Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Take Back the Vote – Take Back America

There is an immediate need to take back the vote. The left has been talking about that for a long time now but on the Right we were lulled into the belief that it was just sour grapes. Part of that came from the media, other elements on which we built up our smug house of cards came from such books as, “Stealing Elections,” by John Fund. You may not be aware that a book with a similar title that actually outed the NeoCons was published earlier. The author died mysteriously. When you intend to steal elections it makes perfect sense to inject disinformation at the outset. Fund was late producing his book, it was originally planned in 2000, but he did write it and it has proven to be very useful in creating the impression that election fraud either did not exist or was more likely to be the tool of the Left than a clever idea raised to new levels of profit and complexity by his friends.

The Campaign of the Voting Machines was designed to steal elections as an adjunct of the NeoCon political strategy. That strategy was to steal the rhetoric of peace, prosperity, individual rights and freedom, converting the meanings to war (for us), grinding poverty (for us), and absolute slavery for us and our posterity.

The divisions between the right and left worked. It is time to come together since, to borrow a phrase from a previous generation, if we don't hang together we will all hang separately.

We can begin that around the issue of taking back elections.

We need to assume that any given election has been stolen unless this is the procedure followed. Those who work for the government have a vested interest in ignoring the fact that wittingly or unwittingly, they are part of the problem. We cannot afford to trust them. Here is what we must install, controlled by voters at the precinct level.

What we need:

1. Voters go to their precinct, marking paper ballots under the eagle eyes of local people from all parties.

2. The ballots are counted at the precinct immediately after the polls close by stalwarts elected by those in the precinct for that purpose. Everyone can watch, staying six feet from the table where the count is taking place.

3. Finally, the double, triple checked results are posted directly and transparently to the Internet right up where everyone can tally themselves getting it exactly right.

Then, the election will be honest. Those who work for the government

This leads us immediately to the question of how to achieve the simple and direct scenario above. This will be far easier with all of us working together.

The time, money, and thought spent by people across the country on how to return control to the people has been monumental. That investment has mostly come from the Left, remember to be grateful. It has also been focused directly on achieving that single purpose, leaving all else intact.

My suggestion is that while it is essential that the people control the vote it is far from the only thing we should control. Therefore we should approach this constellation of issues, which I will get to in a moment, as one larger, integrated, campaign.

Asked why he robbed banks Willie Sutton, career criminal, said, “Because that is where the money is.” Sutton had noticed that it was more profitable to rob banks than the little old lady down the street; more return for time invested.

That explains exactly why centralized control did not, could not work. Remember the concept of an attractive nuisance? The least ethical and easily tempted headed for law school and elected office like lemmings. Large pots of money motivate those least ethical individuals to lie, cheat, and finagle their way into power so they can grab the cash. In comparison, robbing banks is honest.

The other principle we need to keep in mind while mulling these naturally occurring impulses on the part of humanity is the economic principle of, “bad money drives out good.” This is equally true of ethics. There are many things good people will not do to be elected; nothing bad people will not do to get themselves in the seats of power.

It is a lot of trouble to defend those large caches of power and money. It is exhausting, aggravating, and, eventually, impossible. Many on the left are now realizing this, sitting there exhausted and bereft of money while the candidates they worked for join the million dollar club through their elected offices.

Concentrations of power and money inevitably result in the kind of free-for-all that we are now witnessing among corporations that have worked to use government and a government that feeds off corporations.

I repeat the H. L. Menckenism, “Elections are Futures Markets in Stolen Property.” If power and money is concentrated the inevitable will occur.

Therefore control needs to be returned to where it always should have been, to individuals at the most local level. Retail stealing is easier to catch and less likely to be appealing to habitual criminals, attorneys and politicians.

Many on the left will realize that this is where they wanted to go anyway; many on the right will be chagrined at their long misspent romance with the power of corporations. We all make mistakes.

We need to assert a rigid and unbending accountability as one of our weapons.

Naturally, those with greed in their hearts and minds did all possible to reduce the risk they would be held accountable for their predatory behavior. They were well aware of the hazard of accountability. Our laws on racketeering and the abuse of power deal with these questions.

That is why Bush keeps trying to sneak a pardon into bills under consideration by Congress. Even he knows he is liable. That also accounts for the posh Bushland built on the 100,000 acres in Paraguay. No extradition. He and many of his friends have caches of money parked in the basement or off shore so they can make their get-away.

So in addition to ensuring that elections are localized and controlled by the people we need to ensure the following:

The power of government is returned to the people at the most local level. We all know, through sad experience, that the states also engage in the same kind of diddling with power and money. Fortuitously, they are also bankrupt and will be grateful for the funds we can return to the state level by asserting accountability at the federal level.

Corporations are stripped of the power that makes it possible for them to evade accountability.

That to ensure that future generations of wishful Willie Suttons will understand we mean it, we sue those guilty of preying on us into a poverty so complete that in five generations their descendants, if they have any, will still be naked and whimpering.

Is that clear?

Now, how to accomplish the agenda.

Use the present projects in motion, bringing them together to create an approach that includes the real goal on elections, the Local Control Scenario.

While pursuing that, and in parallel, assert liability for all public officials, corporate executives and employees who cooperated in the deceptive practices that resulted in the use of voting machines. Demand punitive damages naming the individuals involved as individuals so they have to provide their own counsel. They will not like this. They will pull our 1959. We will respond by ensuring that there is full support for those on point in advance and by letting those they use to do their dirty work know that they are choosing the wrong side.

That said, we need to take action out in the open. If you want a world that works transparently then you must be yourself transparent. All of us need the truth. It was the limitation of information, an elegant way to say, 'lying,' that has been the basis of the NeoCon strategy. We want openness and knowledge to be common to all of us.

We need to openly suborn those who cooperated with the NeoCons; they are available, if the price is right.

Offer Get Out Of Jail Free Cards to the first 25 Congress members, corporate employees, and public employees who come forward to testify. They will start eyeing each other uneasily. The first one will be the most difficult. After that we will have to pick and choose.

We will begin a campaign to bankrupt the media who has cooperated, also naming them as corporations and individuals in similar law suits. At the same time we will start our own media, straight into the local areas using tools already in existence but overlooked by those in power.

We will fast forward on rebuilding local economy in America. We must, both for our survival and because every individual who extracts themselves from dependence on services, utilities, products, supplied by corporations, is effectively cutting some small part of the supply line on which their wealth depends.

There are lots of details but they are all doable using what we have now at our disposal.

Left, Right, Green, Libertarian and other, all of us need to put the past behind us and move forward together. It was ugly. There was nothing those now in power were unwilling to do to hold power. We cannot negotiate with them, they will always cheat because it is their nature.

They controlled us by first dividing, making it impossible for the people to mount an effective defense. Now, we turn the tables on them.

Get off the Grids – Organize Locally – Build Coalition

Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Future Generations Will Say About Ron Paul

Ron Paul was the natural icon for what we now know as The Revolution. His candidacy for president in 2007 was, for him, another opportunity to take the message of freedom to the people. It hit the bullseye for millions; providing a focus and goal to the growing unease and dissatisfaction of people everywhere. Events, technological developments, and ideas meshed.

Ron Paul had, for his entire life time, been the Champion of the Constitution. For most of that life he had felt that no one was listening. In 2007 that changed. His straight talk went right to the hearts of those who heard him, bringing hope where there was only fear and despair as people looked into the future.

As the wave of enthusiasm rose Ron received donations from across the world; people flew in at their own expense just to volunteer. The Ron Paul Revolution became a focus for millions of people around the world. Executives in Fortune 500 companies left their jobs to hit the road as full time Paulists.

The 'establishment,' comprising the confluence of corporations and government, began to shred. They became desperate to maintain power. No one alive today was there but we have all seen the images.

The people were making themselves heard. They redoubled their efforts. Moved by his record, his life, and by the ideas of freedom individuals began to discover their own power and take action. That power that each of us takes for granted today had been denied and legislated into nonexistence by those who placed themselves in control; the people had come to doubt its existence. They found it.

They came to the Ron Paul Revolution eager, ignorant of politics and organizing but they were prepared to learn and they did. Over and over again those who 'knew' told them it was impossible. Over and over they proved the experts wrong.

Ron Paulists came from every ideology, every viewpoint, every race, every segment of a society that had been divided to keep them silent. That movement, that we call The Revolution, changed the face of the world.

It started as a political campaign; it evolved to encompass every part of our lives.

Through the Ron Paul Revolution America realized the vision of a people who govern themselves. Local government returned to something closer to the original town model, familiar to the Colonial Period of New England. People found what worked for them depending on persuasion and consensus. Financial Institutions and the monetary system became tools of local economy, cooperating with others.

No one expected it. No one planned it. It happened, to be later explained by economists, historians and anthropologists as a demonstration of the Principle of Spontaneous Order because their need had met opportunity in the form of the Knowledge Commons, made accessible to nearly everyone through the Internet, though that was just the beginning. Everything became a tool in their hands. The components had been coming into existence for decades, of course.

The larger Freedom Movement of the early 20th Century had, at its foundation, the idea that knowledge belonged not to any one individual but to all people for all time, a common heritage for humanity. Now it is obvious; if the people know then they choose wisely, each for themselves.

The conflict between Linux and Microsoft, typified that conflict and its eventual resolution, lead to the open source world of today and to the focus on increased understanding and enriching art and insight instead of the previous focus on consumption and material possessions.

When people have access to knowledge and the tools they could do it themselves. By 2007 the conditions existed so that this could take place. Confronted by the need to elect Ron Paul as president, something he himself thought impossible, activists looked about them and innovated, using the information available and the tools provided by the Internet. In a shorter time than anyone believed possible they changed how the world perceived politics, government, media and corporations.

Today we live in the world of their making.

Instead of experiencing the future they faced, bound together against their will in one global village, they freed themselves using the Knowledge Commons and the Internet.

In their innocence they refused to accept that change was not possible; therefore they ignored conventional wisdom. The multitude of approaches to the problems they faced, including that of the honest ballot, how to return control to the local level, feeding themselves when the dollar died, how to power their homes, how to provide transportation without oil, and how to rebuild their local economy, how to restore the Earth, each of these problems were solved using the same open source tools and minds that did not accept limitations imposed from the past.

In that way we became a globe of villages, linked through knowing each other and knowing where and in whom we could invest trust. They reestablished our understanding of community, something anthropologists now explain in terms of our inherent, cognitive capacities.

They freed us. Today we take the richness of our lives for granted. Each of us enjoys a diversity of interests that occupy our time that was impossible to our grandparents. Only the wealthy could have been so occupied then.

The steady implosion of organizations constructed to create wealth for those in control through limiting access to knowledge continued into the second decade of the 21st Century. Now the idea that anyone can limit access to knowledge is strange, then it was simply accepted.

The Age of the Authority ended with the Age of Collectivism. Today's recognition of excellence is based strictly on demonstrated accomplishment. Fewer of us use formal institutions of learning; nearly all of us keep learning all of our lives.

Collectivism, in its many forms, was displaced, freeing us to actualize unlimited personal horizons within the security of our communities.

As it turned out, it was also a spiritual revolution. We came together, realizing in an unexpected form, the Christian vision of becoming One through Christ. Seeing past our differences we found each other. For this, we should remember to thank those Revolutionaries. The world was very different for them.

When you understand the future that confronted them you understand their desperation and the real sacrifices they made so willingly. Everything that mattered to them hung in the balance.

The projections of starvation enforced by policy by those who ruled them, drawn from the least ethical, had used their own wealth to enslave them. They had little; they did it anyway, setting themselves, and us, free.

Today we remember them and thank Ron Paul for being that point of hope on the horizon that inspired those many, many revolutionaries to fight that battle against impossible odds to set us free.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Primaries and the Ron Paul Revolution.

The Truth, Transparency, and Freedom.
The contest between the Corporate Candidates, Republican and Democratic Divisions, and the one non-Corporate Republican contender continue to remake the play book of politics in America this campaign season. The action needs to be considered differently than ever before because of the bifurcated campaign of Republican Ron Paul.

Ron is the only candidate with two campaigns; one driven by the grass roots, who raise the money and do the work; the other by the Official Head Quarters in Arlington, Virginia. Both are funded by that same grass roots. Look long and hard; This Revolution is a campaign of the people in every way.

Poised between primaries, with Iowa having taken place on the 3rd and the Primary in New Hampshire on the 8th , the Ron Paul Revolution continues to remake the landscape of corporate politics and media.

South Carolina will take place tomorrow. Then, we are looking towards Super Tuesday, three weeks from now. Normally, that date would mark the end of real campaigning. This time the probability of a brokered convention, at least for the GOP, rises every day. You can measure the likelihood by the signs of panic in the major media as they clutch at reasons for excluding the GOP candidate with the most money and most grass roots support, Ron Paul.

Nothing is business as usual in this primary season.

In most campaigns the voter lists are sort of like the piles of literature; just there, ordinary, easily acquired tools that are used and then shelved. That was different in Iowa, at least for the Official Campaign for Ron Paul. That list, acquired sometime before October, never functioned. Weeks of wages and time were poured into trying to get it to work and then another list to work with it. While that waiting was going on a volunteer in California bought a list from the Iowa Secretary of State for $1,000 for calling to take place from Los Angeles. It worked fine, by all reports.

In most campaigns that routinely employ professionals, getting the list is like ordering the toilet paper. But this campaign is different.

New Hampshire was also different.

Normally, after its Primary New Hampshire would return to a condition of less excitement. But early this week first Dennis Kucinich asked for a recount of the Democratic Primary followed, after threats and excitement, by Al Howard of Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Republican Primary.
Let's be clear about why this happened; Kucinich does not for a moment think that a recount is going to prove he received more votes. But Dennis has always been committed to transparency.

This was a gift he could give to Americans. His name has been floated as a possible vice-presidential candidate – for Ron Paul, another unusual event since they are from different parties.

The GOP recount in New Hampshire is a little more complicated.

Outraged at the low vote totals received by Ron Paul in the Live Free or Die State the Granny Warriors, an activist group of older women, set up a fund to pay for a recount. They squeaked out the money, $55,600, by the due date, though New Hampshire had moved that date forward 24 hours. Then PayPal froze their entire account, refusing to give them access so they could pay for the recount to start.

That was when the Revolution kicked in, flooding PayPal with complaints; PayPal released the funds. It seems that a prominent Mitt Romney supporter, Meg Whitman, was in the chain of command.

The funds were broken out of their clutches, barely in time, and the Republican recount also began Linda Hunnicutt, the founder of Granny Warriors, got three calls of apology; three additional letters of apology were issued afterwards.
Meanwhile, Black Box Voting, Election Defense Alliance, and others remain up in New Hampshire working to ensure that the recount is honest.

In South Carolina Ron Paul's name was excluded from an official poll which showed a vote of 'undecided' of 12%; the corporate media are increasingly cutting Paul although they include Guiliani and Thompson, who he is beating handily. The issue of whether or not an election held using voting machines is legal is under consideration in South Carolina and law suits are being considered.

Activists in the Ron Paul Revolution have moved from politically naive to savvy in just weeks on the issue of vote fraud, a transition that bodes well for the coming primaries and the general election and will make a cross-party coalition work.

To stave off further problems with the vote a Ron Paul Revolutionary, Jade Torres, wrote this letter, which is now winging its way across the Etherworld of Paulists.
“Southern Patriots, I encourage you to take action given the likelihood of "issues" with the New Hampshire vote count, and probably that of other states as well. The affidavit will document any discrepancies between the "official" tally and our records. A signed and notarized affidavit, is legally binding evidence, and could be direct confirmation of vote stealing if it occurs. Attached are the forms needed to carry out this mission. Modify them according to your precinct and county. When mailing the affidavit be discrete Do Not use Ron Paul’s name or vote count we do not want the affidavits intercepted. We desperately need people to set up a table at their precinct and post a sign. Example: Ron Paul affidavit information. In addition, please use registration form to collect contact information in order to verify Ron Paul supporters. For those of you sending affidavits please enclose all contact information i.e. name, address, telephone number, and email address. I appreciate you If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Contact Information: Jade Torres”

The Ron Paul Revolution has a learning curve that makes all of us proud.. A few weeks ago the same activists believed the Official Campaign when they were told that monitoring the vote was not necessary.

And while that excitement goes on the Nevada GOP has been scampering about trying to short sheet Paulists there. Their governing body decided to demand affidavits affirming that only GOP voters who have been registered for a substantial period will be able to cast a vote for president. This is an obvious move to keep Ron Paul voters out. Since primary elections in Nevada are run by the parties the State will not interfere and it is probably useless to file a law suit. However, GOP voters are considering the fact that it would be embarrassing for the GOP, badly imploded due to the failed policies of the Bush Administration, to, in effect, sue them for reversing the direction of their growth to a positive.

Imagine how it would look in court.

So we have an election where the most principled Democrat has endorsed the Republican who has been characterized as, “The Champion of the Constitution”; where individuals of all political viewpoints are coming together to work for clean elections, and where the iron lock of the media and the political establishment is feeling the heat and making mistakes.

Ron Paul is a contender, coming out of the back field with cheers roaring across the turf.

And the Official Ron Paul Campaign continues Amateur Hour.

Forward the Revolution!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

99 Ways to Steal Elections: The Story of John Fund and Ron Paul

We need a Ballot Bomb: $1,000,000.00 will loosen a lot of lips in New Hampshire.

I was sitting across the table from John Fund in a funky little diner in New York when he told us that he was going to write a book on election fraud. There are moments in life you never forget; that was one of those for me. When he spoke those words a look of delight, glee and things unstated flickered briefly in his eyes.

I wondered. It was early 2000 then. There were many places I would have rather been, frankly. Over the preceding years I had learned slowly that John lied consistently; I also had learned that he lied with purpose.

You will remember John for his other political ploys, for instance inventing with Drudge the rumor that Sidney Blumenthal beat his wife. They lied in depositions, too, when Blumenthal hit them with a law suit. It was during Project Arkansas that John first floated the story about the Black Love Child. He told me the story one day when he called to chat. Because he called so frequently and always had a story that he told me not to repeat I had begun to wonder about his motives.

John Fund is a member of that group of NeoCon pundits and pontificators who act like arrested 11 year olds. But applying the rules of war to activities that are intended to promote peace is simply ugly and unworthy of any civilized individual.

I had known John for around twenty years at that point. When you know someone well you learn to listen to the expressions on their face; words can lie but people, very unintentionally, do tell us the truth despite themselves. Soon after that very informal dinner John was chased under his desk at the Wall Street Journal by John McCain. McCain had just suffered the defeat of the primary in South Carolina due to the rumor that he had a black love child. John, not particularly original, recycles rumors. John Fund was the political operative qua journalist who inserted the rumor where it would do the most good. The rumor hit the mill just before the primary; too late for McCain to respond, soon enough to work.

There are many ways to cheat; the gig to write the book on elections was a consolation prize because John had been rejected for a job as Bush Speechwriter.

The mention of the book and the look on John's face told me that there was an agenda; this was not just a book. Then, I did not understand. With time all things change.

The book, “Stealing Elections,” was written as cover for plans already in motion. When did those Diebold Machines have their software installed? Who wrote it? We really need a time line here.

When his book hit the market John was disappointed that it did not get more of the same kind of treatment that routinely is accorded to Ann Coulter's vitriolic offerings. But he was supposed to have finished it several years before, so what could he expect? Disinformation tools have deadlines.

Diebold Machines, purged lists, a book that positions election fraud as committed primarily by Democrats; When you put the means for stealing in place in advance it is no accident. This corporate strategy, intended to cement the control of their markets so that America becomes one big company town, is theft on a scale that boggles the mind.

The means for stealing elections have multiplied over the years. No new technology is left unplumbed for its possibilities for ensuring the corporations their continued stream of income.

John and his cadre of pundits and media personalities, for instance Sean Hannity, simulate popular opinion. Their think tanks, like Cato, are to persuade us to accept their ideas. They are paid a lot, so they must know, right?

When the Rockefellers were stealing elections in NY using the old machines it was just business as usual. To control the legislation and policy of government you must control who takes office. Therefore, if you have the money you find all the means for doing just that.

In the years since Rockefeller laid out the game plan by which corporations have colluded with government to nail Americans in place as 'consumers' without real choices, forced to subsidize the costs for developing technology that is then handed over to those same corporations, some things have changed. Now, there are ever more ways that elections and the ballot can be manipulated.

Last year an old friend of mine, Gene Rose, a journalist for 30 years, who had always voted Democrat found he had been purged when he tried to vote in the primary. He had never missed voting until that day. That same year Mrs. Marilyn Blankenship found that her Diebold Machine in Texas refused to leave the X next to the Libertarian candidate she wanted to receive her vote. It magically flew over to the sleazy Republican.

Through the 90s the same NeoCons found that it was wise to eliminate that awkward possibility that a candidate that was not on 'their team' would win by beginning before the primary to make sure that both candidates were acceptable to them. Primaries are cheaper to fund.

Selecting the candidate on each side makes perfect sense if your profits depend on the policy that will flow, like sewage, out of Washington to pollute the lives of Americans.

The number of methods for stealing elections existing today have entered their final generation because now we, the people, are going to take back the ballot. It will be honest or else Americans will take action.

The Ron Paul Revolution now refocuses and changes gear.

The Corporate types who have worked so diligently to ignore the only real Republican running in this primary made a mistake. They thought that they could use their Diebold Machines to steal the primary in New Hampshire for John McCain and it would be believed. No one is buying it.

According to Sally Castleman of Election Defense Alliance every county where a hand count was done came in exactly as predicted by Zogby. Where Diebold was in control we see what happens. Sally is getting me more information; stay tuned. Jim Condit reports that the Official Campaign spent less than $200,000.00 for advertising for Paul in New Hampshire. The corporate GOP Republican candidates each spent millions. Were they thinking that instead of getting Ron elected their jobs were to make sure there was money for bonuses for themselves? Those people also insisted that they had a plan and the people in place to watch the ballot. Again, just like in Iowa, so much bullshit.

In time people tell you the truth. Now we know.

I subscribed to the McCain online newsletter and was struck by the sudden heady certainty that they began to express a while back. Where did that come from? Why, when not even those in his own state can stand him? Just months ago the NeoCons lost control in Arizona to a group of real Conservatives.

It was a two for one package deal. Hillary got to steal the election from Obama and McCain's votes were rearranged so that he 'beat' Ron Paul. There are only two parties in America today. Corporate Republican-Democrat, and Ron Paul.

Really, they made a mistake when they let their confidence show so clearly. They have made one mistake too many.

Paul lost in counties that counted by Diebold Machines.

To do the recount we need to have Ron ask for one by Friday. We also need $300,000.00 for the GOP count. With $600,000.00 we could make Hillary cry. Would it be worth it? Can Trevor get it going in time? Let Ron know we want it. He will understand. Since the NeoCons running his campaign isolate him we must reach out to him directly. Ask him everywhere you see him. Instead hello, say, “Fire them!”

The vote must be hand counted; we need to let the local people who cooperated know we will be taking legal action against them if they try again. We know it works. Remember Fergus.

I don't know what Obama's campaign is going to but I know what the Ron Paul Revolution will be doing. The Revolution will continue and it will grow faster than they believed possible. We have to. Yesterday Congress passed HR 1955.

The agenda must include honest elections; with those and what we already know is possible Ron will be inaugurated as President one year from now.

It can be done - and we can do it.

Paul – Kucinich 2008

Update: You can't trust the Official Campaign.

While the Ron Paul Revolution has been developing the tools that make it possible to organize effectively and accomplish seemingly impossible goals the 'other side,' the left has spent the last years understanding the Diebold question, among other electoral fraud issues, and has accumulated the knowledge to effect change. They know what to investigate. We don't. However, they do not have the money or the people to make that work.

You know the Left.

They have a lot of useful information. Go look at Black Box Voting, Election Defense, Bradblog and Velvet Revolution.

Jim Condit, Jr. did try to warn us. The Official Campaign told people not to cooperate with him.

Naturally, they did not do the same kind of oversight for the GOP. But votes were transferred from Ron to the other candidates. Many of us think the recipient of this largess was McCain but it could have been any of them. A recount will not tell us what we need to know because they well may have spent last night generating substitute ballots. It was probably a swell party.

However, that said, we can still take action.

There are doubtless a lot of people in New Hampshire who know exactly what happened. Some of those people will have evidence. Among that number there will be individuals who would be happy to talk if they are paid.

Without cleaning up the election process what we are doing for Ron is hopeless. Therefore, we need to clean it up right now by pulling the lid off the nest of vipers and getting the goods on them.

Given human nature someone will talk if the reward is big enough.

How about $1,000,000.00 and a get out of jail free card?

Further Update:

To hear what is going on listen in to Off the Grids with the Spiritual Politician this Friday at 4:55pm, Pacific Time, on Chris Lawton will be there on South Carolina. We need to get moving. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster will host, if the NeoCons don't disconnect my phone again.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Snowmen for Ron Paul - Operation Live Free or Die.

Today they built the biggest snow man you probably ever saw. When it was finished they stuck a Ron Paul sign in his hand. The Revolution is in South Hampton, New Hampshire. It's coming to your home town, too, if it is not already there.

Roxi Collinson was completely alienated from politics. She had never registered, never voted, and had decided that the entire system was corrupt. A good percentage of her generation agree with her. Registration among people in their 20s was low, as was political activism.

Roxi is in her late 20s. It was just nine months ago that she found a candidate who changed her mind. That candidate for president is Ron Paul, the 72 year old Obstetrician and Congressman from Texas has changed the minds of lots of Americans. Raised in a home by parents who she describes as life long, Republicans, Roxi had rejected their party and their ideas. Now, she is a Ron Paul Republican.

When Roxi discovered Ron Paul, in the shock waves of publicity that his appearance in the South Carolina Debate stirred, she began studying his ideas and his life on the Internet. She was impressed. Here was a man who had consistently held the same views for decades. His speeches on subjects of principle did not change. His personal life reflected the same values; he was still married to his wife of over 50 years and they have 18 grandchildren.

His values were about personal integrity and adherence to the principles laid out in the Constitution. Roxi had never studied the Constitution. Civics was not taught in her high school. Today her own copy is well used and discussions of the articles, routine in the House.

Over that period of weeks last summer Roxi had found someone for whom she could vote. Then, she realized that if she and others did not become his campaign she would never be able to vote for him. Others had realized the same thing.

The movement his candidacy has started has changed the way individuals, like Roxi, view politics, and how politics works.

Until what supporters of Ron Paul call The Revolution, started, politics in America ran rigidly, mostly within party likes of affiliation, divided by chasms of distrust over issues that marked the boundaries of Right and Left.

The Ron Paul Revolution is changing that, and everything else. Now, political action has begotten not just a movement but a movement that is changing far more than politics.

Roxi and her boy friend, Jay, had a garage sale, selling off a third of what they owned, to raise the money to go to New Hampshire. That, and some items sold on E-bay came to around $2,500.00. The others in their Meet Up group chipped in to help out. In New Hampshire they immediately began working, canvassing, phoning, and doing things that other campaigns have never imagined doing.

Conventional, hierarchal organizing cannot compete.

Traditional campaigns are run from the top down. This campaign is being run by people who do it themselves. The Official Campaign, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia in a small space over a Chinese Cleaning establishment has practically nothing to do with the campaign that the Paul Candidacy has wrought.

Most campaigns focus tremendous energy on fundraising. Traditionally, those campaigns have a hierarchy and the top level is occupied by the Finance Committee, the well-heeled individuals, many of them actually acting for corporations, who get their circles of business and personal acquaintances to donate large chunks of money.

In the Ron Paul Revolution the money comes in unsolicited or through the efforts of volunteers who, using innovative approaches persuade other activists to donate small amounts of money. The typical donation is around $100.

In that way the campaign raised nearly 20 million this last quarter, more than any other Republican candidate.

Some activists, like Vijay, give more. If you saw the Google Interview with Ron Paul, you know about Vijay. This is from the Operation Live Free of Die Website.

“My name is Vijay Boyapati and I'm an Engineer at Google. Some of you may remember me from the interview with Dr Paul at Google (skip to 42:31 in the interview - that's me). I'm the fellow that flew down from Seattle to hear Dr Paul talk and to write him a check. Seattle's local newspaper, The Stranger, wrote an article about my visit to Mountain View to see Dr Paul.

I'm organizing Operation Live Free or Die because I believe we have a chance, a real chance, of restoring our Republic to the principles on which it was founded. We have a chance to end the undeclared, unconstitutional, murderous War in Iraq and bring our troops home -- immediately. A chance of ending the government's theft of the fruits of our labor via the IRS. A chance to run our lives as we see fit without a bureaucrat in Washington telling us what we can and cannot do. For these reasons I want to do everything I can to restore freedom to our great country by electing Dr Ron Paul as President. I hope you will join me.”

Ron Paul volunteers may well have previously worked in Fortune 500 companies.

Most signs, literature, and other traditional adjuncts to campaigning are also directly provided by the activists, who design, share costs, and pay for printing.

The same activists, who have converted social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, and others to their use and also use the social spaces specifically provided by other volunteers, have found unexpected ways to use each of these tools.

What was mostly Internet is now flooding out into the mundane world.

Roxi is now living in a big old house in Hampton Beach with eleven other activists. According to Roxi there are no problems getting along with each other. They have a common focus, electing Ron President. The house was rented not by the Official Campaign but by Vijay as are 12 other houses around the state.

When a new activist arrives they are taken to the local gas station to discover that there is also a Ron Paul Network for buying. Activists and supporters are working on the problem of buying local by building their own network. Politics, and America are changing.

Roxi left her young daughter with her mother, quit her job, and put everything she still owns in storage to go to New Hampshire to work for Ron Paul full time. She has a mission, as do the others who are working with Operation Live Free or Die. Activists come from across the nation and around the world to work at their own expense.

Roxi says she is doing this for her daughter because, unless America returns to the Constitution, the future will be bleak for all children. Roxi and her fellow activists are this generation's Minute Men. Using the tools of edge technology they will take America back to the vision on which our nation was founded, community, responsibility, and individual rights.

Hear for yourself why ordinary people are joining the Revolution; ask yourself why you are not in New Hampshire with Roxi.

Roxi Collinson will be on Off the Grids, or the Spiritual Politician, this Friday at 4:55 pm Pacific Time. Read about Roxi's New Hampshire RonPauling on her blog, Tulsa to New Hampshire. Listen, call, and find out what is moving Americans, left and right to support the Doctor from Texas. Find us at

Fox News – Boycott them and deliver the truth

Getting Fox is a good first step, then on to the truth!

To most Americans the power and profitability of media outlets like Fox makes them big players, powerful in their own right. Anchors become celebrities, representing the power of the media. That is glamor. But that is not how the media, print newspapers, television, radio and so forth looks to what I refer to as the Grid Corporations.

A Grid Corporation is one that is tied to profits that come from energy, oil, medical needs, munitions, big retail, for instance Walmart, big food, for instance Monsanto, or those whose profits come mostly from providing services to these.

Grid Corporations inherited the habits of the Robber Barons and before them the Mercantilists. They view government as their natural ally. They believe that government should protect them and their enterprises. They then pay off those in government. This began very early on with our intervention on behalf of merchant ship owners in trade. These early corporations viewed our military as an asset and arm of their enterprises by the first decade of the 1800s.

That continued, the relationship growing closer, snugger, and more incestuous until today.

In the period of the Robber Barons, after the close of the Civil War, Big Oil, beginning as the virtual monopoly, Standard Oil, joined that cadre of Grid Corporations at the close of the 1800s to be followed by Big Communications, (AT&T), and Big Energy, originally,Edison. The coupe de grace was installing the FED, their long time wet dream for automatic thievery, in 1913 along with the IRS.

At that point media was just publishing, newspapers and books and a scattering of lecturers who were heard by people in communities across the country. Through those mediums and private libraries, which were soon challenged by Carnegie Libraries, another Robber Baron, which were careful to ensure that certain books did not get shelf space, the flow of information was in the hands of the people. An independent media.

Grid Corporations saw that this was impacting their profits and took action. I am radically simplifying this and there are good books and articles you can read. Go look for contemporary sources; there is a lot on the Internet now.

Grid Corporations must have felt like they found an unlocked candy store. Each new form of media presented new opportunities to create markets of people who were trusting and had no other sources for information readily available. The Grid People then saw that government could be used to regulate competition out of business. They loved it.

They bought up the media. They mostly left them alone unless there was something they needed spun their way. That process of acquisition and suppression went on through the entire 20th Century.

Then their attention was captured with ways to impact the outcome of elections.

Now here we are today. Think of Fox as an extension of Grid Corporations that, while it generates profits, is not primarily viewed by them as either media, in the sense we understand that, or a profit generator. Instead, it secures their real stream of profits, much larger. It does so by ensuring that the public accept that there are no alternatives for energy generation, petroleum for transportation, communications, including today Internet, television, radio, phone, etc, or such needs as medical technology, pharmacology, food production and distribution. Additionally, they work hard to enforce the belief that the restrictions and regulations imposed by government to limit choices are actually necessary and allowed under the Constitution. Entirely untrue.

Most of the people involved accept this belief system, however. Installing those erroneous ideas took generations. Those who work to reenforce it know just how tenuous their hold is, especially now. The Ron Paul Revolution has laid down the structure that proves that we can handle complex, multilayered, campaigns and projects ourselves with no oversight.

That is, itself, the most profound threat they have ever experienced.

That is why the Revolution, as opposed to the Official HQ, is so important. The Official HQ is a hierarchy and while they produce nothing, really, they work hard to control the Revolution. If you have not read it you might want to read my article, The Ron Paul Legacy – How the People will Govern Themselves.

Ron Paul's candidacy has given us the tools for change just when change is most possible. People are most willing to change when they see no conventional alternatives. We can give them those tools through the Revolution, helping them take back their local communities.

That will include providing the affordable means for families and individuals to generate energy at point of usage, homes and business; to move towards a non-petroleum engine for transportation, even if that goes through a couple of generations that still use oil products, reducing usage. Growing local and then reactivating local harvest – usage, including further processing locally, is also an immediate concern. There are alternatives. You just have to look for them.

I do a show, Off The Grids, that talks about each of these and those articles are either on my political blog, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, or The Spiritual Politician. Letting people know what others are doing spurs more innovation. The solutions are there.

About the Milford question.

Ron should not show up to the Brunch unless he is included in the Forum as a full participant. If his Official Campaign schedules him there with out that concession that is proof that either they are too dim to know which end to wipe or they are on someone else's payroll.

Never look weak; never.

When your enemy wavers you do not let up the pressure, you bore in. That is exactly what the Revolution is doing; it makes you want to cheer. The posts on the boycott are fantastic. Dropping the stock price and or impacting Fox financially is a great message to send.

This could also be used as an opportunity to get the truth out to voters on what they are seeing.

There are two political parties in the US. The one that has controlled things for our lifetimes is the RepDems. Each was taken over by operatives from the Grid Corporations. The other is us.

They call Corporate Candidates “Serious Candidates” because they have believed for at least a generation that no candidate not owned by corporations could mount an effective campaign. They are in shell shock right now; the 'forum' in Milford is evidence of that. Why would we therefore compromise?

This is the perfect opportunity to take the offensive. To do that we need to provide the real framing, as outlined above. This is a campaign between candidates who are controlled by corporations, Serious Candidates, and one man who is the Champion of the Constitution, and therefore the Champion of ordinary Americans.

The site will show you who owns each candidate, what they say as opposed to what they do, and how politics has profited each of them personally. We will include Ron for contrast, naturally.

We am looking for people to work on getting a website up to make the Forum for Truth happen. We have a graphic artist, Greg Slaughter of, and LB Bork of The Red Amendment will be doing the site. (Greg did the great graphic of Chris Wallace now circulating.)

The information is already out there; just needs to be assembled and presented so it is easy to 'get' in a glance. Let me know if you are interested.

You can Chip in to help, too, from this temporary site. That is very much appreciated! Get Truth!

Thanks, Melinda themelinda (at) pillsbury-foster(dot)us