Monday, December 31, 2007

The Battle of Milford, The Second American Revolution

I nearly deleted my invitation, my finger poised for a nanosecond over the key. I never go to events, I thought, why even open it.

Then my son called wistfully for lunch. My poised finger paused as I experienced a surge of Motherly Guilt. Arthur is 29 now, but he suffered two severe brain injuries when he was in his first year of college, the first a motorcycle accident the second a bullet through his brain in a failed suicide attempt. Sometimes we get miracles. Arthur is very patient, he learned to be during the long rehabilitation. He can walk now but he still needs help. I am his full time caretaker. I try not to make him wait.

Back upstairs in front of my computer I read my invitation to a very special Log Cabin Event. In case you did not know it, the Log Cabin Club is the Republican Club for Gay Persons. I am not gay myself. I joined as a matter of solidarity. Gay people are very marginalized in the Republican Party. That annoyed me so I joined.

I understood why the writer was so excited about being asked. This is like the crippled kid being asked to play on the baseball team. Then he finds out he gets to be second base. Gay persons are generally as welcome as pigs at the wedding for Republican Events. So why was their participation being solicited?

This is what my invitation said,

“Next week, the eyes of the nation will focus on the state of New Hampshire , as Granite State voters are the first to cast votes for the office of President of the United States . On Sunday, January 6th, the national media will follow the candidates for president as they attend the New Hampshire Republican Party’s “First in the Nation Presidential Primary Brunch”. Every Republican candidate for President has been invited to speak, so this event will be THE place to be just two days before the New Hampshire primary – AND YOU CAN BE THERE!

Log Cabin Republicans has signed on as a sponsor of this high profile event. The benefits of the sponsorship entitle Log Cabin to tickets to the brunch and a reception before the event. You are invited to join Log Cabin Republicans at the center of the political universe next weekend in New Hampshire .

Please click here to see how you can join us for this important event!
We realize the lead time is very limited. Moreover, the holiday
 season makes it even more difficult to sign up for some travel.
 That said, we are lucky that the event falls completely over the
weekend, and it's very feasible to fly into Boston on Saturday
 and then fly back home on Sunday afternoon. Log Cabin has arranged for everything once you arrive in Boston, including lodging, Saturday night dinner, transportation to New Hampshire and then a return trip back to Boston Logan Airport. All you need to do is get to Boston!

This is such a 
special and unique opportunity for Log Cabin. Please give it
 every consideration as you make your decision.

If you have any questions about the event, please email”

Now, this letter is interesting for several reasons. First, the Log Cabin Folks evidently think all the candidates were invited. They are wrong, as we all know. That is sort of ugly, don't you think? It is a direct lie. Maybe they would not care; maybe they really are that delighted be included, but maybe they would want to know that this will not be exactly what they have been told.

That happy burble of enthusiasm over being INCLUDED demonstrates what I said above.

Now, if Ron were to attend there would be standing room only. But Ron is speaking at the Liberty Forum at just that moment. That is in Nashua, around 11 miles down the road.

Did you know that Ron Paul Activists outnumber the opposition around 50 to 1 on the ground in New Hampshire? The activists did that with Operation Live Free or Die.

Roxie Collinson, one of the activists who quit her job to work full time as a volunteer, told me she will be going on to Nevada after this. She is not going to quit; she is a soldier for freedom and Ron Paul. Right now we are fighting the 2nd American Revolution.

You see it every where you look.

The only candidate that elicits any enthusiasm is Ron Paul. Otherwise this election is one pathetic show of electoral enthusiasm. This is mirrored around the country at places where campaign signs are usually thick upon the poles this many days before the primaries. Those signs are curiously absent, all but those for Ron Paul. And very few of those signs are designed, printed, paid for, and placed by volunteers.

My friend, Donna Volatile, noted no signs on her drive to Santa Fe except those for Paul and two hopeful signs for Hillary. The area is very liberal. Donna was a liberal like I was once an Objectivist. Lots of us have changed things we thought worked because they don't.

Back to the Log Cabin Club.

Since I was curious about the Fox New Hampshire GOP event I linked over to the Log Cabin Website. There was a schedule and instructions. That included this.

Please join Log Cabin Republicans at the

First in the Nation

Presidential Brunch

hosted by the State Republican Party of New Hampshire

Hampshire Mills --- Milford, New Hampshire

Sunday, January 6, 2008 11:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.

Log Cabin Republicans has signed on as a sponsor of this high profile event. The benefits of the sponsorship entitle Log Cabin to tickets to the brunch and a reception before the event. You are invited to join Log Cabin Republicans at the center of the political universe next weekend in New Hampshire. Click here to sign up! Questions?”

You can imagine the conversation at the GOP HQ, New Hampshire before the invitation was issued.

“What do you mean no one will come?”

“Well, Fartus, these Ron Paul people just, I mean, well, we can get the people at the Derry Retirement Home to come. If you pay for their tickets.”

But...they will get to meet the candidates for President!?”

“Yah, but they will come anyway if there is a free lunch.”

“Well, we have to get some bodies! Make it happen.”

And so Log Cabin gets its invite.

Ron Paul would tell them that it is an economic principle that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But he will not be there.

But that does not mean that his presence could not be felt.

While the Corporatized Candidates are sitting huddled with Chris Wallace in their smoke filled room at Hampshire Hills Sports & Fitness Club in Milford, probably playing Paper, Stone, Scissors to decide who will get to play president and vice-president and who will relegated to serving on a corporate board, we can change the rules on them. Not just an event but a call to America for Ron and Freedom all will hear.

We need to stop asking to be included so that we can show America how they have been enslaved and change directions.

To this moment the corporations have driven the dialogue;they have said, “out of our charity we will include you.” Now, we need to let them know that is over. Now we show them that it is not they who govern us but the people who govern themselves.

The Republican Party was a vehicle for upholding the Constitution. It could be so again, if we can pry their fear-ridden fingers from control. But it was never the political parties that mattered; those are just tools. What matters is our rights and the vision of a people who govern themselves from their own homes and communities. That is the revolution, what we have been doing without even realizing it.

That is what makes us Revolutionaries.

In Milford we will show them what it means to stand on a record that contains the whole, unvarnished, unedited, truth. Theirs are riddled with spin, they are flawed, ugly; they are funded by the greed that wishes always to consume others using the tools intended to secure freedom for all of us. Let that be seen.

We will show America what they really are. Then America can become the vision to the world it was meant to be.

Our questions will be answered. These are the questions that are never asked in their 'debates.'

Their actions will finally speak for them. That afternoon in Milford we can hold a Forum for Truth. We can broadcast it on line; America will listen.

Ron's presence and voice has already transformed the debate on many issues. But there is much more he needs to say. At the same time we must show Americans how they can regain control of their own communities.

In the next week we can produce the record on each of them. We can ask America to help, and they will. Let all secrets about the Corporate Candidates finally be known.

Their 'visions,' their dreams of power are our nightmares. America needs to make an informed choice next November. We will cut down through the meaningless rhetoric to the facts.

Our nation faces unimaginable challenges, problems never that have never before confronted any nation in history. Americans see this and all are worried.

Our country faces a complete economic meltdown; Banks are being subsidized at the rate of billions every day. Instead of bringing our troops home each corporate candidate has committed himself to continuing the failed policies of George Bush and those who preceded him. It has been a very long time since America had a non-corporate administration.

All of these disasters have profited the ugly alliance of government and corporations.

It is time for Americans to understand what those visions would mean to our families and to us. We can do that in Milford.

Will we have homes left to live in? Will we have food to eat? Jobs?

Will we watch those we love die, untreated because we can no longer afford medical care? Will we see on the television that our pension fund is gone, sucked dry through investments that were high risk when no such investments were to be permitted?

Will our children be able to get an education? Will we see them go off to college or off to endless wars that send them home in coffins or mangled and without hope?

I look at my son and wonder what the world holds for him every day. Arthur wants to go to Disneyland. I tell him we need to wait just a little longer. When you look at your own children you ask yourself the same questions.

Each of these candidates stands by a government that has canceled rights granted not by government but by God. Therefore they stand by a government that has made itself God.

Milford is a charming little town with lots of local shops, wonderful restaurants, charming old homes. There, we can give Americans a Forum for Truth.

Our event will give America the understanding needed to survive and take America back.

Come and sign the Declaration of Independence, it will be there with the causes that make our actions necessary. They need to know we mean it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Ron Paul Legacy of Freedom: How people will govern themselves.

Future historians will debate the point. Historians being what they are there will doubtless be as many opinions as there are historians.

“ If the Ron Paul Campaign had been competent would we still have taken back America?”

They may hold conferences to consider the points, assay the individuals involved; there will be no disagreement that it was through the candidacy of Ron Paul that the world of political campaigns changed forever, moving into networking, as opposed to hierarchy; The real question will be the motives of those in charge of the official campaign. That is natural; the Ron Paul Campaign overturned that political hierarchy first.

Could the Campaign HQ in Arlington, Virginia have held politics on its previous course if it had been run competently, as the other presidential campaigns were run? What if they had possessed some modicum of experience? What if they had known that the media uses a Day Book, into which all campaigns enter their events? What if they had had a steering committee, standard for presidential campaigns? Lots of what ifs to be discussed by historians. We can be sure they will be.

Did those entrusted by Ron understand that for revolution to take place they must force activists to react against authority?

The formal campaign in Arlington, Virginia was from the first instance unable to do anything much but antagonize activists, forcing volunteers to work on their own. They refused to put up the Congressman's schedule; they refused to pay so Ron could participate in what proved to be the pivotal South Carolina debate until activists inundated them.

The historians will debate if those failures was intentional or sheer incompetence. Those details will interest only historians.

Those failures made it necessary for individual activists, moved by the words and principles of Ron Paul, to look about them and use what had been made available through the Internet to take the campaign into their own hands.

And so a new world of governance through persuasion and consensus was born.

The Internet erupted. Signs in yards, on the highways, and in the sky appeared from the pocketbooks and work of ordinary people. Graphics produced and shared online, with requests filled by volunteers became routine. Ron Paulists began monitoring ballot access; they learned how to conduct registration drives, how to do videos, how to organize; how to fund raise. They had to and they did so unburdened by anything but the need to promote their candidate.

Through its absolute failure, therefore the corporatized, official campaign made it necessary to reinvent the forms for political action to which we had become accustomed. As Jefferson said in the Declaration, “...all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

The campaign flowed past Arlington, Virginia to make history by forging new tools of human action. That, history will note. The people had had enough of regular government and those who acted like one.

When you build new tools that work those tools get used.

Those same tools, decentralized strategies for broad social cooperation that lower the cost for accomplishing rapid change, are now being applied to all human action. The CorporaState will feel the impact like a sledge hammer to the side of the head.

Not to say it is going to be easy; but now it is impossible to stop. The people know how to do it. A taste of their own, individual power was all they needed.

Forget Blackwater; Erik Prince will return to playing with toy soldiers and conducting seminars for hunters once he gets out of prison. The War in Iraq will sputter to a halt. The debates on whether we should have gone will cease. Revolution is happening.

The continued ability of corporations and government to redirect our money into their pockets always depended on their cleverness in keeping a hierarchal social, political, and business structure in place. The Ron Paul Revolution changed the rules.

The change took place first in politics but is essentially spiritual, reaching into the minds and hearts of people across the world to whisper, “you are all One.”

If that sounds much too mystical to be relevant to politics, think again. We are spiritual beings in material form no matter what our faith. Today much of the Earth is Christian, not through preaching but through demonstrating the benefits of living out that truth; Christians believe we are One in Him. But the connection between us is understood by all faiths.

In his book, “The Rise of Christianity,” Rodney Stark demonstrated this using the staid tools of sociology. The words of Jesus said, “Whatsoever you do for another you do also for Me.” Those early Christians took that literally, reaching out to nurse the victims of plague, ignoring the religious affiliation of those they struggled to save. To each they granted through the truth of their actions the inborn autonomy of self-ownership. Women were free, a freedom they would enjoy until the Christian Church became hierarchal with Constantine.

Think of that early Church-State, the one that imposed a hierarchy where there had been freedom to live in brotherhood with all. Today we reverse direction.

Individual freedom, free choice, enforced by custom and law, enriches all of us in more ways than we can possibly imagine because the world so created shatters all of our own self-framed limitations and prejudices.

Now, this moment, the flow of time and power is moving away forever from the concentration of power in the hands of a few and towards the means each of us can use to realize our own personal power.

The invisible hand, all of us together, is flexing its muscles.

So today the Ron Paul Air Force takes to the air with banners and blimps to exclaim that all who read should, “Google Ron Paul;” an invitation for connection that transcends all boundaries. People are googling and finding ideas that make sense spoken by a man who demonstrably means what he says. That truth is ripping through the long winded and carefully manicured images delivered through corporate media.

The contrast is striking.

Websites built by volunteers provide tools for action. People gather in their communities to sign the Revolution from bridges and sidewalks. The Granny Warriors take it on the road, uniting young and old in a voice that includes all ages and ethnicities.

You can see it.

You saw the disbelief on the faces of the 'other' Republican candidates while they listened to Ron say the simple truth as Ron has always done.

No one was more surprised than Ron himself at the reaction.

The Frame imposed by the 'debates' was the corporate – government - media attempt to limit our choices and so keep us on their grids; that frame is gone now, replaced by potentials that broaden and deepen every day. Breaking the framing of the CorporaState was the essential precondition for real change.

The people are now doing it themselves, demonstrating how a single, once marginalized, political campaign can change everything.

Soon they will discover that the possibilities are limitless even as they exercise their minds to make sure that they avoid the many attempts to redirect them and their resources into the pockets of those who scheme to build their own little empires. That was to be expected. Success attracts lots of hungry leeches.

Many who formerly thought of themselves as leftists or progressives are discovering that in the Ron Paul Revolution there is no left and right.

Ron Paul has committed himself to rolling back the Federal Government. The rest is up to the people. A people who govern themselves do it from their own homes, their own communities, using those too long overlooked tools of persuasion and consensus building.

All of us were on the corporate grids. In climbing off we will use the same tools, cooperation and innovation, sharing knowledge freely, those are the tools at the foundation of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Individuals are renting houses in New Hampshire to house volunteers who will work through the primary. Those volunteers, many of them professionals, will then move on to South Carolina and Florida. Individuals are putting their lives on hold; just as if there was a war going on.

That is how the Ron Paul Revolution happens. Individuals take responsibility. They ask for help where necessary and the people come, drawn together by that common vision.

Ron Paul will be president, if he lives long enough. Killing him would change nothing. The ideas that Ron speaks have sunk deep. Ron's death would simply put the Revolution into high gear.

Politics is only one of the arenas ordinary people will remake using those tools.

Soon we will climb off all the grids enforced for corporations by government. Energy will be generated at point of usage. It will be cheap. No more people will die because they cannot heat their homes in winter or cool them in summer. Those systems will soon be on the market, despite the Department of Energy that sucked trillions out of Americans.

As we do in energy, we will do in all other parts of our lives.

Big Oil, Big Farming, Big Government all used the same tool, government, to perpetuate profits.

Production will be much more local; craftsmanship and pride in work well done will return. Instead of one global village we will become a globe of villages.

Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Retail, Big Courts; each of these controls us for profit. Each is a problem the people will solve themselves. Healing can take unexpected forms; it must to work.

And history will look to the Ron Paul Campaign as the moment when the people discovered they did not need government.

We learn best by seeing and doing it for ourselves.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Will the Light go on for Joseph Farah? Please God, we need a miracle !

Remember how Charlie Brown always fell for it when Lucy held the football? The “Oh Noooooo! You can't fall for that AGAIN!” moment occurred to me again this morning when I saw the Joseph Farah article about light bulbs. Of course, Farah is the one who makes money writing this kind of drivel.

It is simply amazing when one person can be wrong twice in the same article, especially having noted that the problem is, in his own words “command-and-control fascism.” Of course there is. So why does he continue to fall for it?

If there is a fascist agenda it behooves him to think the implications through, instead of launching into blather that so well serves those same CorporaState types, addicted multigenerationally to getting their greedy hands on our money.

Farah opines in his online ezine, “All of these innovations by government have one thing in common – as do all the other provisions of this hopelessly misguided piece of legislation. They are the result of panic sweeping over elected officials because of a mythical belief in man-made, catastrophic global warming – an idea totally unsupported, in fact, contradicted, by all good and sound science.”

Misguided? Actually, right on target. Panicked? Only if those elected types miss the gravy train. The CorporaState is getting what they paid such as Bush, Senior, Maurice Strong, Robert O. Anderson, and Ed Crane to deliver. What was delivered was false dichotomies. You know, if not this, that, when neither is true. Sounds science never enters into it. The cycle of warming and cooling to which Earth reacts is irrelevant. The pollution caused by corporate greed impacts us in more significant ways.

If you think the conflicts that now exist between groups, gay, straight, women, men, races, and on issues like the environment happened because of real issues then I have a bridge you should buy.

All such conflicts serve to distract us into fighting among ourselves when the issue is our God-given rights, not how government chops us up for corporate profit.

None of these is anything but clever manipulation. Since Farah used the issue of global warming, also known as the environment, I'll use that to make the point.

The environment is not now and never was a partisan issue. Those light bulbs we will not be able to use simply force us to enrich yet another corporation; none of those legislators pushing these laws think for a moment that this is anything but a way to squeeze a little more money out of us. They also listen to the noise level generated by the corporations; think tanks are cheap, in corporate terms, an outlay of funds that pays big dividends. The yammering types who are paid through various think tanks and organizations are made up of sincerely deluded and credulous individuals who can't think controlled by those whose 401Ks depend on making sure they don't.

The whole idea of carbon credits and the other controls asserted through the cover of environmentalism, even selling our water along with the right to pollute our air, was on the agenda very early on. They just needed time to get the pieces in place and train Gore.

Follow the money. This is not stupidity or oversight but the outcome of careful, long term planning, the kind corporations have been doing for generations.

In 1970 we all agreed we wanted clean air and water. Those speaking for 'environmentalism' today do so because, with professional foresight, those working for Big Oil and other related Grid Corporations saw how useful it would be to control the environmental movement. So they stole Earth Day. Earth Day, in case you are still living in delusion land, is in March on the Spring Equinox. Those who originated it continue to work for Peace, Justice and Care of the Earth; the corporatypes keep trying to get control of it but, so far, have failed on that one. That is the Earth Society, a group of now mostly elderly activists who were sincere and too trusting. Something you should understand.

The event you celebrate in April is Oil Day. Is the light on yet?

The miracle will be when the light goes on for Farah.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Will You Have Food to Eat Next Year?

Food that costs less and solves your health problems AND builds a new world for all of us.

With the economy tanking and the weight of fear hanging over us, the future looks bleak. Right now many Americans are facing the reality of becoming homeless and hunger and malnutrition will most likely become a reality to Americans who thought that impossible for even the poorest among us.

Like dominoes slowly falling onto their neighbors we are living in a web of causes that are less than obvious. Understanding how each thing relates to the others gives you what is needed to break out of the grids most of us accept as necessities of life. They aren't.

You need to take action now, starting with the most elemental issues that sustain life.

Americans depend on the food they get from the grocery store more than ever before. The unpalatable fact is that food from the local, corporate grocery store is going up in price so rapidly that people who have not shopped for a while are having sticker shock. The price you pay is only one issue, however. That food, and how it is produced, is also causing many of your health problems.

The grocery store food has changed since it came from local farms. The advent of factory farming converted the food we eat into the profits of corporations. Looked at from the viewpoint of a corporation, who have only one goal, to make money for themselves, each aspect of production becomes an issue of minimizing their costs and maximizing their profits. That hits you in ways you cannot imagine. Until now. You need to know so you can make an informed decision about what is best for your family and yourself.

We are going to look at what you are buying and what it is really costing you and show you ways to rebuild the economy while you rebuild your health.

Factory farms produce food that is designed to keep for long periods. Therefore factory growers identified varieties of plants that can be harvested green and ripen later. Monsanto has genetically engineered many of the foods used by factory growers to augment their profits and allow them to own what was once viewed as the property of God. Monsanto wants to own the DNA of the food you eat, making the seeds you buy sterile. They have taken steps in court and law to give them ownership through the twisted ideas of privatization, which is really an ongoing corporatization of everything we need to live.

Monsanto leaves no leaf unmolested in its quest for profits as this writer shows. “Monsanto scouts out farmers who it feels have unlawfully planted patented seeds, or who have saved seeds from one generation to the next, and collects damages by threatening legal action (through either infringement or breach of contract charges). The company claims to pursue as many as 500 infringement cases every year. But no farmer can control the wind, which indiscriminately cross-pollinates crops without regard for their genetic makeup. And some farmers, like Schmeiser, claim that Monsanto strong-arms innocent farmers who never wanted to grow GM crops to begin with.”

The seeds sold by Monsanto are not designed for your health. Corporations are not held accountable for the long range impact of what they sell. Factory food has been described as actually growing hydroponically, in soil that has none of the microminerals or organic content that the plants can use to ensure their own health – and yours. Pesticides used to diminish the impact of insects that are drawn to unhealthy plants like wolves are drawn to the diseased deer in a herd and killed through the use of pesticides that remains on the plant and becomes part of your dinner.

What is not healthy cannot nourish you or those you love.

Today the residue of such pesticides are everywhere and accumulating in the milk suckled by babies from their mother's breast. Yet healthy plants do not draw pests and do not need pesticides. Regaining the balance with nature makes those unnecessary; something that has been proven by Steve Tvedten, the author of The Best Control.

Pesticides originated from the development of weapons of war. Now they are killing us and still profiting the same companies.

Factory farming, plants and animals, are inherently unhealthy because of these kinds of practices designed to burnish that corporate bottom line. Profits.

So you need to know that a revolution is going on in America today. All across the country people who have taken a hard look at the world corporations are creating have said no and are changing how they, and those around them, eat.

You can join that revolution by learning how to grow your own and eat locally. On our show this Friday we will hear from one of the people who are leading the revolution back to locally produced food, Joel Salatin of the three generation Polyface Farm.

“IN 1961, William and Lucille Salatin moved their young family to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, purchasing the most worn-out, eroded, abused farm in the area near Staunton. Using nature as a pattern, they and their children began the healing and innovation that now supports three generations.

Disregarding conventional wisdom, the Salatins planted trees, built huge compost piles, dug ponds, moved cows daily with portable electric fencing, and invented portable sheltering systems to produce all their animals on perennial prairie polycultures.

Today the farm arguably represents America’s premier non-industrial food production oasis. Believing that the Creator’s design is still the best pattern for the biological world, the Salatin family invites like-minded folks to join in the farm’s mission: to develop emotionally, economically, environmentally enhancing agricultural enterprises and facilitate their duplication throughout the world.

The Salatins continue to refine their models to push environmentally-friendly farming practices toward new levels of expertise.”

The Food Revolt is happening across the country. People who life in large, metropolitan areas are also finding the means to eat local contracting for food with farms not so far away. Local Harvesting, decent respect for the animals we eat, knowing where your meals originate, are becoming part of the direction for Americans who will survive the meltdown just starting.

And the food will be better than any meal you can remember because your body does know what is good for it. We need to remember that while the change over is scary and difficult that challenge is insignificant when compared to the benefits we will all of us enjoy.

Every time you climb off one grid point, turning off to some tiny extent, the profits of big corporations you are striking a blow for – freedom, community, and the kind of world you want to leave to your children.

Think about what you eat. It makes you what you are and it can make you free.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Steps to Revolution – Effective Coalition, Cooperation, Communication, Consensus.

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Today on Lew Rockwell's blog Donna Volatile, a long time peace activist, said in an open letter to the Anti-war Movement,

“A few activists like myself have crossed over to support Ron Paul but far too many others have not. Far too many from the left, far too many progressives and liberals and far too many anti-war activists have not.

We have so much in common but many on the left ridicule Ron Paul and his supporters. They are so stuck in their positions, they do not see the monumental things we have in common.

For many on the left it is Ron Paul's stance on abortion, or his stance on health care and the list goes on...

But as we face another election year and perhaps the most critical and important election year, I ask what cause can be more important than the cause of PEACE? Without it, we have no chance at all.”

Sometimes we reach a moment in time that calls us to question the framing of ideas that we have always accepted. That can be frightening. But necessary. This is such a moment. Peace is not the absence of war. Peace will only happen when we discard the initiation of deceit, coercion, and violence as individuals or through such human tools as government.

Ron Paul is not just anti-war, he is a peace activist who can bring us together in a new frame for all human action. The campaign spontaneously taking place for him is an authentic shock and awe moment.

Ron Paul's impact on the present framing is clear from the deer-in-the-headlights expression you catch on the faces of Republican candidates during debates. They cannot believe he is breaking the frame they have so carefully and expensively constructed.

Ron Paul has always stood up for the Constitution; His message resonates. That is why he has been ignored by such 'Libertarian' organizations as Cato Institute. Those involved with Cato are the NeoCons of their movement, dedicated only to their own profit; using the rhetoric of freedom for ugly purposes.

With Ron Paul alone does honesty trump rhetoric. Even as the Constitution is dismissed as just, 'a piece of paper,' by George W. Bush, Paul speaks clearly, his voice alone in Congress for the last years. Through his reminders of our Founder's intentions we are called to question our affiliations with all political parties. We are called to take back America.

That is what the Ron Paul Revolution is about.

There are only two parties in America today. The Corporate Party, comprised of the Democrats and Republicans who support corporate candidates and those who support individuals with integrity, like Ron Paul. A short list.

The Ron Paul Revolution is bringing America together; that will escalate. Honesty and integrity, speaking truth to power and meaning it, brings its own power.

The idea of a Paul – Kucinich Ticket first saw light of day on my show, The Spiritual Politician, last year when it was proposed by Gene Gaudette, a life long liberal and the editor of American Politics Journal, the longest running E-zine on the Internet. At the time no one believed it possible. The divides were too deep, but Gene was right. Kucinich and Paul disagree on the tools but share the qualities of honesty and integrity for which we hunger. . Elected they would take action to stop war, and there are more wars than the one being waged in Iraq.

Americans are coming to realize that war is being waged on them, using as weapons the very institutions they pay for to ensure our security. Legislation, regulation, the courts, taxation, education; we pay and they use these as weapons to control us.

Those who wanted to ensure their continued profits baffled us with bullshit, trying to bully and frighten us into submission. The ominous threats of 'Communism' still echo in the newly honed cries of 'Islamic terrorists.'

The people so identified are not honest ideologues; they were and are employed to build specious and carefully manipulated ideas into justifications that permit the continuation of their profits. The Greed Grids pour profits into Big Oil. Big Energy, Factory Food, Big Medical, Big Pharma, and Big Killing. As they grew they partnered with Big Money, which many identify as The Fed.

Alan Greenspan was not hired for his brains but because of his connection to Ayn Rand; his presence sustained hope as the policies passed into law stole us blind. It was cheap ideological cover. Examine the work of Milton Friedman's Chicago School in contrast with that of Ludwig von Mises. It is not a free market if it flows through government fingers.

The NeoCons and their employers play with ideas the same way teenaged boys play with themselves. For them the modes for gratification have increased while remaining very focused on personal outcome.

America was divided on manufactured issues. Those in the employ of corporations worked to anger us over issues of personal behavior, the environment, homosexuality, abortion, illegal immigration, 'national security,' marriage, crime, gun control, you name it. Take any of those issues and examine it closely. All push more intrusive, legislation, imposed and enforced by government. Such legislation carries policy that also accomplished a steady increase of subsidies, in military intrusions, diplomatic muscling of foreign governments, no bid contracts to such corporations such as Halliburton and Koch Industries, and most favored donor status that cemented relationships between legislators and those who control the corporate check books.

There is a name for this; that is racketeering. As time went on more intrusive legislation begot more power concentrated in the hands of those who use government as a tool to destroy competition and extinguish the accountability we have a right to expect from everyone, no matter what their income. Virtue comes from how money is earned, not how much.

We need to cut off the flow of funds by stopping the profits to the Grid Corporations.. That means climbing off all the grids.

We must exact accountability for these past wrongs. Profits grabbed through abuse of trust is thievery, plain and simple. Those responsible need to be emptied of funds, left penniless on the street to send a message to future generations of the wishful greedy. We need to compile their names for that accounting.

This is the time to come together to carry out those changes needed to return America to the full realization of individual rights, peace, prosperity, and community that was the original mission. That is the light that should shine out to the world, a beacon of hope.

Do right and you will do well for everyone.

You might think the goal impossible but it has never been closer. Now we see how the People of Greed operate; their greed lead them to expose their avaricious intent, their complete lack of ethics and morals and the fact that most of them come from families that view this kind of theft, like the Mafia, as the 'family business.'

Now we can take action to extinguish their predatory behavior through transparency, accountability, and a real adherence to the principles of individual rights. Never before realized, the idea of individual rights for all remains to be enacted. You have heard the rhetoric but never lived the reality.

Ideas are tools, they are, in fact, the first artifacts of human invention because the idea always comes first; we cannot see or touch them, we can only infer their existence from the material remnants left behind. Philosophies are sets of ideas with no material existence. But the idea we call Natural Rights is an extrapolation of the fact that each person born can, and must, take action to survive. Here, an idea met biological reality.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — “

The revolution came with the word, 'all.' It is not the barons but every person born who possesses rights. The rationalizations that condemned women and blacks to non-person status condemn the unwillingness of those in power to give up the profits that accrued to them. It was wrong. This time we need to make sure that our individual rights are secured; that government affirms those rights.

For most of us that began with political parties. Now, we need to change that framing. Parties have become tools for controlling the people instead of fulfilling their original purpose, that of enabling the people to govern their own affairs.

Today we see both the Republican and Democratic parties manipulate rhetoric to evoke our trust and their own internal rules and the election process to maintain control. When that fails they just cheat.

Future generations will see the Ron Paul campaign as the moment when the people took into their own hands the tool of the Internet to bypass political parties, creating for themselves a new form of government that ignores the framing enforced by politics, the media, and through the structure of rules forced on us by government owned and controlled by corporations.

The Internet connects us in a vast network that knows no hierarchy. It sends a message that resonates with the essential message of Christ, “You are One in Me.” In all the ways we understand ourselves, material and sacred, a revolution is happening as we learn to work together, all political viewpoints, all races and genders, all ages, and all faiths. One.

Two days ago the Libertarian Party passed a unanimously resolution that invited Ron Paul to seek their nomination:

NOW THEREFORE, in the event that Republican primary voters select a candidate other than Congressman Paul in February of 2008, the Libertarian National Committee urges Congressman Ron Paul to seek the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party to be decided in Denver, Colorado during Memorial Day weekend of 2008.”

The Libertarian Party was under pressure because of the overwhelming numbers of Libertarians who had contacted members of the National Committee about the Paul candidacy. Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, now registered Libertarian and serving on the National Committee, authored the resolution, partially reproduced above.

When as much as 80% of your membership speaks, you listen. Barr had also served with Ron in Congress and said of him, “I looked to Ron if I had a question on the correct way to vote. You could count on Ron voting the right way, especially on economic issues.”

We have long expected a realigning election. 2008, by all indications, will be the year when American politics change forever along with our own framing for what it means to be human. Eyes are turning back and forward to community, things that sustain and nurture us in the spirit.

Today Americans are leaving the major parties, disgusted with their corruption, hungry for something they feel should exist. They are finding that in Ron Paul. What comes into existence could be a form of government that mirrors the changes we are seeing taking place through the Internet.

The people are proving, by doing, that they can govern themselves.

Instead of politics as we have known it we can see cooperation through persuasion; consensus built through trust, local organizing, and transparency.

There is much to be done.

We need to take back elections into our own hands. Today they are weapons used to control us. Instead, we should be using paper ballots counted by precinct committees we elect from the precinct; we should tabulate on line where all of those votes can be tallied, and checked, by all.

They will probably steal this primary for one of their corporate candidates; they have the means in place and, clearly, that is their intention.

If that happens we need to keep going. Ron knows his duty and will not fail us.

I remember when local people ran their elections. There was community, trust, cooperation, and kindness. It was a time to come together. We need to come together again, for all of these reasons.

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