Friday, January 18, 2008

The Primaries and the Ron Paul Revolution.

The Truth, Transparency, and Freedom.
The contest between the Corporate Candidates, Republican and Democratic Divisions, and the one non-Corporate Republican contender continue to remake the play book of politics in America this campaign season. The action needs to be considered differently than ever before because of the bifurcated campaign of Republican Ron Paul.

Ron is the only candidate with two campaigns; one driven by the grass roots, who raise the money and do the work; the other by the Official Head Quarters in Arlington, Virginia. Both are funded by that same grass roots. Look long and hard; This Revolution is a campaign of the people in every way.

Poised between primaries, with Iowa having taken place on the 3rd and the Primary in New Hampshire on the 8th , the Ron Paul Revolution continues to remake the landscape of corporate politics and media.

South Carolina will take place tomorrow. Then, we are looking towards Super Tuesday, three weeks from now. Normally, that date would mark the end of real campaigning. This time the probability of a brokered convention, at least for the GOP, rises every day. You can measure the likelihood by the signs of panic in the major media as they clutch at reasons for excluding the GOP candidate with the most money and most grass roots support, Ron Paul.

Nothing is business as usual in this primary season.

In most campaigns the voter lists are sort of like the piles of literature; just there, ordinary, easily acquired tools that are used and then shelved. That was different in Iowa, at least for the Official Campaign for Ron Paul. That list, acquired sometime before October, never functioned. Weeks of wages and time were poured into trying to get it to work and then another list to work with it. While that waiting was going on a volunteer in California bought a list from the Iowa Secretary of State for $1,000 for calling to take place from Los Angeles. It worked fine, by all reports.

In most campaigns that routinely employ professionals, getting the list is like ordering the toilet paper. But this campaign is different.

New Hampshire was also different.

Normally, after its Primary New Hampshire would return to a condition of less excitement. But early this week first Dennis Kucinich asked for a recount of the Democratic Primary followed, after threats and excitement, by Al Howard of Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Republican Primary.
Let's be clear about why this happened; Kucinich does not for a moment think that a recount is going to prove he received more votes. But Dennis has always been committed to transparency.

This was a gift he could give to Americans. His name has been floated as a possible vice-presidential candidate – for Ron Paul, another unusual event since they are from different parties.

The GOP recount in New Hampshire is a little more complicated.

Outraged at the low vote totals received by Ron Paul in the Live Free or Die State the Granny Warriors, an activist group of older women, set up a fund to pay for a recount. They squeaked out the money, $55,600, by the due date, though New Hampshire had moved that date forward 24 hours. Then PayPal froze their entire account, refusing to give them access so they could pay for the recount to start.

That was when the Revolution kicked in, flooding PayPal with complaints; PayPal released the funds. It seems that a prominent Mitt Romney supporter, Meg Whitman, was in the chain of command.

The funds were broken out of their clutches, barely in time, and the Republican recount also began Linda Hunnicutt, the founder of Granny Warriors, got three calls of apology; three additional letters of apology were issued afterwards.
Meanwhile, Black Box Voting, Election Defense Alliance, and others remain up in New Hampshire working to ensure that the recount is honest.

In South Carolina Ron Paul's name was excluded from an official poll which showed a vote of 'undecided' of 12%; the corporate media are increasingly cutting Paul although they include Guiliani and Thompson, who he is beating handily. The issue of whether or not an election held using voting machines is legal is under consideration in South Carolina and law suits are being considered.

Activists in the Ron Paul Revolution have moved from politically naive to savvy in just weeks on the issue of vote fraud, a transition that bodes well for the coming primaries and the general election and will make a cross-party coalition work.

To stave off further problems with the vote a Ron Paul Revolutionary, Jade Torres, wrote this letter, which is now winging its way across the Etherworld of Paulists.
“Southern Patriots, I encourage you to take action given the likelihood of "issues" with the New Hampshire vote count, and probably that of other states as well. The affidavit will document any discrepancies between the "official" tally and our records. A signed and notarized affidavit, is legally binding evidence, and could be direct confirmation of vote stealing if it occurs. Attached are the forms needed to carry out this mission. Modify them according to your precinct and county. When mailing the affidavit be discrete Do Not use Ron Paul’s name or vote count we do not want the affidavits intercepted. We desperately need people to set up a table at their precinct and post a sign. Example: Ron Paul affidavit information. In addition, please use registration form to collect contact information in order to verify Ron Paul supporters. For those of you sending affidavits please enclose all contact information i.e. name, address, telephone number, and email address. I appreciate you If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Contact Information: Jade Torres”

The Ron Paul Revolution has a learning curve that makes all of us proud.. A few weeks ago the same activists believed the Official Campaign when they were told that monitoring the vote was not necessary.

And while that excitement goes on the Nevada GOP has been scampering about trying to short sheet Paulists there. Their governing body decided to demand affidavits affirming that only GOP voters who have been registered for a substantial period will be able to cast a vote for president. This is an obvious move to keep Ron Paul voters out. Since primary elections in Nevada are run by the parties the State will not interfere and it is probably useless to file a law suit. However, GOP voters are considering the fact that it would be embarrassing for the GOP, badly imploded due to the failed policies of the Bush Administration, to, in effect, sue them for reversing the direction of their growth to a positive.

Imagine how it would look in court.

So we have an election where the most principled Democrat has endorsed the Republican who has been characterized as, “The Champion of the Constitution”; where individuals of all political viewpoints are coming together to work for clean elections, and where the iron lock of the media and the political establishment is feeling the heat and making mistakes.

Ron Paul is a contender, coming out of the back field with cheers roaring across the turf.

And the Official Ron Paul Campaign continues Amateur Hour.

Forward the Revolution!

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