The 2nd Amendment is explicit, you have a right to bare arms and the government does not have any right to take them. Recognize a corrupt government fears armed citizens – that is the purpose of the 2nd. If necessary hide your arms to avoid confiscation.

  13. Be slow to shoot
    If you have to shoot, shoot accurately and ensure you have an escape rout so that you can shoot another day.

  14. Maintain sufficient emergency food supplies

  15. Protect Patriotic Leaders and hide them if necessary
    Developing code words and communication is often necessary.

  16. Arrest ‘authorities’ committing crimes in your neighborhood (careful coordination necessary – videotape if you can’t arrest)

  17. Setup Common Law Courts and Grand Juries to indict and prosecute through quo warranto government officials who break the law.

What when your friends and patriots are arrested?

  1. Identify where they have been taken

  2. Immediately personally contact the personnel at the jail where they are held
    In the event of the Concentration Camps being activated across the U.S. the staff working at the Concentration Camps must be personally identified along with their families. Contact their family members and ask for their help. When these criminals know that people are contacting their family members they tend to back off. One of the most effective ways to get people released is to focus on the local officers. Their authorities are the ones who order the false arrests and are unlikely to cooperate with any release.

  3. Setup vigils of protesters with bullhorns and signs outside the jails and concentration camps.”

And that is what you can find when you look. Obviously, the writer's tin hat is of long duration and he or she has put a lot of thought into really horrific scenarios.

Let's hope that nothing happens in the coming weeks. We have a lot to do anyway, just to survive and rebuild our communities. Instead of endless horror let's hope that America's military comes home from every place; let's help them heal themselves. Let us begin to rebuild America, coming together past the divisions of right and left to find each other. Let's hope for peace; let that begin now in each of us.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day Greeting from Social Services

Arthur when he was 8 years old. For mothers they are always our children.

A CORRECTION AND APOLOGY - January 23, 2016. See the Correction on the reason Arthur and I were visited by authorities.  For a while I thought this was the work of Morgan Gell, my psychopathic oldest child, because this was typical of the kind of thing she did.  But I started a Time Line for one of their close associates, Robert Evan Hughes and it now appears he was the instigator.  My apologies to Ms. Hammond and Ms. Sears and also to Deputy Kemmerling.  I'm sure they were acting in good faith.  For more on what is happening visit:  Cedar Slope

Two women, Michelle Hammond, and Lynn Sears, accompanied by a sheriff, Deputy Kemmerling, drove up to the house in two white cars, one a patrol car and the other a government vehicle. They asked to see Arthur, my son. Arthur is 30, but disabled. Arthur had left to take a short constitutional after having lunch, he had then been gone for about 15 minutes. I told them he would be back shortly and went inside, leaving them to wait on the driveway.

The house is a cabin located in a small subdivision. Most of the cabins are occupied only on weekends as most owners only vacation here. We live here full time to save money and since Arthur needs full time care this is the only way I can provide that care and survive, and that just barely. I work from home doing free lance writing and an online radio show. The downturn in the economy has hit all of us.

I was informed that there had been an anonymous complaint regarding the care of my son. When I let them talk to Arthur out of my hearing I later learned from him that he was asked if I abused him. He was asked a series of questions that each served to demean me, prying into our personal lives in ways that clearly violate our rights. My son was asked if he used illegal drugs, among other evidently routine questions. It was manipulative, ignoring my son's Constitutional rights. This would have been true even if he was not severely disabled.

We are obviously being targeted. My son represents potential income to the system. Income that amounts to more than $400,000.00.

There was a time when being poor did not make you fair game to predators like the people from Social Services. That time is past. Having ascertained that Arthur is not abused; he was astonished at the suggestion, any legitimate inquiry should have ended. Instead they used intimidation as an opening wedge in an attempt to influence my son. Having listened to their blandishments Arthur told them that although he was sometimes lonely he preferred to stay with me. Arthur helps when and where he can; he knows families pull together. At that point they transferred their attention to me. Arthur had unwittingly thwarted their agenda.

There was a time when we all knew that the family was the center for our lives. Families stayed together, in good times and bad. Families were and are the kind of insurance that both protects and makes our lives whole. We are who we are because of our family; being a good mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter carried us along with our faith in God through things that otherwise would destroy us.

Refusing to tell either of us who might have filed such a charge they demanded answers to questions that no part of government has a right to know under the Constitution. Arthur and I have a happy and amicable relationship having passed through much pain and adjustment; he receives all the care I can afford and participates in every event and activity possible. Hearing his voice makes the hardships of the last ten years unimportant. He has his own computer and spends time on line. He attends church and goes to Bible Study once a week. I drive him to events when possible but attend few myself since it is costly and interferes with my work. At our small church I usually read the weekly lesson.

The obvious thrust of the procedure the women followed was an attempt to get control of Arthur if money could be generated for their department. The presence of a deputy sheriff, although he said later he was only there to show them where I lived, was intimidating and embarrassing. I am nearly 60 and have suffered two heart attacks, I am no threat to anyone. Although the deputy then said he was only there to show them where I lived, the place is not served by the Post Office, he stayed, listening to what transpired making his explanation problematical.

Over and over Hammond implied that I was 'keeping Arthur away from his friends,' that he was not happy. They asserted that Arthur had a 'right' to make his own decisions regarding where he lives. If such a 'right' exists, and it is not included in the Bill of Rights, then most of us would choose to live in Beverly Hills. Arthur well knows that we live at the cabin because I do not have funds to live elsewhere.

These well paid government 'workers' assumed as a matter of course that Arthur should be receiving welfare or disability; he is not and never has. The distress on their faces was obvious. Immediately they wanted to know if I would apply.

There was a time when Americans stood tall, accepting help from friends and family in need. Government was not part of the equation. That was a better time for all of us. Why do those who make their living supposedly, making us safer, bring a message of fear? Why have so many families, already struggling, been forced over the edge from just this kind of predation from the agencies funded through our taxes? Why can they afford nice homes, goodies, and pensions when so many of us are struggling to stay off the street?

The answer is obvious.

Evidently during their time alone with Arthur they worked to persuade Arthur that he would be happier living elsewhere. It is hard to imagine that they could believe that a man who has had two major brain injuries is capable of deciding for himself that he is capable of making life-impacting decisions, or that they, having known him for around 30 minutes, were better qualified than myself to do so but this was, indeed, their attitude. It is amazing that they could, with straight faces and such fervor, maintain that it is appropriate to interfere with the most intimate choices a family makes. They showed no concern over the stability of any situation they might offer, simply rejecting the obvious fact that the economic meltdown every other part of America is feeling in the most visceral way could impact their small, ugly shake down.

With bright, glassy smiles, they asserted Arthur's right to be happy over any other consideration. But his wellbeing and happiness were not on their agenda.

They promised Arthur that he could go back to Santa Barbara, something I considered to be doubtful. They ignored his need for further therapy. There are many new approaches now coming into availability for the victims of brain injuries. They demonstrated complete ignorance and indifference about the facts regarding brain injuries. They told me I would let him go if I cared about him. They were insulting, demeaning, and verbally abusive to both me and to my son. That was the underscoring and the message received by me and by countless others who find such 'workers' on their door steps.

One wonders what any of the three would do if someone trying to make their quota in human flesh arrived at their door with the power of a holstered gun and tried to intimidate them into handing over their child. What do you say about the moral fiber of people who profit from such a system? Nothing is ugly enough.

Americans need to demand answers. Among others we need to know what bounty is being put on each child or disabled adult sucked into the system. We need to know what such 'workers' are paid. We need to know the specifics about their benefits. We need to know how many disabled adults die after being sucked into their system, how many children end up sold into sex rings or used for pornographic films. In case you were unaware that is all too often their fate. Children present many possibilities to the greedy.

Hitler also instituted 'homes.' Those received there were put to death under the same benevolent rhetoric I heard yesterday. The long dead Germans were also told they would be happier and better cared for.

There are questions that need answers and now is the time to demand them. The disabled adults and children, now far more vulnerable because of the incessant need to pump more funds into a system intended solely to profit those in power, needs to be stopped.

Government has drawn a bead on all families, yours included. Listen for the knock on the door.

Those in power need to be charged and sued for the damage they have done to lives barely started and at risk. As Americans we have a right to justice and the time for that is now.

Neglect Found in Residences for Disabled

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Relight the Flame of Freedom in Denver - End WAR

First, I want to say how it warmed my heart to read the postings that accumulated on the article by Wayne Allyn Root, or WAR, as I think of him, on Third Party Watch. It was heart warning to see comments from so many people who understand what the Libertarian Party was intended to accomplish. Even better, one of the links lead to LP Radicals, a site that actually uses the phrase, “Radical Abolitionism.” That brought back a wave of nostalgia.

My great-great-grandfather, Benjamin L. Pillsbury, was a Radical Abolitionist and stopped attending his local church in Sandown, New Hampshire, because the pastor supported the 'law' on slavery and the Civil War. Neither he or his sons served in the Civil War, instead paying the fine to stay home because as radical abolitionists they did not approve of the use of war as a means for promoting Federal power. The Civil War, is more correctly called the Morell (Immoral) Tax War.

The Radical Abolitionists were pro-succession, demanding that the New England states leave the Union and so end their relationship with slave-holders. Parker Pillsbury, his cousin and a good friend of William Lloyd Garrison, frequently stayed at the homestead before and after their basement was used as a stop on the Underground Rail Road.

It is well to remember that our own generation is not the first to deal with “gradualists.” Using the cause of freedom the radicals of the Abolitionist Movement also found themselves sidelined by a campaign that used their rhetoric to establish a Federal State from which we are still struggling to escape.

They tried and failed. We need to keep their example in the forefront of our minds. As Libertarians we need to remember all the ways in which we are enticed to compromise. We need to remember that until the State no longer passes laws that truncate our freedoms, until we are sovereign on our own land and govern ourselves using only persuasion and consensus at the most local level, we are still serfs.

The Libertarian Party came into existence at a time when civil disobedience was understood and respected as a tool in the war for our freedom. We need to remember those lessons.

What you do to thwart the misused power of the state is honorable whether or not it defies statute. Benjamin L. Pillsbury and his wife Sarah Jane knew that and taught the lesson to their children. I learned that from my father. When a conflict exists between statute and the foundation of values for which the Revolution was fought the honorable individual finds the courage that creates the moral example others may follow. This can cost you in many ways but that is the direction for freedom.

That shines a light for others to see.

The Libertarian Party was founded to be that point on the horizon that lights the way to the vision that is still America. After more than 30 years of constant attrition on our freedoms, thanks to predatory opportunists such as Ed Crane, Bob Poole, Koch Industries, and their moral ilk, it is time to think hard about what we have tolerated. Why are we tolerating those who would impede our forward progress by using the rhetoric of freedom for their own ends? Freedom is not about efficiency or profits, it is the power that shines into the life of each individual as they determine for themselves their own course.

For Americans to find that direction for freedom we need to show them, not just talk.

Freedom is for all of us, every one; it is an absolute.

Our most dangerous enemies are those who distort what it means to be free, who seek to use the moral power of Libertarianism for their own profit. They are the enemy within. Such a one is WAR.

In his attempts to eliminate the most consistent voice for freedom available to us as a Presidential candidate, Mary Ruwart, WAR and his cronies have attempted to discredit the vision that a free people govern themselves. They instead assert that only government can protect children. The body of evidence to the contrary is well documented. We are not perfect, any of us, but those who are most likely to ensure the well-being of children are those who love them. A free world does not guarantee that we will all do the right thing, but by empowering the individual we make the right thing far more likely to happen. Look to the children stolen by the State of Texas, look at Waco. Remember Ruby Ridge and the bleeding body of Sammy Weaver, if you doubt.

If WAR thinks his local social worker is more fit, and he may be right, he should, forthwith, send his kids to the state.

As the mother of five, all now grown, who has done advocacy work for families, I can tell him that the individuals' right to self determination must begin early. It is best learned with love and discipline and by protecting children from those who would harm them. That power should always be with those who love, not those who would convert our children into profits.

When I was raising my kids deciding to give birth at home was often seen as child abuse, according to the State. I twice did just that because I knew otherwise. Children born at home, nursed immediately, and kept close, receive benefits you cannot calculate in whatever currency WAR uses in his business.

I, for one, am tired of hearing about WAR's children. I am tired of hearing about WAR all together.

But we should be grateful for what this has revealed. It does not matter that WAR did not write a word of what appeared under his name, he still told us who he and his supporters are. I agree with David Nolan that the letter sounds like Scott Lieberman or Aaron Starr. That makes perfect sense given their track records.

The WAR campaign doubtless held intensive strategy sessions that delved into possible issues and approaches to defame Ruwart. Hiding behind words is a favored strategy..

All those attempts tried to focus attention on what they present as an unsolvable problem without government, rejecting the idea that people can solve their own problems. These are the people working to continue the conversion of the LP into a tool that enriches them through hierarchy. They are using children to mask their intentions.

Government as it is today puts children, and us, at risk. It was the problem that brought the LP into being. Freedom is my right to live my own life, charting my own course without the interference of government. That is the issue.

Today government and their corporate partners are lurching towards the logical conclusion of viewing us as their property. Using Federalism, they have stolen the wealth that generations of Americans rightly earned, transferring that wealth into their own pockets. WAR and Co. want to pick up some pennies along the way.

WAR is just the latest in a long series of wanna-be power brokers who have tried to wedge themselves into a position that allowed them to profit from the essential truth of Libertarianism by selling our rhetoric in place of the reality of freedom. At best, they are Republican, or NeoCon-lite.

While there are still real 'conservatives,' the ideological position identified by Ron Paul, Goldwater, and Taft most recently, the present leadership of the Republican Party has long been non-ideological. Instead, the GOP focuses on how to position organizations to perpetuate an agenda intended to produce profits in place of individual happiness. Most particularly, they want to deflect attention from the unbridgeable chasm that exists between their own positions and those of a real Libertarian.

WAR and Co. want you to believe that government, Federal and State, are exercising power in the way laid out by the Constitution, that what we see today is in accordance with the vision that inspired the Revolution. They say that reforms are necessary but the system is essentially sound. Only through an ignorance two centuries deep could anyone believe that. The Constitution laid out a limited role for a Federal government, reserving the right of action directly to the people. In this way WAR would lead us to a perpetual serfdom because that is where his greed leads him.

The crew who have adhered themselves to the gravy train of a WAR campaign have an agenda. That agenda makes it essential that they persuade enough delegates that serfdom is freedom and WAR is peace. Therefore they obfuscate, position, and opine. They are all long practiced at the craft of deception by misdirection and fallacious argument.

Their hope is that jobs in the WAR campaign will be followed by jobs in the LP at the national level.

In his comment posted on the WAR article Stephen Gordon said that both he and Knapp are supported by the same organization. He provides a link to United Liberty. Notice that the site endorses Bob Barr for the nomination. Not only is Barr endorsed he is the only one with a listing. Look at the About US page. You will notice that the rhetoric is so bland as to give no one anything to think about. No solutions are suggested there. Now look at the 'solutions' suggested by Americans for Prosperity .

The whole site represents a strategy that deflects attention from the real issue, freedom. It talks about 'direction' but the direction is the same old thing, government. In the list of approved sites are five that are actually American Conservative Union, Americans for Prosperity , Cato Institute , Reason Magazine , The Federalist Society arguably working on enabling the NeoCon agenda through deflection from the real issues and ignoring the role of government in destroying the power of a truly free market.

David Koch is the brother of Cato founder Charles Koch. He is on the Board at Americans for Prosperity. When George Bush went into office in 2001 nearly 400 outstanding violations against Koch Industries were extinguished. The irresponsible behavior by the largest privately owned oil company in the US included a suit resulting from burning alive two teenagers. The company engineers admitted their gas lines were not properly maintained. The Koch and Bush families were linked by marriage at Camp David in 1992.

The issue for Libertarians is simple.

That remains a return to the Constitution, rescinding all statute, reviving the Common Law Court System, and allowing the people to take governance back into their hands at the most local level. Our rights are inherent, granted not by government but by God. Augments over legislation are pointless unless rescinding all law is the agenda.

Americans are daily more aware of their vital need for freedom. Starved of it, they can no longer ignore its absence. They are looking, desperate, ready to take the power into their own hands and live freedom. That is what we saw with the Ron Paul Revolution. Never have the prospects been brighter for relighting the flame of freedom so that its truth can take us home to the America that is yet to be. Go to Denver, relight the flame and extinguish the pretensions of such as WAR.

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