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A Guide to Understanding the NeoCons: How the NeoCons use sweet charity ­ and how to stop them.

The recent dust up regarding the MZM and the White House is being treated by the media as a singular event, an example of corruption where the White House dropped some stitches by allowing individuals to occupy positions where there was potential conflict. How charmingly naive of those who populate the Print and Ether Estates. You have to expect this of the media; they, along with most Americans, see what they are most comfortable seeing. But the failure to understand the functional behavioral strategies illustrated by this latest dropped stitch on the part of Bush, Rove and Co. leave those of us who depend on understanding these dynamics at even further risk.

You would think that the mounting price tag of this Administration would have caused some one to consider how it is happening. The 'business' done by manipulations through government produces monumental amounts of money, redirected from honest commerce to dishonest profits. But in fact, while I have been patiently waiting for someone to point this out I am now tired of waiting and so will do it myself. The Ominous Parallels, with no apologies to Leonard Peikoff, the author of the book by the same title, are to frightening to be ignored. The only was to avoid the consequences is to understand what is happening and what changes of infrastructure will work to disallow this mounting trend to continue.

All of us learn best through watching and copying behavior. That is the medium responsible for the success of the NeoCons. As a behavior seen on the playground is picked up and used quickly so happens in the boardrooms and bedrooms of life. Deceit, manipulation, and the use of force are now endemic to politics and the most profitable edge of business in America. The same strategies are destroying the basis for individual lives and our families.

Ideas are powerful weapons.

All organizations and policies are human tools which can be used in any way the wielder wants. You can take a hair dryer and poof up your do for the prom or you can assassinate your inconvenient lover by plugging it in and dropping it in the tub while she marinates in the suds. It is not the device that is dangerous it is the intentions of the one using it.

Any organization, for profit, nonprofit, or public can be used to accomplish ends that are not spelled out on the packaging. The NeoCons know exactly what they are doing. They have been doing it for going on three generations now.

We must accept that what we are seeing is not accidental or coincidental.

The strategies used by the NeoCons come in several variations, each a natural evolution from the first. While the NeoCons and their ilk are not terribly bright they can see some of the obvious extrapolations.

A little history:

The first use of this kind of infiltration that can be tracked for later application occurred in the aftermath of World War II. That wave of organization based manipulation occurred through the CIA when it used the then newly formed National Student Association to manipulate opinion in Europe.

Hundreds of students were enlisted by the CIA and were instructed on becoming covert agents. This cadre were used in Europe and in the United States. The cadre was used to carry out the ensuing cold war disinformation campaign of the late 1940's and 1950's. This came to light during congressional hearings in the 1960's.

It was relatively unsophisticated. But obviously many people, some sincere and well-meaning and some simply recognizing the powerful potentials, took those lessons on with them through life. Infiltration of organizations for the purpose of assessing potential threats to National Security are a spin out of this as well. The technology of using organizations was in full flower and sophisticated by the late 60s, having been honed internally to National Security during the Vietnam Conflict and the ongoing Cold War.

As people cycled through the CIA and encountered these strategies in operation the means for using them became commonly known in those circles of affinity. Then their use moved outside of government, probably through individuals moving into security and management positions in corporations. This is a common and lucrative move for individuals looking for more for their time.

The use of these strategies within the United Nations began in the late 50s.

Using ideology as a means of manipulation was already in the tool box along with other forms of manipulation and deceit, verbal and iconic.

The time and focused energy that went into perfecting these tools must have been enormous. That level of sophistication was about to be demonstrated.

We will begin with the heartrending example of the original Earth Day and the organization that has been withstanding the assaults of the PetroElite for going on 40 years now.

The targets never even saw them coming.

A very nice group of people including Margaret Mead, the woman who was so amusingly mislead as to the habits of Samoans by believing their manufactured stories, went on to see the real need for a group to bring public awareness to the question of efficiency in energy use and conservation. One man in this group, John McConnell, thought long and hard about what he wanted to convey to people around the world and in 1969 began working on the idea of Earth Day in the mid 60s.

Earth Day, as outlined, was to take place at the moment of the Equinox. McConnell saw that this moment must be universal, not about humanity but about the Earth itself. The happens twice a year. It is celebrated as Earth Day around March 20 - 22 each year. At that moment the Earth reaches balance and tips towards summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern.

The Moment was first recognized by the City of San Francisco the first Earth Day in 1969. The Moment continues to be commemorated by the ringing of the Peace Bell at the United Nations. The theme is always Peace, Justice and the Environment.

You most likely have never heard of it. You probably celebrate the day in April that was orchestrated by Dennis Hayes, a pimpled-faced tool of the PetroElite. If you visit their related sites you will see that you are carefully herded away from any source with technologies that would discourage your continued use of oil as a fuel source. If you are old enough to remember the cultural expectation of the 70s you probably remember that most people expected solar energy to become a substantial alternative to oil as a source of power. That did not happen because of the successful redirection and because along with that the PetroElite bought up the solar patents then marking the edge of that technology. The devices were never actually produced.

The funding for this came from oil companies through other nonprofits they established to steal the media and the public face of environmentalism. The original organization, still run by one of the original founders, Helen Garland, continues to ward off take over attempts by sleazy types associated with - Maurice Strong.
That is an illustration of how it is done.

OK. Now we get into the meat of the thing. There are two main lines of attack using organizations.

Use No. One *Redrawing the Playground*; funding from corporations.

In this approach you redirect the dialog on opinion, inserting useful policy intended for use in future disinformation campaigns. Policy is determined by what you know you will be doing. You choose issues because, like Rove, you know which of your 'core constituents,' you are marketing for.

Ideas are just tools. It is dead easy to use them like that blow dryer once you get over the idea you need to believe in the actions they represent.

Along with taking over or starting organizations to create a 'front' another essential component for Redrawing the Playground are public relations personalities. These are most often drawn from the ranks of the young and hungry; willing to do anything for the money and prestige that will flow into their lives. This can be a role for a life time. Likely candidates for this sort of position include the less than independently successful off spring and other relations of prominent people.

Sometimes the organization used is dictated by the PR Icon; sometimes it is constructed for the purpose. And example of this is the placement of Robert Kennedy, Jr. where he has no earthly reason to be. I am sure his relations were relieved to see him gainfully employed.

To shift public awareness on issues NeoCons use existing organizations, or build their own organizations for the purpose. If it is a think tank it then churns out 'policy' and 'opinion' papers that shuffle the facts, build and then cross reinforce specious arguments, use attacks on the basis of personality, and place 'experts' on the subject who are being paid through - the organizations. You buttress their reputations by having the 'experts' 'pundits' write books. You drive up sales of the books by buying huge amounts and giving or selling them through a circle of the same organizations.

Some of these pundits, for instance Ann Coulter, become icons, helping you change the opinion and cultural make up of your organizations, for instance, the Republican Party. Look for the faux websites that work to redirect traffic and bleed off available funds intended to enact change.

Use No. Two *The Playground as Profit Center*; funding your projects from the public pockets.

This phase is the 'died and gone to heaven' portion of the strategy. Before the Corporations had to shell out their own money to provide cover for the policies they wanted adopted into law. Now that source for funding is decoupled and the whole structure is directly attached to the funding sources that come through government. Wow. This is a heady moment for the NeoCon. For them it is like a perpetual ATM machine with an unlimited credit line.

The whole is buttressed and reinforced by the linking structure of nonprofits serving as holding tanks for pay-offs to pundits and other bogus experts and to provide the essential iconic front. These are a recycling of those well known arguments from authority that can be summed up as a loud and empty, “because I said so!!!” Please refer to any elementary level book on logic.

In the case of the NeoCons they have also cobbled on a structure of 'religious institutions' for the same purpose. These pay off the 'leaders' who guarantee their political base in the same way pundits are paid through nonprofits but instead of the cash coming from the PetroElite through nonprofits it comes through the pockets of tax payers.

That is an outline of the strategies used as tools by the NeoCons. Start looking around for examples, they are thick upon the ground and many are now soaked in blood and oil.

And now we return to the issue of those bad placements in MZM. If you turn down the volume on the covering rhetoric exuded by the NeoCons, both visibly in the administration and as covering fire in media and elsewhere, you will start to correlate their frequent insertion of wordage with policy they then push. You will also notice that they are telling you very plainly what they are really about; their actions, as opposed to their wordage, are reliable indicators.

Placing operatives of various kinds in positions intended to support what we think of as the proper functions of government is a clear extrapolation of the previous strategy that enhances their control. That is why these individuals were there. NeoCons make mistakes but this is not the kind of mistake they make. The real mistakes come in the form of miscalculating how far they can do at a given time and in misunderstanding things like the laws of physics; they are not wonks in those disciplines.

Further uses of pundits still in play:

After Bush II stole his way into office using the then in beta test mode Diebold End Run they realized that the question of election fraud would be raised. Early in 2000 John Fund began work on a book intended to provide the covering fire on that issue. Of course it blamed liberals. Since I am a Republican and former Libertarian I used to assume that there actually was a Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. Then, when I realized what was happening, I hoped there might at least be some folks there who had a clue. Life is full of disappointments. But having once been a Brownie Leader and also a Libertarian Political Organizer I knew that every problem is also an opportunity.

The infrastructure of government does not work; at the best of times it costs too much applied to the services it provides when compared to obtaining the same services through alternative nonprofit and for profit organizations. That is the bad news. The good news is that America has grown alternatives without even thinking about it and with some relatively modest modifications we can handle everything we actually need locally.

Any dependency on grids that lead through government are fatally flawed but can be replaced through local action. Get out your Yellow Pages. The original game plan for America said that government was only to handle those things we could not do ourselves. As a working adjunct to that wisdom I would point out that resources held by government belong absolutely to us. Also, they incorporated and I do not possess any piece of paper saying I own stock. The same is true for the FED. When you clear away the specious arguments of sovereign immunity and return to the correct interpretation of liability this is not rocket science.

We are all on grids constructed with deceitful intention by that nasty collusion between government and mega corporations. These include energy, credit, our monetary system, justice, and social services. Social Services we are mostly handling as needed locally anyway.

Freedom is still the destination. Recognizing the flaws in the tools we are using now, government chief among these, is a major step towards change. See what is wrong and why: Identify better tools that have been tested through time; Start using them.

Get off the Grids; Organize Locally; Build Coalition

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