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One Day in the Love Life of a Disinformation Minion January 13, 2002 – John Fund

On January 13, 2002, John Fund is living with Morgan Pillsbury.
Morgan Pillsbury

     Fund's relationship with Morgan began October 26, 1998 in a hotel room in NY.   
    Fund impregnated Morgan during a trip with Fund to New Orleans in January 1999. Abortion Record Procedure March 29, 1999. 
     On the Tape, made by Morgan to convince Melinda she was not lying Fund admits to impregnating Morgan, not helping her, and to other lies he told.  Tape and Transcript
     Fund lived with Morgan  in the apartment in NY in the Rivergate on 34th Street Melinda had rented.  Fund had assured Melinda in January of 2000 he intended marriage.  Melinda closed the apartment in January of 2001.  Fund was routinely making calls to other women from Melinda's phone, which was in the bedroom Melinda used when, as rarely happened, she was in NY.  Phone Bill, January 2001  
      Morgan returned, briefly, to California, flying back to NY in May of 2001.  Fund had asked her to live with him so they could, "work on their relationship."

John Fund
       January 13, 2002 was a busy day at the keyboard for John Fund.  It was Sunday, and the day before Fund made his last-ever appearance on McLaughlin Group. We know this because Eric Garris of said he loved it.  By Eric’s report, McLaughlin told Fund he was lying.  Apparently, McLaughlin did not like liars, which explains it being Fund’s last appearance.

        At 1:03 PM Fund responded to an email sent to him at by Michele Davis of the Department of Treasury.  In her email to Fund, sent at 9:12am, Michele’s subject line had read, “great seeing you last night” Does that sound like a social engagement took place? 
Michele Davis

     Fund’s response included, “I see you are all over the papers now and your boss was on Fox News again.”   Fund is referring to the bankruptcy of Enron, it’s President Lawrence Whalley was pleading with the Treasury Department to intervene with banks extending credit to the collapsing agency.  Michele, as a Treasury spokeswoman, is quoted on Fox News, "Undersecretary Fisher inferred he was being asked to encourage the banks to extend credit" during the six to eight phone conversations he had with Whalley, Davis said. "He made no such calls."  (Those would have been interesting to listen in on.)

       For John Fund, Lothario qua Disinformation Minion for Dick Cheney, the opportunities to find credulous women willing to see him as a friend and possible love interest are numerous; useful tools to Fund.
Gail Heriot

      On Sunday, January 13, 2002, at 10:05PM, another message, subject,”Silly? Yes. But what's a girl to do?”, arrived in Fund’s email box.  This one immediately was seen by Morgan. She called me, outraged. The silly girl was Gail Heriot, an attorney teaching law at  the University of San Diego, School of Law.  Gail’s email included, “So allow me to introduce myself. I am Gail Heriot, the woman whose hotel room you've found yourself in a few times over the last six weeks.”

         Stay Tuned for Other Days as the story of NeoCons unfolds.

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